23 Responses to Obamalove

  1. Cameron says:

    Bit cloudy on this one.
    Is it bias because the BBC attempts balance for mentioning GM? or is it just cynical?

    cant see the bias here.


  2. ed thomas says:


    Obama went on a date with his wife. Worth reporting, no? I was fascinated I can tell you.


  3. Martin says:

    Hmm. Perhaps the BBC might like to point out that Osama’s touch feely approach to Iran and North Korea isn’t working.


  4. Qoooze says:

    I’d be interested if anybody can find something negative the BBC has said about Obama.

    If I wanted to get a list of the BBC’s praise for Obama I’d just put his name in the BBC website search.


  5. JohnA says:

    The understated bit is the HUGE cost of flying Obama and his entourage to NYC. Which the taxpayer pays.

    At the foot of the story is a link to a story by Greg Wood on the General Motors bankruptcy and the problems of the bondholders who are being pressed to accept a deal where they get just 10% of the company in return for the waiving of £27 billion of debt. It OMITS 2 key points – that the unions are getting a big slug of the company for far less “notional” debt. The same unions who gave massive financialand organisational support to Obama. And that as with Chrysler, the bondholders are being strong-armed by the Obama team – the deal is being shoved down their throats.

    As with Chrysler, this is turning normal bankruptcy law upside down. As Wood says at the end of his article – companies sometimes fail. Sure – but if that happens, the bondholders are first in line among all the creditors. A central plank of bankruptcy law.

    Why does Wood skate over these points ?

    Team Obama are shredding bankruptcy law – yet The One is always preaching about the rule of law.

    The potential effects of all this go far wider than General Motors. Investment funds will tend to avoid taking bonds in unionised companies in financial difficulties. Obama has altered the entire risk-reward ratio, contravening normal bankruptcy law and practice. Lord knows how many firms will now lose the chance to get credit backing – or will have to pay much more for it.

    Oh – and the article might have found room to mention that all the GM saga is going to cost US taxpayers some $70 billion, probably rising to $100 billion or more unless GM makes huge gains in market share.

    I reckon GM is just like British Leyland. A bottom;less pit for taxpayers’ money. All this will come back to haunt Obama – he has now effectively taken control of a big chunk of the US auto industry – the losing chunk. I hope it chokes him – it would take a miracle for GM and Chrysler to turn round by the mid-terms in 18 months’ time.


  6. John Bosworth says:

    The BBC failed to mention in the article you cited that both Mr and Mrs Obama walk by moving one leg in front of the other. Surely this is an accomplishment that should not go unrecorded by the world’s favourite broadcaster?


  7. disillusioned_german says:

    What do you expect? They spent millions of your hard earned dosh to get him elected so they naturally have to portray the geezer in a glowing light.

    I’d be happy to see a “10 myths about our Barack that aren’t true”:

    1. He’s not the Messiah
    2. He can’t walk on water… etc.


  8. JohnA says:

    A Rasmussen poll now shows that 67% of Americans oppose the General Motors bale-out – pouring tens of billions more tax money into GM in the fond hope it can be turned round.

    Even when presented with the stark choice of letting GM go completely out of business, no more taxpayer funding, 56% say – “let it go under”. Only 32% think it should be kept afloat.

    This will come back to haunt Obama – when GM gets this further slice of £50 billion, the looks for many more tens of billions. And Obama will now “own” GM – with 75% of the stock.

    “The buck stops here” ?


  9. JohnA says:

    Oh – and here’s some info on the cost of hiring 3 Gulfstreams for the Obama party, plus heli into NYC, motorcade to block the traffic etc etc:


    All this looks great when GM is about to go into bankruptcy !


  10. Martin says:

    Anyone else noticed that the BBC have FAILED to report the only REAL case of an attempt to intimidate voters in the last US election? A load of leftie black Panthers that were caught by Fox News intimidating voters have been let off by Obama.

    I wonder if the BBC will get Greg Palast to investigate? Or will he just go on making up stories about voter fraud that NEVER existed?


  11. mamapajamas says:

    JohnA, re: “All this looks great when GM is about to go into bankruptcy !”It is further compounded into “greater greatness” when we hear the BS about global warming from his administration.

    What kind of carbon footprint does a president leave when he takes an entourage to NYC for a “date”?


  12. dave s says:

    Let us have some human sympathy for the Beeboids. They have their dream president of the US so let them enjoy it. . But things are going badly for their team in GB. And it is about to get much worse. Unless of course the elections are rigged, which is a distinct possibility, in which case they have nothing to worry about. For the moment.
    I can't believe I actually contemplate vote rigging. Thus far has my belief in our democratic system been eroded by recent events.


  13. JohnA says:

    dave s and mamapajamas

    All my life, the US has been the only country with power enough to protect us against nations who wish us ill – wish us detroyed.

    Without the US, there was no way of defeating Hitler.

    Without US cover – the Soviets would have steadily taken over Europe.

    dave s – vote-rigging is now endemic in the US. It is called "ACORN" – who Obama "worked" for as a community organiser. Which his Census organisation is about to pump billions into – Obama is pulling the Census into direct control of the White House.

    In simple terms, the Obama objective is to rig things for a permanent Dem majority. To support Obama's appeasing of dictatorships, his steady increase of government control, his budgets that will bankrupt America


  14. Anonymous says:

    Africa gave us two things: AIDS and Obama


  15. JohnA says:


    But that is untrue

    AIDS was invented by the US. And Obama descended from on high.


    To be fair to the BBC, Radio 3 gave a sublime day of performances from around Europe to celebrate Haydn’s death 200 years ago.


  16. Dick the Prick says:

    John A – bollox, missed it.

    Re: Obama & the BBC – it is very dispiriting their sucking up to him but..

    On a slightly good point – when Andrew Marr was interviewing his lover yesterday, McSnot said that the BBC also needs to publish expenses – hmm, a backlash maybe.

    If some lass is being paid £92 grand for reading an autocue – 3X salary of copper, teacher, social worker etc and equivalent to a consultant surgeon, obstetrician, endocrinologist etc, Chief Superintendant, Head of Department in Local Government – one would expect that people may be a little angry when figures are released – let's bloody well hope so.


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This fawning, detailed report reads like Communist State propaganda reports celebrating the mundane activities of Tito, Stalin, L’il Kim of NK, etc.

    The Beeboids don’t even realize they’re doing it. They genuinely think it’s cool.


  18. John Bosworth says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this (certainly not the BBC) but every newspaper item I read about Obama has the word “fear” in it.

    Pro-lifers are fearful…automakers are fearful…banks are fearful…TV execs are fearful…talk radio people are fearful…maybe this guy really is from Chicago.


  19. Anonymous says:

    How about a few things that are true about Obama.

    He is backed by the same people who backed GWB, Clinton, and GHB.

    He is directly related to the Queen of England, GHB, DC and GWB.

    He is generally not at all what he seems to be.

    He is going to bankrupt America, because it is his assigned task to do so.

    He is so far doing a perfectly wonderful job at achieving the above, as has Gordon Brown also done a purely fantastic job at bankrupting the UK.

    As it is there, so it will be here. If not at exactly the same time, then at not too different a time. This because the same people who control The USA, are the same people who have long since controlled the UK.

    A decision was made at a much higher level, to PERMANENTLY slash world motor-car production. This because at some time, in the not so distant future, an alternative but highly expensive seemingly new technology will be brought into the public’s attention. Which will replace petrol as its source of power.

    The people who own the motor-companies have known this for some considerable time, mainly because they are effectively owned by banks that have lent these companies countless billions of unpaybackable, and never was intended to be payed back finance. Although you can bet the interest has been payed.

    The deal as usual, is to FORCE the general tax payer to pay for this radical change to the way private transport is powered, and of course taxed. This of course ties in nicely with all of that corporatist CO2=AGW propaganda our youth have been bombarded with for the last 20 or so years.

    At this point the share holders get terminally shafted, the government comes in with sheds loads of tax payer backed, Federal Reserve created, borrowed with interest, funny money.

    This is currently what is really going on behind the curtains of corporatist POWER. Only don’t worry too much about this, because their really is nothing in the slightest bit new, about the way this is being done. The British have had this left/right corporatist double-act going on behind the tax payers back, for even longer then The USA.

    The only thing that surprises me is the innocent almost childishly simplistic way many of you lot still insist on trusting The BBC and the MSM, even though you all so often say you don’t trust them at all.

    Please be reminded that their is much serious and well documented evidence that the same people who ultimately control GM,FORD,all of the rest, and of course the governments of both the US and The UK, are the same people. Which are also the same people who control the entire British press, the BBC, SKY, ITV and all of the major world news gathering services.

    In fact, one of the only providers of information they don’t yet control, is MYSELF. Only if they would like to pay me off, like they have everybody else, including, as we noe know almost all of our elected officials, WITH OUR MONEY. I am open to a reasonably generous tax payed bribe, as long as it is actually theirs.

    Oh sorry I forgot NONE of it is actually theirs, because they actually stole ALL of IT form us, and are stealing ever increasingly large amounts every second of every day.

    Atlas shrugged


  20. George R says:

    ‘Justin Webb’s America’:

    A correction is needed to disciple Webb’s blog intro on why his Obama is using the BBC at present:

    Webb’s version:

    “So on the eve of the big speech to the Muslim world on Thursday, the White House is plainly serious about outreach – that is the main message to take away from the interview I have just conducted with Barack Obama in the White House library.

    “They chose to speak to us now because they want to reach the parts of the world the BBC reaches”..

    Non-Webb, corrected version:

    “So on the eve of the big speech to the Muslim world on Thursday, the White House is plainly serious about dhimmitude outreach – that is the main message to take away from the interview I have just conducted with Barack Obama in the White House library.

    “They chose to speak to us now because they want to reach the parts of the world which dhimmi BBC reaches, and propagandisies about, at British licencepayers’ expense, and the undemocratic, arrogant BBC is happy to oblige him.”


  21. Grant says:

    Surely the BBC should be castigating Obama for contributing to ” Global Warming ” by flying to NY just for an evening out ? Imagine if it had been Bush…
    Bias and hypocrisy, that is what the BBC do best.


  22. Grant says:

    Atlas 6:36
    I didn’t realise Obama was related to Queen Elizabeth 2. You learn something every day.


  23. GCooper says:

    “Obama tries to secure the Queen D-Day commemorations invitation”, gushes the BBC’s ‘News’ website.

    Perhaps he could offer to stroll across the Channel and carry her over there on his back, too?