Economical with the news

I see on several sites- likes Alice’s for example, or the Times– that UK manufacturing output is falling at the fastest rate since 1981. I can’t find a story about it on the BBC UK page, and no-one has mentioned any coverage of it in the comments. On the other hand, I have seen repeatedly that the EU is to support UK car manufacturing. Can it be the BBC doesn’t like to remind us too much of where Labour’s economic genius has led us again? Why on earth would they prefer me to notice EU funding for UK jobs? Why don’t I notice BBC stories about personal hardship in the slump such as I remember from the days of Major? Questions. Questions (maybe I am trying to fathom why 30% might still support the incumbent troughers). I can remember when more moderate manufacturing declines and weakness in the early nineties were essential topline stories for the BBC.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    The good news about this newlabour disaster is that the BBC can be seen clearly for what it is, there will be a tidal wave of anger and frustration aimed at the BBC in the months to come, the British are very trusting but when they finally realise that trust has been abused they will demand action to reform the BBC.
    The Tories will never get an even break from these crooked idealogues so they should withdraw from all contact with the BBC and choose SKY as a platform, if they say it clearly and produce the overwhelming evidence of bias the public will support them fully I belive.


  2. Chuffer says:

    Not much on the BBC about this ill-fated expedition to examine the effects of Global Warming – apparently frostbite has struck the whole team!


  3. Martin says:

    Radio 5 did piece about the possibility of the TV tax being used to fund other broadcasters. Needless to say the BBC had two ‘luvvies’ on who went on and on about how great the BBC is.


  4. Jeff Todd says:

    Chuffer: I knew that something had gone wrong. After all the hype, nothing was being reported – usual fallback when the Beeb comes unstuck.

    Do not mention anything and prove the charge of bias by omission – be it election results, polls, new labour troughing or “global warming”.


  5. Martin says:

    So Bliar writes some article about gays and the BBC (Radio 5) is hammering the Tories over being homophobic.

    The pint sized Nicola Campbell is sticking the knife in.

    Why has the BBC turned this into a Tory thing?

    What about those white working class areas like Working Mens Clubs that are traditional Liebour haunts?


  6. NotaSheep says:

    To the BBC, the Tories are the “nasty party” and can be blamed for almost everything; the rest can be blamed on Israel and the USA (pre Obamamessiah). The “narrative” that the UK banking problems are the result of the Conservative government’s “Big Bang” is one that I have heard being pushed many times, the laying of blame on the greed that started in the 1980s is also a popular line of brainwashing on the BBC.


  7. Deborah says:

    I know I shouldn’t have listened to the Toady programme – but two items in half an hour telling us that the green shoots of recovery are happening – so it must be true – isn’t it?

    Neither of them used any data other than anactodal both considering very small parts of the population where there will be people who have smaller mortgages and therefore have money to spend – but still it is good news for the economy!


  8. JohnA says:


    “Green shoots of recovery” this morning – utter rubbish of course. Like the day after RBS announces 9000 job cuts, with stock markets all round the world giving up the small gains they had at G20 – suggesting that invstors can’t see those green roots.

    It has come to something when the prime news programme of the BBC indulges in such twaddle.


  9. NACHMAN says:

    Sorry to post off thread but at least 50000 Jews gathered at the Western Wall to bless the return of the Sun to the same position it occupied at creation – I know many people will view this as archaic but they were joined by hundreds of thousands more around the world including in the UK just how much coverage there would have been if this had been a Moslem event one can only speculate probably half of the Today programme would have been taken up with it and yet not one word from the BBC – obviously Jews only appear in their reports when the BBC can say something bad about them – so Middle East headline is(Israeli) Police kill Palestinian Driver – strange when I complained that the BBC never mentioned the perpetrators of attacks it claimed there was not enough room for the word “Palestinian” since it could only use 31 characters on Ceefax – I still have the email they sent me – yet this heading does not convey that this was a terrorist act aimed at killing policeman – and the BBC claims not to be biased? I told them I was posting a copy of this submitted complaint on Biased BBC. Maybe someone from the BBC will explain what is going on.


  10. The Beebinator says:

    does the dear leader wear a super beeboid costume under his cheap suits?


  11. Liquid P Gasse says:

    Did anyone see Newsnight last night?

    —Redwood and some Irish trades union nitwit discussing the collapse of the Irish economy (why not an Irish economist I wonder?) – right at the end – the Irish bloke managed to get round to blaming the policies of Thatcher / Reagan in the 80s!
    –no matter that they were discussing Ireland – and that there was no complaint when they were all enjoying the boom years!
    –And then the piece finished – with that being the last word.

    Funny how people forget you dont get something for nothing – and anyway – those big changes took place in the early 80s – 25 years ago – I blame the South Sea Bubble myself – or was it the Tulip hyper-inflation?


  12. Grant says:

    Beebinator 10:21
    Brown’s suits may look cheap, just like the man himself, but I bet they are expensive and paid for by the taxpayer.


  13. Liquid P Gasse says:

    No matter what suit he wears – the frame and lack of poise of Brown will make the suit look ill fitting – and its things like that – that do influence how people judge character…


  14. Dave S says:

    Once again I must refer to the fall in container traffic. The figures are ,for some reason, hard to get at. I am sure the BBC could ,if it tried , get hold of the numbers.
    it is not just of marginal interest.
    The traffic accurately reflects the level of orders both import and export and is the surest indication of the true state of the economy.
    You can forget the house market and the state sector these figures will ,I suspect, reveal the truly dreadful fall in business and hence economic activity and tax revenues


  15. Original Robin says:

    Old news because it happens over a period of time and is not sudden, plus not a favoured clique of the BBC is that the international haulage industry is decimated by our belonging, amongst reasons, to the EU.
    Aprt from a few crumbs of our money allowed back from the project, analysis would show we are better off out.


  16. JohnA says:

    Dave S

    And oil vessels – lots of them moored all over the world, no traffic.

    One measure of economic activity could be oil consumption or production – now way down, I believe. Diesel consumption would be an indicator of commercial traffic.

    Last week the Bosphorus seemed to be full of ships going nowhere.


  17. Liquid P Gasse says:

    Apparently, Singapore shipping rates are almost for nothing – just to get ships and stuff moving from China – the Telegraph reported this sometime ago – dont know if things have changed – ha!


  18. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Dave S | 08.04.09 – 5:49 pm |

    Once again I must refer to the fall in container traffic. The figures are ,for some reason, hard to get at. I am sure the BBC could ,if it tried , get hold of the numbers.
    it is not just of marginal interest.
    The traffic accurately reflects the level of orders both import and export and is the surest indication of the true state of the economy.
    You can forget the house market and the state sector these figures will, I suspect, reveal the truly dreadful fall in business and hence economic activity and tax revenues.

    I’ve seen you raise this issue before. As it happens, the BBC does have an ongoing series of reports on shipping traffic. Although, it’s not what you’re looking for. I remember when they started this deal with the BBC Box, because they made a fuss about it on BBC World Propaganda America.

    The idea was to follow the journey of a single shipping container around the world, to track the ins and outs of global economic traffic and all that. The original Narrative was: the Wonders of Globalization. Now that things have changed, of course, the Narrative is the Global Economic Downturn. Pretty convenient, and I’m sure the Beeboids hope we’ve forgotten all about how they started, and remember only that the current economic problem is Global.


  19. Ricky Martin says:

    All these stories – and more – indicate that BBC is spinning out of control.

    When 25 year old producers can make decisions (Brand/Woss) and cost us all £150,000 and he still gets to keep his job and so many Beeboids like Naughtie, Montague, Wark, Joseph etc can veer so sharply from the BBC remit without restraint, it can only mean that the managers, commissioning editors and senior staff have no idea what goes on amongst junior reporters, cub producers and line managers in the Corporation.

    The Director General, the Trust, the Chairman, the Departmental Heads have either lost the plot or are also anti-democratic leftists and don’t give a toss.

    How much in fines, have we the licence payer had to pay out in the last year?

    By breaching the Charter so consistently, there is a legal argument that they have breached their contract with the licensee and the licence payer.

    The BBC has become an utter shambles.

    Rather like Her Majesty’s so called “Government”. And police “service”.


  20. CSS says:

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