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At least 400 BBC employees, goodness knows how many Muslims, Annie Lennox and several MPs declare their abhorrence of Israel ‘for Gaza’. They accept Hamas’s allegations without hesitation or deviation (but with repetition.) Discussions on the BBC reduce the issue to a simple contest; who is the biggest victim, and whose warfare is fair, and whose is a crime.

Squabbling over what is and what is not a war crime, over whether Israel should endure random rocket attacks permanently because retaliation would automatically incur the crime of murdering civilians who were, or were not, imprisoned in an overpopulated hellhole with no way of escaping; disagreeing over white phosphorous, accuracy of targeting, who is a legitimate target and who is a civilian, whether this or that was deliberate or unavoidable, and who is the biggest villain, is a road to nowhere. While all this has been going on front of house, behind the scenes something else has happened.

Slowly but surely, by sleight of hand, the BBC has maneuvered Hamas into the position of graduating by stealth as a fully-fledged legitimate political entity in the eyes of the public. The BBC constantly pleads “talk to Hamas” because not to do so would be churlish, since the BBC has, with its magic trickery, legitimised, normalised and humanised it. There is only one thing worth saying: Recognise Israel’s right to exist, renounce violence, and re-educate your followers. Agreeing to any of that would entail no longer being fundamentalist extremist Islamists, so what’s the use?

The BBC has made up its mind already because it is not concerned with history, geography or a piddly little existential threat.

However many Fitnas or Panoramas we are shown that tell us there is a fundamental incompatibility between Islam and the west, the media still stops short of connecting this, multiplied several times over, with the threat Israel faces. They don’t like terrorism when it rears its head here, but are unable to empathise with what Israel has lived with since 1948.

These arguments obfuscate the real issue, which is: why is Israel fighting? Why is Hamas, fighting? Why are Syria, Iran and other assorted Arab states involved? In this topsy turvy way, by not asking these questions, the BBC has manipulated public opinion to back the wrong horse.

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  1. pete says:

    The BBC should realise that most people are not that interested in the Israeli-Hamas war.

    Israel knocking is as getting to be as much of a BBC hobby horse as global warming. They not only display bias on these topics, they’ve lost all sense of proportion too.

    Let’s see the Balen report. We paid for it.


  2. Ricky Martin says:

    Yet another Muslim group is using our courts to villify Jews and to stop the UK government’s alleged support of Israel (see ITV report today).

    No Mussie’s using the courts to stop the execution of gays in Iran? No Mussies using the courts to stop honour killing, female circumcision, forced marriages, polygamy? No Mussies using the courts to condemn jihadist terror or the indiscriminate use of rocket attacks on Israeli citizens?

    I smell a great, mighty conspiracy going on here. Everywhere, every day some Islamic group or another – funded by who? – are busy using our courts to villify Jews and undermine the British way of life, including the actions of Parliament. Something sinister brews…….

    And the BBC does it’s best to help.

    They spend months whipping up Nazi like hatred of Israel (along with al Jazeera and FrontLine) and antisemitism rises……..quelle supris


  3. Miv Tucker says:

    Ricky Martin – do you have any links to that story?



  4. Ricky Martin says:

    Sorry Miv. It’s on ITV teletext but hard to find on their website.


  5. Miv Tucker says:

    Ricky –

    Thanks anyway


  6. Ricky Martin says:


    Here’s today’s story.


    The Left-Mussie Axis of Evil is at work – today and every day – through boycotts, the courts, the EU, growing power of Arab propaganda media, the BBC, violent protests, desecration of Jewish places of worship, villification of Christians, hate speeches about the Jews that go unnoticed by our police forces and “diversity” campaigners – and this time they want everyone to turn up at the High Court to bat for Gaza, yet again…..


  7. Miv Tucker says:



  8. disillusioned_german says:

    From the piece you’re referring to, Ricky:

    “… IFY protest vigil against Miliband during the bombardment: “Protesters take peace campaign to Foreign Secretary’s doorstep”

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. Peace campaign? We’ll see, I guess 😉


  9. Dagobert says:

    How many of those protesting about the deaths of 1300 Moslems in Gaza have made any protest about the massacres of several hundred thousand Moslems in Darfur? Of course, I forgot, those in Darfur were killed by the spawns of Satan, the Jews, those in Darfur by Arab followers of the Religion of Peace.


  10. weirdvis says:

    There are none so blind as those whose heads are firmly wedged up their backsides.


  11. Ricky Martin says:

    Please note how Not So Indy Media point out the Jewish members of the government (Miliband, Lord Mand) as opposed to Brown etc. Strange that.


  12. disillusioned_german says:

    Ricky Martin | 23.02.09 – 10:22 pm |

    If the average Israeli was more like Millipede than Bibi Netanjahu I wouldn’t be bothered about standing up for Israel. Little David is a bit of a joke if you ask me.

    The sooner Millipede does what he was born to do (i.e. clean toilets) the better.


  13. wally says:

    Radio 4’s “Start the week” today gave a quarter of its airtime to Alistair Crooke, a notorious advocate of the appeasement of Hamas, Hezbullah and Iran. Hamas he sees as freedom fighters rather than terrorists.

    His views are peculiarly offensive, in as much as he believes we should look beyond Islamist violence and realise that they can see a failure in western culture of which we ourselves are vaguely aware i.e. loss of group solidarity, over-individualism, excess materialism. Apparently we lost our way with the start of the enlightenment – sure, the industrial revolution, liberal democracy and the scientific revolution are all grossly over-rated. It doesn’t seem to occur to the moonbat that he is putting up the same arguments as fascists and, to some some extent (materialism was OK), communists did.

    There were two Israelis on the programme as well, for balance. The BBC had, however, found two Jews who were left wing enough not to provide Crooke with any serious opposition. In fact I don’t recollect them demurring in any way at his views.

    Now if Melanie Philips had been there:



  14. JohnA says:


    I criticised the Start the Week prog earlier today – and then heard it again this evening.

    Bias and political imbalance from beginning to end. Anyone could have predicted the sort of line Crooke would take – he is a known apologist for terrorists – so it was surely incumbent to line up someone who could criticise his nonsense robustly.


  15. pounce says:

    So here I am burning the midnight Oil and I’m reading next month’s ‘Airforces Monthly mag and its article on Targeting Hamas. (Pages 48-51) and i read something which reminded me of something I’d read on Al-Beeb earlier on in the day.
    Gaza case studies: Weapons use
    The BBC News Website looks at case studies of some of the weapons and tactics used in the recent Gaza conflict that human rights groups are concerned may have been violations of international law.

    Basically its an Abu Bowen sponsored article on the latest report by Amnesty International on an army using weapons in a war zone. (Well as i was bored I read it)
    In a nutshell the IDF is guilty of using weapons at wartime. You name it they are guilty of using it.
    Tanks shells-Guilty
    White smoke-Guilty
    Flechette rounds-well not guilty as they didn’t use them in Gaza, but they have in the past. So guilty.
    Landmines –Guilty (hang on the report only mentioned IDF mines. Now tell me who uses landmines in that region the most?
    Then I came to the Hermes 450 which while AI bitches about the British engine it uses and demands the British government looks into this exporting of weapons by Britain which is aiding a genocide. They leave out that the New British UAV Watchkeeper program is not only based on the Hermes 450 but it will be built in the UK using British parts. Which may explain why Ebit are saying that the British engine is only for export customers. But hey AI doesn’t seem to know that little snippet.
    Anyway the bBC article says this about the use of Drones. (UAVs)
    Marc Garlasco of HRW says there is concern about the number of Palestinian civilians killed by missiles fired from unmanned Israeli aircraft, or drones, particularly because these can be precisely targeted and guided by an operator using imaging “like a TV camera” as they home in on their target. In several cases, children were killed as they played on roofs, despite the fact that the operator should have been able to determine they were civilians and steer the missile away, he says.
    And here is what my copy of Airforces monthly (Sad I know) has to say;
    In an attempt to minimize civilian casualties, the IDF says it started telephoning occupants of houses understood to be hosting militants, seconds prior to an attack. Thus giving them a chance to escape.
    A common tactic has been to gather Palestinians on the roof of a house so that the UAV observers would see children in the line of fire and call off the strike. Unfortunately during this campaign, the IASF did not call off the strikes.
    IAs i’ve heard of Hamas doing such before. (Remember the time when the bBC crowed about this) are the IDF guilty. Well yes, but so are Hamas who for some strange reason have no problem allowing children to play on roof tops during a war.
    You’d think Al Beeb would have mentioned that?


  16. Cassandra says:

    The BBC/islamist/leftist axis are doing their best to portray Israel and hamas as equals, the plan is to legitamize hamas as a political entity, the obvious end game is to drag the state of Israel down to the level of hamas in the eyes of the world.
    Its cynical and manipulative and plain evil, its the idea from hell made up by experts in the dark arts of propaganda, the BBC are actually helping a terrorist organisation to defeat a democratic free state!
    A multi billion pound media empire assisting a terrorist gang like hamas?
    I noticed the BBC reports about AI start off by saying that both hamas and the IDF are ‘guilty’ of war crimes but then go on to critisise the IDF in great detail while skipping over hamas crimes very quickly, by doing this they hide under a thin cover of a fake impartiality while attacking and poisoning the minds of the viewer against Israel.
    The BBC is as dishonest and crooked as the old Nazi/soviet media, they lie,cheat and manipulate the facts to suit their own warped agenda, the BBC trust has been disabled for this very purpose, they are running wild and out of control, they are evil and have to be stopped, they are doing so much damage not only to the UK but the world, they are undermining the fight against Islamic terrorism and they are giving aid and shelter to Jew hating racists!
    We simply have to stop this evil parasite empire now.


  17. Cassandra says:


    In war time parents do not let children play on rooftops while bombs are falling, its simply incredible that the BBC could actually believe the lies from hamas.
    The children were forced up on the roof as human shields to protect the house from attack, its plain and obvious to anyone that hamas were hiding behind women and children yet the BBC are blind to it. Hamas used groups of women and children to cover its movements and used ambulances and UN vehicles to move its munitions and yet the BBC are silent about these crimes, the BBC appologists only admit(only because they cannot deny it) to the rocket firing alone and even then the try to minimize this by saying they are homemade and unguided and not very deadly.
    The blatant lies about civilian deaths have still not been corrected even though the BBC has the ‘adjusted figures’, the BBC dont do corrections, they just keep on lying and protecting a terrorist gang of murderers!


  18. Grant says:

    Imagine what would have happened to the childrens’ parents if they had tried to stop Hamas using the children as human shields ?
    Here is real cruelty and a massive breach of “human rights”.
    Normally the BBC are very keen to expose human rights abuses.
    But the BBC are quite happy for children to be sacrificed by terrorists if it suits the BBC’s political agenda.
    In my book, that makes the BBC actually worse than the terrorists.
    If the Beeboids are really serious, they should offer their own children as suicide bombers and human shields.


  19. Ricky Martin says:

    Cassandra | 24.02.09 – 6:36 am | #

    The BBC are in competition with the growing and sinister menace of Arab sponsored media empires like al Jazeera and the Iranian propaganda outfit: Frontline. Check them out.

    The BBC has calculated that Jews don’t matter. They only like to present them favourably in the context of the Holocaust – a nice, lefty place where Jews were passive and victimised. There’s nothing a lefty hates more than a Jew who fights back.

    Since the Jews were decimated across Europe in the 1940s, they only represent a blip on the BBCs auditors radar. So why bother with them. Same for Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs. No money to be made there.

    Muslims. Now here is a money making marketing dream. Just like those British farmers entering the Halal market right now. There are 2 million Mussies in the UK alone and they are growing fast. By 2050 they will be the dominate faith in Europe. Bring em on – from Turkey, Somalia, Algeria etc – the Burqua brigade means big bucks. So that’s why the BBC has positioned itself as the friend of Arab rights (terrorism), Arab culture (Islam & Science??), struck deals with al Jazeera, promotes itself in Iran then magically produces a love fest series on Iran and will soon probably ban pigs on TV, following a ten week series on “How You Can Become a Muslim.”.

    It’s all a cynical marketing exercise, with all the hopelessness of leftwing halfwits who have never run a whelk stall.


  20. Sue says:

    Ricky Martin
    They only like to present them favourably in the context of the Holocaust – a nice, lefty place where Jews were passive and victimised.

    Last night I watched Zoe Wanamker’s “Who do you think You Are?”
    Isn’t it interesting that so many of the subjects of this programme have Jewish ancestry? But most of them are left wing celebs, so I suppose they make ideal subject matter for the BBC as they can go to the venue of a pogrom in Eastern Europe or to Yad Vashem or Auschwitz.


  21. Cockney says:

    Careful Sue, that’s the sort of comment that got Chris Moyles into trouble..


  22. Sue says:

    Cockney | 24.02.09 – 11:12 am
    Oh yes. I see from a blog called ‘organgrinder’ – sounds painful -they didn’t think much of Moyles’s insensitive comment.

    The BBC press office didn’t stand by Moyles as they might once have: “We regret his comments were misjudged and we are speaking to Chris.”

    Why can’t I have a press office? I need to make insensitive comments too. And some misjudged ones obviously.


  23. Religion-sucks says:

    Ricky Martin:

    Just imagine using the courts about 500 years ago as some use them today. Take out law suits against those Christian persecutors, Jew-expellers, pogrom mongers, Inquisition participants, crusaders, book burners, and people burners.
    Is it true that Christianity has been the most violent and destructive creed ever known?
    Beeboids should put extremist Muslims in the same garb as the evil Christians of yesteryear.


  24. Sarah Jane says:

    Isn’t it interesting that so many of the subjects of this programme have Jewish ancestry? But most of them are left wing celebs,
    Sue | 24.02.09 – 10:11 am | #

    No, it’s because the media has a healthy proportion of liberal Jews working in it.


  25. Sarah Jane says:

    (insert conspiracy theory of choice here) 🙂


  26. Grant says:

    Sarah Jane 8:25
    Exactly, but very few “non-liberal” Jews.


  27. David Preiser (USA) says:


    It’s really a problem of very few “non-liberal” anything. No matter what, if they list Jews, a high percentage of them will be Leftoid-leaning.


  28. wally says:

    “Is it true that Christianity has been the most violent and destructive creed ever known?” Religion sucks, above.

    It’s not true actually. It’s just that most Europeans have not bothered to study the history of Muslim imperialism and slave-trading – and currently much of that history is available generally only in sanitised form. It would not even occur to a Muslim to see past misdeeds as being caused by their religion: such things as the Armenian massacres are simply denied or, in the same way that the victims of honour killings are treated, they are made taboo topics of discussion.

    There are some Muslims who go into great details of the massive numbers and killings done in the name of Islam: they are known as ex-Muslims.


  29. Sue says:

    I don’t want to repeat myself (I know I know) by posting again about antisemitism, but

    “But the moment I stepped outside the confines of the conference, things suddenly looked very different. At the end of the second day, while I was still in Lancaster House, I was interviewed by the BBC. At their studio they had a moderate Arab expert commenting on anti-Semitism, and everything he said was received with warm approval from the interviewer. His argument: It is true that Jews around the world today feel threatened by increasing anti-Semitism. But who is to blame? The Israeli government of course, …”


  30. Ricky Martin says:

    Sue | 25.02.09 – 11:46 am | #

    The BBC is culpable in the growing rise of antisemitism as their reach extends across the world where it is developing fast – again.

    The BBC is “institutionally antisemitic” and need to be exposed. As I have said before, the BBC only likes to portray Jews as stereotypical villians (Fagin, Orthodox Jew as thief documentary etc) or as helpless and passive Holocaust victims (Ann Frank, Who Do You Think You Are?). They harbour an antique view of Jews and their remarkable contribution to world culture – based upon a mixture of jealous Arab racism and neo Marxist bigotry.

    How many contemporary dramas about Jews can you name. How many sitcoms still portray Jews with mock mid European accents? How many Muslims have been allowed to spout vile slurs on Jews and their national home – without be checked or challenged?

    Blaming Jews for Israel’s actions or that of anyone else is the classic refuge of the racist – the Nazi paradigm – that the victim deserves his fate. This interviewer and the “moderate” Arab are guilty of racist incitement on all counts.

    The more the evidence piles up (on this excellent site) the more the EU Security Team at the EU Monitoring Centre needs to be asked to investigate the BBC and how deep the infiltration by Islamicists and extremists goes.

    The BBC culture stinks like a rotten carcass.


  31. Sue says:

    Ricky Martin | 25.02.09 – 5:22 pm
    I quite agree. Well said.