Just wanting to take a quiet moment this morning and wish everyone on Biased BBC a Happy New Year. Thanks for all your support in 2008 and I look forward with vigour to 2009. My clear objective next year is to get the Biased BBC book published and tomorrow, on January 1st, I have made plans to start that process! Here’s to a great year exposing the BBC bias and making a real difference. The floor is yours, as ever!

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  1. Martin says:

    Radio 5 talking about the New Years Honours. So guess what? Yep another chance to have Vince Cable on talking utter bollocks as usual.

    Why they don’t just give him a 6 million a year contract I don’t know.


  2. Jack Bauer says:

    2008 — will be the year when the BBC was shown to be more pro Hamas and pro Islamo-Nazi than Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and a load of other Muslim countries, who are all accepting that Hamas has brought the wrath of Israel on themselves.

    And who are all, secretly, and not so secretly, cheering on Israel.

    It’s a funny old world, as someone once said.


  3. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    I see new year honours include Obama’s double, Lewis Hamilton.(We need a new kind of AliG: “Is it ‘cos I’z half-black?”) Shame is, Lewis moved to Switzerland to avoid paying Gordon so much tax, and still clocks up an honour.

    2009 expected to be newest year ever since records began. Remember you read it here first. BBBC

    Thanks for your sterling chairmanship DV.


  4. Claudio says:

    I gave up listening to the Today programme years ago, but I see that Jarvis Cocker has been a guest editor. Of course, that means an opportunity for the BBC to broadcast sheer, blatant propaganda, liberally laced with ad-hominem attacks, while hiding behind the plausible deniability of “allowing alternative voices to be heard”.

    I am referring to this piece “Stern hope over US climate deal”:

    “”He’s night and day on this issue relative to his prehistoric predecessor George Bush,” Lord Stern told the BBC’s Today programme’s guest editor Jarvis Cocker.

    “That is a very big change and, while people saw the United States as a obstacle, now people are saying well perhaps the United States could really lead on this.”

    “Lord Stern, a former World Bank economist, compiled the Stern Review into the Economics of Climate Change for the UK government in 2006.

    It warned the world had to act immediately or face devastating economic consequences.”

    Same old BBC, same old bias. Not even a hint of a contrary opinion or the fact that the Stern report has been laughed out of court by many leading economists.


  5. Martin says:

    Andrew: Hamilton might have moved to Switzerland, but unlike Socialist favourite Bozo from U2 he doesn’t preach that the west (that clearly means the working class only) should give billions to Africa, whilst happily dodging Irish taxes and moving his business to the Netherlands instead.


  6. Jack Bauer says:

    Anyone clock that the BBC failed to report Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard has been awarded the GBH in the New Years Honours List?


  7. Martin says:

    JB: LOL!!!!


  8. The Beebinator says:

    lets hope thousands upon thousands of beeboids get redundancy notices in 2009 :+:

    pmsl @ Andy Marr, couldnt have happened to a nicwe person ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†


  9. Beebater says:

    Will anyone at the BBC dare comment on the serial drug test misser getting an honour today, or are athletic minority females alone exempt from criticism?


  10. Martin says:

    Just caused two journalists on Radio 5 trashing the Tories and Damien Green. How terrible that the Tories had a mole in the Home Office leaking information that makes that fat slag Jacqui Spliff a liar.

    The BBC. Going out in 2008 as they started. Licking the shit from fatty one eye’s dirty rectum.


  11. Jim T. says:

    I accidentally turned on the Toady prog this morning (all right, I’ll go to confession) and who should be on but our BBC favorite Red Ken, and he seemed to be saying what a good bloke Castro was and how marvellous Cuba is, as well as praising other South American dictators. I then switched off to avoid a new year’s eve heart attack – maybe someone else can elaborate on what else was said, I assume nothing was contradicted by whichever presenter it was. Happy New year to all those here who report these gems and a particular good wish to DV for looking after us all.


  12. GCooper says:

    Indeed, it seems as if the comrades are unable to keep Livingstone off the airwaves. I wonder why? Do the really have no conception of how transparent their behaviour is?

    Happy New Year to one and all – and particular thanks to David Vance for manning the pumps so splendidly!


  13. Jason says:

    Jeremy Bowen’s latest piece on Gaza is a real doozy:

    Israeli spokespeople around the world are sticking to some very consistent lines.

    They repeat endlessly that Israel is acting in self defence, that its sovereign territory has been violated by rocket attacks, and that any country in its position would have done the same as it has done.

    Bowen-English Translation: Israeli spokespeople are keeping their story straight. They never shut up with that bollocks about acting in “self defense.”

    “The Israelis think that one way they’ll do that will be to separate the Hamas leadership and core support from the great mass of Palestinians in Gaza, by showing them the cost of Hamas actions.

    It is unlikely that will happen.

    I take it Bowen put his fingers in his ears when he saw the clip of the little Arab girl blaming Hamas for the deaths of her family.

    “The police recruits Israel killed at their passing out parade will have included many young men who joined up simply to get a decent job, which is a rarity in Gaza.”

    No comment needed. Which is just as well because words fail me.


  14. Martin says:

    Hopefully one day the Israelis might pop fucking Bowen just like they popped his boyfriend a while back ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Indeed, it seems as if the comrades are unable to keep Livingstone off the airwaves.

    The (woeful) BBC are keeping Livingstone ‘hot’ and ‘live’ because he has stated that he will run for Mayor again in four years time.

    As he is an authoritarian socialist he will chime nicely with the BBC world view.


  16. Tom says:

    Martin | 31.12.08 – 2:30 pm

    Blimey, a bit brutal, that. You aren’t entirely house-trained are you?


  17. Martin says:

    Radio5 really going for it today. Another left wing guest (Matthew something or other) wanking on about how brilliant McFatty and Bozo have been to Africa, yet then slags off George Bush.

    Of course Bush has given billions to Africa.

    Oh and this wanker is bigging up the black son of god.


  18. Martin says:

    Tom: I fucking hate the BBC.


  19. Tom says:

    Martin | 31.12.08 – 2:49 pm

    Tom: I fucking hate the BBC.

    Are you sure?

    Happy New Year.


  20. John Bosworth says:

    Predictions for 2009 (only partly in jest)

    Al Gore will give the Reith Lectures – which will be extended to 30 programmes to match his endless oratory.

    Jonathan Ross will return in triumph to the public airwaves – as the presenter of Question Time.

    Tony Blair will be asked to be Chairman of the Board of Governors. He will appoint Peter Mandelson Director General. With Big Brother and Big Sister in charge, Orwell’s worst fears will become reality.

    The licence fee will be increased to cover the cost of internet transmissions

    David Vance will be made BBC ombudsman

    David Preisser (USA) will be appointed Controller R3

    Martin – who has given us such laughs – will write a biography of his favourite politician with the genteel title “The One Eyed Scot and how I f*****g hate him!”

    All the leftie bloggers (Beeboids working from White City) who post here under “witty” names will start a rival “Biased” Biased-BBC site which no-one will read.

    Finally: After a viewers and listeners revolt, the BBC will be privatised and sold to the highest bidder – Rush Limbaugh

    Happy New Year to one and all. This is a fun place to vent. Thanks.


  21. Abandon Ship! says:

    This piece from Woman’s Hour is astonishing (even by Beeboid standards) both for its bias and for its assumptions that Castro’s Cuba was a fantastic thing, especially for women (seeing that it was women’s hour):

    and here is the BBC’s link to one of the guest speakers, Kent Barker:


  22. disillusioned_german says:

    A Happy New Year to everyone (unless they’re Beeboids). May 2009 finally see the downfall of the Al Beeb propaganda machine.

    One thing’s for sure, David, you’ll not run out of material until that happens ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. David H says:

    We all let off steam on this web site and maybe feel better about it for a while but what can we do to make a difference?


  24. David H says:

    PS – Thanks to David Vance for his unstinting effort and commitment – looking forward to the book.
    A BBC-free 2009 to all!


  25. Abandon Ship! says:

    Snow Syndrome:

    BBC reporter putting down a dumb Jew on “World Have Your Say”:

    “the people of Sderot they still lead pretty much normal lives”

    about 44min in:


  26. Abandon Ship! says:

    The BBC’s homage to repression:


  27. Martin says:

    Check out Radio 5. Bleating on about those two fucking towelheads being handed over to the Iraqi Government, hopefully for execution.

    The two beeboids were getting so angry that how dare the British Government defy the European court of human rights and that these poor Muslims might not get a fair trial. More of a fair trial than the two British soldiers got.

    Not ONCE in the BBC article did the cunts at the BBC mention the families of the two soldiers.


  28. Martin says:

    Tom: I’m very sure.

    Happy New Year as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope 2009 gives us a few more beeboids that top themselves or die of a drugs overdose. We can only hope.


  29. Anonymous says:

    2 israelis shot in a shopping mall in Denmark by man described by Police as ‘probably Palestinian’.

    Has it been reported by the BBC?

    Silly question.


  30. moonbat nibbler says:

    Crazy leftist attack on pro-carbon beeboids!

    [Big Cat Live] was lambasted for not mentioning climate change in eight hours of television, even though it is widely known to be impacting on wildlife in east Africa. “In 12 years, I have never seen Big Cat programmes mention climate change despite the considerable impacts to African rainfall patterns. Wildlife programme makers regularly fail to give out the key message of the climate scientists. It is an act of political appeasement of powerful political pro-carbon interests”, said Peter Hack, a viewer.

    The BBC response intrigued:

    “This was a show about animal character. To have shoehorned climate change into it would not have been appropriate. All it would have done is put people off the programme.



  31. George R says:

    For UK viewers, on BBC iPlayer (duration 21 mins):

    BBC’s Matt Frei’s critique of his Republican opponent, George W. Bush: ‘”The W Years”.

    Frei’s impartial conclusion:

    ” A country and a man that have gone from swagger to stagger in eight short years”


  32. Jack Bauer says:

    Has the BBC mentioned this little Christmas tidbit yet?
    Both Iran and its Hamas proxy in Gaza have been busy this Christmas week showing Christendom just what they think of it. But no one seems to have noticed.

    On Tuesday, Hamas legislators marked the Christmas season by passing a Shari’a criminal code for the Palestinian Authority. Among other things, it legalizes crucifixion.

    Hamas’s endorsement of nailing enemies of Islam to crosses came at the same time it renewed its jihad. Here, too, Hamas wanted to make sure that Christians didn’t feel neglected as its fighters launched missiles at Jewish day care centers and schools. So on Wednesday, Hamas lobbed a mortar shell at the Erez crossing point into Israel just as a group of Gazan Christians were standing on line waiting to travel to Bethlehem for Christmas.


  33. La Cumparsita says:

    I have just e mailed BBC News asking why they are not broadcasting this information.(below)
    Note especially that World Food Program’s warehouses in Gaza are FULL!

    31th December, 2008

    12 Palestinians from Gaza transferred to Israeli hospitals for assistance and 2500 tons of humanitarian aid transferred to Gaza

    Today 12 Palestinians accessed Israel for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. Two of those evacuated were children injured during the military activates, the remaining are chronically sick people, and their escorts, that accessed Israel for treatment that is not available within the Gaza Strip.
    Further more, despite ongoing rocket fire, Israel continues with the extensive humanitarian effort in coordination with the international organizations, Palestinian Authority and various donors. Ninety three trucks, with approximately 2500 tons of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and medication were conveyed through “Kerem Shalom” cargo terminal. The World Food Program has informed Israel that they will not be resuming shipment of food commodities in to Gaza due to the fact that their warehouses are at full capacity and will last for approximately two weeks.
    Since the beginning of operation “cast lead” some 6500 tons of aid have been transferred at the request of the international organizations, the Palestinian Authority and various governments. Preparations are underway to facilitate further shipments expected to arrive in the coming days.

    For Further information:
    Major Peter Lerner
    Cellular: 050-6234053
    Tel: +972 (3) 6977138


  34. George R says:

    BBC resolution for 2009:
    ‘We’re not being pro-Islamic enough in our programming, subsidised by the kafirs’, says BBC top planner, dressed in Hamas gear:

    ‘Get BBC 4 to put out a 3-part TV series, first week of 2009, preferably by some Muslim chap, on the wonders of Islam in the history of science:

    ‘And whatever you do, don’t draw attention to an essay by Fjordman on ‘Science and Religion’; that could ruin our whole plan’:


  35. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Happy Jesus Bris Day to everyone (the new year starts eight days after the birth of a certain Jewish boy, when he was circumcised and officially named, right?).

    I hope this next year sees everyone here safe and happy.

    Personally, I look forward to the end of Justin Webb’s US reporting, although I’m afraid most of you will have to suffer even more of him come September.

    Thanks to David Vance for keeping things going here, as well as to the other Moderators. Let’s hope the book project will get off to a good start.

    I also hope this next year sees a few deserving Beeboids get the Ed “What other projects?” Stourton treatment. And maybe a deserving end to the damn personal blogs.


  36. Geoff says:

    DavidH, what can we do to make a difference? Buy 10 of the upcoming books and give them out as part of a birthday or Easter present!


  37. The Beebinator says:


    Al beeb are going to show us how islam laid the foundations for the modern world, presented by the traitor Ragi Omar

    wonder if Ragi will mention Mo’s paedophilia


  38. Gosh says:

    happy new year dv. and to all here.


  39. public teat says:

    well The Beebinator,
    paedophilia is pretty rife in the modern world… so we’ll concede that contribution to them


  40. Abandon Ship! says:

    Says Damian Thompson at the Telegraph, tired of orthodox Christianity being, as usual, the whipping boy:

    “The Guardian/BBC (have they officially merged yet?) has produced a news story/documentary on the “science of the Virgin birth” which suggests that Mary may have suffered from various gruesome gynaecological abnormalities.”


  41. Robert S. McNamara says:

    Happy et cetera.


  42. David says:

    I can’t find it anymore, but I read today that the BBC are planning a ‘revisionist’ take on Anne Frank’s diaries. It seemed to suggest that Anne would be an annoying, grumpy teenager. Yes, why not re-write the history of a murdered Jewish girl…


  43. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    Of course Bush has given billions to Africa.
    Martin | 31.12.08 – 2:49 pm | #

    Has any of the money poured into Africa ever achieved anything apart from helping Swiss banks? Can any money ever be given to Africa which improves the place?


  44. David says:

    Allan – Bush’s targeted anti-Malaria projects have cut death rates in some countries by anything from half to 90%. And it was all something that he personally wanted to do.


  45. Martin says:

    David: Perhaps they could make her a Muslim girl betrayed by evil ‘Joows’

    That fit with the Bum Bandit Company.


  46. Martin says:

    Boosh has done a lot for Africa. More than those two fuckwits Gandalf and Bozo, oh and the rest of the Moozlum world.

    Russia and China? Well they sold lots and lots of guns to Africa.


  47. Ratass Shagged says:

    “Has any of the money poured into Africa ever achieved anything apart from helping Swiss banks? Can any money ever be given to Africa which improves the place?”

    Yes, as long as it’s all spent on condoms and Nestle powdered milk.


  48. David Vance says:

    Same to you Gosh.


  49. John Bosworth says:

    While the BBC have always been believers, it appears that other great British institution, the Church of England, is following suit:

    “The Church of Englandโ€™s Church Commissioners have gone green, investing ยฃ150 million with former US Vice-President Al Goreโ€™s environmentally minded investment firm, Generation Investment Management.”

    It seems that for the Church of England belief in God is optional but the existence of Gore is mandatory.


  50. Coward says:

    Another year over… on with the hell for the next one…

    GO BBC!!!!