Anyone catch Justin Webb’s salivating coverage of Obama’s press  conference just after 7am this morning? Justin reaffirmed his faith in the Obamessiah  declaring to all us unbelievers that The One COULD speak without a teleprompter and of course that there was a real prospect that economic progress was being made via the latest Trillion Dollar “stimulus”.  (aka transgenerational income theft) Naturally there was no voice to dissent from the BBC view that Obama is “getting to grips” with the domestic economy. Then, just before 8am, up popped race hustler the Rev Jesse Jackson who was also fawned over.  Jackson’s theory that those who commit knife crime are “victims” of the system was allowed to float by unchallenged. Evan Davies delicately brought up the possibility that the Dem-originated CRA might have contributed ever so slightly to the sub-prime disaster but again the shakedown artiste was allowed to waffle his way around that one! If you want to hear BBC bias, just listen to how they treat extreme leftists like Jackson.

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  1. haddock says:

    Off topic but

    no sign of this on BBC…. not even on here


  2. knacker says:

    Reality check: J Jackson and his feelings about One’s testicles.

    …oddly missing from Breakfast today.

    BTW, the CRA was the creation of J Carter, a lesser one who nonetheless bears comparison with One.

    A perfect storm of leftist crap is brewing and Justin Webb is the BBC’s front man. Just the job.


  3. Cassandra says:

    The fawning BBC hero worship is an indictment of their political bias, the TOADY show is highlighting that ‘black people’ should have more representation in politics, OK then, why dont they stand then? case closed eh? well this is the BBC so they go after it like a dog with a bone, everone gets a say just as long as they all agree with the BBC narrative of course!
    Black people are victims of racist white people hell bent on keeping them down, black criminals are victims of white people hell bent on forcing black people to comit crime, everyone is a victim as long as they are black, the moaning and whinging is the same, the excuses are the same, the scapegoats are the same, if nothing else the BBC are repetative arnt they?
    Obama is ‘hugely popular’ Obama is infallible and can do no wrong, when the BBC want to get an ‘ordinary persons view on his performance so far they ask……wait for it… an Obama supporter or two!
    The narrative is clear everyone supports the young dynamic president except a few nasty and evil republicans, everyone else is basking in the chosen ones heavenly glow, his fantastic multi trillion dollar gamble is bound to pay off isnt it? isnt it? sugary sweet fawning to the point of sick making the BBC pile on the sugar, no opposing view is considered whatsoever of course, why would the BBC give valuable airtime to their ideological enemies?

    With regard to the BBC narrative that evil whitey should give special treatment and favours to the poor oppressed black minority is a BBC pet project isnt it? and its worked out a treat so far! Our institutions were founded on democratic values but this isnt good enough for the comrades now, they want a selective and frankly racist special treatment giving priority to those who shouldnt be let near the levers of power, look at that greasy crook V*z and his cohorts of bootfilling crooks.
    Of course the best way to ensure these newcomers can fit in and prosper is to demand that they stand on their own two feet and make the effort to fit in giving their loyalty to their adopted homeland and make a contribution, giving them no special favours. Others have come and settled in incredibly well and give no trouble whatsoever, why do black people deserve any special treatment and favours, in fact singling out black people is doing them more harm than good, so keen are the BBC to shower them with excuses for their failure they are in fact commiting the crime of racism not only against them but us as well!
    Treating a black murdering thug as a victim is perhaps the most damaging thing the BBC and its fellow travellers can do and yet they still persist.

    The proper course of action is a ‘colour blind’ government who only recogizes British subjects, colour of race should have no place at all in anything the government does, a policy of only recognizing that all British passport holders are treated exactly the same with no reference to colour/former nationality, should an immigrant British citizen try to gain favours and advantage because of skin colour and race they should be prosecuted and/or stripped of their British passports and sent home where they could live in the manner they wish.
    British people should demand equal treatment from government it would enhance our national identity, the current regime seems to delight in splitting us on lines of race/religion/skin colour giving one side special favours while ignoring the others, this is going to lead us to a Balkans type civil war and we will all suffer for it!


  4. keith says:

    Haddock is quite right. The BBC has air-brushed the Dan Hannan speech from history. Obviously not to their taste, the unpalatable truth. So no bias there, then.


  5. LP Gasse says:

    All the above is absolutely right —- but on BBC Radio 2 –Wogan — because he is too popular for them to attempt to shut up — put his finger right on it with the latest Obama speech – he pointed out that there wasnt a single piece of information in there – it was all non-committal waffle – big on intentions but no actual facts.

    Top man Terry! -what clear thinking to see right through the hysteria – god save us from wet wolly thinking.


  6. John Reith spins in his grave says:

    Either Justin is as big a dope as he looks – or he’s lying through his teeth.

    Obama didn’t “speak without a teleprompter” – he simply substituted a sodding great flatscreen TV at the back of the room which wouldn’t be obvious on the news footage.

    Seems like our Justin and Obama are two of a kind when it comes to smoke and mirrors.


  7. Libertarian says:

    Fox News O’Reilly Factor

    Bill O’Reilly critiques Obamas press conference from his right of centre viewpoint and then makes an absolute point of inviting two Democratic Politicians to critique his original critique of Obama.

    Thats how its done BBC,
    Its not simply a matter of calling in those with the ‘right’ views.


  8. Grant says:

    Haddock 10:07
    Thanks for that link. It is wonderful to think of Brown having to sit in the EU Parliament and be demolished by Dan Hannan.
    I loved the bit where he calls Brown pathological.
    Of course the biassed BBC would never report it. They are desperately doing everything they can to keep this rotten government in power.


  9. Andrew K says:

    It is gradually becomong apparent that Barack Obama was put on this earth to make George W bush look good. The slow unravelling on the BBC should be interesting.


  10. Roland Deschain says:


    It’s been brought up on one of the threads below (Tories in the Cross Fire, I think).

    I knew nothing of Mr Hannan’s speech until I logged on to this site this morning. If the BBC can’t tell us about this sort of savaging of the PM in such a public arena and we have to find out on the internet, the justification for the licence fee becomes less and less.

    I have made this point on Nick Robinson’s blog (assuming it gets past the moderators) but I have grave doubts he actually reads the comments.


  11. JohnA says:


    Yes, there were several mentions and links to the speech attacking Brown on earlier threads.

    Typical of the BBC to bury such an incident.

    re Obama and “no teleprompter” – it was common knowledge that he had a big prompt screen at the back instead. Common knowedge to everyong except the BBC ? I doubt it. I think Webb was lying again, puffing up The One.

    The interview with shyster and race-baiter Jesse Jackson this morning left me agog – I could not believe how fawning, how bloody naive the interview was. A crook like that being treated as some sort of sage ?


  12. Dr Michael Ross says:

    Today certainly was the BBC at its most transparently awful.

    And they don’t don’t even see it!

    Kill it. Now.


  13. JohnA says:

    Obama’s poll ratings are down fast from 70s through 60s to the 50s. Shortest Presidential honeymoon ever ?

    It looks like EVERYTHING is above his pay grade.

    To many, Obama is proving to be a figure of fun, a total stumblebum :


  14. Umbongo says:

    This was the most toe-curlingly embarrassing example of a BBC love-in with an international shyster since Harrabin’s chat with Gore. However, to be fair, even Harrabin wasn’t as completely on-message as Evan Davies. OTOH Harrabin only got grief from Gore’s propaganda team when he suggested that cutting out the lies and exaggerated claims in an “Inconvenient Truth” might actually improve the Goracle’s gospel.


  15. DB says:

    This morning’s Today programme had no fewer than six Obama-related segments in addition to the extensive references to his press conference in the half-hourly news bulletins. The presenter Evan Davies preceded the last of these items with the following:

    “If you’ve been listening to the programme today, for no particular reason you’ll realise it seems to have been Obama Day. We’ve been marking his 65th day in office with reports of his press conference last night, we had Jesse Jackson on, we’ve a discussion on a potential British Obama. Goodness knows how far we’ll go when he gets to a hundred days.”

    They know they’re doing it • they just don’t care. Today’s got a fever and the only prescription is more Obama. (This is what goes through Today editor Ceri Thomas’s head whenever he hears Obama’s name: )

    The programme also devoted two separate segments, totalling nearly 10 minutes, to the news that a replica of Picasso’s Guernica is going on display at a London gallery; this allowed for lots of anti-war sentiment with specific reference to Iraq. And just before 7am there was the inevitable eco item in which activist/reporter Sarah Mukherjee gave an extended political broadcast on behalf of the green lobby and its demands for more grants for solar panels and the like.

    All in all a fucking disgrace.


  16. LP Gasse says:

    Ooooh…what a great clip that Daniel Hannan clip is – now theres a compelling politician – what a novelty…


  17. Grimer says:

    To be honest, I think that some knife crime perpetrators are victims of the system. If our criminal justice system wasn’t so bloody weak, they would probably be locked up long before they started stabbing people. This case is a prime example:

    Boy who killed for £1 pizza found guilty of murder

    The boy, who was 13 when he stabbed Noor Kasimi, 32, outside a fast food shop in north London

    It was revealed after the judgment that the boy had committed a number of violent crimes with knives and other weapons. He had been found guilty of common assault in 2003, was expelled from school after attacking his teacher with a hammer and a handsaw, and was arrested five times in the months before the murder in connection with knifepoint robberies of mobile phones.

    Of course, the BBC et al seem incapable of joining the dots. Instead of calling/campaigning for early intervention, tough punishments, care orders, borstals, etc, they seem to think that everything can be cured with a (rewarded) day out at Alton Towers.


  18. LP Gasse says:

    Well said Grimer,

    When i was a an inner city teacher – we always said that the kids have to know right from wrong and resposibility (not just rights) in school – like lion taming, those values would stick for life.

    Then a load of right-on lefty types came to run the school and everything changed – by age 15, the lads realised how big they were and had no qualms about pulling knives on staff.
    The lefties continued to ignore the warnings – then there was a murder – as predicted by my ‘side’.


  19. Bobzilla says:

    The BBC has a bad case of the ‘Patricia Hewitts’

    That obnoxious woman could stand in front of a hospital and say everything was just fine, even if the place was on fire. All reasoned arguement fell on deaf ears.

    The BBC is the same with Obama. Even when he’s wrong… he’s right!!!


  20. John Bosworth says:

    Meanwhile in the real world….

    When will this hit the Beeb?


  21. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Damn, you guys beat me to it. I was going to say something last night about Justin Webb’s ridiculous blog posts, written in laughably breathless anticipation, but I just couldn’t bear it. Ol’ Justin even spelled out his “hope he keeps it sober and grown-up, which, after all, he does rather well.” Do tell, Justin.

    Consider his two posts from last night, combined with this morning’s report, and especially Evan Davis’ little giveaway (as quoted by DB above), and it’s hard to see the difference between the BBCs current reporting on the leader of a foreign country and this:

    Know, dearly beloved Brethren, that by the mercy of God, as we have been rejoicing in the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, so also do we announce unto you the joy of the Resurrection of the same our Saviour.

    Pope Benedict XVI – Epiphany Announcement of the Ressurection: 2009

    The only other thing I can say is, “Jesse Jackson?” The Obamessiah must really have performed poorly if even the Daily Politics could find only a racial angle to defend Him.


  22. frankos says:

    John Bosworth
    great link –this should be sent to every person in this country –never mind Gore’s “inconvenient truth” bollocks–
    Come on BBC put it on the 10 oclock newsif you dare!!


  23. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Since this is basically a thread about the BBC’s Obamessiah worship, I’ll post this here instead of on the General Comments thread half way down the page.

    The BBC did report that the Czech PM slammed The Obamessiahs’ spending plans.

    Czech PM attacks Obama spending

    But, why the hell is the BBC asking for comments about it from the public? This is a totally transparent effort to get US and European support for their beloved Obamessiah.

    Anybody think they’ll do the same with Hannan’s comments about Mr. Brown?


  24. Bobzilla says:

    John Bosworth

    That vid was the first post in this thread.


  25. Pat says:

    Haddock – Thank you so much for the link to Hannan. What a brilliant speaker – pity we do not have more like him.


  26. LP Gasse says:

    The link is now on the Telegraph website – i cant bring myself to check the BBC site — is it there by any chance?


  27. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Justin Webb (abetted by the Today editors) actually told a lie this morning, in a deliberate attempt to fool you all. He said that President Obamessiah brought:

    “a list of names of journalists representing a wide variety of American publications he could call on.” (notice his emphasis of “wide variety”)

    To support Webb’s statement, the Today editors cobbled together an audio clip of the President calling out those names and publications:

    “AP…Stars and Stripes….Ed Henry…Politico….AFP”

    Here’s what ol’ Justin and the Today producers don’t want you to know:

    No Questions: Obama Skips Major Papers at News Conference

    President takes questions from 13 reporters, including a French news agency, but skips America’s top newspapers, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and USA Today.

    Ed Henry is from the biased CNN. Anyone can feel free to look up the rest of the names and publications the Today producers and Justin Webb told you represented a “wide variety” and decide for yourselves if they do or not. Stars and Stripes, yeah.

    “The ship has been steadied,” says Webb.

    Justin Webb and the Today editors just tried to deceive all of you. Deliberately. To support the leader of a foreign country. And the Today bosses think he’s done such a great job covering the US, that they’re getting rid of Ed “Other Projects” Stourton and bringing Webb in to replace him.

    (Oh, yes. Ol’ Justin actually said that some European countries “don’t want to stimulate their economies”. What a joke. That’s just another version of Gordon Brown’s “Do-Nothing Tories” mantra.)

    This isn’t about the press conference, but here’s one other thing the BBC doesn’t want you to know:

    Abortion debate doges Obama’s plan to deliver commencement address

    The Cardinal Newman Society, an organization dedicated to the “renewal” of the nation’s Catholic colleges and universities, issued an alert on its Web site. As of Tuesday evening, the organization claimed more than 85,000 had signed an online petition to stop the “scandal.”

    Of course, the Huffington Post has only mentioned that some Catholic Bishop is boycotting the speech, so the BBC doesn’t think it’s news yet.


  28. DB says:

    Two weeks ago the Today programme posted a viral video on YouTube – only it wasn’t really a viral because they cheated and promoted their effort a few times on their multimillion-listener show. Current number of views – just over 52,000.

    Daniel Hannan’s response to Brown went up on YouTube yesterday and, without any help from Today or the rest of the BBC, has already had more than 36,000 views. Drudge has linked to it so it’s only a matter of hours before it overtakes Today’s “viral”. James Forsyth at the Spectator asks “Can the Internet turn Dan Hannan’s skewering of Brown into a story?” Will Today dare mention it given that it has made their own effort look so lame?


  29. Millie Tant says:

    John Bosworth

    That vid was the first post in this thread.
    Bobzilla | 25.03.09 – 3:11 pm | #
    But in neither case was the subject of the post or the vid indicated. The first said merely that it was off topic.


  30. bill ward. says:

    hannan video now on fox news front page.


  31. Anonymous says:

    Justin Webb is a tosser. The fact Fox News were the ones to point out the TV screens says it all. I guess Webb’s excuse is he couldn’t see the screen as his head was buried in Obama’s backside.


  32. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This thread highlights classic BBC bias.

    On the one hand, we have the BBC engaging in propaganda and falsifying a mere press conference of the leader of a foreign country to whom they have been devoting an inordinate amount of time and effort.

    On the other hand, the BBC refuses to report on an address to the Prime Minister of the UK at the European Parliament by an elected British representative to that body, concerning the most important issue in Great Britain today.

    This is in direct violation of their Charter.


  33. DB says:

    Did I say “it’s only a matter of hours before it overtakes Today’s “viral”? I meant minutes. 80,000 views and counting.


  34. TPO says:

    Millie Tant | 25.03.09 – 5:28 pm |
    The Dan Hannan video link first appeared on this blog yesterday courtesy of Oscar who, in turn, had seen it on Guido’s and caused much comment on the “TORIES IN THE CROSS-FIRE!” thread.

    Over at Guido’s today he’s showing how Dan Hannan’s devastating and forensic destruction of Brown is rapidly becoming the most viewed video round the world.

    Unfortunately the BBC just can’t bring themselves to air it.
    Now there is a clown called Haynes who occasionally posts nonsense here, who seems to be in denial about the BBC’s penchant for bias by omission.
    Perhaps he can explain to all how this is not bias by omission.


  35. TPO says:

    The Dan Hannan story is getting legs everywhere with few exceptions. Now is putting down markers for Hannan being a future Tory leader.


  36. David Preiser (USA) says:

    TPO, should lay odds on if and when the BBC will report this.


  37. DB says:

    Of course it’s worth remembering that for all of Hannan’s eloquent dismissal of Brown’s economic policies he remains a supporter of Obama.

    In his speech he says: “Prime Minister, you cannot carry on forever squeezing the productive bit of the economy in order to fund an unprecedented engorgement of the unproductive bit. You cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt.”

    One could quite easily replace the first two words with “Mr President” but Hannan will not do that. Just like Cameron and Boris and the male bloggers at the Spectator and the Obamacons in the US, Hannan is starry-eyed with love for the man who represents “one of us” – the supposedly bookish intellectual, the guy who reminds them they’re all superior to the rednecks.

    In short, tossers.


  38. TPO says:

    David Preiser (USA) | 25.03.09 – 7:23 pm |

    David, over at Guido’s there’s a lot of comment about Dan Hannan’s video clip beginning to hit the US MSM with some comments on the blogs suggesting he should be Pres. of the US.
    Can you confirm any of this?


  39. bill ward. says:

    daniel hannan says about his speech to gordon..

    I tipped off the BBC and some of the newspaper correspondents but, unsurprisingly, they ignored me:


  40. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s a new BBC article which perfectly combines the two themes of this thread.

    Papering over the cracks at G20.

    The BBC is now defending President Obamessiah’s economic plans, and pimping for Gordon Brown at the same time.

    In fact, don’t bother reading the article. The News Online Beeboids have given a perfect summary in the captions under the photos:

    Mr. Topolanek says Europe should resist US-style spending

    Mr. Obama wants Europe to play its part

    Mr Brown is trying to play honest broker

    Simply awesome.


  41. Gerald Brown says:

    You Tube Daniel Hannan – 168000, and counting!!!

    Anything on the BBC yet?


  42. DB says:

    Fox, Drudge, the Corner – the American right is loving the Hannan video because he’s attacking spend spend spend in a way they want to see from their own politicians. Unfortunately for them, and for Dan the Man, it’s surely only a matter of time before the left side of the US blogosphere notices he’s a longtime supporter of Obama and fingers him for the hypocrite he so clearly is.


  43. disillusioned_german says:

    Hannan’s on Neil Cavuto on FNC right now!


  44. DB says:

    Re my last comment. I underestimated the superiority of the right-leaning American blogosphere. Instapundit: “I note, however, that Hannan is willing to give Obama more time before turning against him, despite the seeming similarity between Brown’s economic policies and Obama’s.”


  45. disillusioned_german says:

    Hannan’s on Glenn Beck now.


  46. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I missed this earlier because it was buried and I only stumbled across while looking at the BBC America site.

    Justin Webb and Today mislead you all about last night’s Obamessiah press conference. I didn’t go into criticisms of how He may have dodged questions or had to backtrack on certain issues, because the blatant bias at the beginning of ol’ Justin’s report was enough on its own.

    Now the BBC is admitting that the President seemed to dodge a few questions. Worse, some US pundits have been critical of His performance. Except, of course, it’s not His fault.

    “This is a new world we’re living in, after seven years of al-Qaeda, Iraq and Afghanistan,” wrote Helene Cooper, live-blogging the news conference for The Caucus blog at New York Times.

    “Hard to imagine a Bush press conference focusing so singularly on the economy, but then, these are clearly different times.”

    Not His fault:

    Reporters “harped constantly on the deficit”, noted Mike Madden on, “practically ignoring Obama’s remarks on how he would spend federal money in order to ask him why he would spend so much of it”.

    Never mind the criticisms:

    For Newsday’s Dan Janison, the exchange was “one of those political inkblot tests” destined to be interpreted differently by supporters of different political creeds.

    Except for criticisms from the Jewish court jester of the right-wing National Review and one of Bush’s former press secretaries, the “criticisms” from the Left were basically that the President wasn’t forceful enough in getting the necessary message across.

    But don’t worry, Justin Webb said “the ship has been steadied”.

    As an alternative to BBC propaganda, try this.