Well now, did you catch the boy Cameron being interviewed on the Today programme by newbie Evan Davies? Interviewed is probably the wrong word – harassed is perhaps more accurate. He was not given a chance by Davies, he was constantly interrupted, his answers were dismissed, his agenda thrown aside – all in all it was an attack piece. How things can change in a week. Last week, we had the fragrant Sarah Brown and her allegedly statesman-like husband, Gordon. Solid and reliable. This week we have the hated Tories and they have been treated appallingly by the BBC, in my view. I say that as someone who has grave reservations about Cameron and co but I also speak as someone who believes in fairness. True BBC colours shine through folks, even in Evan Davies.

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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    Far be it from me to say I told you so!



  2. will says:

    he was constantly interrupted,

    Last week the “he” was Naughtie as Brown very patiently & patronisingly told him that the UK economy outshone the rest.


  3. Jonathan Boyd Hunt says:

    As per Oscar’s suggestion, we need to conduct a proper conference monitor – and then compile a proper report, BBC-Watch-style, that stands up to scrutiny and really exposes the Beeb’s systemic anti-Conservative bias.


  4. Redders says:

    Camerons interview this morning conducted by sian williams on BBC breakfast was another example of the BBCs contempt for the general public no balance whatsoever , What ever we think of cameron at least give him a chance to speak , yet more poison for the masses im afraid !


  5. George R says:

    The BBC-Will Hutton axis was in evidence at the Birmingham Conference last night, criticising the Tories re-financial crisis. (Whose financial crisis?) Of course, there was no equivalent anti-Labour Party critic on show last week.

    And Will Hutton has a special place in the BBC’s multicultural, por-Labour, political ideology, propagandising for the Corporation in e.g., his sycophantic TV lecture on ‘The Future of Public Service Broadcasting’, (paid for by licencepayers), which the BBC runs endless on the TV Parliament Channel; he may well be a candidate as the next Director General of the BBC.


  6. BROWNED_OFF says:

    Newsnight last night was another example. Emily ??? interviewed George Osborne in a very aggressive, harassing manner, that was bordering on rude. She was more interested in getting in her jibes at the Conservative than hearing what Osborne had to say. At the end of the programme, Paxo could not resist one last sneer at the Conservatives. He wished everyone goodnight from himself and from “lucky” Emily with the Tories in Birmingham.


  7. Robin says:

    Jonathan Boyd Hunt:

    I’m in a position to carry out such a report – I have a small team trained in media monitoring, but it would need finance.


  8. DOS says:

    I overheard some snippet of BBC reporting about the Conservatives last night, including “…but the controversial policy…blah blah…”. This is, of course, one of their regular techniques of subtle bias: anything that the Conservatives propose which is not exactly the same as current Labour Party or BBC Party policy is automatically flagged up as “controversial”. These people are not journalists of any sort whatever: they are bigoted and (generally) ignorant mouthpieces for a particular ideology, tribal and primitive in their likes and dislikes.


  9. John Henderson says:

    Tired of Victoria Derbyshire show. The put down lines of Tories appears endemic including a biased contact with pro Labour texters or calls. They always feature heavily planted Pro Labour callers with encouragement from Victoria Camerons speech was immediately trailed with a Glaswegian anti tory viewpoint. An attempt at balance is pretty fragile.


  10. RR says:

    Why was the Michael Gove interview on Toady c7:15 preceded by a clip of McBroon speech-effect verbiage about the family? Didn’t hear Cameron during the coverage of last week’s conference, after all.


  11. DB says:

    Evan Davis wears an “I love Vince Cable” badge through his nipple, it is rumoured (by me).


  12. NotaSheep says:

    DB (12:34): Thanks now I have avocado on my laptop screen…


  13. John Henderson says:

    One further point I did not mention was the manner in which Victoria Derbyshire stated that the tories were in the payroll of city speculators, Always conspicuous by it’s absence are the massive labour donors Sir Ronald Cohen (Gordon’s Banker) or Paul Myners (Guardian owner). I despair of hearing a balanced view. I await in vain of any coverage of the oily tosser, Keith Vaz. His bending of rules and enriching himself has gone on unhindered for years. When will the BBC take some responsibility for it’s unbalanced reporting.I suggest a wholesale break up and privatisation.


  14. Mrs Trellis says:

    RR I thought that too. Even when they are reporting on the Conservative conference they are really pushing old Brownie down our throats. What an horrible image that brings to mind.


  15. Scott says:

    Hmm. It’s very odd, but the version of the interview on the Radio 4 website has very little evidence of Cameron being “constantly interrupted”. There were two, arguably three, points at which both were speaking, and they tended to be points at which Davies had yet to finish his (rather tortuous, and not entirely germaine) questions.

    I was expecting from David Vance – a man who believes in fairness – that the whole thing would be a bloodbath. Obviously the BBC has re-edited the whole conversation! The bastards!


  16. David says:


    “The polls suggest he has more to do to convince the public that he would make a better job than Gordon Brown at seeing us through these turbulent times.”

    No, the two polls done – one by you – right after the Labour conference said that. Every poll for the last 10 months has said something very different indeed.


  17. Roland Deschain says:

    We have just witnessed a prime ministerial address to the nation. Well, we would have done if David Cameron were actually prime minister. It was memorable not so much for the actions he proposed but the tone he struck.


    Hmm. I would have to concede that commenters here would be leaping up and down in indignation if he’d said that about Gordon Brown. Still, one swallow does not make a summer.


  18. David Vance says:

    No Scott – the “bastards” as you put it, are those who take our license tax and then use it to advance their biased left-wing ideology. Get it?


  19. EnragedbytheBBC says:

    Don’t forget the Tom Cruise shaped butt plug – allegedly


  20. Gerald Brown says:

    Only caught the Toady programme today between 6 and 7. About 5 minutes spent on the Conservative Conference and the first half of that spent by the Beeboid being “interviewed” by Evan Davis consisted of positive spin for….Gordon Brown, the best man to get us out of the mess we are in, apparently.


  21. Gerald Brown says:

    P.S. has the BBC reported that the Cabinet reshuffle due sometime during the Conservative Conference is likely to be further postponed because the children are throwing their toys out of the pram and not wanting to move. Are the troops revolting? That can be answered in two ways of course, both Yes!


  22. Millie Tant says:

    I haven’t seen that interview-attack but I have seen others and it amazes me how David Cameron keeps his temper and his composure. He shouldn’t have to put up with such badgering but there you are, nobody effectively enforces any journalistic standards on the BBC and it has abandoned any pretence of courtesy or balance in its treatment of the Tories.

    I thought Emily Maitlis was going to have a seizure last night, so over-activated was the animus she displayed towards George Osbourne.


  23. Original Robin says:

    At least the BBC mentions the Tories. The smaller parties never get a mention about their annual meets.


  24. John Bosworth says:

    On the 30th September, the Daily Mail reported Labour fears that the BBC was going soft on the Tories.

    “A BBC spokesman said: “It’s absolute nonsense to suggest we give any political party a ‘special arrangement’…We interview guests on a single issue, or across a range of issues, whichever is appropriate.

    “However, the subjects are always of our choosing and carried out with the rigour that’s expected of the Today programme.”

    1. Can you believe that statement?

    2. Looks like the Labour pressure worked.

    Ref: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-525289/Labour-accuses-BBC-going-soft-Cameron.html


  25. Mark says:

    “At least the BBC mentions the Tories. The smaller parties never get a mention about their annual meets.”

    How about the Beeb continually trotting out Vince Cable as the official Opposition spokesman on the economy ?


  26. Jon says:

    Mark | 30.09.08 – 4:53 pm |

    Indeeed Mark – Cable must live in the BBC studios as he was on Radio 5 live about 30 minutes ago.


  27. Original Robin says:

    Tyhe LibDims are one of the main parties.
    There`s UKIP, BNP, English Democrats, Libertarian, SWP, CP , Maoist,New Britain Party,The New Party and others who dont get mentioned unless the BBC can put their spin on them. The exception are the Greens.


  28. Scott says:

    David Vance: “No Scott – the “bastards” as you put it, are those who take our license tax and then use it to advance their biased left-wing ideology. Get it?”

    You’re quite right, David. Your way is *so* much better — outright lies, but hey, they’re free!


  29. Jon says:

    Scott | Homepage | 30.09.08 – 5:49 pm |

    Interseting Home page – seems you don’t get many comments – have you come over here for a bit of company.


  30. Jonathan Boyd Hunt says:

    BBC 1 6.00pm News coverage of the Conservative Party conference:

    It lasted about 90 secs and started at about 6.18pm. God knows how far down the running order it was – 6th? 7th? – but I’m sure it followed a story about a chap who was beaten to death in a Norwich street.

    Of course, my above, ad-hoc, transitory observation will do nothing to expose the BBC’s perverse bias to the wider public….


  31. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Roland Deschain | 30.09.08 – 1:38 pm |

    Hmm. I would have to concede that commenters here would be leaping up and down in indignation if he’d said that about Gordon Brown. Still, one swallow does not make a summer.

    Perhaps everyone’s happiness is tempered by the fact that Robinson provides a rebuttal for everything David Cameron said. He’s not impartially explaining how Cameron’s plans may be wrong in one way or another, but instead is simply offering the Labour counterpoint.


  32. David Vance says:


    Do you get lonely over on your site?


  33. Martin says:

    Cameron is a first class prat. What on Earth is he thinking backing the fat one eyed jock? Does he think he might get credit for NOT playing politics?

    I heard a soundbite of the fat one eyed jock on Radio 5. Gues what is contained?

    Interest rates are not at 15% and we don’t have 3 million unemployed. So Gordon’s still playing politics.

    The Tories should have learnt their lesson from supproting the Government by backing the last war in Iraq.

    I’m getting worried about Cameron.


  34. Jon says:

    Martin | 30.09.08 – 6:48 pm

    I’m afraid its politics – Cameron is probably banking on coming over as a resonable man – scared of the apparent recent rise in the polls for Labour.

    Cameron is an opurtunist and his party will play along as they think his tactics are working. What the conservatives need at times like this is a good orator and statesman – unfortuantely there isn’t any left. (in any political party)


  35. Jonathan Boyd Hunt says:

    Robin | 30.09.08 – 11:24 am:
    I’m in a position to carry out such a report – I have a small team trained in media monitoring, but it would need finance.

    Robin, I’m sorry, but as a consequence of the media-wide news blackout of the investigation by Malcolm Keith-Hill and me into the ‘cash for questions’ affair, showing that the Guardian helped bring down John Major’s government with an invented story and then perverted the official parliamentary inquiry into the affair through perjury and forgery; and how the BBC’s misleading, censorial reporting helped the Guardian from being brought to book – which the vast majority of people simply cannot believe could happen in Britain – instead of profiting from my work I’m utterly broke.

    Indeed, if I had the cash to employ your services I’d first produce a TV documentary about the cesspit Keith-Hill and I unearthed. In this television age, I’ve learnt to my cost that writing a book isn’t enough.


  36. Scott says:

    David Vance:”Scott, Do you get lonely over on your site?”

    *That’s* the level of your debate?

    You really have that little respect for yourself?


  37. Martin says:

    Jon: Cameron should be HAMMERING the fat one eyed jock for letting us get into this mess.

    Nu Liebour don’t hold back hammering Osbourne or Cameron for being involved with the Tories misfortune do they?

    In fairness at least Jon Snow had a go at the fat one eyed jock tonight about the fact HE was the one that allowed Northern Cock and the Bankrupt and Bingley to carry out their doomed to failure plans.


  38. Jon says:

    *That’s* the level of your debate?

    Well at least it is debate and not

    “Random bits of fluff removed from my electronic navel.”
    Is that your idea of debate?


  39. Jon says:

    The BBc have a lot of form on anti-conservative bias.

    “Yes, the BBC was in hot water again, in reports also carried in the U.S., this time for staging a protest where BBC-orchestrated hecklers with BBC-supplied microphones hurled insults at Conservatives challenging Prime Minister Tony Blair in the current election. And the BBC decided to heckle only the Tory challengers, with such amplified taunts as “You can only trust Tony Blair” and “[Conservative leader] Michael Howard is a liar.” According to the reports, Tony Blair and his fellow Labor Party candidates were never heckled by the BBC, leading the Conservatives to cry foul.

    BBC officials matter-of-factly said the event was intended to be a segment about “the history and art of political heckling,” even though the action was completely staged • and only against the Conservative Party.”


  40. David Vance says:


    You don’t do irony, do you? Sorry no more time for you.


  41. David says:

    “What on Earth is he thinking backing the fat one eyed jock? Does he think he might get credit for NOT playing politics?”

    Sorry, Martin, Cameron hasn’t backed Brown at all. He said it was important to work together, but he did endorse what Brown actually says about the economy. Moreover, he cleverly got himself on TV acting statesmanly 5 hours before the Broon appeared. I agree that he should stick the boot in a bit more, but I suspect that will be better done once people are prepared to look at the situation more closely. If he does it now, no matter how much of this is Labour’s fault, people dislike politicians fiddling (or blaming) while things burn.


  42. John Bosworth says:

    From Scott’s very own blog:

    “So I’ve been thinking lately that I should scrap this blog…:

    Scott, do it.


  43. Martin says:

    David: I can’t agree. He needs to keep clear water between him and Broon.

    If this all goes down the toilet pan (and the HBOS/Lloyds deal might well do) the Tories are going to be stuck with this to their name, just like the Iraq war.

    In the USA the Democrats have the votes to put the deal through Congress if they want. They didn’t do that because if it goes down the pan, they don’t want ot be left holding the baby on their own.

    If the Tories had opposed the Iraq war, Blair would probably have been forced to resign if his party hadn’t backed him. We’d have had a general election and the Tories back in power.

    The job of the opposition is to oppose. If the Government of the day wants to pass legislation, they should do it using their own majority.

    If the Tories are going to start backing Labour, I might as well vote Labour.


  44. David says:

    Martin, I too would like some clearer water, and Cameron should actually make some demands of Brown in return for his support. I doubt he is actually offering blind support in any respect, to be honest. But “the job of the opposition is to oppose” is not technically true. Opposition, yes. Blind opposition, no.

    But I guess we can only wait and see. Like you I don’t want Brown taking credit for fixing anything, and I wouldn’t want Cameron to give him that opportunity. I don’t think that is his intention either. But there is a decent chance the Tories will come out of this looking country-focused while making people take a good look at why Brown is to blame for what he claims to be able to fix.


  45. will says:

    Nick Robinson’s blog highlights the all-knowing great leader showing either his ignorance or mendaciousness. Questioned about raising deposit guarantee to £50,000, Brown said he would deal with it in the Banking Bill. But the FSA says it already has the power, but hasn’t implemented it for fear of further spooking the market ( which incidently happened today with Ireland (covered by C4 News) after they increased their limits – must be bad news on the way thinks the market)


  46. Born Again Redneck says:


    “So I’ve been thinking lately that I should scrap this blog…”

    I for one can only heartily endorse that statement. Not only that, could you please piss off and leave us B-BBCers in peace?

    You are a bore and a troll.


  47. Will86 says:

    Last night’s Newsnight coverage of the Tory conference was an absolute disgrace. Emily Maitlis and Mikey Crick did their absolute utmost hatchet job on Osborne, who simply stated what any sensible person thinks. And all at the expense of the taxpayer!! The sooner the Tories destroy the Beeb the better- it’s poisoning the well of civilised political debate


  48. Martin says:

    David: Politicians need to remember that most Governments are elected by a minority of the population.

    The voice of opposition should always be heard in Parliament, far too many laws get passed without proper scrutiny by ANY political party.

    The whip system is also wrong. I like the fact that so many American politicians have listened to the voters rather than the party leaders. OK it’s perhaps only because most of them are up for re-election, but people need to understand that the financial markets have to sort this mess out themselves.

    If they get this big freebie handout, they will know that next time around the Government will step in again.

    It’s wrong. No one stepped in to save Rover, no one stepped in to save the thousands of construction jobs that have gone to the wall in the last few months.

    Why shouldn’t people who have money invested in banks be put at risk? If I buy shares and a company goes down the pan and the shares become worthless, who bails me out? No one.

    The one thing that should be done and isn’t is for all these directors at Northern Cock and the Badloan and Bingley should be arrested and all their assets seized. They should be thrown into jail until someone finds out what they’ve been up to.

    This whole thing is getting out of hand. Look at the US market today, it hasn’t crashed like they said it would if this bail out didn’t go through. Now more people will simply ask, do they really need it?

    At some point once shares become cheap enough, people will start to buy again as they will see a bargain.

    I see no reason why a bank shouldn’t be allowed to go down the toilet pan like any other business.

    The truth is MOST people are paying their mortgages and other due’s.

    I think a lot of this is hype by the media and the Government to make Broon look good. Remember the so called “crisis” that the fat one eyed jock faced last year that made him look such a great leader? Most of that stuff was self generated.


  49. Scott says:

    “You don’t do irony, do you? Sorry no more time for you.”

    Quite right too. Give yourself more time to apologise to your readers for lying about the contents of BBC shows, which to the best of my knowledge you have not yet done.


  50. Jon says:

    “Scott likes to display Random Acts of Kindness to his listeners. Well, I’m a misanthrope who nobody listens to, so this one’s not going to turn out well, is it?”

    I think it would be a good idea to join everyone else in the “media world” in which he lives and ignore him too. Try living in the real world and away from all your “luvvies”.