Well folks, I looked forward to getting the latest analysis of the cleansing of Gaza from the BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Al Bowen and I was not disappointed. According to Jeremy, the suffering is all on side (Hint – and it’s not that of Israel) Jeremy also was quick to pour scorn on Israel’s current military and political assumptions for good measure. A Gazan “doctor” was then wheeled on to inform us that wicked Israel is now targeting families and kids. This isn’t news, folks, it is rank Pali-propaganda and we are witnessing the BBC in full-on anti-Israel mode.

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  1. deegee says:

    My last post from Rocket-Man probably is a better first post on an Abu Bowen thread.

    It deals with Bowen’s claim that Olmert warning Hamas that there would be bloodshed if Hamas did not stop rocket fire was clever psychological warfare. It also mentions his unsubstantiated claim that America was providing its usual diplomatic cover at the UN.


  2. mjg says:

    Setting aside the moral issues for a moment, the simple strategic truth is that for the Israelis killing and wounding civilians is what Israel wants at all costs to avoid. A stray Israeli missile causing multiple civilian casualties is just the disaster that will bring the operation to a premature end. Those who accuse Israel of deliberately targeting civilians need to provide some explanation as to why the Israelis would want to do this – assuming the “Jews are pathological child-killers” explanation is put on one side for the sake of discussion.


  3. Cockney says:

    Hmmmm… saturation coverage of Israelis and Palestinians killing each other. There truly is never any news over Christmas.


  4. will says:

    I think David’s comments are based on the post 7am News item on Today.

    Today had sought to contrast the suffering & shortages in the Gazan hospital with the Bupa luxury & spare beds of Sderot General. One could hear the disappointment of the Today person when the Jewish doctor spiked Today’s guns by reporting that the hospital was currently treating Israeli casualties.

    So then, after the interviews with the medics, it required Bowen to make explicit the BBC message to ensure we understood that the Israeli attack was disproportionate.


  5. deegee says:

    My God I’m busy this morning. 🙁

    The BBC reports on air attacks on the Islamic University as a significant cultural symbol for Hamas and a centre of support for the Islamist militant group that controls Gaza. Many of its top officials graduated from there. The implication being that this was Israel attacking a ‘symbol’ and an ‘educational’ institution.

    Compare with the Jerusalem Post:
    IAF hits Islamic University targets
    AF aircraft bombed the Islamic University and government compound in Gaza City early Monday morning, both centers of Hamas power. Witnesses saw fire and smoke at the university, counting six separate air strikes there just after midnight.

    Two laboratories in the university, which served as research and development centers for Hamas’s military wing, were targeted. The development of explosives was done under the auspices of university professors.

    University buildings were also used for meetings of senior Hamas officials.

    The IDF said rockets and explosives were stored in the buildings.

    Not even the ‘traditional’ Israel claims it was a military target to provide balance from the BBC.


  6. George R says:

    ‘The Lessons of Gaza’
    (Steve Schippert).

    Schippert points to this lack of context, in international media reports (inc. many of those of BBC):

    ..”Palestinian Media Watch noted Hamas celebrating attacks on Israelis on Gaza television, where what passes as a Hamas public service announcement showed images of Hamas terrorists firing Qassam rockets, mortars and other assorted weapons at Israel. Within the video collage of Israeli emergency response and casualties, an image of skulls dripping with blood was accompanied by a horrific narration excoriating, ‘Let them taste violent death.’ It concludes with angry exclamations of ‘Send them to Hell! Tear them to pieces!’ and ‘Send them to Hell, Qassam missile!’

    “None of this, of course, is noted for context by the greater international media. Instead of revealing Hamas-run television’s propaganda and calls for the indiscriminate murder and ‘violent death’ of Israelis, civilian and military alike, the vast majority of the context provided is that of Israeli blame.”


  7. Ricky Martin says:

    The BBC is clearly a front for militants and anti-Western elements. This is reflected in the backgrounds of their news readers, observers, bloggers and staff many of whom are muslims or part of the anti-western left.

    That’s why facts and doctored photographs are taken up readily by the BBC. The website and news pictures they have used showed a computerised forgery of a wounded man and some of the children being rushed to hospital were clearly wearing make up.

    Interesting that al Beeb hasn’t been reporting the two speeches by the Egyptian Foreign Minister who blamed Hamas for the latest tragedy or the fact that Abbas has been pleading for the Israelis to strike the hated Hamas Islamists just before his re-election as President. Or that the “University” was an Islamist hate factory, producing most of the rockets…..

    Bowen isn’t very good at his job is he? But if you take your information from members of the Mafia and ignore the police evidence, what can you expect?


  8. Ricky Martin says:

    Disproportionate – the favourite al Beeb word when describing any response by Israel.

    Disproportionate – the number of Muslims, Marxists and anti-Zionists who work for al Beeb.


  9. Anat (Israel) says:

    Disproportionate – the favourite al Beeb word when describing any response by Israel.
    Disproportionate – the number of Muslims, Marxists and anti-Zionists who work for al Beeb.
    Ricky Martin | 29.12.08 – 11:01 am | #

    I love it. This has great potential.
    Disproportionate – Beeb preoccupation with the suffering of terrorists in relation to the suffering of their victims.


  10. Random says:

    Sky News is managing an extensive discussion on the rockets and mortar shells coming out of Gaza. The anchor even asked the on-the-spot reporter about the issue, and makes the rational causal connection that the Israeli action is a response to the rockets and mortar shells, not the other way round. It can be done!


  11. Rapido says:

    The BBC is clearly a front for militants and anti-Western elements. This is reflected in the backgrounds of their news readers, observers, bloggers and staff many of whom are muslims or part of the anti-western left.

    I can’t seem to find any stats on how many Muslims the beeb employs.

    Apart from Aleem Maqbool, are there any other actual Muslims in high-profile reporting or national newsreading positions?


  12. Martin says:

    The suffering is only on one side? What have the BBC suddenly found that they can’t get cheap Cocaine or that the local rent boy population has been rounded up and deported?


  13. David Vance says:

    Disproportionate; the BBC’s value of the life of a Jew compared to a Palestinian.


  14. Jack Bauer says:

    The Israelis turned the unproductive Gaza Strip into an oasis of valuable fruit and vegetable produce.

    When they departed, a bunch of naive lefty American Jews bought the 3000 greenhouses in the Gaza, and gave them to the Palestinian entity. They paid $14 MILLION.

    The first thing the so called Palestinians did was DESTROY them. Uttrely and totally destroy the capacity to grow life sustaining food.

    But they did import tons of weapons.

    All these Palestinian entity savages know is death, murder, torture and destruction, aginst Jewes in particular.

    No wonder the world’s commies, socialists and assorted leftist nutjobs love them so much.


  15. Cockney says:

    “Disproportionate; the BBC’s value of the life of a Jew compared to a Palestinian.”

    I think that’s a flat out untruth.

    Amidst their generally buying into the bullsh*t Pali victim narrative the Beeb actually follows the rest of the media in giving far more prominence to individual Israeli deaths than Palestinian. This morning there was reporting on an Israeli civilian having been blown to smithereens – in the numerical context of the 200-odd Pali deaths this would be pretty irrelevent but it still got covered.

    Of course the reason is that life means less in third world sh*tholes, be they Darfur, Baghdad or Palestine than it does in developed countries where citizens have rights, which is fair enough in my book, but spinning the usual yawnsome anti-semitic crap is a bit low in this context.


  16. Nachman says:

    The fact is the death of a Palestinian child is for us Israelis a tragedy but for the Hamas fascists the death of a Jewish child is a victory. Nothing more needs to be said and nothing the airhead Bowen writes or says or any other BBC journalist writes or says will change that fact.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Disproportionate damage inflicted on an enemy is the key to winning wars.The BBC and orbiting leftoids simply do not understand that this isn’t the school playground of their youth,”You pull my hair and I will pull yours”.This is about degrading the enemy’s ability to fight.
    Time to go back to personal deliveries to Hamas leaders.


  18. Jack Bauer says:

    Disproportionate damage inflicted on an enemy is the key to winning wars.

    Well, it’s such a novel concept, having only been around for the last 5000 years or so.


  19. Martin says:

    I see the BBC rent boys keep saying that Gaza is “being pounded” by Israel. Is it?

    I think not rent boys. The trenches of the 1st world war were pounded. The Israeli’s are simply targeting legitimate buildings.


  20. Parsnipboy says:

    Martin your comment is spot on.


  21. Martin says:

    You really should listen to that CUNT Peter Allen on Radio 5. He’s interviewing an Israeli spokesman. All this cunt Allen talks about is the mass slaughter of innocents.



  22. David Vance says:


    Two things.

    1. The BBC book is all about bias. The bias is manifest in many many ways and how it reports issues that concern Israel is merely one manifestation of it, but an important one. I cannot see how you characterise my approach as “right-wing” when all I seek to do is point out the depravity of the biased BBC narrative!

    2. My comment re the value the BBC puts on the life of an Israeli is one that seems to be not just restricted to me! What IS below the belt, as you point out, is WHY is life in what you call “third world shit holes” so without value? I think all life has value and that’s why I am so relentlessly anti-terrorism!


  23. DB says:

    R5L’s Drive Peter Allen to an Israeli spokesman just now: “You’re no better than Hamas.”



  24. Jack Bauer says:

    R5L’s Drive Peter Allen to an Israeli spokesman just now: “You’re no better than Hamas.”

    Then I assume that makes Israel okay in BBC terms?


  25. Gordon says:

    Surely Islamic University is an oxymoron?


  26. David Vance says:


    As in “BBC objectivity”!


  27. George R says:

    Jack Bauer 4:23 pm

    Yes, I heard Radio 5’s PETER ALLEN insulting the Israeli Ambassador to the UK.

    Allen not only criticised the morality of Israel, and did not criticise the morality of the Islamic jihad organisation, Hamas, but he also hostilely interrupted the Israeli spokesperson about ten times.

    Allen, in the typical dhimmi political stance of the liberal/left, said the he himself did not know ‘the ins-and outs’ of the situation!

    There is no question that from this hostile ‘interview’, that BBC Radio 5 supports Hamas, and condemns Israel.


  28. DB says:

    I recorded the interview and have just listened to it again. Peter Allen totally lost his rag but the Israeli ambassador Ron Prossor maintained a calm, considered tone which made his interrogator’s righteous bluster seem increasingly ludicrous. It was textbook stuff and Allen went out with an angry, but ineffectual, whimper.


  29. Martin says:

    Peter Allen is just a leftie shit.


  30. Ricky Martin says:

    It’s quite simple really. All Israeli official channels should refuse to participate in any BBC interviews – at any time or place. Their government should refuse to cooperate with any agency or news feed connected with the BBC. They should regard the broadcaster with great suspicion and refuse entry to Bowen and his merry crew. The BBC is fast becoming an international pariah anyway.

    It’s also time we stopping complaining about the BBC and led a national campaign to see it dismantled or warped into the Guardian Media Group and be done with it. Complaints are totally disregarded and ineffectual. The BBC carries on regardlesssafe in the knowledge that they don’t care what we think and are protected by the powerful Liberal Left elite. We need action.


  31. George R says:

    “David Dimbleby attacks plans for 500 new homes at Folkington in East Sussex”

    Doppleganger Dimblely question to D. Dimbleby-

    Doppleganger Dimbleby:
    ” Aren’t you being hypocritical here?
    “Aren’t you just being a mere nimby?

    D. Dimbleby:
    But I..

    Doppleganger Dimbleby:
    I’m sorry but I hadn’t finished my question. You may get your chance to reply later.
    What I was going to say, before you interrupted, was: you do realise, don’t you, that as a supporter of the Labour government, that millions of recent immigrants to Britain have
    to live somewhere? And why should they not live next to you, if they could stand it?

    Doppleganger Dimbleby:

    We must move on, and hear a different point of view from Labour MP, Dennis Skinner.


  32. Jack Bauer says:

    I’ve heard this interview before. It’s on the BBC style-sheet.

    The version I witnessed was about 8 years ago. Only this time playing the roles of snide, hysterical Jew hating loon was al-Beebshite John Humphrys; while the part of radio sacrificial Jew was taken by the mild-mannered Lord Jenner.

    I was commuting on the M25 at the time, and almost drove off the road in an incandescent rage at the vile ranting of the Hump.

    I am not joking when I say it transformed my politics on the spot. I have never listened to Radio 4 since that day, and hardly ever to the BBC in any way, shape or form.


  33. bill says:

    The leftists are getting totally wacked out by this war. The Guardian writer Seth Freedman wrote a piece saying that Israel had a point here & got so trounced they removed all the comments, as in they went kapput & it’s just the article left to read. He’d previously given them the news they’d wanted by damning Israel in 300 odd articles. Hissy fits all around! I’ve gotta laugh.


  34. Tom says:

    George R | 29.12.08 – 5:14 pm

    But isn’t David Dimbleby the Tory one?


  35. Ricky Martin says:

    Here’s a bit of student funstuff from Agitprop Beeb:

    Basically, if you’ve been protesting about those evil Israelis, why not sign up here and share your experience with others!

    How proud we all are of our responsible, unbiased BBC! The jewel in the crown of international news coverage, inciting violence and encouraging protests against a sovereign state protecting itself against an organisation (Hamas) banned by the EU, the UK, the UN & the USA!!

    Letters to Ofcom please.


  36. Dave S says:

    Sometimes I wonder what future historians will make of the Europeans increasing inability to accept the right of Israel to exist and to transfer to the Israelis those darkest of motives they themselves revealed in the 2nd world war.
    I have never doubted that to blame the Nazis, and the Nazis alone, for the destruction of European Jewry has been all too easy. We Europeans looked the other way.
    It all but destroyed the moral basis of our civilisation and we live now with that knowledge.
    Perhaps the hostility to Israel is the Europeans reponse to a people they know they have greviously wronged and a pathetic attempt to portray them as “just like us”.
    They are not.


  37. Jack Bauer says:

    Dave — you are so right.

    Europe has ALWAYS had a high tolerance for dead Jews.

    The promise after the Holocaust that this must “never be allowed to happen again” is a hollow joke.

    Not only can it happen again… we all know that once again Europe would be complicit it in enabling it to “happen again.”


  38. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Reuters pictures and captions are so deadpan

    “229 people were killed in one of the bloodiest 24 hours for Palestinians in 60 years of conflict with the Jewish state.”

    People do a lot of finger pointing – and a lot of standing in front of smoke or rubble – Its like the palarazzi all went to the same school of photo journalism.”Good bokeh”.

    Its not fair. We shoot rockets at them and they dare to shoot back. What’s more they are good shots. Better than us. Its not fair. How double double dare they. We are shocked.


  39. George R says:

    Melanie Phillips:

    “Groundhog Day for the Fifth Column of Malice”


    …”Israel is painted • wholly unjustly and untruthfully — as the aggressor. The ineffable BBC reported in radio bulletins on Saturday that Israel’s attack had ‘put back the chance of peace in the region’. Most sane people would think that the reason peace in the region had been put back was that Hamas was continuing to wage aggressive war. And indeed, even now it is still firing rockets at Israel, including Katyushas and Iranian Grads which are reaching as far as Ashkelon and Ashdod. Today they killed another Israeli in Ashkelon and injured many more — including several Israeli Arabs.”


  40. DB says:

    Peter Allen has just shown the other side to his interviewing technique – a gentle chat with terrorist appeaser Alastair Crooke.


  41. DB says:

    For the past few hours R5L’s headlines have included a clip of Jenny Linnel, a British “humanitarian observer” in Gaza, who claims that the Israelis are targeting hospitals. Not mentioned in the headlines • Linnel is a member of the impeccably impartial International Solidarity Movement.


  42. Jack Bauer says:

    Linnel is a member of the impeccably impartial International Solidarity Movement.

    Oh that would be the International Solidarity Movement For Terrorists whose most famous dupe was the late, demented Rachel Corrie.

    She had a work accident with Bulldozer, if I recall correctly. Shame.


  43. Umbongo- says:

    You can always tell when there are a pathetically few people demonstrating for a BBC favoured cause – the camera is below shoulder level pointing up. So on Kensington High Street tonight the BBC 6:00 News shows us a few bored policemen, some professionally printed banners (“Stop the Holocaust in Gaza” – subtle!) and . . that’s it. Obviously the cold weather has trumped the indignation.


  44. Martin says:

    I repeat my comment. Peter Allen is a leftie shit.


  45. DB says:

    The clip of Jenny Linnel was taken from an interview on today’s Midday News (listen again 19:20 in). Here’s how the interview began:
    Jenny Linnel: OK, um, the situation right now is, um, there could be another attack any moment. We’ve had a warning that the main mosque in Rafah city centre could be hit by an airstrike.

    So who is issuing the warnings? Could it be the Israelis trying to minimize civilian casualties before striking against arms dumps hidden in mosques? Or perhaps it’s local officials fearful that even mosques will be hit if there are weapons stockpiled there. Or maybe the Israelis are just messing with their heads.


  46. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    JB: interesting sally

    Wiki: International Solidarity Movement (ISM) (described as a “motley collection of anti-globalization and animal-rights activists, self-described anarchists and seekers”)

    Her death makes interesting pitch battle between polar politics. The only moral I can see is don’t stand in front of an armour-plated bulldozer out of the line of sight of its driver, or if you do, jump! What a wasted life.


  47. Grant says:

    Jack Bauer 5:59

    And , of course, the reasons the allies entered WW2 weren’t because of Nazi persecution of the Jews.
    Yes, anti-Semitism is alive and well in Europe, especially at the BBC.


  48. dave t says:

    Not a thing in Bowen’s report at 6pm about the fact that the reason there are civilian casualties is because Hamas hide inside civilian buildings and use their people as human shields from behind whom they fire rockets!

    Bias? From the BBC? Yes. Every time.


  49. Aeneas says:

    Peace between Israel and Hamas, a Islamic fundamentalist organisation, will never last because of Islamic doctrine of Hudna established by the example of Islam’s Prophet that means that peace is never permanent. The recent breaking of the cease fire by Hamas and the firing of rockets into Israel illustrates the general principle. The Islamic world will not rest until Israel no longer exists. Israel has a right and a duty to defend itself and a negotiated truce with those that mean it irreparable harm will be no guarantee of permanent peace. The BBC never mentions things like this.

    The concept of Hudna : is briefly outlined in second part of this article: with particular reference to Hamas which relates to the The Treaty of Hudaibiya (628AD) : which Mohammed concluded with the Quraysh.

    On a final point we must remember that Hamas is trying to introduce full Sharia law into Gaza: . That illustrates quite clearly the sort of world view that Hamas represents. Again, no coverage on the BBC about this either.

    The BBC might end up coming out with their usual nonsense about Hamas just being a minority of terrorists (though I doubt they would go so far as to mention the T word, but when their argument collapses under the weight of the facts they might make some concessions) but remember that they won an election victory in the Palestinians elections – Such an election victory seems to me to imply that the large numbers of ordinary Palestinians do not want peace.

    Perhaps the BBC believes that Israel should just let Hamas take over the whole country and submit to second class citizen status under Sharia Law, I would guess the BBC want that for us too?


  50. Trisha says:

    Cannot get over the BBC headline on the attacks in Gaza as the Israeli “Final Solution” to the Hamas problem.
    What a hideously biased and corrupt propaganda machine the BBC is !!!
    So the Israeli’s are acting as Nazi’s with death camps and systematic killing ??
    What gives with this BBC organization??