I see the BBC gives that paragon of political integrity Peter Hain (!) the chance to sound off on the “shock” BNP victory in the local council election in Sevenoaks. Wonder will the BBC’s political experts consider why it is that the increase in BNP votes seems remarkably proportionate to the decrease in Labour votes? The BBC and others on the political left portray the BNP as “extreme-right”even though it is essentially socialist in nature. So when it becomes clearer by the day that the advance of the BNP is related to the retreat of Labour, perhaps the BBC may like to consider asking some tougher questions of Mr Hain.

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  1. Jeremy Hummerstone says:

    Why is the BNP assumed to be uniquely awful? Similar authoritarian national-socialism is constantly being promoted by New Labour. Our attention is systematically directed to watching the back door while the enemy is trooping through the front.


  2. GCooper says:

    Indeed, and what part has the stench of corruption and arrogance permeating ZaNuLabour and epitomised by Hain, played in turning former Labour voters to the BNP?


  3. Pete says:

    The BBC type of socialism never had much to do with working class socialism.

    BBC socialism is of the 1930s posh peoples type. It’s not to London’s credit that it maintains such an outdated clique well into the 20th century.


  4. disillusioned_german says:

    Jeremy Hummerstone | 21.02.09 – 5:43 pm |

    I agree… fully


  5. David Vance says:


    Good point.


  6. mailman says:

    Even though Im a foreigner myself, I too have a problem with foreigners getting houses over locals.

    There is nothing racist in what I just said, although if you were al beeb Id probably have set off your race hate speech meter with that one comment.

    I dont have any problems with the BNP. I would if they think it appropriate to kick me out because Im not a natural born pom (although next year I am eligible for citizenship).

    Plus…that leader geezer of the BNP. Honestly, put him in a brown jacket with a nice red arm patch and a little mo below the nose and by golly…he really could look like adolf! 🙂



  7. Libertarian says:

    From the BNP website;

    Globalisation, with its export of jobs to the Third World, is bringing ruin and unemployment to British industries and the communities that depend on them.
    Accordingly, the BNP calls for the selective exclusion of foreign-made goods from British markets and the reduction of foreign imports. We will ensure that our manufactured goods are, wherever possible, produced in British factories, employing British workers.
    When this is done, unemployment in this country will be brought to an end, and secure, well-paid employment will flourish, at last getting our people back to work and ending the waste and injustice of having more than 4 million people in a hidden army of the unemployed concealed by Labour’s statistical fiddles. We further believe that British industry, commerce, land and other economic and natural assets belong in the final analysis to the British nation and people.
    To that end we will restore our economy and land to British ownership. We also call for preference in the job market to be given to native Britons. We will take active steps to break up the socially, economically and politically damaging monopolies now being established by the supermarket giants.
    Finally we will seek to give British workers a stake in the success and prosperity of the enterprises whose profits their labour creates by encouraging worker shareholder and co-operative schemes

    Sounds pretty Left Wing to me!


  8. Greencoat says:

    I’m shocked, I tell yer, shocked!!!


  9. Tom says:

    David Vance’s analysis that the BNP win is down to the collapse of NuLab is dead on.

    If you look at the stats for this ward: 97% White, with only 7 Pakistanis and 19 Bangladeshis living there, with …oh yes… 4 Caribbeans and 5 Africans…. it’s hardly likely to be ethnics snapping up the council houses that’s the issue.

    This is a clear case of the white working class moving straight from Labour to BNP even in an area with no BNP-type grievances. It can only be down to the uselessness of Brown, Balls… and, yes, Hain.

    Time was when people used to vote Lib Dem as a protest vote……..


  10. Ricky Martin says:

    Many years ago the late and unlamented Robin Cook – he of the ZanuLabour Celtic Cabinet – called the English intrinsically “racist”.

    Ever since then, the Scottish Government in Westminster has been steadily marginalising and disenfranchising the English middle and working class white voter.

    These social groups have been left stranded within a politically correct no-man’s land as minorities and the victim based client state – from public sector workers, illegal immigrants, jihadists, politicised police, QUANGO cronies, bullying local government officers, social workers, eco-fascists, single muvvers and ethnic groups have been championed by the BBC and the Guardianistas as part of a creeping sovietisation programmed based around the twin gods of diversity and multiculturalism.

    The essential problem for multiculturalists is that groups become isolated from each other and social cohesion is lost. Everytime the BBC cheerleads for Islam, they neglect the Hindus, Christians, Jews, Sikhs and others – creating a sense of distrust, even between minorities.

    Mainstream culture feels swamped and bitter, despite the fact that these minorities are extremely small. The BBC gives middle Britain the impression that Asians and Muslims now dominate our culture – they are over represented on every programme from CBBC to local news, even in monocultural rural reports and mainstream Britain feels lost and without a voice.

    The mugs paying for all these people have been treated contemptuously within an atmosphere of fear and loathing. The government isolated most of us into a kind of intellectual ghetto, where any criticism could mean ostracism or at worst a prison sentence.

    Now the tide is turning and people are reclaiming those qualities of British life we thought we had lost forever. I cannot abide the BNP. But some voters – now in leafy Sevenoaks are sending out a message. I sincerely hope the mainstream parties are listening and taking note. For all our sakes.


  11. Jon says:

    BNP “far right”? Never – The media use these terms for anybody who opposes mass immigration, they never look at other policies, anti-immigration is “right wing” full stop. And then there is the “far-right” Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who’s stated aim is to restore the Netherlands liberal society and defend Holland from authoritarian anti-liberal islamic immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

    New Labour are pursuing the most authoritarian policies ever seen in Britain – yet the so called “liberals” who support these policies are never branded as “authoritarian” but that is what they are.


  12. Tom says:

    oops… in my last comment I gave the figures for the next door ward. In fact Swanley St Mary is 97.36% White, and there are NO Pakistanis and NO Bangladeshis.

    They sure can’t pin this one on “Islamophobia”.


  13. Dick the Prick says:

    It’d be ace to just let anyone if they’d secured a job or with the proviso that folks wouldn’t claim benefits until a given amount of tax had been paid but unfortunately this is the real world.

    The UN have recently stated that most heroin comes through the Balkans along with Albanian gangsters, a significant proportion of South Asians have neither will nor incentive to integrate with obvious (and legitimate perhaps) disgust at British foreign policy, with Equitorial Guinea being a cocaine ran state, with moderate voices being drowned by their own extremist cohorts etc.

    And the retort for these complex and disturbing issues is to call me a racist because I’m not too inclined to look after foreigners who rip up their passports and flush them down the bog in transit to Blighty (if it was a real passport etc) is banal.

    Is it my fault that border and benefit systems have been fucked or the political parties for letting them be fucked?

    I don’t live in London and don’t have kids so we ain’t gonna get stabbed. I’m quite rich, well educated, healthy, have a good job and a nice house – but why should the politics of challenging this illigitimate behaviour mean that i’m not quite liberal?

    Real politics demands that governments represent their constituents not lecture them.


  14. Millie Tant says:

    Ever since then, the Scottish Government in Westminster has been steadily marginalising and disenfranchising the English middle and working class white voter.


    I don’t dissent from the analysis in your post, except to say that you cannot blame the Scots for the English who banished the English, e.g. the likes of Jack Straw, John Prescott and many more. How could the English allow themselves to be abolished as a nation and identity from official forms such as the census? It wasn’t the Scots who did that either.


  15. Millie Tant says:

    Sorry, folks! I was responding toRicky Martin | 21.02.09 – 6:49 pm | #


  16. Dick the Prick says:

    Hat Tip to Leg Iron (hope he doesn’t mind).

    Why is it a surprise? The rest of the article lists other election results, in which the BNP share of the vote puts them in serious contention with the three main parties. They are not fourth in these lists, they are beating mainstream parties. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Righteous over this because they are terrified that Nick Griffin will send shaven-headed madmen round to beat them with recently deceased sparrows. How can it be, they cry. How can people be voting for a racist party?

    It’s actually very simple, Righteous. You have spent the best part of a decade telling everyone who disagrees with you that they are racists. You have drummed it into them and screamed it at them. Why, then, would they fear voting for a party deemed ‘racist’? It’s what they’ve been told they are.

    These people don’t know why they have been classed as racist, but they have. For years. For every utterance that does not accord with Righteous thinking. Especially when they say that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t let absolutely anyone into the country without let or hindrance. This is not a white-only thing. First and second generation immigrants, of all skin tones, of all religions, all of whom came here to find work and a decent life, are saying it too. Only we palefaces can be racist in Righteous terms. The others just haven’t tuned in to the message.

    ‘Racist’ is the battle cry of the Righteous. They think it still works, as the Dripper has demonstrated recently. Say ‘racist’ and the world clutches their collective handbag and goes ‘Ooooh’. Not any more. Still they persist.

    Mary Honeymonster, all in one post, claims that UKIP are the Sinn Fein to the BNP’s IRA. She claims that the Lib Dems are Nazi sympathisers and the Tories, well we all know that Atilla the Hun was a Tory. In short, she sums up her world view as ‘anyone who doesn’t vote Labour is a racist’. She is an amazing example of pure Righteousness, and owns a prime example of an unoccupied head. Sell your brain, Mary. You won’t notice the difference and neither will we. Since it’s still in its original wrapping you’ll get a decent sum for it. Oh, she also thinks all smokers are Tory voters. Put a bid in for that brain. It’s never even had batteries installed.

    Every time the BNP make a gain, there is shock and horror. Nobody seems to consider that there might be a reason people vote BNP. A reason other than the snazzy short hair, drainpipe jeans and ska music. A reason other than racism. I now know several who say they would vote BNP, though not in Scotland, and one of my long-time friends (currently in Wales) has joined the party. He’s never had a skinhead, never beaten anyone up and he hates ska. His reasons are not racist.

    His reasons mainly involve a) all three main parties being the same; b) out of control borders; c) the EU. I have to say I agree with his reasons. I have pointed out some potentially deeper problems but as he says, the BNP won’t win the next election. If they get a couple of MP’s it will certainly have the rest of them shitting ball bearings. On that, I can’t argue and it would be worth seeing.

    Doing down the BNP on racism charges does not work. The reason it doesn’t work is that we have all been called racist now. Even when arguing on subjects that have no connection with race, any disagreement meets the chant ‘racist’. The typical British response to this is not to hide away and cry a bit. It’s to say ‘Bollocks. If you want to call me racist, I’ll vote for the ones you call racists’.

    Douglas Carswell, whose constituency I am not in but if I was, I’d vote for him, has articulated the reason for the increased BNP support but I’m not sure he realises it. In his post on immigration he said:

    It’s time to reduce immigration into Britain. I’d personally like to see net settlement reduced to zero. Shout me down for saying so – but I know whose side my constituents are on.

    Whose side his constituents are on. Indeed, he has measured the depth of feeling in his constituency. But can he deliver? Is it a core party policy to deliver what his constituents want?

    It’s core BNP policy. People want control of the borders, not control of their eating and drinking habits. Many British of all creeds and colours want this.

    I don’t want to drink my whisky like you do.
    I don’t need to spend my money but still do
    Sums it up really. It’s not what the BNP promise, unfortunately.

    The Righteous, confronted with a BNP gain, run about waving their hands in the air and shrieking ‘The Bogeymen are here!’ They follow up with ‘We must stop the BNP’. This naturally leads to ‘If you don’t vote Labour, you aren’t helping us stop the BNP, therefore you support them, therefore you are racist’. Righteous logic comes from a different plane of existence.

    Don your shiny hat and scream it out: Ma, Papa, we’re all racists now.

    I have issues with the BNP because they are, despite protestations to the contrary, seriously authoritarian and still at heart obsessed with ‘outsiders’. I see them as the Local Shop in the League of Gentlemen, terrified that strangers might come to town. Not all immigration is bad (well I would say that, wouldn’t I?) but it should be controlled. Very controlled. Douglas Carswell is right about that. The BNP are right about that part too. The BNP also want to get out of the EU, but the Tories don’t. That puts the BNP one up on the Tories in many people’s eyes. You might not like that. I don’t like it. Many people do and their numbers are growing.

    Labour have spent the last few years telling us all that the other parties are terrible, evil monsters who will enslave us while Labour will make us free and prosperous. Meanwhile, we dare not look a policeman in the eye and we’re as prosperous as a plantation owner who negotiated contracts for bananas and planted onions. All other parties look good compared to Labour now. The Church of the Militant Elvis might beat them in the next election.

    There is no surprise in the rising support for the BNP. Shouting them down is no good. Shouting down Tories is no good. Shouting down the Lib Dims is no good. Adding the qualifiers ‘xenophobic’ and ‘right wing’ to Libertarians is no good. Out here in real people land, we don’t give a rat’s arse about any of it. Only the Righteous luvvies, most of whom are employed by the Mouth of Gorgon, the BBC, worry about such things and they only care about their extortion racket that keeps them all in worthless jobs. We have all been called racist. We have all been called bigot. We have all been called Nazi and much, much more. Water off a lacquered silicone breast. Go on, say it again. Some of us remember when ‘racist’ really meant something but now it just means ‘don’t agree with labour/EU drones’. People don’t care any more. They don’t care at all.

    So why is there so much surprise when people vote for what they want? Isn’t that the basic idea behind democracy?


  17. Dave S says:

    Cameron needs to get a grip now. When changes happen in nations they happen very fast. It is only the hindsight of historians that makes these abrupt changes appear part of a long process. Think of the ferment Martin Luther unleashed on Europe in 1517 and the speeed of the final revolt against Charles 1st in 1642
    Ideas have always spread like wildfire and in this internet age will spread even faster.
    Cameron must forget about the hostile BBC and the entrenched media liberals and do what must be done to serve the nation.
    That is assuming he knows or cares.
    If the Tories fail then everything is up for grabs and who knows what men and ideas will surface.


  18. Garden Trash says:

    “Similar authoritarian national-socialism is constantly being promoted by New Labour.”

    Not quite,they are International Socialists,Internazis.Hence selling us down the river to the EU and the UN.


  19. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Is it the “nationalism” that leads BBC/Labour propagandists to call the BNP a “far right wing party” – like supporting your own country (“British jobs for British workers”?) is a “far right activity”, the national flag is a far right racist symbol?. (Try tell M. Chauvin and the French that) This lot learned their politics through the International Socialist movement: brothers united under Marx. Nationalism is the enemy of Internationalism. So they shorten the “National Socialist Party” of Nazi fame. Just keep repeating lies again and again, and people will believe it. As seen on television, it must be true. The nasty party. Greedy bankers, Toffs, right wing, far-rightwing, all the same end of the spectrum, no?


  20. Garden Trash says:

    “I don’t dissent from the analysis in your post, except to say that you cannot blame the Scots for the English who banished the English, e.g. the likes of Jack Straw, John Prescott”.

    Except that Straw’s name was Stravinsky and Prescott was born in Prestatyn ,Wales.Not that there is anything wrong with that.Though we should perhaps find out if those who represent us actually like us.


  21. Andy says:

    Dave S:

    Interesting historical perspective. Are you thinking of the power vacuum in the Weimer Replublic? More please!


  22. Millie Tant says:

    Didn’t realise Prescott was Welsh!


  23. Tom says:

    Garden Trash | 21.02.09 – 7:22 pm

    Are you sure Jack Straw’s name was Stravinsky? According to wikipedia, both his father and grandfather went by Straw.

    And being half-Jewish doesn’t stop you being English, does it? I suppose it would if the BNP came to power, but we ain’t there yet.

    He was born in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England of part-Jewish background and brought up at Loughton, Essex by his mother, Joan Sylvia Gilbey on a council estate after his father Walter Arthur Whitaker Straw, an insurance salesman and the son of Arthur Whitaker Straw, left the family and condemned them to poverty.


  24. Garden Trash says:

    “If the Tories fail then everything is up for grabs and who knows what men and ideas will surface.”
    Dave S | 21.02.09 – 7:11 pm | #

    Exactly the Gramscians,Fabians and Internazis have been undermining society ,the “Long March through the Institutions”, having given up on proletarian revolution. This beavering away was not in vain,except for the outcome.Culture like power abhors a vacuum.At the very time society and its institutions have been eroded by these political deathwatch beetles the West has been challenged by a virile and virulent religio-political ideology.
    If we want to win ,we have to scupper the left,fast.


  25. Garden Trash says:

    “And being half-Jewish doesn’t stop you being English, does it? ”

    That presumes that English,unlike Scottish Welsh and Irish is not racial identity.Government forms seem to be used to promote this view.Perhaps Jack Straw is British?
    Straw in his time has been quite insulting about the English,despite pilfering the name of one of the leaders of the Peasants Revolt of 1381.Good name for a Student radical.


  26. A Nanny Moose says:

    NuLab are dead persons walking.
    If the Tories insist on carrying forwards the *peecee-EU-metropolitan-elites* baton (as BluLab), they too will get put to the sword in 5 years time.
    …and then we’re in unchartered territory.
    I can see BNP making huge gains from conservative and working-class nationalists.
    If St Margaret of Thatcher effectively ended the need for the NF back in the late 70s,…then maybe the BNP will complete the circle, 40 years later?


  27. A Nanny Moose says:

    i must say, as a classical-liberal/libertarian, i have little in common with the the BNP…. but when your house is on fire, who is going to give a f**k about the fact that only the BNP seem to be manning the fire-engines?


  28. Original Robin says:

    The 5 PM programme first item seemed to be telling me that a catastrophe had hit the town of Swanley.A volcano had erupted or something and was spewing out votes for the BNP. It was underming democracy which should only be a contest between the Beeb approved three main parties.
    At least, I dont think they would have panicked over a LibDim victory.
    Peter Hain was allowed the last word so he was allowed to make acccusations against these recently elected people without the chance for them to reply.He then made a call to arms for all people and especially Labour to fight the invaders from outer space. He was given such a soft interview I thought he had slipped some of his Deputy Leader election funds in a brown envelope to the Beeboid.


  29. feline says:

    Well, I’m a white immigrant from outside the EU who was invited by a UK company for a highly skilled job (a chemical engineer with 30+ years experience in different locations). I’m not entitled to any of the perks refugees and asylum seekers have. My wife wasn’t entitled to any free English classes, we payed through the nose – about £300 a month for 2 years. And I payed for my house myself. Luckily I live in a small Kent village with nice neighbours. I know that when I’ll vote I’d never vote Labour. I’ve already been at the final station of that journey and didn’t like it at all. BBC reminds me of the worst type of the Soviet style propaganda.


  30. Garden Trash says:

    “Peter Hain was allowed the last word ”

    That would be the Kenyan Peter Hain,born of South African parents in Nairobi?


  31. GCooper says:

    There are some absolutely excellent posts in this thread – I really hope they are being tread and digested by a wide audience. Before it’s too late.

    One question springs to mind. Why Peter Hain? Is the BBC trying to rehabilitate this loathsome, vain crook?

    If they are, then they are even more stupid than I thought. Hain is like poison to most outside the metropolitan ‘elite’.


  32. Garden Trash says:

    “If they are, then they are even more stupid than I thought. Hain is like poison to most outside the metropolitan ‘elite’.”
    The BBC has loved Hain ever since he came here to protest apartheid,admittedly it was safer for him to dig up cricket pitches than risk getting his arse shot off in Africa.
    Amazing how these radicals gravitate to some nice, safe, law abiding country to do their protests.
    Nelson Mandela he ain’t.


  33. Ratass Shagged says:

    A Nanny Moose:
    i must say, as a classical-liberal/libertarian, i have little in common with the the BNP…. but when your house is on fire, who is going to give a f**k about the fact that only the BNP seem to be manning the fire-engines?

    A perfect analogy and one I completely agree with. The problem with the BNP is that they are puritanical, authoritarian, underfunded and seem to have no other policies except to stop immigration, and steer us clear of political correctness facism.

    But I’ll definitely be voting for them at the next election, not because I particularly want them in power but because I want neither Labour or the Tories back in. And also because it will disgust and upset all the lefty nazis I despise as well as spell the begining of the end for socialism.


  34. Dave S says:

    There are parallels with the Weimar era but nothing ever repeats itself.
    I really was thinking more of Luther. Europe then lay under a rigid corrupt orthodoxy which seeemed impregnable. Luther started the process of it’s destruction and if I remember his words aright said ” God hurries and drives me. I am hurried into the midst of tumults”
    Real change when it happens has to be fast.
    WE in Europe lie under a rigid orthodoxy. Liberal fascism I suppose is as good a name as any.
    It appears to be impregnable controlling the media, education , the law and government.
    A conspiracy or no conspiracy who cares?
    It’s weakness, and this is my view, is that it truly believes in the historicaL inevitability of it’s final triumph.
    Hence the baffled rage directed at those who dissent. On all topics from economics to global warming.
    Dissent is ,in their minds , a form of wilful vandalism directed against the truth.
    One last slightly tangentical point.
    Sometimes single days and the actions of men on that day change the futures of nations.
    I am writing this in English. If at Hastings in 1066 the Saxon line had held and William gone down to defeat then we would all have been writing and speaking a different tongue.
    The liberal left so confident in it’s power and so sure that it is unstoppable may just come up against that one day and truly determind men and women who will shake the liberal left world to it’s foundations.


  35. Original Robin says:

    The Peter Hain Bit

    He was not asked why a political party`s (BNP) meeting should be cancelled instead of the Everton match
    he was just allowed to say the Everton match should go ahead not the BNP`s.
    Why not both go ahead ? Why stop any one of them, and should a Labour meeting be cancelled ?
    On the issue about foreign workers in the UK, he showed total ignorance of how the EU works and how the elite want it to work.No hard questions there. As for his “it should go to local workers ” how the hell is that less biased or prejudiced than it should go to Brits ?
    I suppose the BBC is going to allow the three main parties to do their We Understand Peoples Concerns About Their Jobs And Mortgages and tinker a bit with their policies.I get the impression of them though, that if it wasn`t for the smallerparties like the BNP they would have free for all immigration into the country and shove us well up into the EU.
    So much do they regard democracy.


  36. Hugh Oxford says:

    Somewhere in the sluggish, well washed BBC Brain something surely must misfire when the sentence “The far-right BNP is picking up votes in traditional Labour areas” is uttered.


  37. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    On the BNP’s website, there is an article a couple of weeks ago of the Welsh BNP filming Hain and his helpers leafletting a town centre in his constituency. The film crew had some banter amongst themselves then they started to ask Hain questions about the £103,000 funding which he raised but didn’t quite account for during his failed attempt to become Labour’s deputy-leader. Of course Hain refused to respond so one of the BNP guys then asked the questions in Welsh, knowing full well that Hain, as a parachuted-in placeman, knew even less Welsh than John Redwood. What the video showed is that real Welshmen were in the BNP and placemen are in the Labour Party. NuLab is nothing less than a mafia set up to wreck the UK: many of us now see this and we oppose it. I will vote BNP for reasons stated by Ratass Shagged.


  38. Garden Trash says:

    “The liberal left so confident in it’s power and so sure that it is unstoppable may just come up against that one day and truly determind men and women who will shake the liberal left world to it’s foundations.”

    The liberal left have,it was those who bombed Bali,brought down the World Trade Towers and slaughtered people on the London Underground.The liberal left responded by grabbing their ankles and enacting as much draconian legislation as they could against their innocent populations.
    The liberal left “are either at your throat or at your feet”.
    The central tenet of the Liberal left is moral blackmail,typified by political correctness.This device is used to keep the general population on the back foot and thus subservient.
    Fail to pay your feudal dues to the BBC,get fined.Rip off the taxpayers with government expences,get to be Home Secretary.
    We have to question every position the Liberal Left takes,after all we know they are cowards.


  39. GCooper says:

    Dave S: There is certainly a mood abroad in the country and I’m glad I’m less of a lone voice these days in warning that something quite radical could take place almost overnight.

    I was saying this several years ago but (of course) failed to see the precipice over which our financial system was about to hurl itself. That isn’t the cause, of course – but it could very well be a trigger.

    Unlike Ratass Shagged, I do not believe the BNP will spell the end for socialism – in fact I see the BNP as socialism personified in many respects, which is one of the reasons I dislike it. But I understand his contempt for the three rotten parties more or less approved of by the MSM, on those rare occasions when we are allowed to exercise our pretend votes.

    If the crunch comes and we do wind-up with a miniature revolution on our hands, the BBC will have played no small part in engendering it. It has been the biggest single enemy of traditional values and beliefs and has ignored the lesson of history, that when things in England turn, they turn fast.

    Instead, the BBC, with a tin ear for common sentiment, kept applying the pressure. It deserves to be among the first casualties.


  40. Bastard says:

    The paradigm of “left” and “right” first emerged, to my knowledge, during the French Revolution. The Revolutionary Left wanted to remake society according to eternal intellectual concepts (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, The Freedom of the Individual, Classless society, Aryan Master Race, Diversity, Multiculturalism, “The British Values”, Progress, “Open Society”, “Freedom and Democracy”, “Believe and Obey”) the Reactionary Right regarded accumulated tradition as the true spring of civilisation, and a restraint against monstrous experiments or suicidal dreams. This last tendency was represented by Edmund Burke, and today EURef with it’s defence of national sovereignty against Tranzidom. Though the content of the BNP’s political program is old left, it contains one unforgivable right idea – nationality and sovereignty. That makes it the greatest enemy of all.

    They (EU Tranzi types) have never expressed, to my knowledge, any concern about the far-left groups, such as those who tried to derail a train in France in protest against Nuclear Power (attempted mass murder), nor any about Anarchist groups in Greece who recently turned the country upside down, nor about the return of political assassinations–during peacetime–in the Netherlands. None of these political cults of street violence and activism have any representation at elections. They best that’s said about them is that they are “extremist”. By calling them “extremist” they (EU Tranzi types) reveal their fundamental sympathy with these groups objectives; they must be restrained certainly but not repudiated for they are effectively allies in the destruction of the last traces of the old order.


  41. Dave S says:

    Garden Trash
    I should have been clearer.
    It was the fascist left’s campaign against the traditional values of freedom and the notion of Englishness to which I was referring. This vile clique has had a clear run up to now.
    Horrendous though they were the terrorist attacks, and threat of them are a side show in the coming struggle for this country’s future.


  42. Garden Trash says:

    “Instead, the BBC, with a tin ear for common sentiment, kept applying the pressure. It deserves to be among the first casualties.”

    It will be,the radio stations are alway amongst the first things to be seized.


  43. Garden Trash says:

    I agree with you.The Gramscian weavilling has worked – to the advantage of the wrong enemy.The fools have just made it appear as if the country is up for grabs.
    It isn’t a coincidence that the liberal left project has come to fruition at the same time as the the emergence of a resurgent militant Islam.The former is,in part, a cause of the latter.


  44. Tom says:

    Garden Trash | 21.02.09 – 7:52 pm

    That presumes that English,unlike Scottish Welsh and Irish is not a racial identity.

    None of these is a racial identity. They are all national identities.

    Caucasian, Negroid etc are racial identities.


  45. Garden Trash says:

    Until recent years,ace was used as an identifier within the somewhat crude,large scale subdivisions you mention.Once it was a little more subtle than skin colour.Saxons and Celts were more than simply national divisions.In anycase ,nationality is a relatively new creation.


  46. Ratass Shagged says:

    You are right about socialism and the BNP. I meant to elaborate but posting from an iPhone is tedious and timeconsuming. By the begining of the end of socialism I meant the BNP would deliver the first mortal blow to the politically correct facism that is strangling this country. The moment they have put wheels in motion then they should be ejected. By then I’m sure the Tories would have caught up with their own opportunistic policies to understand the mood the country is in.

    Something is starting to happen in this country at last. You can feel it . The worm is turning. And the days of the BBC are numbered.


  47. anon126 says:

    the BNP disgust me utterly… but they are a legal party. If they could legally be banned they would have been as they are thugs, but as they haven’t means that they cannot be banned under EU law. But the collapse of the labour vote, apathy, and sheer frustration means they are going to do well. Well from a pathetically low starting point. The more people are left feeling they have no options they are going to turn to the extremes to make people listen to thim. The more the elite vilify them (how is it legal for the Church of England to ban a legally formed political party, they don’t ban any other party, if in the (hopefully unlikely situation) leaves the CoE open to being sued under EU and UK law) The more their appeal grows…these elites have totally screwed the economy, people feel disenfranchised.

    this is what happens when you tell un-racist people they are racist for flying their flag, or expressing their culture. Finally they begin to act as if they are

    it is going to be a sad day for the UK if they do get an MEP


  48. Jon says:

    Allan@Aberdeen | 21.02.09 – 9:42 pm |

    This is the video

    Not so long a go these people would have been natural labour voters.


  49. Garden Trash says:

    All the English ask for is their own homeland.As it stands New Labour have been more successful in demolishing England than Hamas have in destroying Israel.England and English have disappeared from the maps and government documents such as census forms.
    The English have not been so ground down since Bloody Duke William of Normandy.
    Such cultural oppression will explode,which can only be of benefit to the BNP.We do not need another socialist party in this country,national or otherwise.


  50. Jon says:

    GCooper | 21.02.09 – 9:56 pm |

    It is always an economic crises which changes things. I have said for a long time that the British people will take everything that’s thrown at them as long as it does not hit them in the pocket. But when people lose their jobs and see MPs feathering their own nests then things begin to stir.

    Look at 1979, there were major industrial disputes all over Britain, but Callaghan did not seem to grasp the realities of the situation. Its just like Brown (and the BBC) now they try and put the blame on other people for the problems but refuse to believe what is happening under their very noses. The rise in support for the BNP has nothing to do with the BNP it is the stupid blind arrogance of the politicians to address the real concerns of the working class that is the real problem – even the arch lefty Hodge knew this but she was told to shut up.

    “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
    Albert Einstein