MardyMarr’s casual smear

It was so noticeable in his interview today with the Conservative leader how much less friendly Andy Marr is to David Cameron than he is with Gordon Brown.

At 19.30 in the Cameron interview here Marr starts from nowhere by asking DC if he agrees that mass immigration has done something terrible to Britain. If it were a Labour man Marr was interviewing, he would gently quote the source before accepting serenely the response that it was an attempt to make a wider point.

Well, what happens when he interviews a Conservative? A misquote, hauled from nowhere, planted in hostile fashion following another attack on Cameron’s “broken society” theme. The misquote was the standard one: immigration confused with multiculturalism. But what followed was more telling still. When Cameron leapt lightly up and quoted the source (Dominic Grieve, Shadow Home Secretary in the Observer) and explained it thoroughly, the sour Marr culminated in the bitter throwaway line that Grieve “talks about the long-term inhabitants of Britain, by which he presumably means white people”.

Cameron had no chance to reply to that particular smear and the conversation cross-examination moved on. Yet why did the BBC journalist feel free to put words in the mouth of the Opposition?

Standard BBC smear in what was evidently a premeditated atmosphere of hostility.

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28 Responses to MardyMarr’s casual smear

  1. George R says:

    This is what Marr and the many like-minded BBC liberal/Left propagandists, and their hangers-on, open the way for:

    [Extract from Paul Weston on ‘Multiculturalism’]:

    “To the incoming third-worlder the white abasement ideology of multiculturalism is viewed as a weakness prevalent in the governments of the native countries. Not only are they welcomed and subsidised, they are encouraged to keep their own identities and cultures and are the recipients of state legislated privileges not available to the native whites. It is thus an ideology that can be used to advance their ethnic group self-interest over and above that of the native group. I can only assume that their private discussions must revolve around disbelief and astonishment that any race or culture could prostrate themselves before an aggressor in such a grotesque and effeminate manner.

    “To the white native who wishes to preserve his historical homeland, tradition and culture, multiculturalism takes on a more disturbing aspect. Demographers predict that we will become a minority in our own countries at various points this century, some even before 2050. This means we are being territorially dispossessed, that each and every year we cede a little more physical ground to the incomers.” (Paul Weston).


  2. Cameron says:

    Good point but i dont think Marr is displaying a bias here4 – look at his delivery,not really rottweiler is it?

    On another subject did anybody see John Sophorth this morning absolutley annihilating that government minster over the economy – he actually pointed out that Gordon was the chancellor for 10 years and perhaps it was all his faut. If you get to see it repeated try and see it – politics show i think it was.


  3. Pete says:

    Don’t get too upset about Marr’s interviews. The BBC is overwhlemingly a provider of junk TV like Eastenders and Casualty, and the people who watch that kind of dross don’t vote according to what they see on programmes containing Marr’s interviews and ‘analysis’. They don’t watch them.

    The BBC’s political coverage is little more than self-indulgence by the corporation.


  4. NRG says:

    BBC political editor Nick Robinson at Conservative conference reporting on Tories pointing out that the Great Leader had presided over irresponsible economics:

    “Blah…blah…David Cameron aide to Norman Lamont…Black Wednesday….same attitude as 1970’s…. let failing businesses go bust.”

    Absolute no attempt at reporting, straight into labour propaganda as unsubtle as a Prescott rant. Conservatives would be well advised to turf the beeboid Labour propagandists out of the hall now.

    Now about a “conference special” open thead to post examples of Beeboid anti-Conservative or pro-Labour propaganda.


  5. bodo says:

    Yes, conference season was always going to be a test of the BBC. Last week’s coverage of Labour was extremely soft. There was no analysis or criticism, Labour spokesman were allowed to spin away, and there were no Conservatives seen or heard. In marked contrast to the coverage of the Tory conference which is already off to a hard-hitting start with far left activists like Ken Loach invited to take part.

    Tomorrow’s Panorama is rumored to be a hatchet job on the Conservative party. There was no corresponding programme at the beginning of the Labour conference – well actually there was, on Channel 4, a Dispatches programme titled “Let down by Labour”. It says a lot about the BBC that I’m sure many here would find it inconceivable that the BBC would produce such a documentary.


  6. David Vance says:

    This week will see a sustained attack on the Conservatives from the BBC – it has just begun. Cameron should smile, take it as best as possible, then sharpen the axe….and wait.


  7. Martin says:

    Like I said, the BBC should be taken out and publically beheaded.


  8. Cameron says:

    Im hoping cameron shocks all by mentioning tax cuts,a cap on benefits,and the eventual dismantling of the hated licence fee.

    The chances of him saying all those are possibly less than zero – and the beeb will serve him up anyway.


  9. Oscar says:

    Bodo – ‘Let down by Labour’ was changed at the last minute by C4. It was retitled (some title about the credit crunch) and was turned into an anodyne re-edited show about families suffering hardship due to the economic crisis. Clearly Labour intervened to censor it. I was surprised there was wasn’t more comment about this on blogsites.


  10. archduke says:

    yeah – i noticed the hostility towards Cameron as well.

    at times he did he damn best to shut Marr up – and he did a good job at it – but it was one heck of a struggle.

    it might be just me, but as the interview went on, i detected a sign of utter contempt for the BBC by Cameron.
    his mannerisms , demeanour etc..

    and i cant blame him , to be honest.


  11. archduke says:

    for the upcoming Tory conference, it is increasingly clear that they have the middle classes in the bag.

    they do not need to propose any policies – the middle classes are so pissed off with Brown, they’ll just vote Tory. period.

    what Cameron has to do is to reach out to the Labour heartlands – the working class vote. He has to find a wedge issue that will be hated by the Polly Toynbee Guardianista champagne socialists, but will be utterly loved by the working class.

    one suggestion: everyone earning under £20,000 pa will not pay any tax.


  12. archduke says:

    what the hell is that zoltan?


  13. NotaSheep says:

    The BBC are panicky, they cannot allow a Conservative government so discretion must be thrown to the wind.


  14. Martin says:

    archduke: So spot on. In 1997 the economy was on the up.

    But that didn’t matter. People had had a belly full of so called Tory sleaze.

    Now people have had a belly full of left wing shite from the fat one eyed jock.

    The difference is this time around the Scottish Nu Liebour mafia look like they might get wiped out in their own homeland by the SNP.

    We could actually see Liebout under 100 seats in the House of Commons if that happens.


  15. David says:

    “after Gordon Brown’s well-received speech at Labour’s conference last week”

    Who the fuck said it was well-received? It tricked a few dumb people into thinking Gordon was the right man for the job again, and the media lapped it up as we knew they would. But I don’t know a single person in possession of an actual brain who thought it wasn’t a crock of shit.

    BTW, the rudeness with which David Cameron is treated isn’t just annoying from a bias perspective, but also from a personal one. It is so hugely apparent that Cameron is a more cordial and gentlemanly individual than Brown, yet he is treated like a stray dog. Brown, on the other hand, lacking manners and a personality, is treated like royalty. It actually annoys me to see the BBC be so rude to someone who, though I’m sure isn’t quite as nice as he’d like us to think he is, is still miles more a gent than that Scottish ogre.


  16. David says:

    I was going to add, it’s a bit like laying down the red carpet and getting out the best silver for Arthur Scargill, while spitting in Harold Macmillan’s face.


  17. cameron says:

    im wondering when the sun news paper will jump from its labour love boat ?now or next year. Cant wait for that one. Dont think the beebs will be stocking up the champagne next year.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Your first comment is rather islamist Martin..


  19. Jason says:

    Like I said, the BBC should be taken out and publically beheaded.
    Martin | 28.09.08 – 8:30 pm | #

    Well it’s not as if most of them haven’t been publicly stoned already.


  20. David says:

    Andrew Neil is usually pretty fair with the Tories, but he has obviously got the word the the higher-ups; he’s not letting Cameron get a word in on BBC2. The fact that Cameron just had to tell him off for using the Brown version of an Osborne quote says all you need to know. I love the way Neil asked Cameron what changes he has going to make to lower the tax burden for poor people. Nobody from Labour was asked that last week.


  21. David says:

    Neil now not focusing on Osborne’s speech at all, and is instead trying to make Cameron and Boris appear split.


  22. George R says:

    ‘Evening Standard’ Londoner’s Diary-


    ‘ Does Andrew Marr work for the BBC or the Labour Government? After appearing to go easy on Gordon Brown on his Sunday morning TV show last week, Marr unleashed an unremitting grilling on David Cameron this week – interrupting the Tory leader more than 20 times during the interview.

    ‘”Why bother asking David Cameron questions, if you can’t be bothered to let him respond, and keep talking over him?” demands one viewer writing on the show’s messageboard, while another complained: “It just seemed to be a lot of noise from Mr Marr… There is no point in conducting an interview if you cannot hear the full answers.”

    ‘”I don’t recall Andrew Marr applying such an aggressive interrogation stance when Gordon Brown was on the show a couple of weeks back.”

    ‘Writes another, “I’m not a big fan of David Cameron (and even less of Mr Brown) but it was blatantly obvious where your bias lay this morning.” ‘

    “Satellite ears loses reception”


  23. George R says:

    Memo for BBC: how to make sense of bombings in LEBANON and SYRIA –

    “Bombings in Lebanon and Syria are part of a Master Campaign”


  24. George R says:

    Apologies my previous comment should be on ‘General’ thread.

    Oh, dear. And Marr’s wife is criticised for her political bias against the Conservatives now, even on ‘Guardian’s Comment is free’.

    What strikes me about the Marrs, is not only their well-known support for the Labour Party, and their political bias against the Conservatives in particular, but how out of touch they are with majority political opinion.

    And she indulges in a bit of name-calling. (Well two can play at that game):

    “The Tories still seem more Flashman than Gladstone” by Jackie Marr:


  25. George R says:

    Memo to Marr:

    Melanie Phillips on the life and death consequences of pursuing ‘multiculturalist’ policies:

    “The police, the Crown, and even the army – who will the Planet Earth zealots target next?”–Planet-Equality-zealots-target-next.html