Was listening to a BBC discussion between Ed Stourton and a reporter on Today this morning just after 6am. Were I a Conservative, I would be engaged. It was asserted that there would be NO post conference bounce for the Tories and in fact the only way forward for Cameron was to set aside any notion of suggested tax cuts and instead prepare for tax increases. They then agreed that Gordon Brown’s “steady as she goes” reputation (!!!) was likely to bring about a situation where Labour could seriously challenge for a fourth term.

At the moment, the BBC seems unable to have a sentence with the words David Cameron in it without also adding the words Gordon Brown. The word “novice” is also getting a tremendous amount of play. Of course this idea that Brown is “Prudence incarnate” is so risible, so detached from all reality that only the Save Gordon crowd at the Beeb would dare run with it. Then there is the BBC hatred of tax cuts. They are plainly using the current turmoil in the markets to force Cameron to commit to ruling out any prospect of the State taking a little less of our cash.

I don’t know about you but whilst I am no fan of Cameronian Conservatism I think the BBC has been outrageous in how it has treated the Conservative conference this week. After the orgiastic coverage afforded to GordonSarah last week, Call me Dave was gleefully sacrificed this week. And another point that stands out for me is this; In the States, the financial mess is attributed to the failure of the incumbent Republic President, but in the UK, the financial mess is sold to us as a reason to support the incumbent Labour government. The BBC has not a shred of balance in this situation, it shows itself as biased, as hateful, and as political as many of us here fear.

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  1. George R says:

    Yes; BBC’s ‘Today’ this morning also exhibited another related frequent element of bias; not only did the hour from 7-8 am, relate to predominantly US issues: US financial crisis, US election, US drones in Pakistan, but there was an inordinate amount of time given to discussing whether the US Rosenbergs were ‘partially’ innocent of spying 60 years ago, that when it came to an interview with Conservative William Hague on an issue vital to the political interests of BRITISH people: whether there is to be a Referendum on the EU, Hague was allocated next to no time, and as continually interrupted.


  2. Martin says:

    Sorry but Cameron has brought much of this on himself. The lies by the BBC about the opinion polls (Labour are still miles behind) and Cameron’s silly idea not to atttack the fat one eyed jock for getting us into this mess is nonsense.

    Does Cameron really think Liebour won’t put out wankers like Kinnock, Livingstone and the fat slapper shagger to attack and rubbish the Tories on the BBC?

    Cameron should have really stoked up the rhetoric against McBean at every opportunity.

    Brown is the man who stole our pensions, taxed us to he limit, wasted billions and allowed an unregulated banking industry to trash the economy.


  3. Llew says:

    This morning on Breakfast news we are told the Conservative party conference comes to a close today – with a 20 second verbal snippet of news.

    Yet last week when the Labour one was due to end, we were given a resume of the speeches from the day before (and the rest of the week), a spin on how Gordon will bounce back complete with soundbites from his supporters, and some cosy footage of Gordon smiling and walking around and if I recall correctly a cute piece of him surrounded by primary school kids as a reminder on his internet scheme.

    A complete and utter contrast to today. The bias is so blatant now and no one seems to question it (apart from here of course).

    I want fairness or my money back!


  4. Martin says:


    This mornings phone is is all about Gordon being the hero and Cameron the loser.

    According to Victoria Derbyshire “a columnist” (she doesn’t say who, but I think we can guess it’s from the Guardian) has said Gordon is the hero and Cameron the loser. Wow 1 left wing journalist.

    All of a sudden the tory party conference has just dropped off 5 live’s schedule. Last week it was wall to wall leftie wankers.

    No doubt my email poiting out that Gordon is the one who has created this mess won’t be read out.

    Take a isten guys.


  5. Roland Deschain says:

    I can’t believe that the different treatment of the Labour and Conservative conferences, even taking the financial crisis into account, has gone un-noticed by the Tories.

    Yet they have said nothing. Are they simply hoping the big beast will not bite them too badly before the next election, or are they keeping their powder dry for a confrontation later?


  6. NotaSheep says:

    Maybe David Cameron is going to attack the BBC’s bias during his speech today, maybe he will demand fairness or equality NOW or threaten the break-up of the BBC… Of course he won’t do either of the above, he knows the rules of the game; if he wants any coverage at all he knows that he has to grin and bear the attacks and the unfairness.


  7. Backwoodsman says:

    Most of the above comments are a pretty accurate reflection on the state of play . What I think has changed, is that you do now get a recognition in the MSM that people are concerned about the pro-lab bbc bias.


  8. Atlas shrugged says:

    David Cameron will be the next Conservative PM, whatever the BBC says or does now. Only what exactly will be left for him to govern is anyones guess.

    The JOB of The BBC is to keep alive the illusion that the BBC is not fascist and so still believes in democratic dialectic politics. When indeed it in fact is now a wholly controlled propaganda tool of the totally undemocratic and unaccountable European Union.

    Under the influence of the Bilderberg group, when not taking direct instructions from The Royal Institute of International Affairs, or other establishment members of The Houses of Parliament. While being infiltrated from top to bottom with CIA, MI5/6, Mossad, and EU sponsored Common Purpose agents.

    The last people the BBC are interested in is the common desires of the ordinary people that pay for its so called services.

    The BBC is the richest, biggest and therefore worst example of FASCIST propaganda currently available anywhere on this planet.

    The BBC is not left wing or right wing.

    It is a perfectly horrid not to say intrinsically EVIL example of what was long since planned to come out from between both cheeks of our establishment created, divide and rule arse, called democratic politics.

    Which is a one party, one state, one government, one leader, one religion, one world, seriously imperialist, murderously socialist, corporatist ideology, we used to call FASCISM. That is before people were educated out of having any idea what the word actually means.

    Could I please ask the good people of this site to try their best not to be so completely fooled by the BBC’s lies and disinformation?

    The BBC is not the friend of any ordinary people anywhere on the entire globe. It is a FASCIST monster working wholly for the interests of the establishment 100% of the time, without a single exception to its Brave New World style indoctrination EVER.

    The only good thing is that if these people win there will be no more wars, discontent or poverty in the world.

    This because they plan to secretly murder all the poor people or force them into menial slave labour. There will not be any wars or visible discontent because when they have total control they will no longer have to conspire to start any.

    We will be at peace because we will no longer have any minds of our own to think with, and most likely no living body to help experience our material world with either.

    Wake up people your world is changing and changing fast. This fast change, like almost all fast changes before it, is not designed for the betterment of you, your family or the vast majority of the worlds current population.

    It is designed to facilitate your covert removal from this world, without too much fuss, confusion or expense. The powers that be decided long ago that you and your blood lines are simply surplus to requirements these days. As we are generally just messing up THEIR PLANET and often obstructing their view of what they consider to be THEIR PROPERTY.

    So they will continue to cram common humanity into smaller and smaller unhealthy areas, slaughter millions whenever the will takes them , and rob whats left blind, by periodically wrecking the economy. While the BBC and its brothers in the NHS and legal professions do all in there enormous power to assist in covering up the genocidal operation.

    Consider also that it is not the poor that will be first to be effectively destroyed. The first will be as many middle class people not currently under the direct or indirect employment of very large corporations or their bought and sold governments.

    Destroy independent social and economic mobility first, deal with the more unwashed later. Because without the educated influential INDEPENDENT middle classes keeping an eye on our crazy psychopathic aristocracy, mass murdering the poor will become a highly enjoyable establishment run turkey shoot.


  9. Grant says:

    Notasheep 9:15

    Sadly, you are probably right. But I still think Cameron and all Tory politicians should boycott the BBC, refuse to give interviews etc. They would still be on the commercial channels and would leave the BBC high and dry.


  10. Peter says:

    But I still think Cameron and all Tory politicians should boycott the BBC, refuse to give interviews etc. They would still be on the commercial channels and would leave the BBC high and dry.
    Grant | 01.10.08 – 10:56 am |

    Heck of a notion, not that it will ever happen. They like their faces on nationally, no matter what.

    But in making a point and serving notice it would be sweet.

    Anyone is allowed to withdraw their ‘support’ for the media if they don’t get a good crack, and if they did it would rather throw the spotlight on the BBC to prove it wasn’t, which should be interesting. And I imagine the others would be happy to take up the slack.

    All a matter of tone so it doesn’t look like lobbing toys out of the pram but just a rational response to a situation. The BBC carrying non-stop snipes and Labour raspberries would rather drive the point home.

    And without being the nasty guys by threatening anything up front, the lack of broadcast representation should they come into power does rather allow some adjustments to be made.

    If they are smart these would not be anything proactive in their favour, simply cleaning house to get back to information delivered on all subjects effectively.

    Hardly enough to vote them in on, but a bit of spine in one area that would tilt my intentions as I do consider the way all other issues – education, defence, economy, etc – are being driven by an inept few guided by a way too powerful, and unaccountable minority is proving very worrying.

    The British public are not stupid (witness London, and various by-elections.. and the arrogant attempts to tell the public they were ‘wrong’ with their democratic votes… which was(n’t) nice), but faced with non-stop drip-fed agenda on the one major entertainment medium most have, its effect cannot be denied… or ignored.


  11. Jerome Thomas says:

    I think posters here who call for a conservative boycott of the BBC underestimate the extent to which an extremely large section of the public grotesquely fetishize the BBC and view it not just as a broadcaster but a lynchpin of their national identity. The Tory renaissance is built on respecting British Sacred Cows not challenging them. Thats why attacks or criticisms of the BBC and the NHS will never be part of the preelection message however much they might be deserved. There is an absurd streak of sentimentality for these vile socialistic institutions running through British culture. Criticizing them at this point would be as illadvised as an American Presidential candidate badmouthing apple pie and baseball.


  12. Martin says:

    The BBC will get around a Tory boycott by wheeling out tosspots like Portillo to “speak on their behalf”

    The only thing the Tories can do it slit the throat of the BBC once they get into power.


  13. Gordon BrownStuff says:

    Jerome, the problem is conservative values in this country are also based on socialistic ideas.

    In fact all parties in the UK are based on the same idea, just different sides of the same coin.

    Then take into account the EU influence and the outlook for radical change or even just a radical discussion of new ideas, is fairly dim, especailly in the UK.

    When the two main propoents for change with mainstream media coverage are Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Littlejohn, then you know the intellectual state of the UK is dead.

    The next 50 years outlook in view of current politcal and relgious trends is not rosy, unless radical ideas are introduced into the mainstream and into people’s heads.

    The problem is that 99% of people in the UK are not up for accepting any radical change.


  14. will says:

    And to ensure that any Conservative grumbles appear childish, Labour have already complained to the BBC about the easy ride given to Conservative politicians


  15. John Bosworth says:

    Boycott the BBC? Won’t work. Also the BBC won’t be de-funded or broken up. So the solution is a real alternative broadcast channel that reflects conservative views.


  16. Peter says:

    As their value (little IMHO, for so many reasons) and use (or abuse), is oft discussed here, has anyone seen this interesting poll, and results (thus far)…

    …in… the Guardian

    I think Messrs. Draper and Thompson better get a strong memo out to the troops pronto.


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Jerome Thomas | 01.10.08 – 11:42 am |

    I think posters here who call for a conservative boycott of the BBC underestimate the extent to which an extremely large section of the public grotesquely fetishize the BBC and view it not just as a broadcaster but a lynchpin of their national identity.

    I, for one, am well aware of this. It’s the reason why I complain about the bias in the first place. It’s because of the BBC’s special place in society that I childishly use capital letters when I refer to it as the Official State Broadcaster. My contention has always been that the BBC attempts to sway people’s opinions on certain issues, and is only able to do so because of that special relationship.

    It’s also the reason why I say the problem is much more than the license fee, and that ending it would only make the government fund it straight out of general taxation.


  18. R Grant says:

    Evan Davies,James Naughtie & all the Scottish Mafia on BBC radio & TV are so obviously Labour biased it is criminal. The female rotweilers-Anand,Derbyshire,Matilis have been very evident recently. Gordon etc are not grilled enough,the Tories are harrassed to the point of rudeness.Livingstone,Campbell,Prescott,Tub of Lard are given so much air time to defend GB.Is Alistair Campbell lurking in the corridors or is Micheal Lyons-theDG-conducting the BBC orchestra to GB’s tune


  19. Peter says:

    “In the States, the financial mess is attributed to the failure of the incumbent Republic President, but in the UK, the financial mess is attributed to the failure of the incumbent Republic President.”



  20. archduke says:

    very good response by cameron today – mentioning that Maggie was a “novice” compared to Callaghan.

    ouch… that’ll hurt the Labour Droids.

    have to admit ,that was a *great* line.

    also loved the bit about Alan Johnson and his letter back to a bloke who’s wife died of MRSA…


  21. archduke says:

    Gordon BrownStuff | 01.10.08 – 12:07 pm

    i agree with you. radical change doesnt suit the English psyche. its just not there.

    Ever wonder how Tolkien came up with Bilbo Baggins and the Shire?

    That Oxfordshire.

    And he was bang on in his allegory…

    But one thing that the English do NOT like is Mordor. they dont mind a bit of socialistic protection from Gondor, as long as they are left alone… but once Mordor starts marching, they get mightily pissed off.


  22. David Gower's Love Child says:

    Listening to Radio 1 today I was not surprised to hear at every news break the constant refrain of how Cameron “must refute the Brown accusation of inexperience”. They couldn’t mention Cameron’s name without a pro-Brown comment as well. As for the “normal people” they got to comment on Camerons speech, well they might have well have come from Central Casting’s Renta-Lefty division. Comments of him “being too posh for ordinary folk” nearly made me throw something at the radio.

    Gordon Brown has made the current economic situation much worse for us in the UK by his half-assed bungling and nigh on criminal decisions, but do you ever hear a word against him from the Beeb? Do they ever repeat the old “no more boom and bust” back at him? Just remember what it was like on the BBC in 95-97 when the Tories were as hated as Labour is now. I hope the Tories have long memories when they get into power, and somehow slide the knife into the Beeb at a suitable moment, when attention is elsewhere.


  23. Martin says:

    Peter: Yes the BBC were going on about this on 5 live this morning. The problems in America were started by the Democrats and their political pressure on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give loans to minotities who couldn’t afford to pay them back.

    Here is was caused by Gordon Brown taking regulation of lending away from the Bank of England and giving it to a bunch of liberal wankers called the FSA.

    Broon was warned for years that letting building societies hand out 125% mortgages or people self certifying themselves would end in tears.

    I took out my mortgage in 1995 under the last Tory Government. I was only allowed to borrow 2.5 times my salary MAX. I had to show proof of savings AND the ability to pay back the morgage including allowance for rates to go up.

    So what happened 2 years later when the fat one eyed one took over?


  24. Jon says:

    “Too posh for ordinary people” – and they voted for Blair. Would they have also said the same of Mrs Thatcher the daughter of a grocer.


  25. Martin says:

    What about Harriet Harperson? She went to a very posh school indeed.


  26. Jon says:

    Martin | 01.10.08 – 10:26 pm |

    Its the classical “class war” argument – that does not even pass any test. It is a worn out mantra, repeated by automotons who cannot think for themselves.