Coming here tomorrow night – it’s “Question Time” again

David Dimbleby, Geoff Hoon, Theresa May, Nigel Farage, Will Young and Shami Chakrabarti Coming here tomorrow night – it’s “Question Time” again, being blogged live and uncensored (Well, mostly uncensored) and YOU are invited to join in the fun and games. I attach an image of the panel and as you can see, UniveRsal Shami is back on again! Did she win some election I have somehow missed or is this an example of rampant BBC patronage for left wing shills? I’ll be here, with Geoff, tomorrow night prepared to do battle, make sure you can make it too!

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57 Responses to Coming here tomorrow night – it’s “Question Time” again

  1. Grant says:

    So I make that :-
    Left 4 (including Dimblebore)
    Right 2


  2. Philip says:

    Will Young? Will Young?!!!!


  3. David Vance says:

    “Think I better leave right now..”!!


  4. BBC lies says:

    I see the forces favourite is their Hoon.


  5. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    It’s becoming the Shami Show in a similar manner to which Today on R4 was the Menzies Campbell Hour – now slotted to Vince Cable.


  6. mikewineliberal says:

    All anti-government bar Hoon. Can’t bear to watch if Chakrabati’s on.


  7. David Vance says:

    Any bets on the questions that will be asked?


  8. Atlas shrugged says:

    Did she win some election I have somehow missed or is this an example of rampant BBC patronage for left wing shills?

    I understand your sentiments David, but I do believe you are being most unfair to Shami.

    Apart from being reasonably sexy Sharmi is a Libertarian. Misguided ignorant and more then a little brainwashed by a university education ,but a libertarian all the same.

    As such, and especially in times such as these, she deserves all the encouragement she can get.

    The problem with the BBC is that they use her as rent a quote, but only ever on matters that match the BBC agenda. When she says things that do not, the BBC either edit her comments into meaningless rubbish, or ignore her completely.

    Such is the establishments FASCIST BBC.


  9. Robert S. McNamara says:

    You know that ratio of 4:2, left to right, isn’t half bad. That’s probably what the BBC thinks is a fair representation of the British public. Which suggests to me that they’re trying, in their autistic way.

    Of course they’ll probably bus in a load of student union Trots, as usual, to fling their scat around when either of the two right-wingers open their mouths, but still it’s an improvement.

    Still not watching it though.


  10. RJR says:

    Will Young? Will Young?!!!!
    Philip | 04.02.09 – 10:43 pm | #

    I thought the “celebrity” guests were supposed to represent the “will of the people”, or some ridiculous notion like that. Suprised they haven’t had Jade Goody on yet (unless I missed something?)


  11. Universal Shami says:

    Why not just have the same panel every week? It could consist of Universal Shami, Universal Vince, Shirley Williams, Ken Livingstone and Tony Benn perhaps with the occasional ‘comedian’ thrown in for good measure.


  12. public teat says:

    I dunno Atlas..
    i think Universal Chamois is rather non-universal & selective in her libertarian human-rights instincts.

    If its an ethnic-victimhood/ entitlement-hustling issue, she’s on the case… otherwise she’s the invisible woman.


  13. Robert S. McNamara says:

    Jade Goody has got bigger fish to fry than appearing on QT to school Will Young, RJR. Fish such as trying not to be killed by several aggressive cancers.


  14. martin says:

    mikewineliberal: Rubbish. Shami is a Moozlum loving leftie as is Will Young (I heard him on Simon Mayo’s show a few months back when he got the invite to appear on QT)


  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    What’s the androgynous Muslim from that silly Robin Hood show doing on QT?


  16. Chuffer says:

    Ohe hell of a coup to get the Russian president in!


  17. Mike Spilligan says:

    I agree with Atlas: She has a mind of her own – libertarian in outlook – but the BBC uses her statements out of context; over which she should get highly indignant. If she does I’m sure the Beeb won’t pass it on to us.


  18. Philip says:

    The one consolation is that Nigel will wipe the floor with this lot.

    I do agree with Atlas however, that there may be a faint glimmer of hope for Shami. She’s not a complete moonbat and yes, she is quite sexy 😉


  19. Cassandra says:

    The BBC have a corporate addiction to inviting ‘on message’ and ‘right on’ social commentators/race baiters/mob raisers and in fact anyone who shares the BBC political narrative gets the red carpet treatment and regular platforms to preach their beliefs.
    There are plenty of social commentators and thinktank anylysts out there who the BBC ignore as if they are invisible and funnily enough they just happen to disagree with the BBC preset narrative and political agenda, funny that isnt it?
    If you happen to fit in the BBC box then its ‘the skys the limit/free pass’ BUT if you happen to contradict the BBC world view then its a ‘we dont give platforms to our ideological enemies’ type deal!

    The BBC manipulate the facts and they manipulate the audience and they manipulate the truth and they manipulate nation, but hey, its all in a good cause innit?


  20. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Phillip: Shami “quite sexy”? She looks like a small indian boy, FGS.


  21. Grant says:

    Universal Shami 11:33
    In the interest of “balance” that would have to be a right-wing comedian, if the BBC can find one.


  22. Sutekh says:

    Universal Shami 11:33
    In the interest of “balance” that would have to be a right-wing comedian, if the BBC can find one.
    Grant | 05.02.09 – 8:42 am | #
    Well, old Barnyard Moaning is a bit dead, so I suppose that only leaves Jim “I’m a feminist, me” Davidson or Roy “Chubby” Brown.

    Actually, I think Mr. Brown on QT would be an excellent idea…


  23. Abandon Ship! says:

    Guess who she worked for?

    No prizes, too easy.

    “A British officer has been arrested in Afghanistan on suspicion of passing military secrets to a woman working for a human rights group.
    Lieutenant Colonel Owen McNally, 48, was held in Kabul, the capital, on Monday.
    Military sources claim he gave sensitive statistics on civilian casualties to former BBC correspondent Rachel Reid, 36”


  24. Sutekh says:

    Strewth! That woman has the maddest, scariest eyes I’ve seen on a woman for years.

    Must be her time spent at the BBC that did that to her…


  25. BritishSquaddie says:

    Liberty,Amnestiy have all used girls to try and gain info from soldiers.
    When I served in Kosovo we were warned to watch out for them.


  26. Bob says:


    I look forward to it and will try to turn up on time tonight.


  27. Tom says:

    Click on Will Young’s photo on the QT site and this comes up:

    “Reading Marx pushed me into doing what I wanted to do. It made me want to put a definite personal stamp on the world rather than just being part of the system.”

    Oh dear.


  28. caveman says:

    When Jon Gaunt was on air he used to refer her as Shami-shami-shami and then complain about why the QT panel kept putting her on when she only represented a few 1000 people.

    After his sacking she offered her support:

    Human rights group Liberty has come out in support of Jon Gaunt after the controversial shock jock was sacked from TalkSport for calling a councillor a “Nazi”.

    The pair make for unlikely bedfellows after Gaunt called the Liberty director, Shami Chakrabarti, “the most dangerous woman in Britain” in his Sun column last year.

    Chakrabarti, in a letter to TalkSport management, said: “As someone who has been on the receiving end of Jon Gaunt’s blunt polemic … I believe that the airwaves of a great democracy would be the poorer for his absence.”


  29. Aaargh says:

    I must say you chaps are brave.

    10 min of Question time is all I can take.

    The few Conservatives they let on there are terrified of saying what they (and the rest of us) think. And the Lefties just do thier usual hate America/Jews thing.

    I don’t know how you do it!


  30. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    I’d love them to put on Pat Condell

    Have Shami foaming at the mouth.


  31. Roland Deschain says:

    I suggested a question for the panel.

    “Why is Shami Chakrabarti on so often?”.

    Doubt they’ll show it!


  32. Surveyor says:

    I imagine Golliwogs will be high on the agenda tonight.
    The story has two ingredients anathema to Al Beeb – Thatcher and “racism”
    Excellent article about this too by Charles Moore


  33. Parsnipboy says:

    I shall be watching tonight, with my golliwog.


  34. martin says:

    Vince Cable just asked a very simple question on Sky News. “Should RBS pay out big bonuses to it’s management?”

    Cable didn’t answer the question and just waffled about Mandelson should do more and that appropriate levels of remuneration be paid and then went off in one of those sad old man rambling ways.

    So he failed to answer the question. To pay the bonus or not.

    Cable does this all the time. This sad old man with Althzheimers is clearly incapable of giving a straight answer to a straight question, yet still the BBC treat him as the son of Obama.


  35. Roland Deschain says:

    Martin, does Vince Cable really have Alzheimers?

    Or are you mixing him up with Terry Pratchett, who was featured yesterday on what I have to say was an excellent BBC programme?


  36. Ratass Shagged says:

    Shami, sexy?

    She’s got a face like a nutsack.

    Some of you need to get out a bit more.


  37. martin says:

    Roland Deschain: Well Cable can’t seem to remember what he says from one day to the next. If it’s not medical he must just be a prat.

    Whichever (I don’t care) the man is an idiot.


  38. Beness says:

    Don’t think I’ll make it tonight. but will look back at the comments later in the week.


  39. mikewineliberal says:

    Farage looks like an alien in V, post skin-strip. Now that was top tele.


  40. katherine says:

    Theresa May barely qualifies as a true conservative.She has swallowed all the PC diversity stuff hook line and sinker.


  41. George R says:

    Will S. Chakrabarti announce the beginning of a campaign for human rights under Islamic regimes?

    Or will she remain ever ‘multiculturalist’ and selective in singling out only Western countries for her criticism?


  42. martin says:

    mikewineliberal: Farge always reminds me of the Russian President.


  43. Grant says:

    martin 5:53
    I was just going to say that when I got to your post !
    Anyway , if Farage looks like Medvedev, it is a good reason for Mikewine to like him.
    Farage is one of the best performers on QT and, whenever he gets good applause, the look on Dimblebore’s face would curdle milk !


  44. jeffD says:

    You will have to excuse my language here but when it comes to Shami Chakrabarti I wouldn’t p*** on her if she was on fire.My hate relationship with this piece of leftwing filth stems from a local incident a couple of years ago.In my small town there was a nice shopping precinct frequented by most locals.Almost overnight a gang of teenage scumbags appeared ,breaking windows,getting drunk,intimidating shoppers etc.Their influence was so great the traders began to lose huge amounts of money as people stopped going there.
    After numerous protests the Police imposed a curfew,much to the relief of the locals.A week later a group of Shami’s little helpers appeared and began handing out Liberty’s ‘These are your rights’leaflets to all of the youngsters.These leaflets were full of lots of legal jargon(including how to confront Police officers)and a list of lawyers prepared to defend the scum.The local police had to admit defeat and they promptly abandoned the curfew.Result?More intimidation of pensioners,more drunkeness,more assaults and the traders,(especially the Indian and Chinese takeaways)have all but given up.Well done Shami!!!


  45. mikewineliberal says:

    Grant | 05.02.09 – 6:13 pm

    Not sure i consider Medvedev much more than a puppet of an authoritarian President.

    I quite like Farage though.


  46. Colin W says:

    Let’s hope that the serious doubts being raised about the crime statistics is debated tonight, let’s hope Shami et al are forced to answer why the UK suffers so much knife crime.

    Look’s like the Home Secretary and our Prime Minister are about to face yet another media firestorm over the lies they have told.


  47. Grant says:

    mikewine 6:39
    Two things we agree on !


  48. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    mikewineliberal: Rubbish. Shami is a Moozlum loving leftie

    Really? Well she’s not much of one if she’s married to a kuffir and campaigned for the rights of those who wanted to print the Danish Cartoons is she?

    Or does brown skin always equal mooslim?

    According to this she’s a Catholic, at least by birth if not inclination.


  49. martin says:

    The Cattle Prod of Destiny: I said she’s a ‘Moozlum loving’ leftie. That means she loves them not is one.


  50. Andy says:

    As a way of getting out of its current merry-go-round QT should stick to a maximum of TWO career politicians per show, each of a sufficiently different persuasion.

    There are plenty of interesting people out there, who can think out of the box.

    In addition to the token quangocrat / civil servant the remaining people could come from from industry, science, engineering, sport. Maybe an artist or writer or environmentalist – David Bellamy/Ray Mears would be ideal.

    Definitely NO showbiz personalities as they almost invariably don’t know one part of the anatomy from another.

    Having an ordinary person on the panel may be a good idea. If I didn’t know shit from shinola, I reckon I could do a darn sight better than some of the ignoramuses I’ve seen on here.