Tomorrow night IS Question Time night and you are all cordially invited to come along for an hour of quality banter and a chance to chat with all your B-BBC’er’s! On the panel we have Fattie Charles Clarke, Fattie Eric Pickles, Loony Caroline Lucas, Creepy Ed Davey and Wacky Michael Winner! Make sure you tune in, turn up and have your say.


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14 Responses to QUESTION TIME ALERT!

  1. unemployed tory says:

    god there all lefties except pickles


  2. Martin says:

    Well I hope Pickles does a better job than the last few Tories.

    I also hope that instead of filling the audience with the usual bunch of arseholes like teachers, spotty politics students and ranting bushy bearded Muslims we have more women with large breasts.

    Note I said breasts not tits. The panel are the tits.


  3. disillusioned_german says:

    Martin | 26.03.09 – 12:49 am |

    They (Al Beeb) should have you on instead of Jonathan Woss, Martin. You always make me grin.

    Cheers, mate!


  4. Martin says:

    disillusioned_german: Even the BBC couldn’t afford me!


  5. Jon says:

    Its all a farce and past its sell by date. The blatent stacking of the panel and audience with left wing loonies is proof that the BBC just don’t care about its audience. Its a left wing party with the odd “Tory” thrown in – which is the BBCs idea of a balanced panel. It won’t be long before the token “right winger” will be left out.

    Its times like this that I strongly object to paying for the likes of Dimbelby and his left wing production team.

    Anyone with any sense would see that to acheive a balanced panel you have 4 “guests” – 2 with “left wing” views and 2 with “right wing” views. Its so easy.

    As someone pointed out on another thread even Fox news has more balance than the BBC.


  6. disillusioned_german says:

    Martin | 26.03.09 – 1:10 am |

    What if they offered you Woss’s job?


  7. North Northwester says:

    Oh look!

    Daniel Hannon and Nigel Farrage still not on BBC website.

    Funny, that.



  8. Anonymous says:

    Caroline Lucas looks like a fuckin alien


  9. Martin says:

    disillusioned_german: I’d do Top Gear. I could happily chill with that lot, the last bastion on non PC fun. Oh and they proudly put the women with big breasts at the front as well.


  10. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Winner’s clearly the token millionaire.He’s usually quite fun. “Calm down dear its only a program”


  11. Daniel1979 says:

    Tonight’s show will be a real litmus test for the political diversity of the audience.

    I suspect, and it is only my suspicion that they will make a fleeting reference to Hannans speech then the panelists will be allowed to trash it… If the audience has any conservatives at all they will react. If not, or only very few it will be very obvious.

    I wrote an email of complaint last night about the BBC not showing or reporting the speech…


  12. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Its now up on BBC as you will all no doubt have discovered – but of course the coverage is not the substance of Hannan’s attack, its ferocious brilliance, or the gerbil’s arse grin of our leader, but the deflected attention on this “funny old internet business”. Blimey, who would have thought it.


  13. adam says:

    Winner is a strange character.


  14. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    But he IS a character.I have read him on numerous ocassions and he is in no-ones pocket (as befits a multi-millionaire) and he has rare talent in spending (his own) money as opposed to making it (by telling lies) or spending other peoples money (aka politicians).