Glad to see that Israel has finally responded to the endless rocketing from Hamas but as you can imagine, the BBC is outraged. Israeli F-16 bombers have pounded key targets across the Gaza Strip, killing at least 225 people, “local medics” say.Most of those killed were “policemen” in the Hamas militant (aka terrorist) movement, which controls Gaza, but women and children also died, the Gaza “officials” said. The entire emphasis of the BBC report is aimed at painting Israel as the aggressors, the bad guys, and I note that the predictably pro-Palestinian babble from Ban ki-Moon is also faithfully recorded. The UN, the BBC, all mouthpieces for rampant Palestinian propaganda – and now all outraged when Israel finally moves to crush Hamas killers.

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  1. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    BBC News Channel at Ten

    “…..the attacks happened now because Bush is more sympathetic than Obama will be to this kind of thing”

    Oh Yeah!

    Expect some very disappointed socialists in the New Year.


  2. Martin says:

    “……Expect some very disappointed socialists in the New Year……”

    Why is Cocaine and cheap rent boys going to be in short supply?


  3. Plodnomore says:

    If Hamas and the other terrist organisations lay down their weapons, then the hostilities will cease to exist. If the Israely authorities lay down their weapons then the state of Israel would cease to exist. That is the difference which the ultra left, including the BBC, refuse to recognise or even acknowledge or discuss.


  4. David Vance says:


    Quite right. If Hamas want peace, they stop killing. But the BBC consider that a step too far.


  5. pounce says:

    It seems the biased Backstabbing C***s has dragged in all its staff in which to report this so called human rights crime.
    (Well that bunch of wankers don’t celebrate Christmas anyway)
    So we have numerous (and somewhat biased) stories on how Pals can only be victims.
    We have a HYS (Shame the bBC couldn’t be asked to do the same for D Greens Arrest)
    Mind you I like how the bBC have inserted into their biased report from the region about how those pesky jews bombed a police graduation ceremony which kind of explains why nearly all the victims are found to be wearing para-military outfits. Yeah right from what I’ve seen across the net all 40 of those targets had police graduation ceremonies.
    Personally I am so happy that Israel has struck back. Mind you I cannot understand why the bBC didn’t report that Israel was going in everybody else in the world reported this action (which may explain why Egypt has deployed its troops to the Gaza border) days ago. But only the bBC acts as if it was a shot out of the blue.


  6. disillusioned_german says:

    Let me just say “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” to all dead Hamas militants!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hamas is anti-semitic and would like to destroy the state of Israel. Much of the UK/EU establishment would be quite happy to see Israel disappear. Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East – amongst a sea of corrupt dictatorships. The EU funds the Palestinian state to the tune of several hundred million £’s per annum. It should now say – if you want the money then renounce violence. Most EU states are ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’ and will not do so.Most of the EU money ends up in Swiss bank accounts anyway.
    If Hamas wants to come in from the cold, then so be it. If they continue to dedicate themselves to the destruction of Israel ( as does Iran) then the UK should say ‘ not a penny more from us’.


  8. Dave S says:

    There will be no objective reporting from the BBC. The reporters cannot do so because the emotional attachment of the liberal left to the Palestinian cause is too great. Why this should be so is a puzzle in some ways. Perhaps without a cause they do not truly feel alive. Perhaps the cause fills a void in their lives. Whatever the reason it means we have to get the truth from other sources. I really can no longer be bothered to listen to the BBC now that reporting has become an emotional ego trip.


  9. David Vance says:

    Dave S,

    Agreed – but since the “Palestinian cause” to which the BBC reporters are so emotionally attached involves the eradication of the State of Israel, what does that tell us about the moral values of these fine journalists.


  10. DP111 says:

    There is also the quite natural sentiment of BBC reporters of safeguarding their own skins. If they ever showed the Palis terrorists in their true light, their lives would not be worth much.

    So all in all, it is much safer for journalists to get tough on Israel, secure in the knowledge that no harm will will come to them. They also get to secure a reputation for being tough reporters.


  11. HSLD says:

    This is exactly why I bought a “Mossad” sweatshirt from an Israeli military surplus company.
    It inspires stupid lefties to silent impotent rage and is a great choice when flying on a commercial airline.

    I’m not one for wearing insignia I haven’t earned, but it’s not like the real Mossad wear clothing advertising who they are.

    Congratulations to the BBC anyway. Thanks to their unrelenting propaganda I have spent the last few years moving from a vague opinion that the Jews were just unhappy looking people with big noses who got massacred in WW2 to being a vocal supporter of Israel.
    I’d pick up a rifle on their behalf too, if they would have me.

    Talk about unintended consequences, nice job Beeb 🙂


  12. mister ed says:

    theres going to be a LOT of comments on this over the next few days – but a sense of clarity is needed – and i quote from Malcolm X…

    you cannot get clearer than that…

    have a listen to this house dance track.. its in there…


  13. L says:



  14. pounce says:

    The bBC, its coverage of events from Gaza and half the story.

    Here is what the bBC isn’t telling you;
    A year of information-gathering by Military Intelligence and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) paved the way Saturday for Operation Cast Lead.

    Israeli Air Forces launches major assault against Hamas in Gaza

    At 11:30 a.m., more than 50 fighter jets and attack helicopters swept into Gazan airspace and dropped more than 100 bombs on 50 targets. The planes reported “alpha hits,” IAF lingo for direct hits on the targets, which included Hamas bases, training camps, headquarters and offices.

    Thirty minutes later, a second wave of 60 jets and helicopters struck at 60 targets, including underground Kassam launchers – placed inside bunkers and missile silos – that had been fitted with timers.

    Their locations were discovered in an intensive intelligence operation. The goal: to strike at Hamas’s ability to fire rockets into Israel.

    More than 170 targets were hit by IAF aircraft throughout the day. At least 230 Gazans were killed and over 780 were wounded, according to Palestinian sources. Estimates are that around a third of those killed were civilians.

    The IDF released a list of some of the targets hit: the Hamas headquarters and training camp in Tel Zatar; the “Palestinian Prisoner Tower” in Gaza City that was turned into a Hamas operations center and armory; the Hamas police academy, which was bombed during a graduation ceremony, killing 70-80 people; training camps in southern and central Gaza; the former office of Yasser Arafat in Gaza City that is now used by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh; and the Izzadin Kassam Brigades headquarters in the northern Gaza Strip.

    Throughout the initial stages of the air operation, the IDF Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration transmitted messages to civilians in Gaza to stay away from Kassam launch sites and Hamas buildings and infrastructure.

    The bBC, its coverage of events from Gaza and half the story.


  15. pounce says:

    Part 2

    Hamas, once known for its suicide attacks inside Israeli cities, is no longer a small-time terrorist group, but a large guerrilla army that has well-trained forces deployed throughout the entire Gaza Strip.

    Were the IDF to embark on a ground operation in Gaza, it would face an army of close to 20,000 armed men, among them at least 15,000 Hamas operatives. The rest are from Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Popular Resistance Committees.

    Since the cease-fire went into effect in Gaza in June, Hamas has used the lull in action to fortify its military posts in the Strip and dig tunnel systems as well as underground bunkers for its forces. IDF estimates put the length of the tunnels at over 50 kilometers.

    Hamas has also dug foxholes throughout the Strip to accommodate anti-tank missile units, and prepared massive bombs, which have been placed on the main access roads into Gaza.

    In addition to its homemade Kassam rockets, Hamas has smuggled into Gaza a number of anti-aircraft cannons and several shoulder-to-air missiles. It also a large number of anti-tank missiles that, if used correctly, could wreak havoc on Israeli armor in the event of a ground operation involving tanks and armored personnel carriers.

    It also has Special Forces – commando forces and units with expertise in rocket fire, mortar attacks and roadside bombs.

    “Hamas has learned a lot from Hizbullah and has adopted many of the Lebanese group’s tactics which were used successfully against the IDF in the Second Lebanon War,” one IDF official said.


  16. pounce says:

    Part 3

    Since Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2005, Hamas has created a military with a clear hierarchy, led by Hamas “chief” Ahmed Ja’abri.

    Ja’abri is in his late 40s and has been in Israel’s sights for a number of years. In 2004, Israel Air Force jets fired several missiles at Ja’abri’s home in the Sajiya neighborhood of Gaza City. Ja’abri escaped the assassination attempt with moderate wounds. Five others were killed.

    Since then, he has slowly climbed the Hamas ranks and today is believed to be the terror group’s so-called “chief of staff,” replacing arch-terrorist Muhammad Deif, who was seriously wounded in an Israeli air strike in July 2006.

    Hamas has split the Gaza Strip into five sections corresponding to five different brigades in the north, center, Gaza City, and two brigades in the south. Each brigade has a commander as well as several battalions under its command.

    Ja’abri is commander of Gaza City. Ahmed Andour is in charge in the north. Iman Nufal, commander of central Gaza, is in Egyptian custody after he was arrested last year entering the Sinai Peninsula. There are also two brigades in the south – one in Khan Yunis and one in Rafah. The commanders there are Mahmoud Sanour and Ra’ad Alatour, respectively.

    Andour is believed to be Ja’abri’s right-hand man and the two were behind the attacks against Fatah militiamen in the summer of 2007 that led to Hamas’s takeover of the Gaza Strip. Ja’abri and Andour are also believed to have masterminded the June 2006 kidnapping of Gilad Schalit.

    IDF sources said Saturday that it was likely that several senior Hamas operatives and commanders were killed in Saturday’s air strike.


  17. Jon says:

    Looks like the BBC hamas propaganda is not working

    “Israel is responding to the rockets that are fired on their towns DAILY. What other country would be expected to silently do absolutely nothing.

    Israel has been under fire for some time now. Why was there never a discussion here about that? As soon as Israel finally defends itself, we have a discussion on HYS.
    Shame on Hamas, shame on BBC

    Julie, NY

    Recommended by 347 people ”

    I wonder how long it will take before the BBC “filter out” these comments?


  18. disillusioned_german says:

    I’d pick up a rifle on their behalf too, if they would have me.

    Talk about unintended consequences, nice job Beeb
    HSLD | 28.12.08 – 1:15 am |

    I totally agree. I’d pick up a rifle on their behalf as well.


  19. Anat (Israel) says:

    The BBC had carefully prepared the ground for today’s distorted reporting from Gaza. Please take a look at my comment concerning a thread of 17th December,
    The comment was posted on that day at 6:34.

    In that comment I note that although other media report on 17th December three injuries in the regular Hamas rocket assault on Sderot, the BBC’s entire crop of relevant Middle East items on the same day was as follows:

    – Brown holds talks with Israeli PM.
    – Israel told to re-route barrier.
    – Israel blocks UN rights official.
    – Israel fire chief ‘ran brothel’.
    – Crowds greet freed Palestinians.
    – Voices: Gaza closure and shortages.
    – Syria’s own ‘war on terror’.
    – Lebanon refugees fear for future.
    – Inside Gaza: Malnutrition and shortages

    All links are provided at the said comment, 17.12.08 – 6:34 pm, on the thread linked above. Note in particular the last item, where the claimed malnutrition in Gaza is illustrated by a beautiful picture of four fat kids and two adults in glaring contradiction to the poorly laid table.

    In short, the BBC deadly propaganda against Israel is a carefully meditated crime.


  20. Ben says:

    This conflict gets so much coverage yet there are conflicts of much greater magnitude going on out in the world that hardly raise a mention in mainstream media, why is this? Why is this conflict getting so much coverage when the muslim on muslim slaughter in Darfur for example is ignored almost completely? Why were the Russian incursions into Georgia and the many civilian deaths inflicted by the Russian retired into small print in the middle of the papers after a day yet this conflict is splashed across the web and TV? The past week saw a human rights report published detailing how Bangladeshi muslim elite forces torture and massacre innocent civilians, yet not a single word or editorial was spoken about this injustice, why?
    The amount of people dying in other parts of the world overwhelms this relatively minor conflict, so why do the BBC take the arab line and force it down our throats?


  21. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    BBC HYS overwhelming supportive comments of Israeli action in “most recommended” so far. Expect the balance to tip when Beeboids and yoof get out of bed, around noon.


  22. deegee says:

    Aleem Maqbool where are you?
    Gaza needs you to put your ass on the line.


  23. Un:dhimmi says:

    Heavy shilling continues over Gaza this morning, with al Beeb leading online with a picture of a kid with a cut face.

    They are, along with the Al-sociated Press and AFP, the biggest Pallywood studios of all.


  24. Bryan says:

    The BBC’s Have Your say on Gaza is being flooded. I suspect that a majority of people have written in supporting Israel’s attack since the “moderators” are ignoring close to 90% of the comments.

    Debate Status
    Total comments: 4169
    Published comments: 433
    Rejected comments: 215
    Moderation queue: 3521

    They generally leave comments languishing in the “Moderation Queue” when the response goes mainly against the BBC line. Difficult to prove, of course, but one gets to recognise the BBC style.

    Meanwhile the BBC has found its poster child to express its propaganda. Expect to see a lot more of this little guy/girl with dried blood from an apparent head wound:

    Also expect to see a lot of Pallywood, with children being carried for the camera with no apparent injuries, and so on.

    There are going to be a number of seriously disappointed Hamas terrorists arriving in Muslim paradise only to find that there are no virgins waiting for them and that it was all a con.

    Some great comments on this thread.


  25. Battersea says:

    ‘…so why do the BBC take the arab line and force it down our throats?
    Ben | 28.12.08 – 7:55 am’

    Because the BBC’s position is that Israel is a priori at fault for all the Middle East’s problems. The only good Jews for the BBC are those that turn the other cheek and play the part scripted for them i.e. uncomplaining victims.

    I also suspect that the BBC is fed a Foreign Office line in these things. Mustn’t antagonise the Muslims y’know.


  26. Preposteroso says:

    Wiser to have less hullaballoo over the numbers of Palestinians who die and more over the numbers born.


  27. Ben says:

    Battersea, so it is pure anti-Jewish racism at the core of it?
    I also am aware that the BBC have always painted the loyalist community in Northern Ireland in a bad light, this is even more intriguing considering the unionists are probably the proudest Brits in the union.


  28. Bryan says:

    Un:dhimmi | Homepage | 28.12.08 – 8:38 am

    From the little I saw of Sky News coverage on the Internet yesterday, it seems Sky has also gone Pallywood.


  29. Battersea says:

    Ben, this website has exposed much of the BBC’s inherent bias against Israel. The unreleased Balen report may shed more light on this.

    It is also true that a photograph of a wounded Palestinian girl elicits much more sympathy than a similar photo of an Israeli girl. Israeli victims are reported on coldly, almost with contempt. This is not the same with Palestinian victims.

    Jeremy Bowen (is he still ME editor?) has shown a clear anti-Israeli agenda as is well documented on this website.


  30. DB says:

    From the little I saw of Sky News coverage on the Internet yesterday, it seems Sky has also gone Pallywood.
    Bryan | 28.12.08 – 9:49 am

    It’s not just Sky, the whole MSM is infected with anti-Israeli prejudice. These days the Telegraph’s position on Israel is almost indistinguishable from the BBC’s. Apart from its pro-Palestinian correspondent Tim Butcher (ex-BBC), there’s Sean Rayment claiming on his blog that Israel is addicted to violence (has he never seen videos of Palestinian school plays with brainwashed infants dressed in fatigues acting out the murder of Israelis?), and this morning pompous diarist Tim Walker, fresh from his Save Ed Stourton campaign, could be seen slagging off Israel on the BBC’s newspaper review.


  31. Battersea says:

    …Not to mention Channel 4’s simply inexplicable decision to invite Holocaust Revisionist Ahmadinejad, of all people, to deliver the ‘alternative Christmas message’.

    Or was it so inexplicable?


  32. will says:

    To paraphrase the BBC message “The rockets have been firing for 8 years, so why should Israel get upset now?”

    Yup, I can’t see any cause for irritation. It appears it is just for Israeli electoral purposes!

    The BBC etc are keen provide the Jihadis with their infantile narrative.

    The BBC News Channel is making very little of Abbas’s statement that Hamas have brought this on themselves, but are claiming that their is “widespread international condemnation” (of Israel).


  33. Martin says:

    Battersea: On Talksport last night, the ever vile George Wankoway was spouting bile at the Pope for verbally attacking homosexuality, but praising I’m a Dinner Jacket.

    Now perhaps I missed it, but doesn’t Dinner Jacket proudly spout that there are no homosexual sin Iran as he’s executed them all?


  34. George R says:

    As a counter to the BBC’s pro-Hamas reporting, the ‘Jerusalem Post’ is worthg monitoring daily, for e.g.:

    “A time to fight”


  35. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Just remember where the BBC sees its audience, and its world mission:

    Population: Israel 7m, UK 60m, arab world 350m


  36. Anonymous says:

    Anat (Israel) | 28.12.08 – 7:11 am

    Note in particular the last item, where the claimed malnutrition in Gaza is illustrated by a beautiful picture of four fat kids…

    Actually, if you read the story, this makes sense. The photo caption also makes it clear that though there were no food shortages, the high proportion of carbohydrates in the Gazan diet was causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


  37. mister ed says:

    the high proportion of carbohydrates in the Gazan diet was causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
    Anonymous | 28.12.08 – 11:18 am |

    well, the Pallywooders should have kept the greenhouses which the Israelis left rather than destroying them.

    zero sympathy for them. they elected Hamas for fucks sake.


  38. mister ed says:

    From the little I saw of Sky News coverage on the Internet yesterday, it seems Sky has also gone Pallywood.
    Bryan | 28.12.08 – 9:49 am

    yup.. they’ve fallen for the Pallywood Hamas propaganda hook line and sinker.

    ENDLESS loop of hospital clips..

    and zero indication about who the cameramen were.

    but note – there are NO western journalists in Gaza. gee – i wonder why?


  39. mister ed says:

    and as night follows day , the UN security council has called for israel to stop bombing.

    wow. i wonder where was the UN when Hamas launched over 5,000 rockets at israel over past 3 years?

    i see sky news is buying the Hamas lie – “one of the most densely populated places on earth”.

    no it isnt.

    Gee, those folks in Hong Kong must be SEETHING with Jihad…


  40. Anat (Israel) says:

    the high proportion of carbohydrates in the Gazan diet was causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
    Anonymous | 28.12.08 – 11:18 am | #

    Ingenious. A perfect excuse for the repeated contradiction between pictures of plump Gazans and the supposed famine. Trouble is, you have no evidence that their diet is any different than previously. It’s pure fiction.


  41. Battersea says:

    A shame that the rabid anti-Israelis on BBC’s Have Your Say couldn’t show a scintilla of their sympathy for the Palestinians to the tortured Jewish victims of the Mumbai terrorist atrocities.


  42. SRN says:

    Sky News is run by ex-beeboids and people who aspire to the BBC model of broadcast news.


  43. Anonymous says:

    Anat (Israel) | 28.12.08 – 11:38 am

    you have no evidence that their diet is any different than previously. It’s pure fiction.

    No, bread is the problem. Unleavened bread inhibits mineral absorption (particularly zinc). The more unleavened bread dominates a diet, the more likely malnutrition will result.

    On the fiction front, do have any idea what this guy in the Boston Globe is going on about? I never heard of this before

    When Israel first withdrew its settlers from Gaza in the fall of 2005, it followed the withdrawal with a campaign of sonic booms. Terrifying noises banged through the night. Children began displaying zombie-like behavior and consistently complained of nightmares. Miscarriages rose dramatically during this period.


  44. Philip says:

    Bryan: Philip here (Un :dhimmi)

    Since most of the news organisations are so shi*t-scared of actually sending in any reporters of their own, they have no idea of what is actually happening on the ground at all.

    They rely heavily on local al-Sociated Press, Reuters and AFP stringers and cameramen (mainly Muslim of course), who are invariably shilling for Hamafia and have been proven time and time again to be faking photos (remember the famous Photoshop ‘smoke’ shots and ‘Green Helmet Man’ from Beirut 06?) and stage directing entire filmed scenes.

    These are then rebroadcast largely unedited and unquestioned by al-Beeb and others.

    More on the Pallywood phenomenon from Professor Richard Landes here.


  45. Radicchio says:


    …pure fiction

    From Radio Netherlands

    Eric Beauchemin reports:
    Some 60 mothers with their babies and small children are crammed into a room at a feeding centre near the centre of Gaza City. Many of the children are severely malnourished, with some even suffering from rickets and anaemia.

    They remind me of babies and children I have seen in war zones in Africa.

    Independent research backs up what the director of the feeding centre, Dr Adnan Alwahaidi (pictured left), is seeing: alarming levels of malnutrition amongst babies in Gaza.

    “We found that there is an unprecedented increase in stunting in Palestinian children aged between 6 and 36 months. It’s now reached 10.4 percentage, whereas a decade ago it was half that amount.

    I’m mentioning stunting because it’s the best indicator of a child’s chronic exposure to malnutrition. It gives you the clear picture on how severely malnutrition is affecting children and how long this has been going on.”

    The International Red Cross says that chronic malnutrition is increasing throughout the Gaza Strip. In a report leaked last month, it said that Gazans are cutting the quality and quantity of meals, and this is leading to alarming deficiencies in iron and vitamins A and D.


  46. thud says:

    Destroying our enemies…what a wonderful way to start the new year..happy happy!


  47. George R says:

    BBC political reports should carry this warning:

    “The BBC is public service broadcaster which is financed by British licencepayers, and it pursues its own pro-Labour, ‘multiculturalist’, dhimmi policies at all times”

    SKY News should state:

    “As part of the News International group (along with The Times, the Sun, Fox News, etc.), one of our largest shareholders is Saudi Arabia prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who owns about 7% of our organisation.”


  48. Philip says:

    Hamafia regards the amassing of weapons and conducting Jihad against the ‘sons of apes and pigs’ as far more of a priority than the feeding of its people.

    Whose fault is it that their kids are malnourished?

    Their own children, just like the constantly-persecuted Gaza Christians and the peaceful Israelis unlucky enough to live in Sderot and Ashkelon, are innocent victims of Pali Muslim savagery – and nothing else.