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  1. frankos says:

    some great ideas on start of the week with that twitchy puppet Marr.
    It was a very happy little auction of our tax money, each bidding for higher and higher expenditure, increasing our potential future tax burden with gay abandon.
    Best of all was some well meaning money obsessive asking for a world wide health service paid for by the wealthy (or rather formerly wealthy )nations–
    Most obviously missing was the question “how much will this all cost?”
    This lovely little collection of lefties were so happy that I felt complelled to leave them to it after a few minutes


  2. anton says:

    .. and Andy Burnham wants to bail out failing newspapers:


  3. Martin says:

    anton: You mean he wants to bail out failing left wing newspapers like the Guardian.


  4. DB says:

    “This lovely little collection of lefties were so happy that I felt complelled to leave them to it after a few minutes”
    frankos | 30.03.09 – 9:32 am

    You missed Nicholas Stern promoting his climate change theories (funny how he’s never asked about his own financial interest in carbon trading) and Alan Yentob talking about how wonderful Obama is. Typical R4 bien pensant echo chamber.


  5. backwoodsman says:

    Good to see the bbc keeping the licence payer fully informed about 1 former Tory doner , who has decided to donate to another political party !
    The bbc, shilling for nulab, its what we do !


  6. Peter Wilson says:

    I don’t if anyone saw BBC Breakfast this morning (probably not if they had any sense) but there’s was a wonderfully ‘neutral’ news item on extending paternity leave.

    I turned the sound off because I knew it would wind me up, but I bet you’ll never guess what images were used?

    Oh yes that’s right, doting Dad, more doting Dad, interview with doting Dad, Kids drawing with doting Dad, more interviews with doting Dad, doting Dad playing with kids on swings etc etc.

    No-one else was interviewed, no business employers, nothing. So at a time of recession it’s clear from the BBC that just what small businesses need now are more overheads, more expense – after all they’re a charity not a business according to the BBC


  7. will2001 says:

    Just before Marr we had the final interview on “Today”, it is always rushed & truncated, but today especially so as the leftie was allowed too much time to ridicule Ray Mallon’s example of zero tolerance. (Mallon had spoken about Police intervening when people ride cycles on the pavement. The lefty then droned on about how his 6 year old was doing that self same thing only yesterday as she went to the shops with mummy & how Mallon would have police waste their time locking her up.)


  8. Millie Tant says:

    I enjoyed Peter Wilson’s description of this new BBC character: Doting Dad. No doubt there will be more outings of this latest BBC icon.

    The B’oids are such predictable and obedient little bandwagon jumpers. Sometimes you just have to laugh and enjoy the spectacle.

    Expect wall-to-wall Dad from now on until the next government fad comes along.


  9. Jack Hughes says:

    Check this blog on “Earth Hour”:


  10. Umbongo says:

    Let me preface my comment with my sympathy for the Mizen family. However, what possible point is there in interviewing Mr & Mrs M on Today? What do they know about the causes and solutions to “anger in the community” that those of us out here, who have been droning on about it for years and years, don’t know? The answer to that is “not a lot” but their civilised response to the tragedy which has befallen their family falls – or, more to the point, can be spun – neatly into the bien pensant world inhabited by the BBC.

    Accordingly, at the end of the programme Richard Garside, director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at Kings College, London is hauled on to spout the bien pensant agenda (unchallenged by either the Today interviewer or – because he was not allowed to – Ray Mallon). You see – as Richard patiently explained – it’s not the fault of the perps, it’s not the fault of the politicians, it’s not the fault of the police, it’s not the fault of the teachers – it’s “society”. Well not all members of “society”, just us nasties who are law-abiding, work for a living, save, bring up children with a sense of responsibility: you know, people like the Mizens.


  11. frankos says:

    Can’t wait to see BBC spin on this one -incidentally no mention of how much it’s cost us taxpayers.


  12. RR says:

    Nothing new to B-BBCers in this piece from “Scotland on Sunday”, but it’s an impressive bit of ranting:


  13. frankos says:

    The Vine show has missed the point yet again this time with the Jacqui Smith porn claims.
    Whether we should tolerate people watching porn or not is irrelevant, that people are billing this to the taxpayer isn’t.
    The BBC has spun this story into a sexual morality issue to yet again try + help their hapless pathetic New Labour masters, and judging by the witless plebs ringing in, they have partialy succeeded!!


  14. Liquid P Gasse says:

    Right then – at last I can rant about a bit of bias on Radio 2!

    I’m a big New Country fan – thats country music with rock infusion and fiddles rather than the Tammy Wynette variety. Its most commercial and populist exponent is Garth Brooks but also witty blokes like Dwight Yoakam and Alan Jackson.

    A couple of years ago, the enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter of the Country programme was booted out and self-confessed no-nothing whispering Bob Harris installed.

    Ive hated the show since then – he plays ‘Americana’ – which tends to be soft country rock by urban studenty types, women and endlessly recycled Emmy Lou Harris.
    I couldnt put my finger on why i didnt like it – apart from Harris’s endless wet drone.

    Then it dawned on me – gone is the atmosphere of big sky music of the working man and his gals and of the raunchy music about saturday nights by those gals – in are dreary, fey women singers with PC left-leaning ideals and lyrics – especially Emmylou.
    Thats it! – the regular stuff tends to have the right wing slant of the hardened male worker up against it – so even Garth Brooks – one of the biggest stars ever – has gone – along with all the other guys.

    I used to escape from everyday PC nonsense in this show – but now its right on-message – like everything else.

    So why do i pay the license? – theres not much left for me to listen to (jazz has already disappeared)


  15. bill ward. says:

    So why do i pay the license? – theres not much left for me to listen to (jazz has already disappeared)
    Liquid P Gasse | 30.03.09 – 1:22 pm |

    gilles petersons show is worth a listen.


  16. Red Lepond says:

    Re. Gerald Warner’s article. I’ve always paid the licence fee, but I’m starting to waver. I read recently that the mistake that non-payers make is to voluntarily let the enforcement officers into their property. They can only gain entry by means of a warrant and in the presence of a policeman. And, it was claimed, they’re unable to gain such warrants.

    Anyone know if the above is correct?


  17. Martin says:

    Just caught the vile BBC sticking the knife into our WW1 heroes.

    A German submarine has been found that was sunk in WW1 (called Controversial by slapper Emily Maitlis on BBC1 news) by using a Q ship and another British submarine. ‘A dirty’ trick was the claim the BBC spouted which of course came from the Germans that survived.

    Do beeboids masturbate openly in the BBC offices over these stories?

    Oh those poor Germans. No mention of course as to how many of our own people had been sent to their deaths by this vile German scum.


  18. Red Lepond says:

    Martin, calm yourself, and explain what the dirty trick is suppposed to be.


  19. Martin says:

    Red Lepond: Check out what a Q ship was.


  20. John Bosworth says:

    Red Lepond

    (Forgive me, Martin) But I think what Martin is saying is that the BBC always believes, expounds and touts the “other side” in any discussion, believing our enemies, as in German WW1 survivors, rather than giving our side of the story (we’re British remember)

    But it is only to be expected. After all the definition of a ‘liberal’ is someone who always works against his or her own best interests.


  21. GBA says:

    Sorry to bring the debate down to this level but did anyone see the first episode of the new series of Robin Hood? It’s the one with a martial arts trained, dark-skinned Friar Tuck of indeterminate religion and he’s going to save the downtrodden English by making a moping Robin Hood pull himself together and get him back to doing what he does best … which is (according to the Sherrif of Nottingham) being a terrorist.

    Ergo, we shouldn’t be too tough on terrorism because the terrorists may just turn out to be the good guys in the end. BBC Robin Hood proves it.


  22. Reimer says:

    “Typical R4 bien pensant echo chamber.”
    DB | 30.03.09 – 9:54 am | #

    ‘Start The Week’ was like a parody today. Peter Singer reminded me of Mr Logic from ‘Viz’ gone all internationalist



  23. Martin says:

    John Bosworth: Yes that was my main point. But there was nothing controversial about using Q Ships to sink Germans U boats as Emily ‘slapper’ Maitlis claimed in the news.

    No mention of how many merchant ships were sent to the bottom (with no chance to defend themselves of course) by the scum on the submarine.

    The BBC love to make out that anyone we fought was somehow innocent.


  24. Martin says:

    GBA: I’d rather boil my genitals in acid than watch the shite pumped out on BBC1.

    God and Radio 5 have the vile Brown backside licker Fiona Philips filling in for fellow leftie Simon Mayo this week.

    Fiona Philips!!!!!!!! The BBC really has hit rock bottom.


  25. Jonathan says:

    Remember how Nick Robinson hounded George Osborne over the donation that never was from Oleg Deripaska? Well compare and contrast with today’s news-blog entry about the Jacqui Smith affair?

    He couldn’t be more sympathetic if he tried. The whole tone of the piece invites the reader to sympathise with Jacqui, her husband and their children; all of whom have given up so much i.e. careers, privacy, family life etc.. for the greater public good. We are told that the problem isn’t MP’s claiming monies for which they are not entitled • on no! The problem is with the system i.e. MP’s aren’t paid enough and there was a gentlemen’s agreement that all MP’s should treat their expenses as a continuation of their salary and or allowances. Apparently, those who didn’t claim the maximum i.e. those who didn’t fiddle the books were privately derided both by their colleagues and members of the fees office, as mere fools. Honest men and women I would call them.

    Now it’s strange, but I can’t remember Nick Robinson deploying this line of reasoning when Derek Conway was caught fiddling or when that Tory MP was forced to repay his second home allowance…. Why the change in tone?

    One final point • Nick can’t even get the basis right. His latest blog entry is titled “Smith thought she would be cleared.” Why? Well we learn that our…

    “Home secretary has been poring over her home, constituency and office diary to plot where she had spent each night in the PAST YEAR. She is confident that she has the proof that she’s spent more nights in London than in her constituency and thus, under the Commons rules, could designate her family home as her “second home” and the flat she shares with her sister as her “main home”. This, of course, allowed her to claim thousands of pounds from the ACA (Additional Costs Allowance) including that TV package with the additional features.” [Emphasis Added]

    Note • no mention of the grace and favour flat that Ms Smith has turned down to maximize her expenses but I digress – If Jacqui has indeed spent more nights in London than Redditch last year, then this would indeed validate her ACA for last year, but she has been claiming this money since she entered parliament. So what about those other years, when Jacqui was just a backbencher or GVN whip? She had no GVN department to run then and consequently no need to stay in London during the long parliamentary recesses. So how does Jacqui checking the dates for last year, exonerate her claims for the earlier years?

    Then there is the little matter of Mr. Smith. Remember, he is employed by Jacqui as her parliamentary advisor (despite never going near the place) • cost to us – the taxpayer 40,000 p.a • Now hasn’t he brought his employer • Jacqui • into disrepute? And this isn’t the first time • remember those letters to the local paper. Ordinarily, wouldn’t an employee be sacked for such gross negligence? So why is Mr Smith still on the payroll? You might say • it’s because his real job is a glorified baby sitter • now you might think that, but I can’t possibly comment 🙂

    Unfortunately, nor does hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, Mr Robinson – the BBC’s spinless chief political corresspondant (unless it’s a Tory)!


  26. Cassandra says:

    In these grim times its nice when one can have a good laugh at the sheer ignorance,hubris and stupidity of the BBC,newlabour and the EU commissars, remember the eurotrash determination to buy a airforce transport called the airbus A400M? the BBC did many puff pieces glorifying this piece of French rubbish, telling us how wonderful it wil be, I wonder how long the BBC will keep the lid on this latest waste of money and the fact its probably on the verge of being cancelled!
    Ooooops, the BBC will have to get busy doing a few deflection stories and misdirection opperations, hmmmmm, how to finger the Tories eh?
    Overweight,inferior,badly designed and mega expensive with delay after delay it was supposed to rival and replace the fantastic C17s/C130s from the USA and the eurotrash prats bought it without even a prototype flying, just a few pictures and a few computer generated cartoons.
    It was a political project based not on common sense but political prejudice, it was advertised for years as a great european achievement, in fact its been an expensive disaster and now(of course) the RAF is in big trouble, the newlabour idealists without a clue about the armed forces have made many f**k ups in its time but this takes the prize!


  27. xlr says:

    Red Lepond | 30.03.09 – 1:36 pm

    true, they cannot enter your property without an invite or a warrant. The constable is there only prevent you punching the tvl vermin


  28. Ricky Martin says:

    In a previous post, I focused upon the insiduous promotion of leftish messages in BBC drama and documentaries – promoting feminist, gay, eco warrior and class war messages at every turn, from apparently innocuous drama like “Lark Rise to Candleford” to last nights episode of the “No 1 Detective Agency” where men, heterosexuals, professionals and the middle classes are portrayed as feckless, unpleasant and sinister.

    The BBC sixth form socialist mantra is fast becoming irrelevant in the age of digital democracy. We no longer have to buy in to their infantile and self obsessed intellectual bubble.

    The whole output is infantile and one-dimensional. A sort of romanticised rebellion against an establishment that doesn’t really exist any longer. It’s based entirely upon a late twentieth century mantra: Minority Good, Majority Bad. The rest of us have moved on. They haven’t. They are still talking amongst themselves and we pay for the privilege.

    As a nationalised industry they are as out of touch as the old Gas Board. They protect a Government that protects them, despite the fact that less than a third of voters now support that dying Government.

    They have a skewered view of “balance” believing that left wing bigots and other extremists must be given equal air time to left wing centrists. The attention they give to EAEs (Extreme Anti Establishmentarians) far exceeds their importance elsewhere. The EAEs include the Usual Suspects like Livingstone, Gerry Adams, Monbiot, etc and most of their in-house staff are drawn from the rebel middle classes.

    Like most EAEs the BBC establishment loathes Christianity but loves Islam, loathes Israel but loves Hamas, loves Iran but hates Britain, loves Brown but loathes Cameron, loves terrorists but hates the British armed forces, loves promiscuity but hates marrieage, loves republicanism but hates the monarchy, loves tyrannies but hates democracy…the pattern is clear.

    The tactic of undermining traditional values is found throughout it’s output – through word omission, choice of interviewer and subject, editing and other subversive tactics.

    BBC news teams “interrogate” perceived enemies like, say George Osbourne but “interview” perceived friends like Jaquie Smith. One is adversarial and the other is supportive.

    It is quite obvious that the BBC as a “public service” is now less important than as a “public sector” service. It has the mind-set of a left wing bureaucracy that is set up to think and act in the way it must and does. As it stands, it cannot function in any other way.

    Time to break it up and remove the licence fee and move on to the 21st centuries world of digital democracy. Now.

    Are you listening David Cameron?


  29. xlr says:

    should have read: The constable is there only “there to” prevent you punching the tvl vermin


  30. Millie Tant says:

    Robinson spinless? Whoa, there! I wouldn’t go that far. A typo, perhaps?


  31. frankos says:

    So why do i pay the license? – theres not much left for me to listen to (jazz has already disappeared)


    Oh, and who wouldn’t use porn if J Smith was your wife??


  32. Tom says:

    I smell a BBC censorship story – that goes a bit wider – regardless of what you think of him and he is well, provocative – it looks like he’s being shut down.

    Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe has been pulled from iPlayer after being a most popular for a couple of days:

    and his Guardian column has had comments turned off:

    YouTube has the show in various forms

    It’s all disappeared quite quietly – unlike his George Bush comments…..

    I know I asked yesterday – but anybody out there in biasedBBC land heard ‘owt ??


  33. Millie Tant says:

    Alan Sugar’s lawyer anything to do with it? I wonder.


  34. Martin says:

    Jonathan: But this is no different to Prick Robinson refusing to cover Mandelson and HIS meeting with the same Russian Billionaire.

    Radio 5 have been in full defend 5 bellies 2 chins Smiff. “Where are these leaks coming from?” demands the screeching bag on Radio 5 Drive.

    Funny that when Spelman and Conway were found out I don’t remember any calls to find out where the stories came from?

    Is it also true that the BBC know of other Liebour MPs who have done similar things but are keeping the stories quiet?

    Will Michael Prick on Newsnight be digging around to find out what else 5 bellies 2 chins Smiff has been claiming for?

    Notice as well how women Ministers never seem to resign when the game is up, especially Liebour ones.


  35. Red Lepond says:

    But can the licencing people readily obtain a warrant?


  36. Martin says:

    Story in the Mail about Bidens daughter. I know not even to bother looking on the BBC website for this story. But if it was Palins daughter it would be the top story.


  37. Original Robin says:

    Red Lepond,

    No. Merely not being “cooperative” with the BBC (like ignoring them)is not enough for them to get a search order.


  38. Cassandra says:


    Nick Robinsons blog tells you everything you need to know about his pro newlabour bias, all of a sudden from being enraged and offended about supposed Tory sleaze he turns into the MPs champion, poor Jaqui Smith victim and hard done by, we must all feel sorry for her, think of her children after all..blah…blah…Tories to blame..blah….innocent victim of a Tory mole…done nuffink wrong…blah..lessons learned….she is furious about all this etc!
    So there you have it, Nick Robinson Mr double standards working on our behalf to bring us the socialist POV/ world to your TV and radio.


  39. Robert says:

    Here’s one for Martin!
    “Jacquie Smith’s husband was definitely not watching gay porn”
    Nice piece by James delingpole – the comments aren’t bad either!


  40. xlr says:

    Red Lepond:
    But can the licencing people readily obtain a warrant?

    No, no tvl here for donkeys years. Ignore the little bottom feeders and they go away

    See here for more info:



  41. George R says:

    Predictably, the BBC’s Barbara (‘tears for Arafat’) Plett tells us that the perpetrators of the latest murderous attacks in Lahore, Pakistan, are simply the usual vague suspects: ‘militants’. (Possble links to Al Qaeda groups are mentioned late on briefly in her Radio 4 ‘PM’ dispatch.)

    The BBC’s deliberate dhimmi policy of relegating the importance of the Islamic jihad inspiration of the battles in Pakistan, and the links of such battles to some Muslims also of Pakistan origin, who now live in Britain, continues.


    “Pakistan: Lahore attack shows ‘the question related to extremism in the country has not yet been confronted in an adequate manner'”


    ” ‘The entire nation must be united in the fight aimed at uprooting extremism.'”

    “Vague language won’t win the war. Politically, it is a useful term — nobody likes ‘extremism.’ But as ‘moderation’ is a uselessly relative construct from a strategic standpoint, ‘extremism’ depends on one’s definition of ‘moderation.’ Thus, even after this brazen attack, Pakistan is no closer to naming the enemy that is actively chipping away at its territory.”

    And, it can be added, nor is the BBC.

    And this connects to Labour’s free and easy mass immigration ‘policy’ of the past 12 years, oblivious to the nature and presence of Islamic jihadists and their supporters in the UK:


  42. Anonymous says:

    Spotted this about the BBC’s Andrew Neil in the Independent:

    Though right wing in his own beliefs, he is always even-handed when asking questions.
    And yet Mr Neil has never been as centre-stage as he has deserved to be. This is partly because he has had more lucrative fish to fry in journalism and business. And there is little doubt that the BBC has felt uncomfortable with his political views, however irrelevant they have been to his interviewing technique, and so has sidelined him to party conferences, and little-watched programmes on BBC2.

    Maybe if he acted more like Nick Robinson, he would get more prominence on the BBC?


  43. Martin says:

    Cassandra: When Prick Robinson admitted on his blog that he didn’t want to report the Mandelson story, you just know that the BBC had finally come clean on its own bias.


  44. Anonymous says:

    I may be mistaken, but the following appears to me to be editorialising rather then reporting: – “Obese family in harsh spotlight”

    “The Chawner family say they have become so concerned about the abuse that they have contacted the police…the headlines all talk about their size and the fact that they are on benefits: Introducing the lardbuckets; All that is wrong with Britain; 83-stone family’s too fat to work and too busy watching TV to diet; The real Tellytubbies. But Mr Chawner insists that what has been in the papers is inaccurate. He says they have never asked for more money, with the four of them getting between £10,000 and £12,000 a year in benefits, not the £22,000 quoted in the press”.

    This all is very different to reports in the national press, for instance:; or

    So what is the truth? Have the Chawner family been misreported (and will they sue?), or are they spinning their story? Unfortunately, our reporter from BBC Radio Five Live does not tell us, but he does provide a quote:

    “Sue Steel, national manager of the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), described the online abuse of the Chawners as ‘unacceptable'”.

    I presume few would defend bullying, but I also presume that most readers would appreciate facts to make up their own minds on the issue. The BBC, however, appears to take the comments of the Chawner family on face value, and then present them both as victims and as a lesson in sizeism/diversity).

    Here, is a fact. The Anti-Bullying Alliance is a quango funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. Its cost, excluding VAT,is about £850,000 pa. A further fact; it supposedly exists to: “(i) raise awareness of how to recognise, prevent and tackle bullying in the education sector, and (ii) offer support and challenge to local authorities and schools to help embed anti-bullying work effectively on the ground”


    So, commenting on this story appears to be outside of their remit and even their task to embed things. Perhaps the BBC will pick this up with a expose of a burgeoning and intrusive quangocracy? Or perhaps not.


  45. Ricky Martin says:

    One of the most fascinating challenges is how to interpret BBC Newspeak.

    A colleague has just sent me the link for BBC Midlands Today. They are covering the story of a black guy who was brutally knifed to death five years ago, at a time when “some members of the community were attacking each other.”

    What? Who?

    Cut to Muslims protesting about the stabbing.

    Oh, can’t be Muslims then…..

    Voice Over continues that three men are on trial for the murder.

    Had my colleague not told me that Muslim gangs were attacking black people in Birmingham, I would have been entirely ignorant of the facts.

    This BBC trickery does nothing to solve the political & social issues surrounded Asian on Black violent crime. It simply pretends it isn’t there. Which is the worst of all possible worlds.


  46. Martin says:

    Some speccy 4 eyed twat doing a shit job of trying to knife Boris Johnson on the other state funded TV station. anyone know who he is? Looks like a mincing Guardian journalist or beeboid.


  47. Sue says:

    deegee | 29.03.09 – 10:58 pm (Previous General thread)

    Although Daniel Barenboim has some unpopular political views, his Arab/Israeli Divan orchestra is admirable. Classical music and youth orchestras are an amazing way of transcending politics and getting to know the other side. The existence of such an orchestra is enough, no need to make political points by taking the orchestra to a controversial venue or play any controversial music.

    Forming this Palestinian string orchestra was a great idea even without mixed membership like Divan, because playing classical music is brilliant and uplifting.
    If they must, stop them playing in Israel, but this destructive act by the PA illustrates what a nasty repressive bunch they are, and if the BBC doesn’t report it when it has published that picture on the web, it’s a disgrace.


  48. archduke says:

    dunno if anyone noticed breakfast news this morning around 6.30am

    while sky was already running live with a reporter in Lahore (re the terrorist attack on the police academy) the bbc was running its usual p.c. “lifestyle” government propaganda bollocks.

    went on for a 40 minutes before they noticed that something was happening in Pakistan.


  49. archduke says:

    if you ever the get feeling that BBC news is not giving you all the news, heres a prime 9and very important) example.

    its to do with that coup in Madagascar

    it the usual bbc fare of “personalities” setting the framework for the journalism.

    it was only when i listened to this weeks “Monocle” podcast (which i really do recommend) that i was steered to the REAL reason for the current troubles on that island.

    And its something that you’d never guess …,8599,1861145,00.html

    “The Breadbasket of South Korea: Madagascar”
    “Daewoo Logistics is taking a 99 year lease on 3.2 million acres of land”

    athough the BBC mentions it in a side-panel story which links to here

    but its lost amongst the narrative in stories posted on here:

    for example in this story, the south korean angle isnt even mentioned – it resorts to type – “personalities”, as if this is some sort of soap opera.

    the reason why i point this episode out before it dissapears off the headlines is that what we are witnessing is the start of a 21st century conquest and eventual recolonisation of Africa – only this time, it aint white Europeans doing it.

    now stand back and think of the staggering geopolitical implications of that. China is already in Africa, buying up mineral and oil rights.

    America only recently launched its AFRICOM military command.

    And China has MILLLIONS of workers who need jobs to do – and who need a bit of “lebensraum” if truth be told.

    i thought i’d point out this bigger picture – because you certainly wont get it from the BBC, so obsessed are they with their little nutjob agendas.