Nice to see the BBC oblige poor beleaguered Mr Brown by allowing his attack dog John McFall to posture on Today that it was the bankers that caused our economic recession, sorry, I mean down-turn that’s now on the up-turn, any day soon.

It’s my view that the Labour spin machine is trying a three card trick routine on us by introducing the evil bankers as a useful distraction for public anger from the corrupt political establishment. The Treasury Committee seems obsessed by the behaviour of bankers and suggests that it was the bonus structures that encouraged reckless behaviour. In turn, this helped crash the econ0my; ergo blame the bankers. Brown’s political DNA is all over the economic disaster we live through but oddly enough McFall can’t seem to find any of it! Oliver Kamm does provide a counter-balance to McFall’s propagandising but the BBC headline for this story is that it was the bankers wot done for us. And a lot of people just take in the headline. Natch.

Look at the right hand, never mind what the left hand is doing….

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10 Responses to THE THREE CARD TRICK

  1. Anonymous says:

    “His attack dog”

    McFall’s Committee is cross-party. See report here:

    “oddly enough McFall can’t seem to find any of it”

    BBC headline on report:

    “Minister’s RBS handling ‘naive’ “


  2. Martin says:

    The BBC bigging up this story. Playing down Malik and Balls.


  3. Grant says:

    McFall is a prat, he doesn’t understand the first thing about business, finance, banking etc.
    He is just an over-promoted school-teacher.


  4. David Vance says:

    Attack poodle then – the Committee is stacked.


  5. Scott M says:

    “Stacked” meaning “having the three main parties represented in rough proportion to their overall representation in the House,” of course.


  6. Craig says:

    James Naughtie was no less obliging to poor beleaguered Mr Brown this morning. The man just can’t help himself. He is biased to the core.

    In a long piece (starting at 8.10) he began by saying he had been talking to voters “of different sorts”.

    Naughtie began in Luton South (‘home’ of Margaret Moran MP), where he went to a particularly depressed housing estate to ask long-term unemployed volunteers from its development trust about the MPs’ expenses issue. He said this estate received “huge investment” from “the Blair Government” “to turn it round”. In between snippets of rage about MPs from the volunteers, pompous Jim continued his party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party, saying – not once but twice ! – that the estate would be getting £50 million over the next 10 years from this generous, wonderful government.

    Staying in Luton he then interviewed a life-time Labour activist – a disappointed “believer” (like Jim himself, perhaps).

    Next he went to Tatton in “well-heeled” Cheshire (as he put it), & admired a blue plaque honouring that alumnus of the BBC, Martin Bell, reminding us of the Neil Hamilton scandal and sleaze from the Major years. He talked first to a newspaper editor, before getting the views of people in a coffee-house.

    From pomposity to piety, Jim finished by chatting to members of the UK Youth Parliament & found not just anger but “hope”. What concrete form did this “hope” take? Yes, “Obama, Obama!” And with the name “Obama” ringing in our ears, like a hosanna, his piece came to an end – and not before time (rather like this long-winded posting, you might be thinking!).


  7. Anonymous says:

    craig – not one pro-Government vox pop on that piece then?


  8. Craig says:

    Nonny 3.01

    No, not one. Naughtie had to do all the pro-Government work himself.


  9. David Preiser says:

    As long as the vox pops are along the lines of “a pox on both their houses”, it’s not really anti-government. It’s just anti-politicians.

    It helps Gordon Brown in the end, because he’s the only one the BBC will portray as offering real leadership on the issue.


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