On Oath?

One of the biggest obstacles to impartial reporting is the language barrier. At the mercy of Palestinian stringers and translators, how can the audience be sure that what they are being told is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Tom Gross has something interesting to say about Jeremy Bowen and his former colleague Chris Gunness. Do read it all.

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16 Responses to On Oath?

  1. Sue says:

    TPO | 18.03.09 – 4:54 pm

    Just seen your post on the general thread -snap!


  2. The Beebinator says:

    the police should investigate Jeremy Bowen to ascertain whether or not the beeboid scumbag has committed a criminal offence under the Theft Act – obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.

    he is taking a wage from our telly tax money and telling lies in order to get it in his reporting of them nasty jews


  3. George R says:

    BBC: What does C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y spell?

    Good to see that ‘Jihadwatch’ has posted on this today too:

    “Objective journalism: CNN reporter berates Israeli Knesset member as ‘fascist'”


    Tom Gross on the BBC in 2004:

    ‘National Review’

    “Living in a Bubble:
    The BBC’s very own Mideast foreign policy”



  4. Jon says:

    Isn’t it strange but wasn’t Bowen elevated to his postion because the BBC had been accused of being anti-Isreali?


  5. Geoff says:

    My apologies for reducing this to the gutter, but according to the Tom Gross link the UN co-ordinator in Jerusalem is called Max Gaylord.

    It needed to be pointed out but I’ll get my coat.


  6. pounce says:

    Does anybody know where Abu Bowen stays when he visits London. I for one would have no problem smashing his f-ing teeth down his neck.

    Of course i would be uttering ‘God is great’ as I did so

    If somebody wishes for the police to visit me for writing the above. Please do. As somebody with a muslim name i could do with winning £60,000 for having a policman look funny at me.

    Allah Ackba…You couldn’t make it up.


  7. TPO says:

    Sue | 18.03.09 – 7:01 pm |

    I’ve also posted it on Guy Fawkes to get it as much coverage as possible.
    When I first saw Gunnis ranting on the Beeb I had an uncomfortable feeling about it, reminiscent of ‘green helmet man’ in Lebanon and the stage managed photo ops for the Beeb.


  8. TPO says:

    My apologies for reducing this to the gutter, but according to the Tom Gross link the UN co-ordinator in Jerusalem is called Max Gaylord.
    It needed to be pointed out but I’ll get my coat.
    Geoff | 18.03.09 – 8:14 pm |

    Already did Geoff, but he’s not any old Max Gaylord, he’s Maxwell Gaylord. Apologies for sniggering at it.



  9. Geoff says:

    Sorry TPO, there are so many posts on this blog nowadays that I missed your earlier one. Good spot on your part and v funny.


  10. The Beebinator says:


    you have no need to punch Abu Bowen’s teeth so far down his neck his dentist has to extract them from his arse hole

    karma, the same thing that happened to frank gardener will happen to Bowen – poetic justice


  11. The Northumbrian says:

    The fact that Israelis continue to allow Bowen to enter their country is a mystery to me. This fool is an enemy to both Israel and to decency. The outrageous anti-Israeli propaganda, exaggerations, and hearsay he has peddled have done more to sully the image of Israel in the minds of the British public than any other so-called reporter I know.

    Israel should treat him as the enemy he is, and send him packing.


  12. ady says:

    So as far as this place is concerned is Tom Goss a neutral observer?


  13. Anonymous says:

    so lying about war crimes and 40 schoolchildren dead rather than 7 hamas fighters and 2 very regretted bystanders no schoolchildren no school targetted no war crime
    the ensuing reaction round the world targetted innocent jews
    thats ok by you is it?
    that passes for unbiased reporting for you?


  14. JohnA says:

    Tom Gross is a REAL reporter. reports FACTS. Sure, he has opinions, every journalist has opinions. But unlike the BBC he prefers to home in in a very forensic way on the FACTS.

    “Comment is free, but facts are sacred” – CP Scott at the Manchester Guardian.

    The BBC plays fast and loose with facts – does not check them when they know the sources are dodgy, have form, omits them if they don’t fit the narrative, and in this case has shown utter disregard for proper journalistic ethics. Hiding that sorry excuse for an apology (in fact is there any apology) simply proves the point – the Middle east reporting by the BBC is a travesty.


    But of course the BBC is more about comment these days, to hell with the facts if they don’t fit. This morning on the Today prog John Humphrys was interviewing about the nuclear deterrent programme – all we heard was HIS pacifist views. And on the Middle East, virtually everything is filtered through extreme bias from Bowen downwards.


  15. ady says:

    –Sure, he has opinions, every journalist has opinions–

    And an opinion that Israel can do no wrong…and is only a victim makes him impartial…lol

    An opinion that both sides are out of their trees and will stop at pretty much nothing to achieve their objectives could be considered as objective by a neutral observer.

    Both sides are in thrall to hard line religious influence at a social and political level, which is the main reason why nothing ever improves and no peaceful solution will ever be achieved.


  16. Sue says:

    ady | 20.03.09 – 8:20 am |
    Tom Gross is not impartial. He is pro Israel, as the BBC is pro Pali. But his reporting is rigorous where the BBC’s is biased and sloppy.

    to achieve their objectives

    Israel’s objective? =To exist
    Hamas/Fatah’s objectives? = To eliminate Israel

    In thrall?
    Hamas is an Islamist organisation that rules Gaza with terrifying brutality.
    Israel, though politically constrained by orthodox religious requirements, is 70% secular.
    Ady, your attitude to wagga waggas or whatever you call them is showing.