The trouble with those people is they think they can do whatever they want.

“Can Israel do whatever it wants?”

That’s the headline on today’s World Have Your Say, presented by the BBC. I haven’t got time to go into all the buried assumptions and question-begging this choice of headline embodies. It’s designed to draw forth either the answer “Yes – because the world will not stop these maniacs” or “No – the world must stop these maniacs”.

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96 Responses to The trouble with those people is they think they can do whatever they want.

  1. Martin says:

    Well as far as I’m concerned they can do what they like Can they possibly slot Bowen and that sour faced cow whilst they are at it pretty please?

    I get pissed off with the BBC claiming that the “world is against Israel”. I don’t remember the rent boy users at the BBC asking me for my opinion.


  2. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    I suggest we all flood them with sane comments. They have insane ones already, more than enough.


  3. Sarah says:

    You have to hand it to those Have Your Say editors.

    Although not on the same scale, this one reminds me of the HYS after the Virginia Tech shooting. The “question” was: “Why Do Americans Put Up With These Shootings?”

    Ummm….because we’re thick, murderous, gun-totin’, child-haters? Which, of course, was the answer they wanted and, largely, the one they got.


  4. La Cumparsita says:

    Well there’s one sane-ish comment already.


  5. Miv Tucker says:

    Just left the following comment. Five will get you ten, as they say, that it’s moderated safely out of sight.


    What a disgustingly loaded question.

    So much for the somewhat over-hyped BBC “impartiality”.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I just posted this comment:

    This question is poorly worded. “Whatever it wants” implies that unconscionable acts are being committed, and that what Israel is doing should not be allowed. I realize the BBC’s true goal is to demonize Israel, but come on, Beeboids, you can do better than that.

    Let’s see if it makes it past the intellectual fascists they hire as moderators.


  7. Miv Tucker says:

    Well, waddaya know? They did use my comment.

    Will wonders never cease?


  8. mike says:

    Just added the following:

    Two observations:
    1. Agree with Miv Tucker – what an appalling question! The BBC has now abandoned any pretence of impartiality on this issue! (And btw why no coverage on the BBC of the Palestinians killed or maimed by Hamas during the recent violence. Other media outlets have reported that 40-80 suspected collaborators or Fatah supporters have been killed and another 70-80 shot in the legs).
    2. And does anyone seriously believe that if Israel gave in to all of the Palestinanins’ demands (as they did in 2000 at Camp David) that Hamas and Hizbollah would stop their attacks on Israel?? These people are constitutionally committed to the destruction of Israel – NOT the regain of Gaza and the West Bank.


  9. Abandon Ship! says:


    If you think that’s bad, then you should have listened to the latest WHYS broadcast “Facts or propaganda”
    If you listen, I warn you that your blood pressure will rise dramatically.

    If you listen, I warn you that your blodd pressure will rise dramatically. Well it was definitely propaganda with Robert Fisk rewriting the history of the Middle East, with presenter Chloe Tilly unwilling or unable to stop him. Also on was the very reasonable political editor of the Jerusalem Post, who was far too nice and understanding. To add balance they had some guy on from Al Jazeera plus the lunatic Greg Philo, linked to here:

    So you see, it was kind of 4 to 1 against Israel.


  10. mike says:

    Looks like my comment on the HYS site is ‘awaiting moderation’… presumably for having the temerity to point out BBC bias!


  11. The Beebinator says:

    the irony of Al beebs “Can Israel do whatever it wants?” is that Al Beeb
    scumbags do whatever they want

    we should be grateful that Barbara Plett is no longer there, she’d probably be crying her eyes out whilst reporting


  12. DB says:

    BBC editor Ceri Thomas’s list of preferred guests for the Today programme has been leaked.


  13. max says:

    The singers Brian Eno, Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel would enjoy this one.


  14. A.Knight says:

    I think we get a transparent breakdown of every BEEBS employee (ok we don’t need names) just political beliefs (duh) ethnicity, age, etc. I predict a conservative in the BBC would be as common as a gay jew in the heart of gaza.


  15. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Greg Philo and Obergruppenfuehrer Fisk … which should we string up first?
    Answers on a postcard.


  16. Martin says:

    More bollocks from Bowen on the 6PM news. How the fuck does the Red Cross know if the Israelis did or didn’t know people were in that house?

    And of course the house got shelled for no reason. I’m sure there were no gunmen there. The Mozzie’s never do that do they?


  17. Anonymous says:

    The Role of the Muslim Brotherhood With Hamas and Iran

    “The fundamental truth is that Hamas’ road to Iran runs through the international Muslim Brotherhood, and has for two decades”.


  18. Martin says:

    A.Knight: This has already been done unofficially.


  19. DB says:

    max | 08.01.09 – 5:51 pm

    Good video, and one which reinforces my suspicion that the chief of the BBC’s Jerusalem bureau is talking bullshit:
    The BBC is lucky to have two outstanding producers in our Gaza office, Rushdi Abu Alouf and Hamada Abuqammar. They have been well trained, not least by Alan Johnston, and are giving calm, accurate, accounts of what is happening. Hamas has not imposed any restrictions on their reporting and they have been a model of impeccable journalism, in terrible personal circumstances.

    We heard the same crap from the BBC regarding Hezbollah in 2006. I’m sure that journalists working in Gaza understand what not to say if they don’t want a bullet or a free flight from the top of a high building. That said, Hamas, like Hezbollah, doesn’t have to worry too much where the BBC is concerned.


  20. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    The RC is 100% objective, Martin – they would never lie about Joo… oops, Israel.


  21. Biodegradable says:

    I’ve left this comment using another alias:

    The question itself is outrageous and only serves to illustrate the depths to which the BBC has abandoned its charter which demands impartiality.

    A more salient question would be “Can Hamas do whatever it wants?”.

    According to the BBC, “Yes it can.”

    On the subject of HYS and BBC blogs, the moderator’s been busy axing a huge amount of comments here:


  22. Biodegradable says:

    DB | 08.01.09 – 6:56 pm

    One of my posts to that blog, that I copied from a comment here and is possibly about to be deleted by the BBC mod:

    162. At 00:41am on 08 Jan 2009, FirstBiodegradable wrote:

    “The Palestinian Press Office of former Palestinian minister Hasan Asfur (a Fatah member who was involved in negotiations with Israel) reported that Hamas has recently set up a special security committee to monitor foreign journalists operating in the Gaza Strip. The committee is headed by a senior officer in Hamas’s internal security apparatus, Major Raad Wasim Jaber. The committee has reportedly notified all of the press offices in the Gaza Strip, especially the journalists who work with foreign news agencies and television networks, that they must report every foreign journalist who arrives in Gaza.

    In addition, the committee is requiring all foreign journalists who arrive in the Gaza Strip to fill out forms stating the purpose and duration of their visit, the type of work they do and the events they wish to cover. The committee is also preparing personal files on all foreign journalists located in Israel and in Judea and Samaria to facilitate the monitoring of their work.”


    While James Stephenson tells us, presumably with a straight face and no hint of irony, “Hamas has not imposed any restrictions on their [The BBC’s Palestinian producers] reporting and they have been a model of impeccable journalism.”


  23. Anat (Israel) says:

    Auntie Beeb obviously believes she can do whatever she wants. Charter or no charter, truth or lies.


  24. Martin says:

    Just watched a report on Fox saying Israeli soldiers found Hamas uniforms etc hidden away in some of the aid trucks being driven into Gaza. Anyone seen that reported elsewhere? I guess the BBC would never report it would they?

    Also why is it that the BBC in particular doesn’t seem to put a caveat on the film we see coming out of Gaza? After all there are no independent foreign journalists there so the video we see could be old video or staged. Shouldn’t that be included as part of the report? After all when the BBC went out with Israeli troops they made it very clear that the film was done under the control of the IDF.

    More double standards by the BBC?

    Also, according to Fox rockets still got fired out of Gaza during the cease fire today. Fox reported that both sides broke the cease fire, but fucking Bowen only talked about those evil Jewish bastards breaking it.


  25. A.Knight says:

    I have noticed that in any ‘comments’ section governed by the BBC that moderate i.e delete any views that do not fit in with their own. The ultimate in communist dictatorship. So in other words, the only comments that make it to print are the ones that are entirely in line with their own i.e the pro-palestian ones! Look at the comments section of this and you will be hard pressed to find any comments that are pro-israeli, despite the overwhelming amount of people out there that fit that category. Unbelievable. Yet that’s the BBC for you.


  26. tommy3lions says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Shimon Peres but when ITV’s mark Austin asked him “Now that the world is condemning Israel””'” Peres responded by saying, “You don’t speak for the world.Austin was completely overcome not expecting this. The BBC is reporting everything as fact and to think I have to pay a tax to watch it.


  27. Battersea says:

    Any one catch the Channel 4 anti-Israeli hatefest that is their flagship news programme? My blood pressure hasn’t recovered from the vicious attacks and contempt for Israel and Israelis.


  28. Jon says:

    Actually the BBC should not post these so called HYS – what is it they get out of it? I presume they know that the reactions they get will fit their own agenda and therefore they will get their message across without being accused of bias – “We didn’t say that it was the posters”. Shocking.


  29. Grant says:

    Battersea 8:15

    I saw it and Alex Thompson’s interview with Mr. Regev was a total disgrace, if anything worse than the BBC, if that is possible.
    And , of course, Channel 4 swallow every bit of Hamas propaganda.


  30. Pete says:

    What a silly question. An overwhelmingly superior military power can usually do what it wants in any conflict.

    How did they manage to fill the whole programme with the single word ‘yes’?


  31. NotaSheep says:

    DB: That’s my Bill Bailey DVD in the bin.


  32. Grant says:

    Anyway, in the interests of even-handedness we can expect next :-

    “Can Russia do anything it wants ?”
    “Can China do anything it wants ? “


  33. Mugwump says:

    Anyway, in the interests of even-handedness we can expect next :-

    “Can Russia do anything it wants ?”
    “Can China do anything it wants ? ”
    Grant | 08.01.09 – 8:47 pm

    And the one I’m most eagerly anticipating:

    “Can Iran do anything it wants?”


  34. Pete says:

    The Olympics, the 2005 womens Euro football tournament, the Commonwealth games, El Dorado, BBC 3, BBC 4, Radio 7, Radio 6 – the BBC can certainly do what it wants even when nearly everyone who pays them is uninterested.

    And with Lark Rise To Candleford it can do what it wants to. What’s that programme got to do with the book of the same name? The book is very interesting and I hope nobody is put off reading it thinking it is a tedious, rustic 1890’s soap opera of a read.


  35. La Cumparsita says:

    BBC has been repeating UN claims that an Israeli tank shell killed one of their drivers & wounded two others at the Erez crossing. But an Israeli medic said that it was Hamas snipers & that the casualties evacuated to an Israeli hospital had gunshot wounds. Hamas does have a history of attacking the crossings & why would Israel attack an aid convoy? But none of this troubles the BBC..


  36. xlr says:

    “Can Iran do anything it wants?”
    Mugwump | 08.01.09 – 9:07 pm

    Best ask these people here:


  37. Biodegradable says:

    La Cumparsita | 08.01.09 – 9:20 pm

    Send a polite complaint/correction to the BBC via their “Contact” link at the bottom of the offending report quoting the JPost and supplying them with the URL, and ask for a reply.


  38. Anonymous says:

    Typically stupid BBC loaded question, of which the only sane answer can be “Yes it can now go f*** yourselves”


  39. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Does anyone else remember how the BBC’s HYS on Tibet (right before the Olympics) was a bit less negative? The language used against China pales in comparison to the BBC’s treatment of Israel.

    And that’s a real, on-going occupation of a formerly sovereign territory, not one in name only .


  40. DB says:

    Little Green Footballs has a doctor’s critique of some blatant Pallywood propaganda which was broadcast by CNN and our own Channel 4. The events unfold in a different order in each video, with the world media’s favourite celebrity doctor Mads Gilbert appearing at the beginning of the CNN film (helping in what is clearly a fake resuscitation scene) but turning up later in the plot in the C4 director’s cut. Alex Thomson proudly claims that the cameraman works for Channel 4; I’m not in the least bit surprised.

    (If the C4 video linked by LGF gets pulled, here it is on YouTube: )

    Biodegradable | 08.01.09 – 7:05 pm
    Good point – if foreign journalists face such demands one can imagine the pressure Hamas places on local stringers.


  41. Jason says:

    I too posted a comment criticizing their choice of question, very polite and civil it was too. Of course, it was not approved. It seems like the biggest no-no in contributing to any BBC (D)HYS is to criticize the BBC itself. This is of course characteristic of any totalitarian left wing media outlet.


  42. Jon says:

    DB | 08.01.09 – 9:49 pm |
    Unbelievable – you would think that after all the proven staged videos and photos that came out of Lebanon in 2006 the “media” would be wary of taking these so called video reports at face value. But alas the message is more important than truth.

    I don’t suppose the Dr. who posts here is a medical doctor? Maybe just a pseudonym.


  43. Diaz says:

    Is this an anti-Islamic or pro-Israeli website? Or both?


  44. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Since actual BBC employees no longer lurk here, would any defenders of the BBC care to explain how this isn’t an example of the BBC openly advocating for a cause? Something that is outside of their remit and in direct violation of the Charter and Agreement?

    This would require discussing BBC bias, not Israel’s right to exist, defend itself, etc.


  45. bill says:

    OoooH! Al-beeb did an Al-Jeezera with gore on the ten o’clock news. Some guy without an arm etc. Ramping it up a notch. Naughty boys & girls! Fiona had a tear in her eyes too.

    That aside, has anyone noticed the CG maps of the area are a conveluted mish mash? The Israeli side is large blocky green pixels & the Gaza side is miniscule red pixels. Are they trying to convey something or am I just partisan?


  46. Atlas shrugged says:

    What you are watching on your TV screens is UN stage managed and BBC type media propagated theatrics.

    Why EXACTLY? I wish I knew.

    But please try to free up your minds, for once.


    This conflict as it is presented to us, in this day and age, does not make any type of logical sense.

    It is perfectly normal for ‘rational’ people to try their best to make sense out of nonsense they truly do believe surrounds them. Especially when the same nonsense is being propagated by the ENTIRE MSM not just the BBC. This is why the biggest lies are often the easiest for world GOVERNMENT to get away with.

    As I have said before.

    If Sky and The BBC start running UFO stories, on the 9o’clock news. Then suddenly UFO’s would become a real possibility. The MSM, with the possible exception of The Daily Sport, has always in the past dismissed eye witness and other evidence as the foolish imaginings of CRAZY people or CRAZY conspiracy theorists.

    Yet the people will never think to ask THE BBC or their government, until its too late. WERE you lying then, or are you lying NOW?

    Following up with.

    As you ( the BBC/government ) must have been lying or being told to lie before. Then why should we trust anything you tell us now, even if we can clearly see literally hundreds of identified landed seemingly alien craft all over the country?

    If it an’t TV it might as well not exist.


    If it is TV, it might very well not exist at all, but the reality that the BBC is telling us that aliens do in fact exist, will surly be very much with us, one way or another.

    One could say, as many do, that what the media says about an issue, is more important in understanding why something is happening, then any other type of clue.

    After all, what would be the point of ‘protesting’, if there were no chance whatsoever that your organization would get a favorable press coverage, from at least, for example, The BBC?

    Have you ever wondered why it is that the same types that infest Al-Jareeza (English,) are the same establishment types that infest the BBC. Very often indeed, EX BBC employees?

    If you have ever imagined that it is because the same people that control and finance Al-Jareeza also control and force us to finance The BBC. Then please give yourself a peanut and a pat on the back. If you promise to use your free mind again one day soon. Next time you may be allowed a full bunch of bananas.


  47. pounce says:

    Diaz wrote:
    Is this an anti-Islamic or pro-Israeli website? Or both?

    Neither. It’s a protest blog about how the bBC (Which is funded by every home to the tune of £139.50) which in its charter is meant to be impartial isn’t.

    Instead we are fed a diet of propoganda which wouldn’t look out of place in 1930s Russia.

    If the bBC was funded by those who watched it. I would have no problem with the bBC. I mean as rightwing as people presume I am,I buy and enjoy reading the Guardian on a daily basis. But that is my choice and no body forces me to purcahse it at the risk of jail time if I don’t.

    Yes there are people who get carried away with frustation on how the bBC lies about how people die. But lets be serious here these people are only venting on line. They aren’t killing people neither are they threatening people.
    Now contrast that stance with this bBC report;

    Gaza ‘could motivate UK extremists’
    ….Publicly UK Muslim representatives are wary of voicing their fears of a violent backlash in Britain.

    But privately they say there is such widespread Muslim frustration over world leaders’ apparent inability to stop Palestinian civilians being killed they fear the seeds are being sown for another major attack like the London bombings of 2005.

    I’m sorry but if the bBC is using its News arm in which to promote a Blackmail message on behalf of a so called religion of peace I wish no part of it.
    That article tells me I have to do as I am told or else I die.
    Well the last I looked 98% of the population aren’t Islamic .People will only take so much before they snap.As they say payback is a bitch.

    My problem is Not only do I look Islamic I have a muslim name.


  48. Grant says:

    Diaz 10:22

    Anyone is free to post on this website.


  49. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Atlas shrugged | 08.01.09 – 10:52 pm |

    What you are watching on your TV screens is UN stage managed and BBC type media propagated theatrics.

    Staged? You must be joking. The UN has passed more resolutions against Israel than against almost anyone else. They even have entire gatherings for which “racism” is an aegis for bashing Israel.

    Further, the UN is so weak and pathetic that to call it a Paper Tiger would be an insult to drawings of Tigger everywhere, especially the original E.H. Shepard ones.

    This current noise between Israel and Hamas is not part of some larger, unseen, nefarious plot to rule us all, in which the BBC is complicit because they are The Establishment. Or whatever.

    On second thought, perhaps you’re suggesting that the BBC “reporting” on the situation is guided by the UN in order to discredit and encourage the world to destroy Israel? It isn’t, of course, but they are surely fellow travelers.

    Having said that, I can’t really argue with your point about the convergence of Beeboids and Al-Jazeera/Islamist propaganda, or even about UFOs.

    The BBC isn’t skeptical about aliens, but they are skeptical about other invisible friends. Funny, that.


  50. A.Knight says:

    The whole question just smacks of completely low I.Q. Who writes a question like that, and suggests it to be an argument? I mean, it sounds like something a kindergarten student would make up. It’s not even a question, it’s a biased statement. And a very stupid, biased statement at that.