Question Time Watch


Well then the hour is approaching for our weekly interrogation of Question Time. Tune in and we’ll have a laugh. Live fisking and all the fun of the fair!Wonder how wee Georgie Osborne will perform?

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86 Responses to Question Time Watch

  1. Gaz says:

    a lot of powerful people have an interest in knocking Osbourne down. I wonder if tonights episode will go down in the same way the famous 9/11 QT. This will be forever known as the ‘Get George’ edition.


  2. adam says:

    Osborne has been making media appearances the last few weeks. QT is the best yet. Well done George. He always comes across very well (in my view).

    QT is a den of vipers though.


  3. militant downturn says:

    Aren’t Vince Cable or Shirley Williams on this week?


  4. Anonymous says:

    I bet there is a question about the Russian and the boat. Probably from some public sector twat.


  5. archduke says:

    douglas alexander – left, labour
    osborne – right, conservative
    baroness neuberger , lib dim, left
    adam price – plaid cymru, left
    justin king – chief exec of sainsburys
    Lord Sainsbury donated £2 million to labour, so i guess he’s firmly in the “left” camp

    so thats 4 left, 1 right. plus with dimbledore , thats a 5 to 1 left advantage over the right.


  6. Anonymous says:

    a prize for how long the plaid guy can last before mentioning plaid opposed the iraq war and how it has led to islamic terror in bombay

    he will be bursting to tell us.

    i reckon 5 minutes


  7. archduke says:

    “Anonymous | 27.11.08 – 9:09 pm ”

    lets wager some virtual bets.

    plaid guy – i’ll bet 1 minute into his turn on the bombay terrorism question (opposed iraq war, and this has led to islamic terror in bombay)

    douglas alexander – he’s get through the bombay terror question without once mentioning islam or jihad. i’ll lose my bet if he does mention either.


  8. Llew says:

    Seeing that the Conservative Damian Green has been arrested today, I expect a question about him and “Tory Sleaze” will be asked from a plant in the audience.

    There is no way Labour and the beeb will pass up on a chance to remind us of some Tory dirt from 15+ years ago. It will lead nicely into the yacht story again as well.


  9. archduke says:

    jesus h christ … we really are getting into north korean territory…

    “Mr Green, who is the shadow immigration minister, was arrested at his home in Kent by counter-terrorism police officers. ”

    arrested by COUNTER TERRORISM officers? what the f**k???


  10. NotaSheep says:

    I believe that opposing the Labour government is now seen as possible incipient terrorism.


  11. Sarah Jane says:

    archduke – do you vote the same as your boss? Would you like it if people thought that you did? A tad unfair I think.

    I think the only thing we really know about Justin King is that he is a reasonably talented businessman. I doubt Sainsbury gives a toss how he votes as long as he can sort them out, which he seems to be doing.


  12. Gosh says:

    Osbournes’ brother has been very naughty and has been suspended as a doctor due to irregularities with prescriptions….

    Theres no doubt that will be used.


  13. Sozman says:

    If the “boat” episode is brought up, Osborne should flag the beeb’s decision – which comrade Nick Robinson publicly anounced – not to pursue the story of Mandleson’s involvement.

    And should leaks be mentioned, I hope the sanctioned leaks to Robinson and Peston on the economy over the last month receive the same scrutiny from the sainted panel.


  14. Tom FD says:

    Maybe you should be watching Newsnight instead. It just started with:

    “Damian Green has been arrested. We’ll be explaining why.”

    Not asking – explaining. In this day of the Stalinist state gone totalitarian, Pravda is in fine form.


  15. KPW says:

    here we go again – my 12 bore is loaded and ready to destroy latest telly’s CRT. Slightly worried that there wont be a high street trader in buisness to get another replacement 🙁


  16. Kill the Beeb says:

    Okay, tonight it’s “Question Time” or “Bukakkee Babes 6”

    Hmmm. Which shall I choose.


  17. KPW says:

    the welsh bloke says Mumbai is down to hindu extremism – yeah right ffs


  18. KPW says:

    here we go – the economy – hope george is wearing his flack jacket :S


  19. Snooze 24 says:

    Wow, never seen anything like this. 5 audience members on the VAT reduction, and every one negative!

    The ZaNuLab bunker will not be happy this evening


  20. KPW says:

    blimey – am i dreaming :O labour getting slapped good and proper


  21. KPW says:

    dumblebore – “we mustn’t let this get out of balance” – I spat my beer out lol


  22. David Vance says:

    Osborne gets applauded, wee Dougie gets laughed at! Hooray!


  23. David Vance says:

    Is our Justin a liberal at heart?


  24. KPW says:

    lol david – expect a sudden power cut from telly centre – gordo wont allow this to continue


  25. David Vance says:

    Dougie looks sick – what a laugh. Mind you, he makes me sick each time he speaks.


  26. KPW says:

    breaking news – question time audience arrested under counter terrorism laws lol


  27. Ed says:

    heh heh heh- good stuff chaps. Sadly not available in my ‘territory’, but I think I get the picture anyway.


  28. David Vance says:

    The Baroness seeks to nationalise all our banks! Hurray – more sovietisation.


  29. Snooze 24 says:

    This is fucking delicious, all other 4 panelists and the audience almost universally condemning Labour’s VAT cut.

    I had to check I was actually watching the BBC


  30. David Vance says:

    Has Dougie turned green or is it my tears of mirth that has created this vision?


  31. KPW says:

    good stuff from boy george – liberal panelist more interested in attacking the tories rather than the goverment as usual – someone should tell the libs it’s labour in power they seem confused poor deers


  32. Ed says:

    Thread best read while listening to torybear’s trance remix of Osborne’s recent speech:


  33. David Vance says:

    I cannot recall seeing a Labour Minister looking so glum, so lost, so hopeless. The Great Leader will be displeased.


  34. KPW says:

    how can you nationalise woolies – it’s an american company surely ?


  35. David Vance says:

    Invade the USA, introduce socialism, that’s the way. Hang on a sec, Obama has beaten us to the punch.


  36. David Vance says:

    Nice to see Dimblebore doing his best for Zanulabour. He appears to think that Labour is honest!!


  37. KPW says:

    wondered when dimblbore would start spouting the labour speel lol


  38. Gavin says:

    I do believe we are fast approaching a Zanulabour police state, if they are not voted out at the next election God help us.


  39. KPW says:

    anyone spot that cleavage :P:P:P


  40. David Vance says:


    You’re right.


  41. KPW says:

    tory slease :O well i never


  42. David Vance says:

    The arrest of Damian Green is brought up by Dimbleby.


  43. KPW says:

    david – did you really expect dimblebore wouldn’t bring it up?


  44. David Vance says:


    Indeed not. It was his duty to his masters.


  45. confiteor says:

    What happened at the end there?

    The entire audience was laughing at wee Dougie, but there seemed to be a panicked attempt to cut it out as much as possible.

    Anyone else notice that?


  46. KPW says:

    this week next – lefty twat frank skinner is going to tax you till you squeek 😛


  47. David Vance says:


    Yes – let’s sort of This Week when we are at it.


  48. KPW says:

    methinks brillo may have something to say about Damian Green


  49. David Vance says:

    “Islamic militancy”????

    Oh – he means Islamic terror.


  50. KPW says:

    brillo uses the “T” word :O