Yes, I know I said I was finished with the US election for the week but the BBC were at their work again this morning and I will not let it pass. Just after 7.15am, Ed Stourton and Sarah Montague were doing a quick review of the papers. They mentioned the unfortunate fact (for them) that the Palin bounce had moved McCain equal to the Chosen One in the polls but Ed went on to trail the Independent’s pathetic hatchet-job on Palin today, with Montague sniggering at the suggestion that Palin’s environmental record was “even worse that that of Bush”. Then, to finish the week, Naughtie was wheeled on to share his summary of the events of the past two weeks. This distilled down to the fact in his view the candidates had more in common than you might think (rubbish!) and that on the downside, McCain did have the “age” issue and the reputation of being cranky whereas Obama has the “otherness” of his race. Come on Jim, just have the guts to come out and say that along with the rest of the loathsome BBC, you worship Obama and have been stung at what McCain/Palin have achieved this past week. 60 days to go, 60 more days to indulge in more sly and not so subtle character assassination. I’ll be here to make damn sure it is documented.

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  1. PaulS says:

    James | 06.09.08 – 1:01 pm
    Hugh | 06.09.08 – 1:24 pm

    negro? am i the only one here who thinks that’s a totally unacceptable term?

    I note what you say Hugh about it perhaps now being archaic, but I was struck the other day on seeing once again Dr Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, that Negro was the term he, himself, used.

    It does seem odd that the PC Brigade would want to outlaw something MLK found perfectly ok.

    And even odder that the rest of us should meekly go along with it.


  2. Allan@Oslo says:

    Is ‘sunshine’ a racist term? Any others?

    What is happening is that the left can, at any time, decide whether any word is ‘offensive’ and simply force its use to be curtailed, and there are many people not normally of the left who just play the left’s game. The word ‘nigger’ is offensive: the word ‘negro’ is not.

    BTW, is the word ‘whitey’ offensive? If so, are any whites here offended because I’m not?


  3. JohnA says:

    Where is the left in condemning the foul language used throughout the rap world – all the time ?

    Meanwhile back to Palin. I liked these articles :

    The estimable Nick Cohen, a Daniel in the lions’ den again. His remarks could have been written about the BBC :

    The Dem smear machine :


  4. JohnA says:

    Polls are turning against Obama – not that we’ll hear the BBC telling us, unless a really big gap opens up (which could happen).

    Zogby has just shown a 4-point lead for McCain. But I feel Rasmussen and Gallup tracking polls are a better guide. easmussen has now taken polling for the 3 days since Palin’s soeech, sharp change for McCain. And that is of course before McCain’s own speech, which wasn’t high-flown oratory, but could well have struck home with independents :


  5. JohnA says:

    More good polling news for McCain. Very good news – Gallup was showing a sizeable lead just a few days ago, after his bounce. That bounce has been wiped out, McCain now has a lead.

    Taking Gallup and Rasmussen together, this looks like a very strong swing towards McCain. What will be in5teresting will be what these two polls will show on Thursday – reflecing polling ALL taken after McCain and Palin’s speeches.

    I do not think Obama will win in a landslide, in spite of Bush’s unpopularity.

    I recognise the race could end up very close.

    But I now believe that McCain could win very convincingly.

    And that is without Obama saying today that he was Muslim, now on YouTube, and without Biden’s ridiculous gaffe saying still that the surge has not worked.


  6. disillusioned_german says:

    JohnA | 07.09.08 – 5:53 pm |

    For some reason I don’t think they made this for us conservatives to enjoy, John. I happen to find it funny as well though. Keep that stuff coming, Lefties 🙂


  7. JohnA says:


    Yes, it was aimed AT Palin – but will probably help her, very funny.

    Willie Smith is a sage old Dem politician – black, was mayour of San Fran

    He thinks the Dems attacks on Palin are stupid, they actually help McCain and Palin :


  8. ady says:

    From the US sites I regularly visit each side seems transfixed by the personalities involved, its all about the fluff and the gossip.

    I suddenly realised I was reading a blog about Big Brother, with the housemates being John Sarah Barack and Joe.

    The Final Vote is 4th November folks.


  9. JohnA says:

    here is a list of all the absurd attacks and smears on Sarah Palin – tgether with links to the various rebuttals.

    The list sounds like the BBC’s script this past week :


  10. disillusioned_german says:

    I wonder if we will hear more about Barack’s “my muslim faith” interview.


  11. disillusioned_german says:

    Okay, answering my own rhetorical question here:


  12. JohnA says:

    More info about Obama’s dubious associates / mentors / sponsors:


  13. JohnA says:

    The BBC has been failing to report the BIG swing to McCain in various US polls, eg 11% change in Gallup and now USA Today/Gallup showing 54 to 44, a ten-point lead, for McCain among repsondents “likely to vote”.

    The first time either candidate has got through the 50% barrier.

    I would not be surprised to see the main Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls showing a similar pattern tomorrow. It is the CHANGE in polling results that is really significant, I think. But the BBC remains silent.


  14. JohnA says:

    The BBC gave its Thought For The Day (the God-slot) on Today, its flagship radio news programme to a swipe at Sarah Palin.

    Pathetic. An abuse of the Charter requirement for impartiality.

    Unless they give the smae God-slot sometime this week to a swipe at Obama-Biden (pigs might fly !), this is another example of BBC bias.

    re.the latest opinion polls – yes there was bound tyo be some sort of bounce after the Repub convention, It is obvious that Obama’s bounce was quickly snuffed out. The questions are – could McCain get a substantial bounce – and could it hold. The first answer is clearly Yes, and I believe this is partly due to a backlash against the media’s feeding frenzy about Palin, it can’t be attributed to McCain’s eloquence. Will it last ? – well, it may get a bit bigger yet, the polls tomorrow will help show – beyond that, we shall see.

    I love the way some respond to the news that McCain is for the moment in the lead by saying that it is all the fault of the ignorant herd. Hold your noses, the hoi polloi are around.

    If the Dems really want a culture war – the toffs against the masses – that’s fine by me.

    The next big TV event will be the ABC interview with Palin later this week. Meanwhile MSNBC are dropping the idea that presenters Cwissie Matthews and Olbermann make sensible anchors for covering political events.
    (That’s Matthews as in “Obama sends a thill up my leg”)

    It looks like NBC have put their foot down on the cable offshoot. I wish the BBC Trust would put their foot down on the stupid BBC bias againt the Repubs.

    I see the New York Times and the Washington Post have both taken to cslling Palin “Ms.Palin”. Not Governor Palin. Did they call Clinton “Ms Clinton ? Or do they describe Dem female Governors as “Ms”. Of course not.

    The more they try to disparage Palin, the more she gets a sympathy vote, on top of what she attracts by the force of her own personality.


  15. JohnA says:

    Clive Cook in the Financial Times had a good article a couple of days ago saying that it is stupid just to disparage Sarah palin, it misses the real story.

    The Telegraph has a similar piece today.

    But the BBC still has its fingers in its ears, chanting “la-la-la-la, I can’t hear you”.