It’s not JUST our police who are institutionally racist, oh no. It’s also our prison officers and the Beeb has been running with the latest report from Anne Owers, our drippingly liberal Chief Inspector of Prisons. I caught the item on Today prior to 7am and the gist of it was that prison officers were in danger of contributing to the radicalisation of Muslim in-mates in Whitemoor high security prison. The problem is that these officers in Whitemoor tend to treat all of the Muslim inmates as if they are potential security risks whilst only some of them are Islamic terrorists. Now I have to say I think they should be commended for their caution but on the BBC they are condemned for it. You see the narrative is always the same; Muslims need more understanding and special treatment. If Muslims become terrorists, it is our fault. The BBC must just love Anne Owers – the gift that keeps giving – but I wonder what those ordinary prison officers trying to do a tough job reckon to her constant undermining of their professionalism – an undermining that the dhimmified BBC is very happy to broadcast without any contrarian opinion.

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  1. freakybacon says:

    I do not suppose the BBC questioned the wisdom of keeping so many muslim criminals in one place? Surely it would be better to spread these criminal religious cult members around the prison system in order to dilure their strength?


  2. George R says:

    A recent report on the real threat:

    “Emergency plans for prison kidnap plot”

    [A comment by Mary Jackson, ‘New English Review’]:

    “In the UK, and probably in other Western countries, a disproportionate number of prisoners are Muslim. Some convert in prison; Islam is attractive to criminals since it provides certainty without condemning the criminal activity. Our prisons are too soft on ‘ethnic minorities’ and have become hotbeds of jihad.”


  3. George R says:

    For information of BBC:

    “UK: Al-Qaeda actively recruiting prisoners for the ‘jihad against Britain'”


  4. Ian Carter says:

    Someone else mentioned the police blogger Inspector Gadget’s book, following which I bought and read it. (Sorry I can’t do links, but it’s in Amazon, it’s called Perverting the Course of Justice).
    I hope the good inspector won’t mind me quoting from his book re Anne Owers:

    YOU have got to love Anne Owers, Chief Inspector of Prisons.
    A recent report by HM Inspectorate of Prisons found that some prisoners at Doncaster jail are living and sleeping ‘in toilets’ because of overcrowding.
    That’s not strictly true • they have loos in their cells, and extra beds had been put in ‘the toilet area’ of some cells to turn two-man cells into three.
    Leaving aside that the kind of people who end up behind bars live in worse conditions at home, who cares?
    Anne Owers does. She said it was ‘unacceptable’.
    Unacceptable to whom? Does it keep you awake at night? Does it keep the victims of these people awake at night? Are taxpayers marching through the streets of your local towns complaining that they need to give even more money to the Government so that all our prisons can be turned into Hilton hotels, instead of just some of them?
    Anne Owers is paid by the public, but I would hazard a guess that she does not represent public opinion. This is not an unusual trait in our bureaucrats; they tend to think they know better than us.
    She says it’s a ‘privilege’ meeting (criminals in prison). So why not move to live on a rough estate, Anne, so you can experience the richness of life amongst them when they aren’t being watched like hawks by prison officers?
    Anne Owers is ‘more scared walking home from the Tube alone in the evening than in prison’. She apparently lacks the curiosity to consider why that might be.


  5. Beness says:

    Anne Owers see’s conditions as disgusting because it’s not like the accomodation she has been used in her middle class life.


  6. Dave Clemo says:

    I visit a prisoner in a Cat C prison. Some sights amaze me- like the female visiter who arrives in a full burka with only her eyes showing. I caught a glimpse of her visitor’s pass and the photo shows her with- the full burka. It could be anybody!!!
    There’s a disproportionally high number of asian and muslim prisoners in this Gaol (as a percentage of the UK population)
    This could be for one of two reasons
    1. The system is biased against them and the Police and Justice system is institutionally racist. I doubt that this is true.
    2. The other is the inconvenient truth that in the Islamic belief system and the culture they come from- the things they do that land them in jail are seen seen as WRONG. Their concept of right and wrong is different to ours.
    Whether their belief system is faulty is for others to judge but the fact remains that our justice systme is based on Judeo-Christain principles and Islam denies this, ipso-facto they do not see that they are wrong.

    This is an inconvenient truth that has caused untold death and injury throughout the west’s dealings with Islam. They don’t think like us. They don’t have the same beliefs, the same values, the same concept of right or wrong.
    That’s why our jails are full of them


  7. Dave Clemo says:

    Sorry- should have previewed my comment
    2. The other is the inconvenient truth that in the Islamic belief system and the culture they come from- the things they do that land them in jail are seen seen as WRONG

    I mean they are not seen as wrong


  8. Derek W. Buxton says:

    Dave Clemo has put his finger right on the button. Our “liberal” elite do not recognise this single truth and until they do we are in deep trouble.

    By the bye, why are these cretins called “liberals” anyway, they are anything but, except of course, with other peoples money


  9. David Vance says:


    Fair point. They are not really liberals, more wastrels.


  10. Sue says:

    Dave Clemo | 10.10.08 – 1:44 pm
    the things they do that land them in jail are (not) seen as WRONG.

    Maybe this applies to behaviour relating to Jihad – maybe even to matters of honour – but I would be interested to know what things actually land most of them (Muslims) in prison.

    I had the impression that these were mainly ordinary criminal acts such as offences related to drugs or pimping. In other words not regarded as Okay in either their culture or belief system.

    If this is the case it begs so many questions.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I had the impression that these were mainly ordinary criminal acts

    Stealing from the kufr wrong?
    Selling drugs to the kufr illegal?
    Pimping kufr girls an offence?

    Depends which imam you ask, if Undercover Mosques etc are right.


  12. Jon says:

    “Terrorist badly hurt inmate with boiling chip fat”

    “Cruddas, who maintains he was simply caught up in the tit for tat attack, said: “All the terrorists are based in Belmarsh and Khyam wanted to get there to be with them. I’d never spoken to him before in my life.

    “I’m a Geordie and the rumour in the prison was it was the Mackems who’d done Barot. No one likes the terrorists because they kill innocent people.”

    Oh dear poor terrorists you have to feel sorry for them.


  13. Pete says:

    Like many ‘liberals’, the BBC has lower expectations of non-whites – they are always making allowances and excuses for them. The racism of this approach never occurs to them.


  14. Brian Chubb's Sister says:

    I don’t think it’s safe to put so many muslims together in the same prison like that anyway. Look what happened in the film the “Great Escape.” They put all those famous people in the same prison together, and they all tried to break out, and we have to suffer it every SINGLE XMAS!

    I don’t fancy all our future Ramadams being tortured with a muslim version of this POW classic. However, I do reckon the line up could be a good one.

    For instance, that Abu Hamza could play the part of Richard Attenborough. And those two muslims that tried fire-bombing Glasgow airport could play Steve McQueen. But instead of a motorbike they could do all their stunts in a burning Cherokee jeep. And instead of Nazis chasing them, we could have a lot of angry Scots filming them on their mobile phones.

    The only drawback to all of this, is I don’t think there’s anyone suitable enough for the Donald Pleasance role. For that reason alone, they shouldn’t put all Muslims in the same prison. Just like they shouldn’t put Nuns on the same hillside. In case they do a sequel to “Sound of Music”.


  15. Kill the Beeb says:

    Brian Chubb’s Sister makes a good point. Look what happens when they put too many Volkswakens together on the same route.

    “Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.”

    It’s just not worth the risk!


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Brian Chubb’s Sister | 11.10.08 – 12:35 am |

    I don’t fancy all our future Ramadams being tortured with a muslim version of this POW classic.

    Good point. I mean, look what happened when they did that IRA prison escape docu-drama last month: endless cries of glorifying terrorists and everything.

    What’s more, if it gets too popular, they’ll just ask Russel T. Davies to write a new version, and, well, then you’ll have the hero as a gay Mohammedan, tortured about his love for one of the guards or some such nonsense, starring Ricky Gervais as the bumbling Superintendent. Who wants to watch that?


  17. Kill Brian Chubb, his sister & says:

    I have just deleted my name from the name box and inserted some other things. You may think this is pointless and subversive, but by then it will be too late.

    I’ll have you know that electric kettles certainly do explode, and so do hairdryers. They are a lot more ridiculous than they look, mendacious, vindictive, scurrilous.

    You have only one friend and even he wouldn’t buy a book even if it was all about you. Which it is not. But you probably think it is.

    Make your movie. See if I care. No-one will watch it, you will have to put it on Youtube with the other ramalamadingdongs.


  18. Original Robin says:

    Judge Tumin was stupid (with a bow tie) and Anne Owers is stupid.I`m stupid too so that`s the right qualification to be Inspector Of Prisons.