Wonder how it feels like for British police officers who tune into the BBC only to be met by the chorus that they are “institutionally racist?”. Yet again, “Today” leads with the accusation that racism abounds within the ranks of those who seek to uphold law and order. It’s a favourite theme and I suppose the attendant demoralising of those who go out every day to try and protect the public from crime is a small price to pay for the BBC indulging it’s liberal whims.

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33 Responses to OUR RACIST POLICE (cont)

  1. martin says:

    Of course the BBC isn’t racist is it? I mean the BBC senior management is full of black people……..


  2. David Vance says:

    Hideously white, I’m afraid, Martin. Is the BBC racist?


  3. Abandon Ship! says:

    Astonishing interview at 8.10 on Today as everyone including the police are made to answer to the Runnymede Trust – you know the do-gooders who go round making out that the police are covert BNP supporters.

    How is it that the standard situation these days, facilitated particularly by the BBC, is people in authority being made to kow-tow to smug progressives from such meddlesome organisations? Shouldn’t they answer to Parliament or the electorate instead?


  4. Jason says:

    The left are completely and utterly obsessed with skin color to the point of needing psychiatric help.


  5. mikewineliberal says:

    It was the last item on
    the 8-30 bulletin. And this carried details of the rebuttal from acpo.


  6. Grant says:

    Abandon Ship 8:33
    “Smug progressives from meddlesome organisations”. Does that include the BBC ?


  7. Abandon Ship! says:


    Of course


  8. Ratass Shagged says:

    The BBC management is exclusively white rather than hideously white, even though I’m sure Oxbridge has it’s fair share of ‘diversity’. The reason being is that top BBC personnel are nepotistic to the extreme. They live among all whites, they date all whites and therefore would only employ all whites.

    Like all lefty policy, they only look to the proles to set examples.

    Bet Mikeywhiney lives in a hideously white neighbourhood and works in a hideously white environment. He smacks as that kind of hypocrite.


  9. mikewineliberal says:

    Ratass Shagged | 18.02.09 – 10:11 am

    You assume i’m white?


  10. Gus Haynes says:

    Jason, yes some on the left are obsessed with skin colour, not all though. I would perhaps consider myself left of centre (certainly left of most people here) but I don’t support positive discrimination or any patronising stuff like that. Some on the left do go on about race because it gives them any easy opportunity to say, ‘ look at my opponent, he’s racist’. Some, but not all. And coversely, not everyone who discusses race is a loonie leftie.


  11. Umbongo says:

    Reluctantly I find myself compelled to defend the BBC. Indeed the upper reaches of the BBC are white – even “hideously” white – but why should that be?

    Maybe at the most basic level, since the vast majority of people in the UK are white and since – within (my) living memory – non-whites were a rarity in the UK, it reflects the reality of life in the UK. That reality being that, in a career genuinely open to talent (highly debateable in the case of the BBC) most who rise to the top in a predominantly white country renowned (at one time) for the excellence of its education system and the native intelligence of its population (eg in the 19th century Schopenhauer wrote that the English were the most intelligent people in the world) are almost bound to be white.

    The appearance of Asians (especially those from East Africa and India) in the ranks of the business and scientific establishment owes almost everything to their diligence and intelligence. Unfortunately, with notable exceptions, this doesn’t seem true of non-whites in the political and state-appointed arena nor in the public sector generally. For instance, Trevor Phillips is the UK’s race czar. Is there any doubt that, but for his colour, he wouldn’t have got a sniff at being appointed to such a position? It further appears that many of the senior non-white officers in the Met owed their positions, not to excellence in policing, but to the fashionable fortune of not being white. In the end, even that right-on dildo Ian Blair couldn’t stomach those who he had advanced beyond their apparent capabilities.

    Coming back to the BBC, why wouldn’t it be white? Indeed, why shouldn’t it be white? Why shouldn’t most of the leading institutions in the UK be led by whites? There is little evidence that non-whites – particularly non-whites newly (or almost newly) arrived in the UK – are better fitted than their white colleagues to run our institutions. The only consistent argument from the race industry is that, from the senior management right down the pyramid, “fairness” demands that our institutions should reflect the population make-up of the UK. Why? If I want the best, I want the best – not the best of the second-rate. Unfortunately, in many cases non-whites are not the best. Not because they aren’t white but because as individuals their level of capability and education disqualify them from senior and other positions.

    The BBC, presumably, selects those for promotion to senior roles from the best available. This selection is, of course, filtered by criteria of political acceptability and relationships of blood, marriage or friendship to those making the selection. The same would be true at other major entertainment and media outfits. However, except where the organisation is not free of commercial pressure, the necessity to have some regard for real ability – not just bureaucratic ability and acceptability – leavens the lump of political correctness. Thus the senior people in Sky might have (or just have an appreciation of) a conservative (not necessarily “Conservative”) frame of reference. The BBC? Well you can answer that one yourselves.

    Thus it is no accident that the BBC is both “hideously” white and a reservoir of bien pensant group-think. These phenomena are not mutually exclusive in the UK. We can get rid of the group-think fairly easily by opening the BBC to commercial reality. However, there’s no reason to believe that the BBC will not be run substantially by whites for ever if the the people who can create a successful non-state funded BBC happen to be white. If they’re not white, that’s OK too. I really couldn’t care less and nor should anybody else.


  12. Tom says:


    You are right. Why wouldn’t the upper echelons of the BBC be white?

    The people running the BBC attended university in the mid-1970s. The ethnic minority population of the UK has more than doubled since the 70s.

    Let’s assume that at the time Mark Thompson and his peers were at Oxbridge, the total ethnic minority share of the population was around 4%.

    The percentage attending Oxford and Cambridge would be much smaller. My brother attended medical school in the 70s and in his year there was only one UK domiciled black person graduating as a doctor from all the big London teaching hospitals. Not 1% – just one person.


  13. Grimer says:


    Good points. I’ve had this debate with my old flatmate (successful black British IT graduate – soon to be my boss). He complained about the racial make up of UK corporations/institutions. I made exactly the same arguments as you – i.e. things take time.

    My old flatmate is only 30. Most board members and senior managers in UK corporations are 50+. This is a natural thing. As my generation ages, we will see a natural change in the racial composition of these corporations/institutions.

    The worst thing that could happen for race relations in the UK is the perception of ‘quota filling’. People need to achieve on merit. Their peers need to see them achieve on merit. More importantly, the ‘minorities’ themselves need to know that they have succeeded on merit.

    No amount of social engineering (apart from ensuring access to good education) can speed up this process.


  14. Grimer says:

    I’m not sure where to post this good news story, but as a criminal was involved, I thought the ‘Police Thread’ might be a good place:


    On-the-run killer is found dead

    A convicted killer who escaped from a secure mental hospital in south London has died after being hit by a train.


  15. Millie Tant says:

    So that’s two goes they had at the police in less than an hour on what is supposedly a general broad-interest programme. THe BBC is obsessed with race, but more specifically, skin colour and according to the BBC, we live in a cartoon world of two: black and white. It is a pity when other people fall for this political posturing on behalf of one special interest and conduct discussion only in those terms. This is a prime example of that.


  16. PeterN says:

    One of the complications of the “racist” agenda is that it is just that – ie racist – white vis a vie black, asian etc is in itself biased. If one is truly oblivious to the mere complexion of skin pigment as distinct from judgement of individual behaviour – attitudes reflect this and you react accordingly. The BBC fixation with ‘racial minority’ issues not only insults by the lumping of cultures together but are of themselves ‘institutionally racist’. Example: People from Somalia, Nigeria and Ghana may generally differ culturally and individually as will the ability to integrate (or the desire to!), thrive, be educated etc. – the same is probably more true of Indian sub continent communities.I’m sure left / liberals will argue that these people face the same ‘problems’. Huge numbers are incalcated with the idea that they are ‘disadvantaged’ and react accordingly. Little wonder that children sent to primary schools in the Caribbean and West Africa return far in advance of their counterparts in the UK having had the advantage of not being subliminally (and directly) informed that they are disadvantaged by a ‘well meaning’ liberal agenda – which includes those wonderful folk at the BBC! – a great excuse for an ill disciplined and disillusioned experience


  17. Ratass Shagged says:

    If a Beeboid came home one day to find a black crack addict hoisting their telly out of the window, would they attempt to ‘dialogue’ with the criminal or would they just call a policeman.

    Oh and while they were on the phone, would they demand a ‘gay’ policeman too?


  18. mikewineliberal says:

    Ratass Shagged | 18.02.09 – 2:12 pm

    Yes, yes. Answer that beeboid.


  19. Grant says:

    PeterN 1:38
    A very wise post !
    I am always humbled that children who are lucky enough to go to school in anglophone West Africa, with minimal resources, turn out better educated than the average British child.


  20. TPO says:

    And this carried details of the rebuttal from acpo.
    mikewineliberal | 18.02.09 – 8:50 am |

    Actually the most effective rebuttal came from Uanu Seshmi.He was having none of Stone’s ‘institutional racist’ claptrap.
    Whilst Humphries had Stone wriggling at the end he allowed him to get away with an outrageous statement when he fished from out of thin air the figure that 5000 Met police officers were racist.
    This was done by saying “Well if there are 50,000 officers in london and 10% are racist then that leaves 5000 who are racist”
    Not one shred of evidence was introduced to back up such a wild claim and Humphries let it go.
    (In 2008 there were 31,460 police officers in the Met)
    Thereafter everyone is left with the impression that 5000 officers are racist, whatever ‘racist’ means.
    But having his premise damaged by Uanu Seshmi he fell back on the line of “but they’re not getting promoted”.
    The ACPO twat should have swatted that away but didn’t and Humphries didn’t introduce the blindingly obvious.

    The standards have been lowered to attract more ethnics. Most of those recruited are barely able to function unsupervised as front line operational officers let alone command.
    If supervisory officers became so exasperated by ineffective or lazy ethnic officers, rather than give them adverse reports and thereby attract the inevitable accusation of “its only cos I is black” they would write glowing reports about how oustanding this particular officer was.
    The end result would be that that individual would be moved into which ever department he wanted to go to regardless of ability and then have to be carried by his colleagues.
    This, in turn, causes immense resentment from those that have had to work to get where they were.

    I came across one individual who made no pretence whatsoever. Not only could he not fulfil even the basic requirements but he was also exceptionally lazy.
    Somehow this individual had managed to go from CID through all of the localised squads finishing up in the national squads and then in one of the most sensitive of units which very few in general policing are aware of. In each case his line management gave him glowing references.

    Richard Stone one of those individuals who enjoys the limelight and sits around all day dreaming up the next little wheeze to get that ‘oxygen of publicity’. The BBC and Humphries duly obliged.
    ACPO is something that any future Conservative adminstration needs to examine very closely. You’ll be hard pushed to find policemen in ACPO, most are fast-track grads who were singled out on recruitment and sheperded through the day to day rough stuff, much like many of the ethnics recruited today.


  21. Jonathan says:

    I see from the BBC story (linked) below that we know have a Muslim Police Association. WTF!


    So besides the MPA and the Balck Police Association, do we also have
    a Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Shinto, Scientologist,yellow, red, slightly off-white, gay, not too sure of my sexuality Police Associations?

    Just how much are these coppers clubs costing us – the taxpayer? Because you can bet your bottom dollar that these ‘worthy’ causes are in receipt of public funds via loterry grants or diversity intiatives etc…

    One final point – the MPA is calling for more Muslim officers to be promoted. Well they would wouldn’t they… After all, the leading lights of the MPA and the top Muslim coppers are one and the same.

    When commenting on these assocaition reports – why don’t the BBC point out the obvious self-interest?


  22. Jonathan says:

    Oh dear!

    Apparently we do have Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and Gay police associations…

    Surprisingly we also have a Christian one. So I’m now off to shave my head, join the Met and launch the UK’s first Buddhist Police Association; well it’s got to be worth a few quid.


  23. Ratass Shagged says:

    Is there a white heterosexual police association yet?


  24. Jonathan says:

    Ratass Shagged:

    You bitch! The whole world knows that the Met is one giant White Heterosexual Police Association. Next you’ll be telling me that you eat meat and don’t believe in reincarnation.

    This is just the kind of ignorant comment that the soon to be created Buddhist Police Association will fight against. 🙂

    We (err! That means I) demand an immediate promotion for all Buddhist officers and £10,000 to compensate for our hurt feelings. I’m sure the BBC will publicize our worthwhile campaign for equality [Ed: I thought we wanted cash and an easy ride to the top]


  25. Grant says:

    What about a White Christian Heterosexual Middle-class Police Association ( men only ) ?


  26. funnyhandshake says:

    Grant | 18.02.09 – 6:48 pm

    What about a White Christian Heterosexual Middle-class Police Association ( men only ) ?

    It’s called the Lodge.


  27. Millie Tant says:

    Many (most? or perhaps all?) large public institutions have a variety of dedicated staff groups for assorted minorities, for women and sometimes, yes! even for men. However, these are private, internal consultation groups to help the employer hear the views of employees and shape their employee policies to reflect the varied interests.

    What is unusual about both the met black police association and the national black police association is the public presence and pronouncements of these groups. I am surprised that they are not constituted to be purely internal consultation groups and the consultations kept as a matter of private and confidential dealings between employer and employees. All the other groups mentioned above – including the Christian ones and the women’s police association, for example, you do not hear about in public. Well, I don’t and I think it is the case, anyway.


  28. Millie Tant says:

    What about a White Christian Heterosexual Middle-class Police Association ( men only ) ?
    Grant | 18.02.09 – 6:48 pm |

    If we are going to have a bout of Whataboutery, (and why not? as Barry Norman used to say), what I want to know is:



  29. Gus Haynes says:

    I don’t think there is necessarily anything wrong with a black police, muslim police association etc, as these groups are minorities in the UK. In the same vein, a white police association in a majority black country would also be acceptable.

    Some on the left might oppose this (I doubt many would support a white police association in south africa for example) but you never know, maybe they would.


  30. Grant says:

    funny 6:58
    Funny !

    Millie 7:18
    For heaven’s sake, don’t mention the Uruguayans. So far as I know they haven’t been mentioned on this site before. Now all hell will break loose !


  31. Grant says:

    Gus 8:01
    And in which majority black countries do you think a white police association would be “acceptable” ?


  32. Dagobert says:

    Of course the police are institutionally racist:- against white people. They guard Moslems whilst they call for the genocide of Jews or Danes and viciously attack, mainly white people, protesting about the ban on hunting. They will publicise cases where the victim is black and the alleged perps are white, but virtually never when it is the other way round.


  33. JohnW says:

    As long as the police have the Black Police Federation, then it must surely be “institutionally racist” – against whites!