Poor Michael Fallon. He pops up on Today just after 7am to properly point out the shocking lack of due diligence exercised with this government over the exit terms for Fred the now Shredded and zap- he gets a verbal mauling from the BBC eunuchs. They sure know how to look after their friends.

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  1. Garden Trash says:

    Whilst the pension awarded to Fred the Shred is not peanuts to the average person,it is a mere gnat’s balls to the amount of money Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling have borrowed, without permission,on behalf of the taxpayers.
    Every man, woman, child,lesbian gay and transgendered is in hock to the tune of £33,000.
    The taxpayers of Britain will be paying this vast debt back whilst Brown is collecting his pension and generally doing a Blair on the financial front.
    The pension of Fred the Shred is being used as spin to hide the utter slobbering incompetence of Gordon Brown’s government.


  2. Libertarian says:

    Is BBC reporter Robert Peston a government stooge?

    Last updated at 10:09 AM on 27th February 2009

    Fresh questions have been raised over whether BBC Business editor Robert Peston is being used as a Government stooge during the financial crisis.



  3. Twizzle says:

    I saw Fallon with that waste of oxygen McFall being interviewed by Paxo on Newsnight on Wednesday evening.

    It started fine with Paxo lambasting McFall about regulatory failings. But, by the end, Fallon was under attack from both parties because…… well, because he was a Tory, I guess!


  4. Jon says:

    And the Tories 20 points ahead in the opinion polls – do you think that at last they will realise the blatant bias of the BBC and introduce a new bill to end the BBC Marxist corporation as soon as they get elected?

    I hope so.


  5. Sutekh says:

    And the Tories 20 points ahead in the opinion polls – do you think that at last they will realise the blatant bias of the BBC and introduce a new bill to end the BBC Marxist corporation as soon as they get elected?

    I hope so.
    Jon | 27.02.09 – 6:08 pm | #
    Don’t hold your breath, mate….


  6. TPO says:

    David you have the wrong link. It takes you to that corrupt fat socialist shit, two jags, two shags and two pensions prescott.


  7. pete says:

    The Today programme is rubbish.

    Why does anyone listen to it?

    What does anyone learn from it?

    What is it for?


  8. Garden Trash says:

    The Today programme is a most usful diuretic for those who cannot drink coffee in the morning.


  9. LP Gasse says:

    Its bad – but Broadcasting House on sunday is worse – their regular piss-takes of Rumsfeld were undisguised total bias!


  10. Susan Franklin says:

    With the backing of the mouthpiece of the Brown government the BBC, He who trumpets NO Reward For Failure • is now trying to shift blame for the sad state of UK Banking system to Sir Fred Goodwin. In my view the one person in the UK who must Not be rewarded for failure is Gordon Brown

    Goodwin could perhaps be persuaded to give up his pension. But he could do it on one condition: when Brown admits his own systemic failure and gives up his pension. That will put the cat among the proverbial “political pigeons”. It would be in the public interest – or common interest, as Labour likes to label it.

    There is no escaping the fact that Gordon Brown alone designed the current three-ring regulatory circus in 1997, when he stripped the Bank of England of responsibility for overseeing banking practice. Today’s UK banking and financial meltdown is a direct consequence of his failure to design a proper regulatory system. And as we clearly heard from the FSA this week, Brown intervened repeatedly over time to ensure the FSA (i) remained toothless, and (ii) backed off if they considered actions that would “rock Gordon’s boat”.

    Anyone with more than one brain cell knows the current financial meltdown comes on top of cyclical downturn • it is not caused by it. Sadly and with great human cost it amplifies its worst effects of recession. Up to now Brown has been hiding behind a cyclical global recession claiming that is responsible for the current financial crisis or that it’s made in America.

    Did all countries screw up the Financial Regulatory System? As the BBC and other broadcast media in UK have failed to point out – NO.

    Just ask the Canadian Prime Minister why the Canadian banks are fine, thank you very much – even though the Canadian economy is more integrated with the American economy than the British Economy will ever be. The Canadian PM says repeatedly • not reported in the UK • that today’s financial mess results from a failure to regulate properly • of some governments • most notably the USA and the UK. Australian and New Zealand banking systems are also fine as are many others around the world.


  11. BigBob says:

    ‘They sure know how to look after their friends.’

    Who broke the story David?


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    TPO | 27.02.09 – 6:45 pm |

    Still, full credit to Evan Davis for showing up Prescott for being full of crap, and actually suggesting on air that Labour was ultimately to blame for this mess. Will he now be out the door soon after Ed “Other Projects”?

    Maybe he was trying to make up for it with his dopey idea that City people shouldn’t be allowed into the government decisions on the financial crisis.

    Nick Robinson even suggested that Darling and Prescott were being dishonest and shedding crocodile tears over Goodwin’s pension.

    Is it a new moon or something?


  13. Gus Haynes says:

    no new moon, just reality – a non biased media organisation. maybe now you see that this ‘bias’ you feel exists, is more of a myth/conspiracy theory.


  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Gus Haynes | 03.03.09 – 1:41 am |

    One incident out of twenty does not a non-biased media organization make. Nice try, though.