It’s going to be a loooong week from the looks of it as the BBC relentlessly propagandises on behalf of it’s pet projects ahead of the G20 meeting in London. Did anyone else catch Roger Harrabin’s “report” on the need for the G20 “stimulus” to focus on the global climate problem i.e. direct massive swathes of taxpayer monies into the hands of the ecowackos? Why does the BBC never allow an alternative voice to be heard on these kinds of reports – the sort of voice which challenges the bias that oozes from the Green movement. It’s a low carbon economy uber alles for Roger who also, amusingly, portrays UN lobbyists such as as being non-political. This daily drip drip drip of eco-propaganda is an outrage, aimed at  perverting UK public opinion. It’s  not a mission to inform, it’s a mission to mislead.

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  1. The Beebinator says:

    the Al Beeb scum dont care what we think about the climate change crap

    they are concentrating on the next generation

    think earth hour was a flop again just like last year


  2. frankos says:

    To be fair it was only a flop because I put all my house lights on and went for an unecessarily long drive in my 5 litre diesel 4 wheel drive


  3. Cassandra says:

    Harrabin is a mindless toady employed to peddle the narrative and read any rubbish put into his hands, thick beyond parady but politically reliable, able only to follow orders and sound convincing!
    Harrabin type reporters are popular with the BBC because they have a very limited understanding of actual science, they have no moral grounding, they regurgitate the trash anti science with no real understanding of its meaning or concequences.
    I used to hate Harrabin but I realise its no good hating the monkey when its the organ grinder that plays the tune, the monkey simply dances to it.
    People like Harrabin are prime examples of the BBCs decay into a grubby mouthpiece, but the BBC is just one example of our civic/political/national decay.

    Hence forth I shall refer to Harribin as the monkey!


  4. Umbongo says:


    I don’t think you should be so dismissive of Harrabin as being just a useful idiot of the warmists. He is an idiot, of course, but, as you can see from this posting Bishop Hill exposes Harrabin as being particularly active in the “Cambridge Environment and Media Programme”. The apparent objectives of CEMP are at odds with those seeking impartial reporting on climate matters. But, there again, the BBC has dropped all pretence of impartiality where warmist politics are concerned. Accordingly, Harrabin is the perfect choice to front the BBC propaganda effort.


  5. weirdvis says:

    I think Christopher Booker has a more realistic grasp of AGW.

    Some of the warm-mongers comments are rather amusing.


  6. Deborah says:

    On Toady today there was a man speaking on the efforts we are going to need to limit the amount of water we use because of climate change. Apart from the fact that as farmers we hae been thinking the rain was never going to stop this winter. I think he was from the Environment Agency (described on Jeremy Vine as an Independant Organisation – really????)

    His solution was that in the future everybody would have an amount of water and if we wanted more we would be charged. Isn’t that called the standing charge and a water meter?

    Is this bias by incompetence – ie interviewing an idiot?


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    If everyone in Britain is dragged down into becoming subsistence farmers, nobody will be able to afford the license fee anymore. What will the BBC do then?


  8. Millie Tant says:

    I like your thinking, David P!

    We will not be able to afford more than 25p a week or £13 a year, which I maintain is about the right level of what we should be paying currently, all things considered.

    That is a little under a tenth of what is extorted from us now so that the largely invisible, silent, useless beardy in charge can be paid £800,000 a year and his many underlings can fling cash about as if it is going out of fashion.


  9. Cassandra says:


    The campaign to get universal water metering is a ploy, the increase in revenue to the water companies, increase government control, the resulting tax take is the real agenda Water wastage through dilapidated infrastructure and lack of resovoir building wasnt thought important enough to mention or the utter failure to update sewage treatment facilities, water supplies from dams,storage tanks, lakes etc are at full capacity so again that wasnt thought worthy of mention but that would contradict the narrative wouldnt it?


  10. George R says:

    This is what BBC licencepayers pay self-styled ‘Ethical Man’, and proponent of ecowackery Mr. Rowlatt to do:

    “Are we all doomed?”


  11. pete says:

    The licence fee ensures the BBC’s servility to its government paymasters. The government is very keen on eco-scaremongering for tax raising purposes.


  12. Peter says:

    Just had to pop this over to Aunty to see what form reply I get in 3 months:

    ‘There’s a certain irony that, as Pres. Obama and some other guys do some stuff that will slot in climate change, which will doubtless get full support and coverage of the national news broadcaster, I have been watching an empty car parked outside a building for a long while now, filmed from various positions, including a helicopter. Why?’