Well, for those brave enought to tune in, Question Time is upon us. Tonight we have Margaret a Beckett, Jeremy Hunt, Baroness Williams (again) Brian Moore and Simon Heffer. Let’s take it apart, live.

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57 Responses to QUESTION TIME WATCH.

  1. Dick the Prick says:

    Mags doesn’t have the skills to be a social worker – she’s kinda alrightish


  2. James says:

    The most balanced panel I’ve seen for years. Let’s hope Dumbledore doesn’t interfere too much.


  3. David Vance says:

    First up – social workers. Can they REALLY be held responsible for the death of a child? A no-brainer, I feel but Dame Shirley sees it much less clear and she got stuck into bankers. Lessons must be learnt. A Beckett is so concerned – for the poor “lowly paid” social workers. Audience thinks we need more social worker on higher salaries. Heffer also thinks social workers underpaid. Clean sweep for the social workers. Hurray. Move along, bury the innocent.


  4. Mr Caveman says:

    and Jon Gaunt, suspended from Talksport Radio on Friday, will be on 11.35 with Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott tonight (Thu 13.11.08) after Question time.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Question – which of tonight’s panellists said the following: “If you are rich and selfish you vote Tory”?


  6. David Vance says:

    Next up – what do to about unemployment? Shirl says soak “the rich” (Audience delirious) Audience boos at the Heffer idea we help the private sector.


  7. Anonymous says:

    blimey, heffer was nearly booed when he said reduce jobs in the non-productive public sector and increase jobs in the wealth creating private sector.


  8. Dick the Prick says:

    It’s been anodysed – too political – let’s defer blame – everyone’s a git apparently. Fortunately I missed that lecture.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Question – which of tonight’s panellists said the following: “If you are rich and selfish you vote Tory”?
    Anonymous | 13.11.08 – 10:58 pm

    Answer – Brian Moore, strangely enough no clues about that on this page:


  10. Martin says:

    Yay!!! Poor old Heffer. The room is full of useless left wing 5 a day co-ordinators and gay barebacking condom advisors, so no wonder Heffer got booed when he suggested they are unproductive.

    Have you seen the MAD LOOKING WOMEN in the audience? Looks like a reuntion of the old dykes from Greenham Common.


  11. KPW says:

    well balanced audience as usual


  12. Martin says:

    On the question of shite Social workers. How come no one asked why thick useless scum is allowed to reproduce in the first place? Perhaps if they didn’t get benefits and free drugs they wouldn’t breed like flies then beat their kids to death?


  13. Millsee says:

    Is it me? Is the caravan lover getting a disproportionate amount of air time.

    And WTF is the rugby goon doing on there?


  14. David Vance says:

    Brian Moore

    “The Welfare State system is for the Welfare State”



  15. Dick the Prick says:

    Who’s the ugly stooge?


  16. David Vance says:

    Odd looking lady in the front row, quoting Paul Krugnman, praising the dear leader.


  17. Anonymous says:

    ha ha. Gordon Brown’s mum is the audience! A blatant Labour plant. Because if she isn’t, she must be clearly insane.


  18. Dick the Prick says:

    Audience fucked and panel knobbers – back to end of Ken Loach on Film 4 – cheers Peeps.


  19. David Vance says:

    Audience member “Free market has failed”

    Cue the Red Flag?


  20. laughing at gordon says:

    David Vance @ 11.14 p.m.

    That’s the second week in a row that some Stalinist cretin in the audience has come out with that line. Both plants, I reckon.


  21. David Vance says:

    Plants and vegetables!


  22. Mr Caveman says:

    Martin – to make it worse, scum like that semi-human child torturer get more money per child they bring into the world to torture.


  23. Martin says:

    I was trying to work out who the bald ugly fucker with the broken nose was. They I realised it was Margaret Beckett. Boom boom!!!

    The oldies are the best.


  24. Martin says:

    Mr Caveman: Stop their dole money and benefits and they will stop having kids.


  25. Martin says:

    Yet again the dopey Tory is wanking on about “important people” like Teachers and Doctors an Police officers.

    Who does Tory boy thinks pays THEIR wages? As Simon Heffer pointed out, public sector jobs don’t generate wealth, they simply use it up.

    If people in the private sector can’t afford houses who is going to work in factories and shops?

    Oh hang on we import Poles and Iranians on 50p an hour and get them to live 20 to a room.


  26. Idiotboy says:

    I have a pretty good memory for faces, and I feel sure I have seen some of this audience before.

    Do the BBC bus them from town to town?

    By the way, Marg and Shirl are clearly in the lead for ball possession tonight.


  27. Idiotboy says:

    Love the last question: “Happy Hours” were abolished for all of us in 1997.


  28. David Vance says:

    I saw Paul Heaton in concert last night Happy Hour lives on.

    BTW – the Tory guy is limp as lettuce.


  29. Martin says:

    Happy hour for me will be that April night in 2010 when the fat one eyed twat from Scotland gets his marching orders from the people of England.


  30. Laughing at Gordon says:

    Brian Moore’s views on drinking are just plain strange. Get breweries to pay for damage that their products have (indirectly) caused? What’s next – sue BMW when one of their cars is driven into yours?


  31. Mr Caveman says:

    Whenever Norman Tebbit appeared on Question time the ratings soared. We need more panelists like him. Jon Gaunt said on his show that they all go for a meal after Q time together they are all so friendly.


  32. Mr Caveman says:

    Watch Jon Gaunt now on after Q time with Portillo & Abbott


  33. David Vance says:

    Mr Caveman,

    I was on the Northern Ireland version and can confirm how chummy all the establishment candidates are. I did NOT go for a meal after with them.


  34. Idiotboy says:

    I sympathise with you. I could not guarantee keeping it all down if I had to sit opposite Marg and Shirl.


  35. Martin says:

    Laughing at Gordon: Well the Government taxes higher performance cars more for the supposed damage they do to the environment.

    I’d hammer the pubs as well. They are taking the piss.


  36. Gaeden Trash says:

    The outrageous thing is that, the license tax extorted by the BBC goes to provide outdoor relief for pawky face old wazzocks of the political left.


  37. Stephenb says:

    This Week is much better than Q Time –
    talking about the underclass.
    Jon Gaunt was suspended on Fri from Talksport. On his last show he called a Tory councillor a fascist on air for refusing to consider prospective foster parents who smoked. The Tory crowed “Ha.. that’s actionable!” Jon Gaunt apologised on air after the interview so why was he suspended?


  38. Janice the Menace says:

    On Friday on talk sport they were advertising a wine saying it is ‘as rounded as Jon Gaunt’s man boobs’

    After the weekend Jon has been ‘removed’ from the ad and it now says ‘as rounded as man boobs’


  39. Martin says:

    Stephenb: Gaunt called the man a Nazi actually. Twice.


  40. will says:

    Ceefax comments during Questiontime…

    During discusion of council houses only for those temporarily impecunious, comments turn to the homeless, a commenter states that Argos currently have a sale of tents, prompting this classic:-

    Argos Sale – Now is the winter of their discount tents.


  41. Martin says:

    Even Andrew Neil keeps calling Obama “President Obama”. I thought he was President elect until January 20th?


  42. Atlas shrugged says:

    ‘Brave enough’ indeed.

    Personally I have a yellow streak as wide as a Bendy is long. I lost the balls to watch more then 15 seconds of QT, without seriously wanting to cry, trow my TV out of an upstairs window, or simply trow-up, a long time ago.

    I fail to understand how it is so many people that claim to distrust the BBC can watch QT at all, without the having the same or similar predictable reaction.

    I must conclude that they can not be understanding the true level at which BBC mind control actually works.

    Please try to understand the ONLY POSSIBLE way you can REALLY beat the BBC, is to totally stop looking at or listening to, ANY of it.

    Just like a heroine addict or alcoholic, you just have to leave it completely alone. Or the bastards have still ‘got control of your minds,’ whether you like it, or Question Time or not.


  43. tt says:

    Listen chaps, don’t cause yourself unecessary pain.

    No need for misery, suffering or woe.

    Go to, there you can see superb, honest, open debate.

    Watch Hannity & Colmes, in which the Left and Right slug it out on air.

    There are excellent commentators and actually interesting interviews.

    Yes, Fox is on the Right but the coverage is superb and the interviews honest and interesting.

    I’d watch that any day to the bunch of Oxbridge wankers on the BBC weeping over the good old days of Collective Bargaining and Soviet imperialism.



  44. Dr R says:

    I find the propagandist rally known as QT just a little too distasteful to watch.


  45. Anonymous says:

    Jeremy Hunt is very nice to look at but he comes over drippingly wet.


  46. Lee Moore says:

    Brian Moore’s political sympathies are not a secret (unless you get your info from the BBC Question Time page.) And he’s perfectly entitled to them of course.
    A lifelong Labour Party voter, Moore drank the Margaux at Oz Clarke’s house on the night of the 1997 election.’We all had to bring along bottles from previous election vintages. We saved the best until Michael Portillo lost his seat. It was our Portillo moment.’

    But he makes another in the long series of fifth panelist johnnies plucked from places other than Westminster or “Fleet Street” who just “happens” to be a lefty, and thus forms part of yet another lefty majority on the QT panel.


  47. Mr Caveman says:

    tt: I agree; I listen on the internet to FoxNews at which is superb for getting the other side of stories.
    Spencer Hughes is one of their presenters. Here is his homepage
    Go to the link for his broadcast of 11/7/008 if you want to listen to his condemnation of the bias USA media.


  48. tt says:

    I heartily recomend US media to all lovers of free speach.

    Its better, whittier, cleverer and has real debate.

    And.. you can listen to Conservatives who are not apologising (shock!)

    Try 1300 KOL radio or WABC radio…


  49. Verity says:

    Another wonderful thing about Fox is, it’s free.


  50. Ron Todd says:

    Not good enough to be a social worker, not a high bar, but good enough to be forign secretary in a nu labour government.