I don’t normally get to hear the main “Today” political interview as I normally otherwise engaged by 8am but this morning I did catch it and what a gem it was. Essentially, it was a ten minute sneer from John Humphyrs. US Ambassador Bob Tuttle was in the studio and the subject was the Bush legacy so you can imagine the vitriol dripping from Humphyrs mouth. To be honest I thought the Ambassador showed remarkable restraint given the relentless provocation from John Humphrys. Every lurid left wing imagination over the past eight years was trotted out to damn the outgoing President. It was a useful insight into how the BBC thinks – and very unpleasant at that! Did you hear it?

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30 Responses to A SUSTAINED SNEER

  1. Dick the Prick says:

    Not one mention of opportunity cost – that terrorism has had one success story, that Iran still hasn’t got nukes, that Israel is still there, that North Korea’s nuke plans have been reduced.

    If Iraq has taught us anything, anything it’s that power is limited. But the left attack them for trying and attack them for doing nothing. It’s the Kipling quote manifest through the BBC. Jefferson understood it all too well.

    When will the rest of the world start to own up to their own responsibilities and earn their criticisms instead of being contrary hoons in their armchairs?


  2. Martin says:

    Radio 5 have been in attack mode on the Tories again all morning over the violence in school. All the Tories did was get a freedom of information request for the number of Police visits to schools. The BBC have gone mental reading out (the usual made up) emails about what a waste of money and now the phone in has the usual bunch of wet liberal useless teachers all spouting shite about evil Tories and how brilliant our schools are.


  3. Ian E says:

    Yes, I heard it too – and was thoroughly astonished at the crass and breath-taking rudeness of the interview, let alone the typical bbc bias implicit in every snide Humphreys remark! No wonder the Americans never support the British in time of need when our media treat them with such open contempt!

    What a way to use the licence fee payers money (and what about the absurd expenditure involved in getting their man in Israel to duplicate the donkey-powered journey to Bethlehem: how much is this costing and what benefit do they think this achieves, other than the idiotic jocularity of Humphreys et al about donkeys!?)


  4. David Vance says:


    Yes, the donkey thing is just risible – I heard it too. The BBC is, literally, an ass.


  5. frankos says:

    funny about the brilliant schools comment–my sister is a teacher and is less than impressed by the Academy Schools and the A and O level marking structure. Teachers have been brainwashed into thinking that the Tories will rape + pillage the school system –the thick bastards!
    John Humphreys is another of the BBC stable of egotistical self publicising media bullies who has his own agenda and doesn’t allow anybody to talk unless they agree with him.
    He is a very very poor journalist, but the BBC has very few good ones these days!!!


  6. Parsnipboy says:

    It’s time for the Tories when interviewed by the BBC, to keep mentioning thier horrific biased towards Gordon Clown’s lot!


  7. Anonymous says:

    humphreys was dreadful. practically shouting “what about kyoto! he (Bush) didn’t sign it !”

    every fool knows that kyoto is a waste of time and a global rip off by the developing nations/UN who are actually adding to Co2 while fully complying with kyoto.

    source – Reuters –



  8. Anonymous says:

    Iain E

    what about the absurd expenditure involved in getting their man in Israel to duplicate the donkey-powered journey to Bethlehem…

    I expect it’s just preparing the way for an announcement of a full-on TV spectacular about Big Mo’s camel ride from Mecca to Medina to go out in prime time next year.


  9. Anonymous says:

    just listened to it again

    deficits in the USA are very bad and a sign of poor leadership it seems.

    in Humphreys’ world this rule does not apply in UK

    Humphreys – “the world is rejoicing at obama”

    not the whole world John, just some parts of west london


  10. Deborah says:

    Yes I too heard the disgraceful interview – the finances that John Humphries criticised in America are lauded by him when in the UK.

    I also heard the Montague woman misread conservative directorships as dictatorships as Humphries says ‘A freudian slip’ – gave them extra time on discontent in the conservative shadow cabinet.

    And the headline about police needing to go into school. The number quoted was lower than the actual because there had not been a 100% response – yet any analysis was of how the figures were wrong without any question of why the policie had to go into the school.

    Hey ho – just a normal morning on the today programme.


  11. Dick the Prick says:

    But 52.5% is a matter for rejoicing surely? Isn’t that an A* in media studies also?


  12. Atlas shrugged says:

    David Vance

    I think you miss the point.

    Yes John Humphyrs is all the thing you state, but please ask yourself “WHY” for a change. When doing so try to come up with a logical well thought our reason WHY, baring in mind the following.

    Almost ALL if not essentially all governments in the western world, no matter which type of either left or right, have been following or trying to follow EXACTLY the same national and international policies.

    Bush, Bush, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, and for that matter Obama were, and still are working for EXACTLY the same people.

    Of course we can never know what a Gore or Kerry government would have done, or exactly been like. However is their anyone alive or dead that truly believes they would have done any better or much differently from Bush? If so, surly they are in a small minority.

    American foreign and domestic policy is decided by the CFR, in conjunction with other internationalist organizations such as The Bilderburg group somewhere in the world, The RIIA in The UK, The Club of Rome in Rome, The Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, The UN in New York, and The EU in Belgium.

    These bodies have nothing to do with VOTES of any description. They were all set up by the big money to influence/totally control world and government policy. While the people that control them, create the EVENTS that influence their decision making.

    The ONLY repeat ONLY reason why this is called a conspiracy theory is because the BBC/MSM never mention this TRUTH.

    These organizations have been in secret or semi-secret existence for over 50 years.

    They are the elephant in the kitchen, the unseen hand, and are ALL entirely working for the all seeing eye.

    Not only is something ONLY news when it is TV.

    It seems that even on a site, that claims to not like the BBC very much.

    Something, is ONLY a FACT of LIFE, when it is TV.


    What David Icke believes is his business. However I try to keep an open mind on everything these days.


    There are no Aliens, or if there are any, they certainly are not going to rescue us from our own stupidity. Lets face it, why should they?

    There are no lizard people, or if there are any, they certainly are not going to rescue us from our own stupidity. Lets face it, why should they?

    Some may get a kick out of playing straw man games. Some may even be getting paid to play them. But true reality is true reality whether the MSM says it is or not.

    Whats worse, the fact that the MSM does not ever fully and properly explain this reality to the trusting public. Is as much of a rather nasty reality as our completely undemocratic and therefore completely unaccountable world government.

    Which basically means you can not trust ANYTHING the main stream media, says, concludes, propagates, dictates, opines on, or even more obviously lies about.

    All is smoke and mirrors if you don’t even know that you are indeed living within one giant lie, and have been doing so all of your life.

    A world wide lie that could NEVER have worked well enough, without the absolute co-operation of the largest most powerful and well funded propaganda channel ever to have known to have come into existence. Which is namely The BBC.


  13. David H says:

    Humphries is just another overpaid lefty-hack of the sort that populate the BBC propaganda – sorry, news, department – if and when the Tories get to power, I fervently hope that they will get to grips with the Biased Broadcasting Corp!
    Bush will be judged a much better President by history than his left wing detractors give him credit for. Obama will be a disaster dressed up as a success!


  14. davefromluton says:

    Doubtless there hang up with Bush this morning is the reason for there being no mention on their website of the latest opinion poll findings.
    In view of their past performance I thought that the report (see The Independent)that the Brown Bounce might be over was worthy of some comment.
    Apparently not. I am really surprised!


  15. adam says:

    yea, i heard it. i had to turn off


  16. Martin says:

    1. If state schools are so good why do so few Liebour politicians send their own kids to bog standard comps?

    2. Kyoto. A joke. The US has cut CO2 levels without signing this crap yet the EU has done nothing.

    3. Just watched Caroline Wyatt from Iraq. God she’s ugly. She has a deeper voie than Jon Jones (and probably bigger bollocks as well). I bet she shaves every day.


  17. Dr Michael Jones says:

    The interview, as David says, was a perfect illustration of the unthinking arrogance of both the BBC and the ludicrous Beeboid Humphreys.

    No doubt in Beeboidland this is seen as a “brave” interview. Acually, what really strikes and repels you is the intelectual cowardice of the BBC.

    But take heart – every day the BBC makes itself more of an ass, and its time will come. Talentless, cowardly, corrupt, irrelevant – I think the live event – “The Death of the BBC” may be its greatest comic moment yet!


  18. Dr Michael Jones says:

    And did anyone see the ridiculous “Panorama” last night???? Hysterical! Like a cross between “Hello” Magazine and the FT. Some icredible material in there (such as frank admission on JUST how close the banks came to meltdown) but instead what we got was 30 minutes of Beeoid propaganda about the weirdly canny Robert Peston, New Beeboid Superhero of the Recession. Unbelievabvly stupid. As ever one was left wondering if this was the usual talenteless shit, of whether it had a political purpose, ie to defend any allegation that the BBC (and the onanist Peston, whose self-love makes Narcissus look conflicted) actually contributed to the scale and speed of the crash.

    But as a programme it defined a new genre of “crap”. Like BONEKICKERSthe BBC still leads the way in something.

    But how the fuck did a programme like that go out? Astonishing!


  19. Arthur Dent says:

    I agree with most of the comments on the arrogant Humphries interview. The US Ambassador showed up the crass nature of the interview by his patient arguments and rebuttals.

    A couple of points that raised my blood-pressure, the “Bush didn’t sign Kyoto” meme, actually it was Clinton that didn’t sign. Also the fact that the US (a non signatory) has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions since Bush came to power by more than the EU (a signatory) has done.

    The other was the sheer hypocrisy in Humphries criticism of the US approach to the current financial crisis which exactly mirror the situation in the UK where the Great Helmshelm is seen by the BBBc to be “leading the world”.

    “You can always tell a BBC reporter, but you can’t tell them much”


  20. DEJ says:

    Did Humphreys really say Bush didn’t sign up to Kyoto?

    Well Bush didn’t but when was it adopted? 1997? Who was President then? Oh, Clinton! And who voted 95-0 against it? The US senate.

    But it’s all Bush’s fault really.


  21. billybob says:

    Thank Christ Bush didn’t give in and sign the Kyoto agreements. The environ-mentallists will be the death of us all. These bunch of cry babies can’t take a bit of pollution, that’s their problem. I’ve seen no evidence to convince me that any emissions are doing anything to damage the environment. Why should we punish business on this basis alone? It’s time all environmental legislation was rescinded and business was able to operate as it saw fit. Not much chance of that under Obama is there?


  22. Grant says:

    Martin 11:48

    Before becoming the BBC “Defence Correspondant”, Caroline Wyatt was ” Paris Correspondant”.
    I emailed the Beeb, asking what were her qualifications ? No reply, of course.


  23. Dong says:

    Nothing new here, the US Ambassador bashing is a fine BBC tradition in the vein of the infamous post 9/11 QT.


  24. Anonymous says:

    @ DEJ the interview is on listen again

    Humpreys says at 6 mins 33 secs-
    “president bush wouldn’t sign kyoto”


  25. Anonymous says:

    don’t tell humpreys but obamessiah voted against Kyoto



  26. Mugwump says:

    These organizations have been in secret or semi-secret existence for over 50 years.

    They are the elephant in the kitchen, the unseen hand, and are ALL entirely working for the all seeing eye.
    Atlas shrugged | 23.12.08 – 11:12 am

    No wonder I was confused — I thought the eye and the unseen hand worked for the elephant.


  27. Martin says:

    I had to laugh at the media fawning over the picture of Obama with his top off. You just know that will be on the screensaver of every male beeboid!!!!


  28. kevin says:

    Martin | 23.12.08 – 7:27 pm |

    please to fuck off you homo bashing twat.


  29. Robert S. McNamara says:

    Say what you like about the elephant but I for one am glad he’s in the kitchen; he makes the most delightful crepes. And if he’s prepared to vouch for the eye and the hidden hand, then I don’t forsee any problems.

    Now, let’s get down to brass tacks: what to do about the llama with the revolving foot and the bouncing gall stones in the en-suite bathroom.


  30. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Re Humphreys: The “Its all Bush’s fault” is the central glue that holds together Humphreys and his ilk’s leftist beliefs about why the world today is as it is. It will still be needed long afte he has gone , otherwise the whole thing unravels, the world is a scary place with people who mean us harm and we may need to do something about it. As long as its Bush’s fault, its our own sides fault the jihadists are attacking us, then the world continues to be a benign place an all is well, we can sleep tight. However much he sneers, Bush is Humphreys comfort blanket.