Happened to tune into File on Four on Radio 4 this evening. I was fascinated by what was presented by Lucy Ash as “a behind-the-scenes role played by Egypt and its President Hosni Mubarak in the latest crisis in Gaza.” I don’t think I have ever heard the malignant Muslim Brotherhood get such a sympathetic hearing as the usual pro-Hamas angle was taken – this time with the Egyptians getting it in the neck from the Palestinian shills at the BBC.

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4 Responses to FILE ON FOUR

  1. nrg says:


    Lords to rule on release of BBC Middle East conflict report

    The law lords will rule today on whether the BBC should release an internal report into its coverage of the Middle East conflict.

    The judgment is expected early this morning in a protracted freedom of information dispute that has lasted several years and reputedly cost the corporation at least £200,000.


  2. mailman says:

    I was gobsmacked by a comment made by Al Beeb recently in regards to the muslim brotherhood being merely the opposition in Egypt and hence they the Egyptian Government wasnt willing to work with them on a solution for Gaza.

    No mention of MB’s history of terrorism at all.



  3. mailman says:


    What chance do you think the law lords will force Al Beeb to release the Balen report, when many of them owe their lordships to Labour, who in turn owe favours to Al Beeb for favourable coverage?

    Also…the last paragraph of your link is rather telling dont you think. A report on impartiality in the middle east finds Al Beeb hasnt been broadcasting ENOUGH about Palestinians [self inflicted] hardship?



  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It took the BBC years to discover Gaza’s border with Egypt. At least they’re starting to frown at they Egyptians now. It’s hard to figure it all out when they’re seeing it all through Bowen’s eyes.