Did you see the main news story on the BBC today? We have an image of Gordon Brown silhouetted against the Union Flag with the stirring headline “UK will lead the way”. Great stuff. I presume he means lead the way into the recession? The Labour Party must be so proud of the sustained campaigning carried out on its behalf so generously by the BBC in recent weeks. We have the truly shambolic dysfunctional Brown – the man who sold off our gold reserves at the bottom of the market, the man who stole your old age pension, the man told us he had done away with boom and bust – now being retailed as THE world leader on the banking crisis! It’s surreal. Just in the past day the BBC has informed us that Alastair Darling – Valium on legs – was going over to the G7 meeting in Washington to persuade the other global financial ministers to adopt the UK sovietisation model. Now Gordon is going to an EU summit in Paris where he will attempt to persuade the rest of the EU to adopt the Brown model. This is amazing stuff and is only possible because the BBC has jettisoned Brown’s appalling period as Chancellor into the memory hole. David Cameron and his associates must realise that the BBC is akin to the scorpion in Aesop’s tale. It will always show its true character – in this case it means propping up a discredited inept corrupt Labour government.

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  1. George R says:

    On Sky’s preview of the newspapers last night, Brown’s piece in the ‘Mirror’ was queried as vapid, mock-Churchillian.

    In contrast, the BBC seems to be taking its opinion-editorial cues from the ‘Mirror’ these days.


  2. Anonymous says:


    It doesn’t matter what Sky do. They aren’t funded by a tax which has a condition attached to it that requires that all news output from the BBC is fair, objective and balanced. That the BBC continual fail to provide that balance means they should forfiet the ‘unique way they are funded’. I seriously think the ‘ministry of truth’ will have its V for Vendetta moment quite soon unless it is reformed.


  3. davefromluton says:

    But surely you know that in the land of the blind the one–eyed man is king!


  4. mister ed says:

    interesting usage of imagery by the bbc.

    sky news had brown against an EU flag.


  5. mister ed says:

    Gordon is blaming America – yet again


    “while this is a world financial crisis that has started from America, Britain will lead the way in pulling through..”

    He also seems to be under the delusion that the UK can push the EU around …


  6. George R says:

    Two examples from the real world about Labour’s relationship with the European Union (and the BBC’s apparent aversion to reporting on either, on its news website):

    1.)Labour’s unelected cabinet member, Mandelson gets a huge pay-out from EU, as reported in e.g.’Observer’ and ‘Independent on Sunday’:

    “Mandelson to get £1m pay-out from EU”


    2.)Labour subservient to EU on ‘climate’ policy:

    “Ed Miliband will follow EU instructions on climate change” (Christopher Booker)



  7. archduke says:

    i’m sometimes astonished by the sheer obsfucation of BBC reports when it comes to EU matters…

    take for example this:


    “EU chiefs confront markets crisis”

    now contrast to the reporting in the first few paragraphs of this:


    missing from the bbc version:

    the meeting is being held at the request of Spain

    And that “the leaders may be asked to back a plan to invest taxpayers’ money in banks in order to recapitalise them, and guarantee their debts in the interbank money market.”

    Both very importing boths dont you think?


  8. archduke says:

    argh.. typo

    “Both very important points dont you think?”


  9. George R says:

    A reminder here (which pro-Labour BBC won’t provide) on Brown’s record on UK gold reserves:

    “Brown lost £2bn selling UK’s Gold”



  10. Martin says:

    What I find funny is that the BBC keep telling us that Gordon’s rescue plan is the model for the rest of the world.

    Exept for one thing. Isn’t our economy and stock market going down the pan as fast as America?


  11. jack says:

    I can’t help but LAUGH at this website. If you don’t like the BBC don’t watch it. There are plenty of other new sites that you can look at. You moan non stop about BBC news, BBC radio. Well don’t watch or listen to it then. I don’t like ITV news so I don’t watch it, I don’t start a website or use my current website to moan non stop about it. Surely you have better things to be doing.
    It is also clear that you feel the need to use this “blog” to criticise the Labour Party.
    The Labour party is working hard through the tough times of today for the well being of tomorrow.
    Let me remind you of what Labour has done to make this country BETTER:-
    – Introduced the Minimum wage
    – – A million pensioners lifted out of poverty
    – Scrapped Section 28 and introduced Civil Partnerships.
    – Cleanest rivers, beaches, drinking water and air since before the industrial revolution
    -Free entry to national museums and galleries.
    -Dads now get paternity leave of 2 weeks for the first time

    The conservatives have NO RIGHT to preach about the economy, we all remember the last economic crisis and how the Tories acted then.
    Let us never fall back into the dark trap of the conservative party.


  12. Martin says:

    jack: You are clearly proof that bothers and sisters shouldn’t mate with each other.

    What a little troll like you can’t get through your thick inbred skull is that we are forced to pay for the BBC.

    Take away the compulsory tax to fund the BBC and I wouldn’t give a toss about the crap the BBC spouts.

    Whilst I’m still forced to pay for an organisation run by camp left wing liberals that I despise, I will stick the boot in.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Jack – you don’t understand this website evidently. You say,

    “If you don’t like the BBC don’t watch it”.

    Sadly we are FORCED to pay for the propoganda arm of the Labour party – the BBC, whether we watch it or not. That is totally unfair. The BBC is publicly funded and as a consequence they are suppossed to provide objective fair and balanced news reporting. They don’t. Therefore, ergo, they should have their funding taken away from them. What part of that don’t you understand?


  14. adam says:

    Brown modelling himself on that other election dodging, economy destroying socialist, Mugabe.

    Now he has taken to laughing and joking as the country falls apart around him.

    What are the odds on Gordon refusing to accept the results of the next election, please?


  15. Jon says:

    jack | 12.10.08 – 1:51 pm |

    What utter rubbish – “Let us never fall back into the dark trap of the conservative party.”

    So you are quite happy to have all your life controlled from cradle to grave by the state. Can you not think for yourself?

    “The Labour party is working hard through the tough times of today for the well being of tomorrow.” The labour party is there for the well being of the Party and we must all conform or else.

    It reminds me of the horrendous phone in on Radio 5 live last week about the unelected eco-facists who want to ban smoking in the privacy of peoples own homes. One poor single mother who was mocked by countless eco-facist drones accusing her of child abuse and worse for smoking near her children. What right have they got to interfere in other peoples lives? This is totalitarian socialism spouted by “New Labour” and the BBC.

    One day jack the state will find something you do that it does not like – when that time comes don’t look for help because there won’t be any.


  16. disillusioned_german says:

    David Vance: Gee, they were a lot quicker than I thought!


  17. Jon says:

    “Nato fears as Iceland turns to Moscow for £3bn loan”


    This couldn’t have any connection with the fact that our great leader is to sue Iceland has it?


  18. Martin says:

    Jon: Our friend ‘Jack’ is probably one of the incompetent sorts that relies of the state for everything. His house, his job, his drugs and so on.

    He only takes a shit when Gordon tells him. So long as he puts that tick in the Nu Liebour box every 4 or 5 years.


  19. Martin says:

    On BBC News 24 they’ve just said “Gordon is the man that europe is looking to to save them”
    Well **** me backwards with a hot poker.

    Did I miss something last week? Are we now in another boom period?

    Did I dream that our economy is in recession that shares have tanked and our banks are on the verge of collapse but this fat one eyed jock is telling Europe how to save things?

    Seems ot me that Europe is looking for a scapegoat.


  20. David Vance says:

    Disillusioned German,

    I’m just wondering where the propaganda goes to next..

    “Only The Euro can save us?”
    “Back to the 70’s – with Gordon Brown”
    “Capitalism has failed, now we try something new and exciting”


  21. Allan@Oslo says:

    Our friend ‘Jack’ is one of Derek Draper’s Nulab bloggers. He has to be: nobody else is that stupid.


  22. jack says:

    Martin: If you have apoint you don’t need to be rude to get it across, so i am going to ignore your petty insults.

    First of all we are living in a free country, we are not going to betaken over by the state! Utter rubbishm I don’t know what world some of you are living in.
    Gordin Brown is an experienced man who is working hard for the country, Europe is lucky to have a man like him on hand,
    NO one can deny that Labour has done a lot of good for this country – JUst think were would be if Labour hadn’t won in 1997 – No minimum wage, section 28 would not been scrapped, millions of pensioners would still be in poverty.
    David cameron says he is “a man with a plan” were is it? I listened to his speech and I didn’t hear the plan.
    labour has done a tremendous amount of good fo this country. This year we are celebrating 60 years of the NHS. Thank you Labour for giving us the NHS.
    The BBC is not a one-sided organisation, The conservative party conference was reported just as well as the Labour Party conference was. Unfortunately for the Conservatives the US bail out was big news during their conference.
    If you want to see a one-sided news channel just take a look at fox news. Instead of wasting your time moaning why don’t you go and do something useful?


  23. disillusioned_german says:

    David Vance: I hope you haven’t started writing your book yet. There’s a lot more to come before the General Election! Probably plenty stuff we daren’t contemplate right now… Be prepared to be speechless! 😉


  24. Gibby Haynes says:

    You have to hand it to the snot-gobbling socialist scumbag, who is widely despised by everybody, internationally and domestically, except from himself and his soon-to-be-voted-out-in-an-unprecedented-landslide party – it takes big balls to claim to be the guy who can steer you out of a crisis, the responsibility for which can be laid squarely at his feet. Gordon Brown is an arsonist who set your house on fire and then tells you that the only guy who can put it out is him. Big balls. Either that or he’s – and this isn’t too unreasonable – a dangerous psychotic who hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing. I mean, I have no training in economics whatsoever (apart from an A-Level in Business and Economics), and subsequently, I don’t expect to be given the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer. Why is this one-eyed bogey-eating zombie any different?


  25. Martin says:

    jack: Millions of pensioners ARE in povery you moron. They are in poverty because the fat one eyed jock has doubled council tax, ripped off the pension system allowed fuel costs to rise out of control and make the benefits system so complicated many pensioner can’t or don’t know howe to claim.

    Howver, as you’re a total moron I gueess you don’t know that.

    As for clause 28. WOW.

    As for the minimum wage, what nonsense, all that has happened is that Liebour allowed millions of immigrants into the Country who work for LESS than the minimum wage undercutting British workers.

    Again as you’re a leftie twat you wouldn’t understand.


  26. Jon says:

    “First of all we are living in a free country” – which country is this?
    are you living in the same country (or planet) as me.

    A country that has millions of CCTV spy cameras, censors peoples speech in case someone is offended, has a database with the details of all children of school age on it, has a network of people like the stasi who will inform the authorities if they hear something “offensive”, being held under Anti-terrorist laws for protesting against New Labour, etc. etc.


  27. freakybacon says:

    Wonder what Britain would be like if New labour had not won the 1997 general election? Private pensions would not have been plundered to the tune of £5 billion a year, gold not sold off at bargain prices, less tax…. this Jack charachter has to be some sort of WUM.


  28. Verity says:

    I’ve read in two different places that Gordon Brown is going blind. One of his aides said he sends him emails in 36pt.

    Personally, I don’t care. I’m waiting for Blair’s dicky ticker to kick in.


  29. emil says:

    Sadly the Brown team seem to have got control of the entire MSM on this one. Every radio news bulletin has the first two words “Gordon Brown”.

    However when you think about it it’s the classic Catch 22, we all want someone to sort out the current mess and if by any slim chance Brown is the answer then our country faces complete and utter ruination with another possible 7 years of this horrible social engineering and removal of personal liberty agenda.

    Looks like either way we may be well and truly donalded.


  30. George R says:

    Hang on! PESTON’s here to explain what’s happening:

    it’s the end of Thatcherism!

    Peston (musing from his bedroom at home about half an hour ago, as is his wont) – his anti-Thatcherist, pro-Labour spin strongly evident, says this:

    “I’ve also been musing on the historic significance of tonight’s events, and I think it can perhaps be seen as the death of Thatcherism, or at least of an important strand of the dominant ideology of the 1980s and 1990s.”

    Really! So, Gordon ‘no-boom-and bust’ Brown blames the US and the rest of the world for the financial crisis, and Peston finishes off the denial of responsibility that Brown has had, and is having as Chancellor for 10 years and PM for one year, by blaming ‘Thatcherism’!


    This was ‘no-boom-and-bust’ Brown in a speech he gave LAST YEAR extolling the wonderful freedoms and achievements of the the City of London, in true free-market style, and at full throttle:
    (20 June 2007):

    [Extract, from Gordon ‘no-boom-and bust’ Brown’s speech at Mansion House, City of London]:

    “And I believe the lesson we learn from the success of the City has ramifications far beyond the City itself – that we are leading because we are first in putting to work exactly that set of qualities that is needed for global success:

    openness to the world and global reach,
    pioneers of free trade and its leading defenders,
    with a deep and abiding belief in open markets,
    champions of diversity in ownership and talent, and of flexibility and adaptability to change, and
    a basic faith that from wherever it comes and from whatever background, what matters is that the talent, ingenuity and potential of people is harnessed to drive performance.”

    This was is 2007. This is not ‘Thatcherism’, this is BROWNISM!

    Come on,PESTON! Cut out the blatant anti-Tory propaganda. If you can. Or go and work full-time for Mandelson



  31. jack says:

    First o all I believe Labour will win the next election.
    Again I am ignoring Martin’s comments, if he wishes to get a point across I suggest he is not rude.
    Labour has improved this country so much and Labour has helped people to have a better quality of life. Both of my grand parents have really felt the benefit of a Labour government.
    I will forever be a supporter of Labour – they gave us the NHS, they gave us minimum wage – thank you Labour!
    now since this blog is against the “biased” BBC you’d of thought that those who write it wouldn’t be biased themselves wouldn’t you? It seems that they are very pro – conservative. That’s not fair reporting is it? Oh dear your not much of an example are you?!


  32. freakybacon says:

    Please do not feed the troll.


  33. disillusioned_german says:

    freakybacon | 12.10.08 – 10:35 pm |

    True. I wonder how he found this blog considering he seems to be mentally unstable to say the least. I keep saying “Vote socialist and die”


  34. BenM says:

    Can soimeone remind Martin that it was the useless Thatcherite Tory government of the 1980s which sent many of our pensioners into penury by cutting the link between the State Pension and the rise in earnings.

    Now that Mad Thatch’s reputation is in well deserved tatters thanks to Robert Peston, we are finally seeing the end to 30 years of rightwing driven greed in our economic system. Shame millions are going to have to suffer the consequences of the sheer indulgent conservative claptrap swallowed by rightwingers who infest this site.

    The yanks are going to throw out their embarrassingly useless conservative administration in November (one that should never have been in place anyway). Let us hope the British people wake up from their stupor and recognise the real source of the economic collapse – the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had: Margaret Thatcher. Let them also recognise that the Party caught like rabbiits in the headlights of this meltdown are the Tories – frozen because of their foolish, obstinate refusal to see the damage they have wreaked on Britain.

    Peston has rightly set the revisionists running, and there’s nothing the Tory propaganda arm in the press can do to save the rusty Iron Lady’s crumbling rep. About time time too.


  35. Jon says:

    BenM | 12.10.08 – 11:07 pm |

    Wake up!!

    “Gordon Brown defied repeated warnings from his own officials about the potentially devastating impact of his £5 billion-a-year raid on pension funds and went ahead with it regardless, The Times can reveal.”

    I suppose in your world this does not register – or do you think this did not happen. Or maybe this is a lie

    “The income tax burden has soared to its highest level since records began two decades ago, dramatically eroding the amount of money left in people’s pockets, figures released by the Office for National Statistics say.

    British households have experienced the biggest increase in taxes across the western world since Labour came to power, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has revealed.”

    Or maybe I was dreaming when Brown cut the 10p tax rate which affected the lowest earners in the country.


  36. Will Jones says:

    Jack: Every person and organization is welcome to their own opinion. They should not extort money from people to promulgate those opinions. This site wouldn’t even exist if BBC was commercially or privately funded.

    Try to keep up and good luck with your party work.


  37. adam says:

    Jack thinks the fat Jock is going to win the next election.

    Everyone should listen to this man of wisdom.


  38. BenM says:

    Get a grip Jon. You’re so blinded by your stubborn conservatism that you cannot see that the economic problems are systemic – caused by catastrophically naive rightwing free-market dogma.

    By the way, did you know that the largest single peacetime tax hike was done by the Conservative government in 1993? That added 7p in the pound in tax (mostly on VAT which crushes the poor) yet funnily enough the next 15 years saw unbroken economic growth? Hiking taxes does not equal poor economic performance except in the empty minds of the mad Right.

    However indulgent lack of regulation and systemic support of the already rich is a powerful tool for the destruction of society.

    Conservatism is as dead as Eastern European socialism. It only lasted longer because the vested interests (on whose side you are squarely on) are richer and more powerful.


  39. jack says:

    You know I have NEVER encountered such rude people. When I disagree with someone I don’t start being rude and insulting them.
    I am a supporter of Labour, Is that a crime now?
    “the fat jock” I don’t know who you were talking about.
    This site is biased, very pro-conservative very unfair reporting.


  40. emil says:


    Well said, being a supporter of Labour is not a crime (in any case some defence of diminished responsibility could be offered I’m sure ), but another 7 years of your lot’s trampling over public liberty and supporting any other party could well be deemed a crime.


  41. jack says:

    Labour has really improved this country and it seems many people have forgotten this. Think back 10 years –

    No minimum wage – David Cameron voted against bringing in the minimum wage.

    Section 28 was still in force and discriminating against people

    Fur farming and the testing of cosmetics on animals was still allowed

    We didn’t have free entry to national museums and galleries

    I am proud of the Labour government and its achievements.

    Perhaps some of you ought to visit China or Zimbabwe then you will see a government that doesn’t give the people the liberty they deserve.

    You see the Conservatives have no room to talk about the economy. We all remember the last economic crisis and how the conservatives acted then.
    David Cameron can do the PR but behind the fake image is the same old conservative party with the same old attitudes.
    He says he is “a man with a plan” Mr Cameron I would love to see your plan but it seems you don’t have one. They say they care about woman’s rights but in the Conservative party conference pack there were lap dancing leaflets!
    David Cameron says what he thinks you want him to say, he will manipulate you in anyway he can. Did the conservatives help people in poverty like Labour have – NO
    They were happy for people to work for £1.20 an hour.
    Labour is working through the tough times of today for the well being of tomorrow. The Conservatives think they are the government in waiting, they are taking the British voter for granted.
    Labour gave us the NHS 60 years ago, I know that when I am ill I can get the treatment I need free of charge and that is important to me.
    The Conservatives claim Britain is broken – i’ll tell you when Britain was broken – when they were last in power.
    They are arrogant, David Cameron says one thing but means another. Tory policy would give 1 billion pounds of inheritance tax cuts to the richest 3000 millionaires! Tory tax policy would penalize children who’s parents had split up! He posed for pictures on a beach in cornwall but really his holiday was on a £21000 a week yacht!
    You know, all he is interested in is your vote, once he has got it you will never hear from him again.
    We can not let them do this. I am an open minded person but I cannot support a party with a man like that in charge and policies like that!


  42. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Can someone explain to me how, amid all his gloating over the “death of Thatcherism”, Oracle and Supergenius Robert Peston failed to mention this reason why Mr. Brown’s bailout had to be so expensive, or that it’s much riskier than he makes it out to be?

    Britain’s Bank Bailout Now Even Bigger

    “The [Financial Services Authority] has clearly decided that banks must operate with much higher capital ratios than most of them have maintained in the past,” Simon Adamson of CreditSights wrote in a report.

    It also turns out that the charters of some banks did not allow the issuing of enough preferred shares to boost the banks’ capital ratios to safe levels. This means that, in order to top up the banks’ reserves, the government needs to make part of its investment in the form of common shares.

    “It looks like somebody didn’t do their homework across the pond,” one securities attorney told DealBook, asking not to be identified because his firm does work with the British government.

    Common shares are lower in the capital chain than preferred shares, so, to the extent it holds common stock, the government is more likely to lose everything if the bank fails. But common stock also comes with voting rights, which would allow the government to shape bank policy. The government will now have seats on the banks’ boards, which is bound to infuriate those who oppose any kind of nationalization of the country’s banking industry.

    Oops. So it’s more than just “greasing of the wheels”, and the humbling of greedy bastards (who all probably voted for Mrs. Thatcher once, since theyre’ greedy Capitalist bastards, so they deserve it) as Peston breathlessly describes. It’s nationalization, but not so bad really, not permanent, no members of the government directing bank business. No, never. Oh, and Peston’s inside trader slip which caused HBOS shares to go even lower than they would (which seems to have been forgotten in favor of his more recent slip-up about the bailout), thus making it even more difficult for them to raise capital, wouldn’t have anything to do with anything. Didn’t happen.

    To be fair, Peston gently warned about the possibility of this being nationalization by stealth a couple of weeks ago, if not more. So it’s not like he had no idea what the details of the plans were. But he didn’t quite say how risky it will be, especially with the new plan forcing lending to ramp back up to 2007 levels, which was, um, part of the problem, wasn’t it?

    Never mind, Mr. Brown will save Britain, lead the way for Europe, and Peston and the BBC will be there to cheer him on.


  43. Mark says:


    This is a site for exposing BBC bias, not general party political broadcasting.

    How about MRSA in hospitals ?
    How about dumbed-down exams ?
    How about knife crime ?
    How about Islamist extremism ?

    All increased under your darling Labour lot !


  44. JohnW says:

    This sucking up to Brown as saviour of the world is sickening – surpassing even the installation of Sleazeball Mandelson in the House of Lords on the vomit-meter.

    As I said in a comment to the Times today, all this gushing praise of our Dear Leader for correcting the horrors of 11 years of economic mismanagement is just too much to take. People have short memories. It’s like calling Hitler a liberator for opening up the doors of Auschwitz or calling Saddam Hussein a compassionate leader for funding a new A&E burns unit for the Iraqi Kurds.


  45. JohnW says:


    If those four items are the sum total of Liebour’s “achievements” in 11 long and painful years, then you have made the case for their emphatic defeat at the next election! Thank you.

    Now go back to the Grauniad, there’s s good boy.


  46. JohnW says:

    It gets better by the hour!

    Now we hear that our Dear Leader is advocating a return to the Gold Standard. yes, this is the same Dear Leader who sold our gold reserves off at their lowest price for decades!

    From tragedy to comedy……..


  47. Mark says:


    Our society has been deliberately “broken” so that a million jobsworth posts could have been advertised in the Grauniad over those 11 years.

    Now that the Government has spent its billions propping up the banks, will the Wednesday Grauniad’s Society jobs section start getting a little thinner ?


  48. adam says:

    Walter mitty is out saving western civilization from economic collapse.

    EUSSR is in save the europhile socialist traitor mode.

    This is a man who styles his election dodging, economy destroying government on Mugabe and is only happy, laughing and joking, when he has a crisis to brood over. Just what kind of PM is that.

    The media is lapping it up and its disgusting to watch this fraud of a PM being hailed as a hero.

    Is Mandelson pulling his EU strings


  49. RR says:

    “Mr Cameron I would love to see your plan but it seems you don’t have one.”

    All you have to do, Jack is tell us how much the public finances will, at the next election, owe as a result of:
    1) the nationalisation of the banks
    2) unfunded pension liabilities
    3) off-balance sheet expenditure via PFI
    4) Social security payments to illegal immigrants

    and I’m sure Mr Cameron will be able to start planning what he does when he next comes into office.

    One simple way to help hard-pressed families would be to abolish the £3.2 billion poll tax levied on all families to support the propaganda arm of the Labour Party – the BBC. Let’s hope he takes it.

    The BBC: the best propaganda tool money can buy (and everyone has to pay for it).