Have you noticed the shameless shilling for Prudence Brown the BBC has engaged in today? It has been leading with Prudence’s exhortation “to the world” no less to do something about the situation in Zimbabwe. Brown is full of hot air on Zimbabwe and for eleven years he has sat complacently at the heart of a government which has impassively watched Mugabe systematically destroy his own country. Yet the BBC is now presenting Brown as some sort of political dynamo behind a global effort to shift Mugabe from power.

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28 Responses to SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE (Cont)

  1. Jack Bauer says:

    I had to laugh reading this on the Grauniad website:

    Mugabe must go, Brown insists
    PM calls on world leaders to declare ‘enough is enough’ as pressure mounts on Zimbabwe ruler

    Funny that because

    Brown must go, Britons insist
    Britons call on world leaders to declare “enough is enough” as pressure mounts on British ruler


  2. Anonymous says:

    Enough is enough?
    Oh that’ll teach him won’t it?
    Nothing to do with Zim – its just domestic grandstanding by Brown. All faithfully reported by the Beeb.
    I’ve lost count of the BBC news reports starting ‘Gordon Brown says…’.
    BBC – simply Labour’s publicity dept.


  3. Anonymous says:

    You should tag this post ‘save gordon’.


  4. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Widespread disease, corruption, failed central planning, rights violations,despotism, illiteracy, military conflict… there is so much Africa could learn from us.


  5. dogface says:

    Beeb trying to tell us Brown is leading the campaign. But Kenya and Condi were ahead of him!


  6. Allan@Oslo says:

    Brown’s regime (it is appropriate to call it a regime and not a government) is now attempting to print money and not have it reported by the Bank of England. Now that is Zimbabwe-style!


  7. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Oh how the Labour Party wanted thier man Mugabe in power in Zimbabwe all those years ago!

    ………….as ever, Authoritarian Socialism ends in tyranny, as ever the BBC backed the wrong horse.


  8. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    And speaking of Authoritarian Socialism, EUref has an astonishing post here;


  9. SRN says:

    How many times have we seen these weekend puff pieces turn up on al-beeb and other news outlets?

    The weekend foriegn affairs “statesman” pieces for Brown and Blair or government hot-air in general, have been a staple for the last 11 years, very often the intention is deflect attention away from some other shit news at home. The ever Labour compliant BBC do their bidding as usual.


  10. Gnarrr says:

    To paraphrase Gordon;

    “The systems of government are now broken. There is no state capable or willing of protecting its people.”



  11. Jeff Todd says:

    Blair & Brown & Labour have done nothing for 11 years, maybe invading Rhodesia would have been more useful, and beneficial, than Iraq?

    But then Mugabe was the hero of the left, so he could do no wrong…


  12. Anonymous says:

    Its like the USSR, with the state broadcaster faithfully parroting the words of the ‘great leader’.


  13. Zevilyn says:

    The BBC is so far up Brown’s ass bottom that it can see his intestines.


  14. Zevilyn says:

    A country where opposition MPs are arrested, headed by an arrogant bully.

    But that’s enough about Britain, what about Zimbabwe.


  15. David Vance says:


    That is a shocking exchange. EU nazis


  16. Dagobert says:

    Just what has the situation in Zimbabwe to do with this country? When are we going to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries? What would Brown’s reaction be if China, say, threatened to invade this country in order to establish law and order here and ensure that the population was protected from the murderers, thugs and rapists who wander freely about so many parts of Britain?


  17. ae1 says:


    Well said.


  18. Bryan says:

    David Vance,

    When I read the shameless shilling for Prudence Brown, I thought you were talking about a lady of the night who’ll do it for a shilling.

    Then I realised you were talking about the honourable Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain.

    Lurker in a Burqua | 06.12.08 – 5:16 pm

    That EU exchange is just incredible. Someone should tell the BBC about it. I’m sure they have some fine journalists keen to expose those autocrats. Right!


  19. Garden Trash says:

    It is utterly objectionable to compare Gordon Brown to Robert Mugabe. Mugabe is a much snappier dresser.


  20. Garden Trash says:

    Yes, the exchange with Vaclav Havel is so 1933.

    Tomorrow Belongs To Me


  21. The Beebinator says:

    Lurker in a Burqua: thanks very much for the EUCCCP link

    im going to send President Václav Klaus a thank U card first thing monday morning


  22. Martin says:

    Is this the same BBC wankstain rent boy using drug taking shits that hated the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan to remove shithead murderers?

    Mugabe has been bigged up by the rent boys users at the BBC for years.


  23. Jeff Todd says:

    President Václav Klaus – is he the main man or what?

    The BBC, greenies and the rest of the Euro-fantasists will be spitting feathers once this guy really gets going – he can spot leftie tyrants miles away!

    Cue endless BBC stories about his being a closet Nazi, 4×4 driver, TV licence dodger, Daily Mail reader or some other heinous crime.


  24. Garden Trash says:

    Cue the Climate expert and kiddy fiddler.


  25. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Garden Trash:
    Cue the Climate expert and kiddy fiddler.
    Garden Trash | 07.12.08 – 12:25 am | #



  26. Ron Todd says:

    Get rid of Mugabe. Who ever takes over will have a country that is in such a mess that even with the west shoving money in until our pips squeak he will not be able to make the live of anybody outside his immediate family or tribe much better very quickly. That will create the ideal conditions for either a new strong man to take over or a civil war between the new leaders tribe and the rest.


  27. disillusioned_german says:

    Re. Vaclav Klaus: It takes a man who has lived east of the Iron Curtain to speak in clear terms with these Eurofascists. Well done, Mr. President.


  28. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So the BBC has changed its tune to support Mr. Brown? It was just a few months ago that the official line was that it was an African problem, to be solved exclusively by African people, specifically led by Mbeki in South Africa. They were doing feature after feature with that narrative, and what’s-her-name on WHYS was shouting down anyone who suggested otherwise.

    That turned out to be a really bad idea, the reality worse than the way the BBC spun that “power-sharing” situation. Mr. Brown sees another opportunity to grandstand without having to provide substance, and the BBC acts like a dog coming to heel.

    That’s why it’s a really bad idea to have an unaccountable official state broadcaster, whether one is forced to pay for it explicitly via the license fee, or just out of regular taxes.