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  1. Lee Moore says:

    After a good long run with “Dave the Miser” it looks like they’ve decided that that could look a teeny bit too much like a Labour attack ad, and they’ve adjusted it to “Thrifty Dave”


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s yet another campaign promise President Obamessiah has reneged on that the BBC doesn’t want you to know about:

    The Promise That Keeps on Breaking

    President Obama promised on the campaign trail that he would have the most transparent administration in history. As part of this commitment, he said that the public would have five days to look online and find out what was in the bills that came to his desk before he signed them. It was his first broken promise, and it’s the promise that keeps on breaking. He has now signed 11 bills into law and gone, at best, 1 for 11 on his five-day posting promise. The Obama administration should deliver on the Web-enabled transparency he promised and post bills for five days before signing.

    To the thrill of technology and transparency advocates, candidate Obama promised sunlight before signing: “As president,” his campaign website said, “Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.”

    But nine days after taking office, he signed a bill into law without posting it on for five days. Since then, 10 more bills have become law over the president’s signature, and only one has been posted online for five days — and that was for five days after it cleared Congress, not after formal presentment. Two bills have been held by the White House for five days before signing — but they weren’t posted online!

    (See the full article for links and more info.)

    Early on in their Gospel According to Beeboids, otherwise known as the BBC’s Obama Diary, they were promising to watch His transparency and His website. Funny how that got ignored quickly in favor of more sucking up. Instead, the only recent broken campaign pledge was His slight backtracking on the Turkey/Armenian issue. The Beeboids felt that this was important enough to mention, yet something far more important about the deliberate failure to provide the transparency and openness which He promised US citizens is not worth their time.

    I’m sure the 100 Day celebration will be equally biased.


  3. Jon says:

    Lee Moore | 27.04.09 – 8:46 pm |

    Just got this reply from the BBC

    “Many thanks for your e-mail. I can assure you that there was no intention to imply anything about Mr Cameron or his policies, but you’re right that “miser” isn’t necessarily a synonym for being thrifty. The headline has now been changed.

    Kind regards,

    Ian Jolly
    News website “


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Jon | 27.04.09 – 9:21 pm |

    Excellent work. They changed it in the body of the article as well.

    Keep an eye on them.


  5. archduke says:

    will hutton – “dispatches” tonight – on the credit crunch.

    interviewed barney frank – no mention of his involvement in ignoring the warnings of easy credit.


  6. JohnA says:

    shutting the stable door ……

    I would expect the Tory Party complained about the headline.

    Does some stupid biased journalist/sub-editor at the BBC get a reprimand ?

    Or a wink and a nod ?


  7. piggy kosher says:

    David P:
    exactly as you predicted “Swine Flu Unkosher”
    Sad little non story about the Orthodox health minister (er..bad, bad!) renaming it “Mexican Flu” for domestic purposes.


  8. George R says:

    BBC report:
    “Emirates art lovers welcome Orientalism”

    BBC’s Ms. Sylvia Smith’s opening line, and her negative reference to ‘Orientalism’, in the course of her licencepayers’ subsidised trip around the Gulf, seems to indicate that she has not read Ibn Warraq’s appraisal of ‘Orientalism’:


    “Ibn Warraq deconstructs Edward Said”


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Let’s see if the BBC reports this little Obamessiah moment:

    Plane stupid: Mayor Bloomberg outraged over military photo-op involving low-lying presidential jet

    Mayor Bloomberg went ballistic Monday after the U.S. military – without any warning to the public – buzzed New York City with one of the presidential planes trailed by an F-16 fighter jet.

    Flying in as low as 1000 feet to 150 feet above New York City and taking photographs along the way, the planes circled the Statue of Liberty and flew over Manhattan, Staten Island, and New Jersey – then vanished.

    Before they were gone, hundreds of frightened people had jammed the emergency lines, thousands of terrified people evacuated from buildings in the city and across the river in Jersey, and many New Yorkers had flashbacks to the 9/11 attacks.

    If Booooosh had done something evoking the attacks of 9/11, the BBC would be all over it. Instead, if anything, I bet we’ll get a tiny mention sometime tomorrow about how silly some paranoid New Yorkers were. If they report it at all, that is. Even though the Beeboids always manage to find time for shallow stuff like Michelle Obama’s dress or the family dog.

    Here’s another look:

    Low-Flying Plane Strikes Fear In Some New Yorkers

    Thank goodness that intelligent, thoughtful, non-cowboy people are in charge of the country now.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Rwanda suspends BBC broadcasts

    “We have suspended all BBC programmes in Kinyarwanda because they had become a real poison with regards to the reconciliation of the Rwandan people,” the information minister, Louise Mushikiwabo said.

    “We could no longer tolerate that,” she said. “The Rwandan government shall protest strongly, until the BBC can give us guarantees of responsible journalism.”


  11. NotaSheep says:

    I note that the BBC are reporting that: “The European Union has ordered France, Spain, Ireland and Greece to reduce their budget deficits – the difference between their spending and tax take.” and that “Countries that use the euro are supposed to restrict deficits to 3% of their gross domestic product (GDP).

    But bank bailouts and falling tax revenues have taken their toll and seen budgets fall out of its range.

    The UK was also urged to cut its deficit but as it has not adopted the euro it does not face EU sanctions. ”

    Interestingly the rather more relevant line about the UK’s debt is relegated to later in the article – presumably in the anticipation that many people would not read that far – the line is “The UK expects its deficit will balloon to 11.9% of GDP next year before falling to 5.5% by 2012/13.”

    Two things strike me: first that the UK’s deficit will be four times that allowed for members of the Eurozone and second how readily the BBC parrot the Labour Budget spin that the UK deficit will fall to 5.5% by 2012/13. It is also amusing that this rise and subsequent fall are apparently the expectations of the UK; surely it would be more accurate to say that Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling claim that the deficit will fall to 5.5% as I do not know of any independent economics forecaster who would agree with them.


  12. Anonymous says:

    EU judges want Sharia law applied in British courts

    Judges could be forced to bow to Sharia law in some divorce cases heard in Britain.
    An EU plan calls for family courts across Europe to hear cases using the laws of whichever country the couple involved have close links to.


  13. George R says:

    In which church is BBC-2 ‘Newsnight’ holding this event?:

    From ‘TV scoop’:-

    “President Obama’s 100 Days – Newsnight Special, BBC Two, Wednesday, 29 April, 10.30pm”

    “The love affair with Barack Obama may not be as prevalent as it once was, but it’s by no means over. The way Gordon Brown and the rest of Europe’s leaders all trembled, quivered and blushed like Japanese schoolgirls at the very notion of shaking Barry’s hand is enough to underline that. However, some of you have probably forgotten that Obama is a politician and has lots of political things to do. He made some big-ass promises during his election campaign and now, in President Obama’s 100 Days – Newsnight Special (BBC Two, Wednesday, 29 April, 10.30pm).”


  14. Martin says:

    Turned on Radio 5 about an hour ago. Got some thick female beeboid prattling on about some town that no longer wants to be twinned with some French town.

    Then read out a text about other towns and twinning. Want to guess what it was about? Maggie T.

    Some thick Geordie twat tried to be funny about how some shit town that shithole Sunderland is twinned with lost their docks to the British army in WW2 and Sunderland lost their to Thatcher (sniggers all round at the BBC I’m sure)

    All I can say is the people in the north who lost their jobs did so because they were unable to compete with cheap foreign labour and shit corrupt Communist Union leaders. Not Maggie.


  15. Jon says:

    Sunderland is not Geordie Martin – You have to be from Newcastle to be a Geordie – people from Sunderland are Macams. The difference is noticable up here. Try going to a Newcastle Sunderland derby and call someone from Sunderland a Geordie – you would need police protection.

    It was not cheap foreign labour which lost a lot of people jobs up here it was the Unions restrictive practices and the fact that the heavy industries were overmanned. The reason it was such a bitter battle is that the unions held sway and the government didn’t have a look in. They would go on strike for any half baked reason and as there was no democracy people had to conform. But as with anything the dream that the unions wee not at fault and it was all Thachers fault lives on.


  16. Atlas shrugged says:

    On the subject of swine flu.

    Well I did warn you, did I not?

    Only of course this is just a practice run, so to speak.

    ‘Great’ way to sort out the pensions crisis. It would however have been nice if they could have found a more honest and less murderous method.


  17. GCooper says:

    Thank you for opening a new general thread, Sue.

    Did anyone else notice the BBC’s early evening reaction to the swine ‘flu outbreak?

    In times gone by, the official response to a major health crisis would have come from the Chief Medical Officer or the M of H.

    Today? Today, we wait with baited breath until the EU’s Health Commissioner (a lady for whom, I believe, I have never been invited to vote) makes a pronouncement.

    This is then followed by some Eurobabble by another unelected Eurocrat.

    Slowly, by inches, the BBC is advancing the grip of the EU, as both organisations brush aside our elected government (however pathetic) in favour of the facile notion that Europe is a single country.

    Stealth politics before our very eyes.


  18. Dave S says:

    Funny you should mention this. I wonder if Japan knows something we don’t.
    If they close their borders completely then I think we can assume things are about to get serious.
    They seem to have been preparing for this for some time.


  19. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    “One BBC journalist told me that his colleagues and editors were now more interested in an announcement from George Osborne than from Alistair Darling.”


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I’m on Obamessiah Fly-By watch, keeping an eye on Matt Frei and his propaganda puppet show. WARNING: Long ranting description of the hour, start scrolling past now.

    First up, of course, is the “extraordinary development” of the swine flu freakout. After a quick superficial take from a Beeboid in a mask on the street, Frei goes via video link to the World Service Beeboid who lives in Mexico City. First words out of the man’s mouth are about how Mexico City is “normally one of the world’s busiest, dirties cities.”

    Shockingly, a strong flu virus is spreading more rapidly and is more deadly than in other cities. Frei Boy and bureaucrat Laurie Garrett have no idea why people are dying more in Mexico City. He even points out that Mexico has “a pretty good health care system” (guess what kind, and guess how unfair it really is), yet people are dying there, but nobody in the US has. Who’d have thought.

    In any case, according to the health institute bureaucrat, the US President is doing all the right things right now. We have the strong “leadership we didn’t have during Katrina”, or in China during SARS. While it’s true that the Democrat Governor of Louisiana and the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans were responsible for delaying evacuations and National Guard action, Frei Boy and his bureaucrat were talking about Presidential leadership. So the anti-Bush Narrative continues even now.

    No mention, of course, that this supposedly strong Presidential leadership has not yet managed to appoint a Secretary of Health and Human Services, or people in any of 19 key department posts.

    This is a news broadcast targeted at a US audience, supposedly to inform us. It isn’t. It’s just – exactly as John Humphrys described BBC News in general when challenged about the license fee by Sir Peter Green – the Beeboids trying to “interpret the news” as best they can. The BBC America mission statement says they want to bring an “international perspective” to US issues. Yeah. If Fox News came to Britain and started doing a local news hour, I’d hear the howls of Beeboid laughter all the way over here.

    The BBC website got around to mentioning The Obamessiah’s fly-by, which looked a whole lot like the attacks of 9/11 to all the survivors and witnesses who saw this. And to anybody watching the video. Brrrr.

    If this was a Booooosh Administration stunt, it would be all over the news because it’s so arrogant and inconsiderate. Instead, the BBC News Online Beeboids made sure to point out that He wasn’t aboard.

    I’m quite happy to be wrong that the Beeboids didn’t belittle people’s genuine offense. That would have been far worse than the sexual innuendo Kevin Connolly used to insult people like me.

    Justin “Farsical Man” Rowlett was just on, so the sound was off. Sound back on, but it’s Orla Guerin in Pakistan, which is rapidly becoming a purgatory for ex-Middle East reporters. Sound back off, because I already know she’s not going to explain to me how logically the Taliban can be winning in Afghanistan on the one hand, yet are being forced to retreat into and overwhelm Pakistan on the other.

    Oh, wait, sound back on, because it’s The Obamessiah now. Apparently in his first 100 Days his foreign policy has been brilliant. He’s promised to close Guantanamo Bay (while continuing to allow rendition deny legal access and trials for captured terrorist suspects, etc., although the BBC doesn’t admit that), has been brilliant to Cuba and Venezuela and Iran, and, gosh, well everybody. Sound off.

    Sound back on, as Frei has on a Mr. Green from the Pew Center about a poll they just did about how United Statesians are switching religions, not affiliating themselves with any organized religion, etc. Mr. Green says we view religion as a choice, and we exercise that freedom. Thankfully, Justin Webb isn’t around to insult everyone’s choice. Except now Frei is trying to push the atheist angle. Yawn. Only the haters are obsessed with religion in the US. Most of the rest of just get on with it or without it, as we please.

    Now it’s a segment on the elections in India. World’s biggest democracy, etc., lots of regions, lasts a long time. I think it’s great that such a massive, turbulent country can have a reasonably functioning Democracy without oppression or violent coups d’etat all the time. Of course, we have yet to see the day when a BBC employee will discuss the relevance of India’s plurality of religions to the relative success of democracy as opposed to Islam-dominated countries. Not tonight, anyway.

    Well, that’s all we have time for, goodnight and drive safely, with no mention at all from Frei Boy about the Fly-By. No time in the program to inform the US audience.


  21. Ron Todd says:


    Sometimes flu just happens. Even the 1918/1919 flu did not kill enough people to be anything like an answer to the pensions problem.

    Flu started in Mewxico hardly country that is going to have an aging population.

    And really if there is a secret cabal running the world the have hardly shown evidence of being compotent of organising anything.

    To which you will probably reply that is what they want you to think.


  22. Peter says:

    Just got this reply from the BBC
    Jon | 27.04.09 – 9:21 pm | #

    Blimey, that was quick. Well done.

    ” I can assure you that there was no intention to imply anything about Mr Cameron or his policies, but you’re right that “miser” isn’t necessarily a synonym for being thrifty. The headline has now been changed.

    Just wanted to see that again, as it will doubtless get trotted out at dawn this weekend on Newswatch by a grumpy bloke in a blazer.

    “Our ‘professional’ writing ‘reporting’ and ‘editorial’ staff deliberately chose a word for a headline that was, well, pretty much totally inaccurate (when would ‘miser’ be appropriate to equate with ‘thrifty’… necessarily?) and not a little pejorative about the person being described and what he said… but got caught with our frillies around our ankles… again. Thought we’d get away with it, but no. Whoopsies…sorry!’

    Actually that last bit is unlikely as, following the way on the word of the Gord, the BBC does not seem to apologise for monumental professional lapses when it comes to news objectivity.

    It just changes things a long time later and blunders on in its unique way.


  23. 1327 says:

    There is an interesting page on the Register this morning here ..

    All about the Beebs attempts to create their own set top box. I thought it was the usual Beeb tactic of trying to create technical standards to their advantage (i.e Freeview boxes without encryption card readers). But note the new approach and how this box can link into NHS Direct.


  24. Battersea says:

    David Preiser @4:36AM: Superb comment! I’m also livid at the calculated decision by the BBC to minimise the White House’s culpability in the Air Force One stunt. A malicious attempt to protect The One by Matt ‘Macht’ Frei and others so that their narrative about Bush remains intact.

    George Orwell, we need you more than ever.


  25. jimbob says:

    archbishop harrabin in full flow today as our corrupt govt. fritters £11m on eco wackery to “save the oceans from acidification ” caused by the evil humans and their dreaded CO2.

    well done to the marine biologists who have booked their first class seats aboard the MMGW gravy train.

    this is alrmist propanganda as ever.

    the reality is that there is no possibility that seawater will turn to acid, or even become mildly acidic, so this is drivel. Note also the claim that pH has changed by 0.1 units over the last 200 years: it was not possible a hundred years ago, never mind 200 years ago, to measure pH to the accuracy necessary to support that assertion.

    this is drivel.

    As an aside, we should note that if lower alkalinity per se were so unfavourable to shellfish as is claimed then we would have no freshwater shellfish and snails • but we do. The freshwater mussel has lived for thousands of years in waters that are genuinely acidic and with highly variable pH, not only seasonally, but geographically. With spring snowmelt and high rainfall, the pH of rivers and lakes can fall to below pH 5, and experiments have shown that mussels can survive this acidity indefinitely without any deleterious effects to their shells. Note: a pH of 5 has 1,000 times as many ‘acidic’ H+ ions per litre as seawater, and 100 times more than pure water. This is not to say that sea creatures can survive in fresh water – they are adapted to a radically different saline environment • the point at issue is that the idea of a small change in ocean pH due to increased dissolved carbon dioxide having a deleterious effect on marine shells of living organisms is not at all likely and this is £11m down the toilet.

    It should also be mentioned much of marine life actually developed during periods when ocean CO2 concentrations were as much as ten times higher than today, although this is not mentioned by IPCC “scientists” or Harrabin when producing his scary media reports.


  26. George R says:

    BBC: on performance of Labour’s Ed Balls:

    “Balls rejects Sats accusations”

    ‘Telegraph’: on performance of Labour’s Ed Balls:

    “Commons Sketch: Ed Balls’ chippy defence of Sats fiasco” (by Andrew Gimson).


    “When the history of the Brownite interlude comes to be written, the performance of Ed Balls will tell us all we need to know about its style.

    “Some may say it tells us more than we need to know, for it is not a very charming style. Mr Balls has the melancholy distinction of being the first ever Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, the post created for him when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. No one who understood this country’s tradition of liberty, with its limits on intrusion by the state into private life, could have thought such a totalitarian title was a happy idea.

    “Nor did Mr Balls look in the slightest bit happy when he appeared in the House yesterday afternoon to answer questions about his department. From the moment he opened his mouth, he conducted himself like a playground bully who is determined to get his retaliation in first.”


  27. Chuffer says:

    Atlas, we had a nasty unexpected frost this morning – played havoc with ther apple blossom and flowering Oilseed Rape.
    Mind you, you did warn us that ‘they’ (you remember – the criminals married to the Royal family) were behind unusual weather events – we should have taken precautions. Gosh, if only everyone listened to you more….


  28. Stuck-Record says:

    Imagine for a second how this would have been reported IF it had happened during the George W Bush presidency.

    Go on. Think about it for a second.


  29. Stuck-Record says:


    Didn’t see that someone had previously posted the above.


  30. mailman says:

    Interesting that they make mention of Al Gore making a speach at a conference next week YET completely ignore the fact that a counter to his speach was deliberately cancelled!



  31. Sarah Jane's Ghost says:

    John A /Peter I would expect a decent and public bollocking and to have a dictionary thrown at me if I equated ‘miser’ with ‘thrifty’. However my Editor might be quite old-fashioned in a) caring about such things b) understanding the power of a good bollocking and some heavy sarcasm. Although to be honest there are quite a few like that. What will never happen is that a complainant will get an email back saying ‘Rest assured we have bollocked the BJ responsible and they have been sent home with a copy of John Allen’s style guide for extra lessons.’

    Chuffer – the frost did my garden no good as well, however I am unsure whether to blame the DG, his Jesuit masters, or his missus…


  32. DB says:

    My comment about “the record-breaking act of round-the-clock fellatio performed upon the current US president by dozens and dozens of tireless BBC journalists” lasted six days on Justin Webb’s blog before being removed yesterday.

    Webb uses sexual innuendo to joke about Sean Hannity and Dick Cheney, and Kevin Connolly sniggers about the sexual connotations of “teabagging”; mocking rightwingers with implications of gay sexual activity is entirely acceptable at the progressive BBC, apparently. They like to give it out but have trouble taking it. That said, I did manage to get it up and I lasted longer than usual. The moderators normally pull me off after a few minutes. Maybe I could try putting it back up. Do you think they’ll appreciate a double entry or should I try coming from a different angle? Perhaps I’ll just shove something else up there and see if they like that better. I considered making a complaint but thought better of it; it’s long and really hard and can get a bit messy after you put it in, and I don’t like to shoot one off for no good reason.


  33. mailman says:

    Do you think they would get the references around your double entry?



  34. Dr Michael Ross says:

    Did anyone catch an episode of From Our Own Correspondent in which a young Beeboid hackette sang a Beeboid Song of Praise to the Somali pirates. It is a classic of Beebspeak, in which the pirates are “young desperate, poor kids” with guns and all responsibiity lies at the door of – yup, you guessed it – the nasty Americans.

    Personally I think the Americans should train their guns on both the pirates… and a few Beeboids.

    It really is a classic – try podcast it (after which it is wise to consign it to the toilet, where the BBC belongs).


  35. jimbob says:

    DB – finbarr saunders would be proud ! i nearly spat my coffee all over my keyboard !


  36. Gerald Brown says:

    Very interesting letter in the Daily Telegraph today from Oleg Gordievsky relating to Jack Jones. One aspect of his life that the BBC would not wiilingly report.


  37. will2001 says:

    George R | 28.04.09 – 9:12 am | as a fan of Balls, you might like this from the FT some months ago

    There has certainly been speculation about a reshuffle with talk of Darling being replaced by schools secretary Ed Balls (“Ed?” said one sceptical Whitehall man. “Think Gordon Brown without the charm.”)


  38. Grant says:

    DB 11:18
    One of the funniest posts here for some time !!!


  39. Grant says:

    Gerald 12:14
    I don’t suppose the BBC would report that Jack Jones and his wife were Soviet agents as, no doubt, so were many Beeboids !


  40. Grant says:

    Rwanda suspends the BBC.
    I guess one reason the BBC are trying to deny the Rwandan genocide is because it was sponsored and supported by the French. And of course it allows the BBC to deny the Sudan genocide, currently taking place.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Israel suspended the BBC ?
    In fact wouldn’t it be wonderful if the UK suspended the BBC ?


  41. Peter says:

    jimbob | 28.04.09 – 8:52 am | #

    I suspect they got the same PR I had…,793,889,849,781,871,870,845,786,674,677,767,684,762,718,674,708,683,706,718,674

    But at least resisted mirroring that truly stonking headline from the best public sector talent money can buy: £11m to protect our seas from climate change


  42. Peter says:

    Interesting that they make mention of Al Gore making a speach at a conference next week YET completely ignore the fact that a counter to his speach was deliberately cancelled!

    mailman | 28.04.09 – 10:37 am | #

    Lovely. Yet more chosen ones scampering hither and thither to ‘report’ on how scampering hither and thither isn’t helping… when done by others.

    Speaking of which, Newsnight’s ‘International’ Ethical Man is back over the pond:

    Mr. Gore does get a mention.


  43. John Bosworth says:


    Congratulations on your six days of fame. I’ve been watching the posting (“the record-breaking act of round-the-clock fellatio performed upon the current US president by dozens and dozens of tireless BBC journalists” – one of the greatest sentences ever on this blog) and marveling how it was ever allowed to be posted at all by the Pravda Police. More subversion please!


  44. Dr Michael Ross says:

    Apparently one of the islamist mafia who evidently run Birmingham has openly rejected a potential Labour Party candidate on the grounds that she is “too white and Jewish”.

    Now let’s imagine this was a white Jewish woman rejecting someone on the grounds he was “too Asian and Muslim”.

    The lying, cheating, stealing, biased BBC would be all over the story. It would be everywhere, on national and local news….

    But is this story to be found anywhere? Nope… nothing at all.

    How do they justify this bias – even to themselves? Astonishing, really.


  45. John Bosworth says:

    The BBC says…the Government is…we believe everything…


  46. Liquid P Gasse says:

    Brown says we’re well prepared? I s this the same pillock who blared all over Youtube last week – only to completely disregard his trumpeting this week?

    Its all bollocks — it just depends on how much…


  47. Millie Tant says:

    Gerald Brown:
    Very interesting letter in the Daily Telegraph today from Oleg Gordievsky relating to Jack Jones. One aspect of his life that the BBC would not wiilingly report.
    Gerald Brown | 28.04.09 – 12:14 pm | #
    Oh. DO tell us what.


  48. David Preiser (USA) says:

    DB | 28.04.09 – 11:18 am |

    Nice work anyway. The BBC sense of humor, like their attempts at Social Cohesion, only goes in one direction.


  49. Millie Tant says:

    In fact wouldn’t it be wonderful if the UK suspended the BBC ?
    Grant | 28.04.09 – 1:01 pm | #
    We have the power individually to suspend it. I hope that more of us will do so, while pressuring our political classes to do something truly radical about the BBC and its funding.


  50. adam says:

    another tele-prompt gaffe from the anointed great orator of our times.