BBC coverage of the utterly supine reaction of the US and UN to North Korea nuke tests predictable. It’s amazing how the BBC provides such an easy pass to the International set when it attacked everything Bush tried to do. In this golden era of Obama I presume that UN meetings that produce “stern” communications will substitute nicely for any action being taken. I bet Kim Jong Very Ill and the gang will be devastated to hear that the UN Security Council is – as we speak – thinking about issuing a new even tougher resolution.

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  1. Dick the Prick says:

    To be fair David – this all has to be done in the corridors. The Chinese are really starting to impress me with their geo-strategic movements.

    North Kareer off a cliff have a massive army (think it's the 3rd biggest in the world) so why the chuff should the Yanks get involved when all it has to do is provide South Korea & Japan with support.

    China is remarkably pragmatic and becoming more responsive to their citizens wishes – which, to be fair, it always has been. It is taken as an insult for anyone to get involved in matters which they consider to be within their purvue.

    Screw the BBC, they really are getting worse but I think Obama has befriended the Chinese – they can have North Kareer as long as Tiawan is slowly walked off the agenda and Human bloody Rights is quietly dropped.

    This is the Chinese century – we need them to sort out Africa without the crap prism of liberal drivel that has taken media prominence over 50 years except where our leaders commit genocide in Iraq for a bit of oil.

    OT – Quentin Letts on in a mo – 'why do we keep Gibralter?' – whoever the hell 'we' are considering the referendum came back a few years back at high 90% – the BBC – it's the unique way they're sponging. Give Letts a few grand and keep him sweet – whores the lot of them.


  2. David Vance says:

    Letts is a whore, fully agree.


  3. Dick the Prick says:

    It wasn't a bad prog actually – made the chief minister (socialist democrat – whatever that is) seem like a tosser and finished with 'they'll be British as long as they want'. Cool – and they despise Peter Hain & Snotgobbler – how very British indeed.

    Hmm – spose I should go to work.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Shit David, we’d better go to war at the drop of your hat, that’s always worked before. I mean, there’s no need to worry that the minute any troops were moved close to the North Korean border they’d shell South Korea into oblivion – I mean who gives a fuck about all those innocent people, we’re at war!


  5. David Vance says:

    Cheers Chamberlain…