Once again, my breath is taken away by the upfront admiration that most BBC reporters seem to be showing for Hamas. I just caught the dog-faced Lyse Doucet on BBC 24 News enquiring of Abu Bowen if many people will be surprised how plucky Hamas are still “fighting back”? Then there was the convenient conflation of Hamas terrorist deaths with civilian deaths – giving viewers the clear impression that ALL those killed in Gaza are innocent. (No mention of the Fatah assassinations carried out by Hamas in Gaza, memory hole) This is the same trick they used in 2006 during the Lebanon crisis. The BBC has morphed in the oast few days into the Hamas Broadcasting Corporation, wilfully spinning events to suit their Gazan soul-mates.

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  1. pounce says:

    I’ve News 24 on as I type.

    I liked the part where she mentioned that the lights behind her was the Gaza strip one of most densely populated parts of the world and currently without power.
    Err Einstein where are the lights coming from?


  2. Martin says:

    Don’t forget the story of the two Pali kids slitted on the roof of a house. Pig face Doucet will make big on that when the BBC gets around to reporting it.

    Like I said only a fucking total inbred moron would let kids play on the roof of a building in the middle of a battle.

    Just how thick are Pali’s?


  3. David H says:

    One could argue that justice would be served if one of those Hamas rockets took the lot of them out!
    If only………..


  4. David Vance says:


    Yes, the lights that work without power. Brilliant.


  5. Grimer says:

    Of course, Lyse Doucet has previous form. Check out this interview for an example of her ‘impartiality’:


  6. Anat (Israel) says:

    I never fail to wonder at the cruelty and cinicism of these BBC propagandists. If nothing else, they enable the oppression of the Palestinians themselves by the Jihadi gangs. From Amin al-Husseini through Yasser Arafat to Hamas, none of these Jihadis has ever had the interest of the people at heart. The people have always been tools for the Jihad, with the BBC singing the praise of their oppressors.


  7. archduke says:

    something you wont see reported on by the bbc – and bear in mind , this is from the Obama loving New York Times!

    Hospital treatment – Hamas style..

    “On Monday, Dr. Ashour was not the only official in charge. Armed Hamas militants in civilian clothes roamed the halls. Asked their function, they said it was to provide security. But there was internal bloodletting under way.

    In the fourth-floor orthopedic section, a woman in her late 20s asked a militant to let her see Saleh Hajoj, her 32-year-old husband. She was turned away and left the hospital. Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Hajoj was carried out by young men pretending to transfer him to another ward. As he lay on the stretcher, he was shot in the left side of the head.

    Mr. Hajoj, like five others killed at the hospital this way in 24 hours, was accused of collaboration with Israel. He had been in the central prison awaiting trial by Hamas judges; when Israel destroyed the prison on Sunday he and the others were transferred to the hospital. But their trials were short-circuited.”


  8. Aeneas says:

    Help combat the BBC bias by getting the truth out there:


    Donate your Facebook Status to update the world about Qassams hitting Israel:

    Inform people about the legal issues relating to the Gaza War:

    Do voluntary work in Israel:

    Write to UK telecommunications company FreedomCall to complain about their decision to pull
    out of Israel due to Israel’s willingness to defend itself.,7340,L-3648346,00.html

    Help ensure Israeli soldiers in Gaza are well fed:

    Show the bias of the Mainstream Media by showing the other side. The following video shows the Israelis saving the live of a Palestinian child, I very much doubt that Hamas would do the same for Israelis: Also encourage people to visit the IDF YouTube channel:

    Inform people about the Nazi roots of Palestinian Nationalism and Islamic Jihad:

    Join pro Israel Facebook Groups:

    The Jewish Internet Defense Force:


  9. archduke says:

    List of countries/regions by population density

    at no.13 is the “Palestinian Territories”.

    Vid by Elder of Ziyon on the “overcrowded” Gaza meme


  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why the BBC is so biased. Watching News 24 today, they showed “an American perspective” as they called it, and went to the head of the Arab-American pressure group.

    Then for “an Israeli perspective” they went to Machmood Alibaba in Gaza.

    And why on Breakfast did they invite that man who was put in lockup in Dubai for having sex on the beach, then instructed him repeatedly to NOT mention anything about his ordeal, but instead asked him how we should all behave in Muslim countries?

    What is wrong at the BBC?


  11. archduke says:

    Anonymous | 04.01.09 – 8:38 pm |

    and BBC news 24 had the head of the British-Arab Conservative association on. yeah – thats their idea of “balance”…

    i’ve yet to see a SINGLE person from the British Jewish community invited on.

    Melanie Philips? Persona non grata to the BBC…


  12. Shug Niggurath says:

    Dunno archduke, they did have someone from a group called something like the ‘British Zionist Association’.

    He was perfectly reasonable, but I immediately thought ‘what one word in that name might be considered unreasonable by the left and the muslims?’


  13. Aeneas says:

    I watched Al Jazeera news today and I found it less biassed (though it was extremely biassed!) than the BBC on the Gaza issue. Watching the BBC these days seems to me to be the equivalent of listening to Lord Haw-Haw in the 1940s. Anything that is opposed to the interests of Britain and the intersts of democracy seems to be attacked by the BBC!


  14. Grimer says:

    “Anything that is opposed to the interests of Britain and the intersts of democracy seems to be attacked by the BBC!”

    I think you many mean ‘endorsed’ 😉


  15. thud says:

    The beeb keeps moaning….the IDF keeps killing…sounds good to me!


  16. Aeneas says:

    Grimer – you are correct, that is what I meant. How embarassing – perhaps I am BBC journalist material after all!


  17. archduke says:,2933,475226,00.html

    son of hamas leader – convert to christianity.

    “Islam is not the word of God.
    Are you really going to heaven with 72 virgins after you kill yourself and kill another 20 people?”


  18. disillusioned_german says:

    archduke | 04.01.09 – 10:31 pm |

    I watched the programme last night. Very intersting. Should be available on YouTube by now.


  19. Fran says:

    Just caught the Sky reporting on conflict. What a contrast with the BBC. A hospitalised Israeli woman whose house was struck by a rocket was interviewed together with her son. And there was a piece about the muted Arab reaction to the Israeli incursion, highlighting the thugs of Hamas and their reign of terror in Gaza, together with the whole situation placed in the relevant wider context of Sunni/Shi’ite animosity and Iranian meddling in Hamas affairs.

    So much better than the un-nuanced, sloppy journalism of BBC reporters, who consistently fail to report context or the range of reactions.


  20. Tim says:

    yep I guess when the BBC is whingeing as much as it is, it must be going really well for the Isreali’s.

    that is the way we hve to judge whats going on in the world these days!


  21. archduke says:

    Fran | Homepage | 04.01.09 – 11:27 pm |

    and sky news is run on a FRACTION of the budget of the BBC.

    given up on bbc news coverage to be honest – i know i’ll just get Hamas TV, so whats the point.


  22. Anon says:

    The top recommended comment in the Gaza HYS by marcus marcuse has been deleted.


  23. Martin says:

    Don’t forget when the ground invasion started not only did Sky cover it live (whilst the BBC decided that 22 grown men kicking a pigs bladder around a football pitch was more important) Sky even had images from the build up.

    The BBC didn’t seem to have ANY images at all and neither Bowen or pig face Doucet were available for comment.


  24. Atlas shrugged says:

    Two known facts to ponder.

    The British and therefore world Establishment is a Zionist organization. ( This in that it believes in the rebuilding of THE Temple in Jerusalem. These people are not mainly JEWS, they are mainly Roman Catholics and Anglicans.)

    BBC works entirely for the British Establishment.

    Therefore why is it that The BBC is so obviously Anti-Israel, when it CAN’T REALLY BE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES?

    This is a much easier question to answer then it may seem.

    Simply note some simple facts and look for the actual consequences that result from what the BBC says and does.
    Which are among other things.

    The promotion of terrorism around the world as being the normal way of doing business. Thus encouraging pointlessly bloodthirsty and hopelessly futile resistance.

    This gives the establishment they work for, the excuse to do whatever they desire to counter International terrorism.

    Which does not include doing anything that will actually solve the problem. It may however include ID cards moving swiftly onto The Micro Chipped Population.

    The BBC makes this and all situations worse then they otherwise would be. That is mainly the JOB of the BBC and western style socialism in general.

    The point is to CONTROL YOU. Which has always been the ultimate point of a civilized government. They just did not bother to tell you lot. The more it CONTROLS YOU the more civilized a countries government claims to be.

    The trick of course especially in a democracy is to mind control the population sufficiently enough. So that the vast majority do not have the slightest clue that they are far far more mind controlled then they could possibly stay sane imagining.

    The BBC deliberately encourages people to become PARANOID, defensive, unsociable, divided from their fellow citizens, racist, homophobic, sexist, sexually perverse, BBCphobic, and lots of other absolutely horrible things.

    The BBC in the above respect is every bit as bad as The Daily Mail. I would very much argue far far worse then any news-paper could possibly hope to be. IMO the BBC is as good as the root of all evil, or certainly a vitally important branch of devoutly evil almost secret GOVERNMENT.

    It is the current and future CONSEQUENCES that matter. Not just in The middle east but far more importantly HERE, and in the rest of the so called free world.

    Israel may or may not be planned for destruction one day. But you can be absolutely certain a few thousand rag heads armed with tens of thousands of glorified fireworks, are not going to have ANYTHING to do with it WHATSOEVER.

    ISRAEL is not under any direct threat to its existence, anymore, if indeed it ever REALLY was. So therefore the Zionist powers can say and do what they like to help throw the general population off their utter stink.

    The BBC always comes in very handy when the establishment very much need to hide their tracks. The Jews will still be running the area, and possibly for a long time to come. So things are just the way our establishment planned them to be 60 or many more YEARS AGO.

    This is clearly the case otherwise the UN would at all costs be FORCED to do something BIG about the situation.

    Like for example; stopping the people that control the UN from financing and FREELY promoting via the BBC Muslim Terrorist organizations and directing Israeli foreign and domestic policy at the same time. Which is of course directly or indirectly THEMSELVES.

    The UN is told to do nothing of the sort, by the people who control the organization, set it up, and finance/bribe it.

    Therefore the establishment is clearly highly satisfied with the current on going Middle Eastern situation, including very dead innocent and not so innocent Muslim and Jewish people.

    However many times the establishments BBC desperately strives to give EXACTLY the opposite impression.


  25. Hugh Oxford says:

    The BBC’s Rushdi Abu Alouf in Gaza City says the fighting and Israeli positions have stopped desperately needed medical supplies getting through to hospitals that are struggling to cope with the casualties.

    Perhaps the BBC shouldn’t send Muslims to report on Middle Eastern conflicts.


  26. Anat (Israel) says:

    Projection is a consistent feature of Jihadi propaganda.

    – While everybody knows that the Jihadi movements target especially civilians, the propaganda attributes targetting civilians to the forces that fight to stop the Jihadis.
    – While everybody knows that practically all Jews were expelled from Arab countries, and that on the other hand Arabs who wanted to stay in Israel are still there, the propaganda attributes ethnic cleansing to the Israelis.
    – While everybody knows that no Jews may enter Saudi or be citizens of Jordan or the PA, and that Arabs on the other hand are equal citizens of Israel, the propaganda attributes apartheid attitudes to Israel.
    – While everybody knows that Israel has repeatedly given up land for peace, the propaganda accuses Israel of expansionism.

    All these are obvious reversals of truth. The Jihadis do it as part of their war against the Jews. But why does the BBC propagate the same? Is also the BBC at war against the Jews?


  27. bill says:

    UN ambulance used a troop carrier. Wait until the end.


  28. Robert says:

    As Tim rightly says, the shriller the BBC become, the more we can be sure that the Israeli operation is going well. That’s about all one learns from the hysterical and incomprehensible BBC online reports at present. It says something when even the Guardian provides more balanced coverage:


  29. Chuffer says:

    Atlas, have a look at the average Pounce posting. It’s long, informative, well-researched and worth ploughing through.

    Now look at one of yours. A couple of hundred words of utterly pointless drivel.


  30. Mark says:

    “The BBC’s Rushdi Abu Alouf in Gaza City says the fighting and Israeli positions have stopped desperately needed medical supplies getting through to hospitals that are struggling to cope with the casualties.”

    Given the Beeb’s eulogising of the Great Castro and his achievements, can’t the Cubans ship out some of their glut of skilled doctors to help out the Gazans ?

    After all, we are told how WONDERFUL the Cuban healthcare system is, aren’t we ?


  31. Martin says:

    Check out Vicky Pollard’s phone in on 5 live about the fight between Israel and the Pali’s.

    She’s so in the tank for the Pali’s it’s unbelievable.


  32. La Cumparsita says:

    I’m trying to avoid the BBC for the sake of my health, but R4 was on this morning & the Today programme was conducting an interview with ever-articulate Dan Gillerman. Now, the line wasn’t great but you could hear every word, when suddenly the interviewer announced that they were cutting it short “because of the line”.
    Clearly the answers were not to the BBC’s liking. Odd how the lines from Gaza are all so clear.


  33. Anon says:

    Three facts not reported by the Beeb:

    1. Hamas are f***ing with the wrong people.

    2. When a ceasefire occurs, it will be Hamas that break it.

    3. When the rockets continue to fire Gorgeous George, Annie Lennox, Alexei Sayle et al will disappear into the ether.


  34. Anon says:

    “Thousands throw shoes at Downing Street in protest against Israeli action in Gaza”

    Monkey see, Monkey do.


  35. Cameron says:

    Well balanced report here – helicopters firing,then tanks -then cut to pally children in hospitals….


  36. DB says:

    Young BBC News producer 1: Who’s this Alexei Sayle guy? What’s he famous for?
    Young BBC News producer 2: Not sure. I think he had a hit song in the 80s.
    Young BBC News producer 1: Oh, OK. Thanks.


  37. Sue says:

    Anat (Israel) | 05.01.09 – 7:43 am
    A perfect example of what you are saying was illustrated by Hanan Ashwari all day yesterday. Every single one of her staccato declarations was an exact reversal of the truth, attributing all the poisonous, devious actions and motives of Hamas to the Israelis. Including breaking the ceasefire and targeting civillians.

    Her masculine hatchet-faced stare and strangulated delivery is enough to curdle everything in the vicinity.


  38. Jack Bauer says:

    Her masculine hatchet-faced stare and strangulated delivery is enough to curdle everything in the vicinity.
    Sue | 05.01.09 – 10:51 am | #


    So facially reminiscent of the late communist killer Komrad Stalin, even down to the mustache.


  39. Jack C says:

    I note that the BBC Scotland radio news (at 12 noon) states that Israel is “defying” EU calls for a ceasefire.
    Interesting choice of verb. Not “ignoring” but “defying”.
    This neatly encapsulates the BBC’s pro-EU and anti-Israel line in one single word.


  40. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    “It was easier to stick to that policy than to make serious attempt to address the problems of Gaza, the Palestinians and Israel.”

    Antisemitic scum.


  41. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    The British and therefore world Establishment is a Zionist organization

    Do seek help.



  42. xlr says:

    DB | 05.01.09 – 10:50 am |



  43. Jack Bauer says:

    “Thousands throw shoes at Downing Street in protest against Israeli action in Gaza”

    Monkey see, Monkey do.
    Anon | 05.01.09 – 10:10 am | #

    I believe this is part of Gordon Brown’s recent 100,000 jobs plan by kick-starting the British shoe industry .


  44. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    one of most densely populated parts of the world

    Yes, that is one of the morons’ favourite phrases.


  45. Mugwump says:

    Sue | 05.01.09 – 10:51 am

    Yes, Ms. Ashwari has also graced American television with her considerable charms this past week.

    The sad thing is that by the standards of Palestinian politics she is generally regarded as a moderate voice.


  46. Anat (Israel) says:

    The sad thing is that by the standards of Palestinian politics she is generally regarded as a moderate voice.
    Mugwump | 05.01.09 – 4:09 pm | #
    It is not for any of her opinions that Ahshrawi is considered a moderate, but rather for her westernized education and manners. Typical ‘liberal’ racist generalization.


  47. Allan@Oslo says:

    The ‘children’ who were killed by Israeli military action: were they armed? We do know how muslims use children.


  48. deegee says:

    Israel is “defying” EU calls for a ceasefire.
    Jack C | 05.01.09 – 12:14 pm

    Last I heard Israel is not a member of the EU. It is under no obligation to respond to anything out of Europe.

    This also applies to Hamas if the EU ever decides to ‘call’ or should that be ‘request’ something from them.


  49. Shug Niggurath says:

    Here’s a controversial view.

    1. Israel is often guilty of displaying arrogance and uncaring to the rest of the world, not by their overt actions but by their seeming naivety in how they may be perceived. In some ways they are inept at the art of propaganda.

    2. This blog is sometimes biased in itself. The ‘dog-faced’? I’d happily read ‘the woman who pleaded that the ‘humanity’ of the taliban was misreported. But ‘dog-faced’? No you can bugger off, all you do with that is give ammunition. By all means point it out, but please stop the tabloid style sensationalism.


  50. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Israel is often guilty of displaying arrogance and uncaring to the rest of the world, not by their overt actions but by their seeming naivety in how they may be perceived

    This is confused nonsense.
    If they are naive, then they are not ‘guilty of displaying arrogance’. And if they are inept in terms of propaganda, that also means they are naive rather than arrogant.