I was wondering which of the Today presenters is the most venomous in their left-wing bias and I suggest it is the not so fragrant Sarah Montague. Don’t know if you caught her this morning introducing a (brief) item on the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis by stating that the news that Sarah Palin’s “17 year old unmarried daughter was pregnant may dismay some people” James Naughtie to whom she addressed the remark instantly contradicted her and in fairness he provided a balanced commentary on the issue. So when even Naughtie sounds reasoned what does THAT say about Montague?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    she got the job on today because she speaks received pronunciation rather than her journalistic abilites


  2. BBC Babewatch says:

    I would need to see a photo of her before I could comment on that.


  3. Cassandrina says:

    I complained this morning on the constant snide comments on the Palin pregnancy, especially from a country with the highest teenage pregnancies in Europe.
    Naughtie gave a more balanced viewpoint because he is being monitored by the Republicans who know he is loony left and they can make trouble for him.
    Yesterday on questioning one Republican aggressively stated that Palin’s 2 years as Governor was an executive experience above that of Obama’s, and he is going for the No 1 position.
    I suspect Naughtie will later have a USA “live” edition and Today will edit it for UK consumption.
    But the Americans will soon know of this.


  4. Andy says:

    No reason for Montague to mention Palin’s daughter in this way, other than spite.

    However, in this Independent interview she describes herself succinctly:

    “I was a complete waste of space, so crap that I had been sacked from a couple of jobs – one as a stockbroker in the City, one for a friend.”


  5. TT says:

    On the radio I head that

    ‘Palin is a self confessed conservative, gun owner and evangelical christian’.

    So at BBC news, being one of these is a sin, to be confessed in public.

    I wonder – do Marxists have to confess in public, or are they still cool. I thought that after finding out that they murdered around 50million of their own people, Marxists might be less cool than before.


  6. JohnA says:


    It doesn’t look as though people are listening to your criticism of the “BBC” harping on and on and on about the Palin pregnancy.

    Jenni Murray on Wimmins Hour has just piled on.

    What sickens me is two things :

    1 The BBC spreading, without any negation, the rumour that Trig was not Sarah Palin’s child

    2 The failure time after time of BBC presnters raising thew Bristol Palin pregnancy – without mentioning that she and the father intend to marry.


  7. JohnA says:

    Good summary of the extent of Obama’s bounce :

    Shouldn’t we be getting some of this info from the BBC, rather than scandal-sheet “journalism” ?


  8. mailman says:

    What concerns me is the near white washing by the BBC of the dodgy side of Obama, YET they attack the pregnancy story with gusto!

    Also, I watched Al Beeb last night and they did present a couple of facts some of you are saying are missing. They did say the 17yo and the father intend to marry, they did mention the internet story about the child being palins dauthers and not hers (which they quashed at the same time).

    Im wondering though, what is the name of the Dems behind the stories Al Beeb is getting?

    Given the history Baraks team already has, I wouldnt be surprised if some of his staff are getting behind the smear campaign now in full swing.



  9. Cassandrina says:

    This morning the Today programme also brought up the fact that Palin was involved in the sacking of “a state official” – in my complaint I mentioned it was not an “official” but her brother in law, a state trooper, and all these facts are in the public domain.
    We really must ALL complain to the BBC on its spin and bias on the election (and other issues).


  10. marc says:

    Let’s not forget that John Edwards was having an affair and had a baby with his mistress while he was running for VP and he covered it up.

    As for experience, John Edwards had just 17 months as a Senator when he ran for VP.

    And as for Todd Palin’s DUI, let’s remeber that when Todd was getting his DUI, by his own admission, Obama was smoking dope.


  11. JohnA says:

    This sums up the BBC’s lax treatment of Obama :


  12. JohnA says:


    Most of the times I have heard the Palin story on the BBC, there has been no mention of the intended marriage.

    Nor – sickeningly – no dismissal of the smear. This is gutter journalism.


  13. Nonty says:

    Guido is picking up on the Kathryn Blair story. What’s good for the goose……….


  14. GCooper says:

    JohnA writes: “Nor – sickeningly – no dismissal of the smear. This is gutter journalism.”

    It certainly is, and leaving aside the rank hypocrisy of the way so many BBC “journalists” live their own private lives, there is the fact that what they are sniggering about in Mrs Palin’s family is precisely the sort of behaviour they and their programmes celebrate under other circumstances.

    It is also the sort of journalism that Beeboids like to sneer at when it appears in the News of the World or the People.

    Cassandrina is right – protests need to be registered. It is outrageous that the BBC should be behaving in this way.


  15. JohnA says:


    I signed on last night to the Justin Webb blog. And have posted six times so far, trying to hammer away at the utter bias of soft treatment for Obama especially nil examination on Ayers – while giving circulation to the Palin smear at full blast round
    the clock.

    Idle and biased.


  16. JohnA says:

    A critique of the sheer slime of a lot of the reporting.

    There is an absolute witchhunt going on. Alaska is apparently crawling with journalists and Obama operatives trying to dig up dirt about the Palin family. Offering cash for stories.


  17. GCooper says:

    The tactic seems to be to invent stories about Mrs Palin, however absurd or untrue, and rely on the sheer weight of them dragging her down. Even when disproved, they leave a bad aftertaste and that’s what the Daily Kos crowd is hoping for.

    It’s contemptible behaviour and a measure of how the Left operates. Not that we haven’t seen examples of it at work here – I’ll never forget the smear attempt at the WI when they dared slow handclap Bliar.


  18. gunnar says:


    You are kidding, aren’t you?

    If I have understood you correctly, there are no atttempt on this site to repeat smears and call opponents names.

    Is this your position?


  19. GCooper says:

    No, gunnar, I am not kidding. And you are a troll.


  20. JohnA says:

    The smear on Plin and her daughter is truly beyond the pale. Sheer filth.

    And the BBC has been giving it lots of oxygen.

    Appalling bloody vultures. Justin Webb’s blog has stacks of instances of the smear – and the moderaors happily let them through.


  21. JohnA says:

    here’s some of the rap sheet for Obama. All fact. Mostly not covered by the BBC, let alone pushed.

    The BBC prefers allowing free rein on a teenager to proper journalism


  22. GCooper says:

    JohnA: I followed your link to Webb’s blog and you’re quite right. Some of the material the BBC’s moderators have let through is pretty vile.

    Nice to see that the lack of standards runs from top to bottom. There’s nothing like consistency.


  23. Martin says:

    JohnA: It was made clear on “Up all night” that the MSM are NOT interested in the Bill Ayres link. In fact the reporter from the Times seemed totally disinterested in the story. Could you imagine if McCain or Palin has links t the klan or similar?


  24. Cassandrina says:

    Tried to show my anger at how Justin Webb is misusing his position in the BBC, and remind the USA of the need for the BBC to show non-bias and balance as per their charter.
    Shocked at how rabid many, if not most, of his blog messages are, and also the number of removed messages – I suspect saying what I am trying to say.
    His blog would not accept my message due to a server fault – new excuse to me – but I will continue and see if he accepts it.
    Congratulations to economist123 and JohnA to get their messages through.


  25. GCooper says:

    Cassandrina, what that shows (aside from the profound bias of the BBC’s censors) is the extent to which Webb et al are preaching to the choir.

    The same might be said of Any Questions audiences, which increasingly sound like gatherings of Paul Mason’s fan club.


  26. Cassandrina says:

    GCooper- Question Time always appears to be “papering the walls” if you know this old theatre expression?


  27. GCooper says:

    Cassandrina: I know it well and you are quite right. Whether it happens because of the BBC attempting to pack the stalls is, sadly, unknowable.

    The other possibility is that the programme has become a self-fulfilling prophecy: only Leftists listen to it and only Leftists bother to apply for tickets – because the programme itself pushes all their buttons and repels those on the Right and libertarians.

    Then again, there is also a possibility that Leftist groups actively conspire to pack the audience – with or without the Corporation’s connivance.

    Recent episodes of Any Questions have seen audiences so stuffed with whooping and screeching monkeys, that I am starting to think the latter possibility is the most likely.

    And yes I would say, with at least a blind eye being turned to it by the BBC.