You should have a read of this BBC item concerning the news that the UK’s Conservative MEPs have formed a new “anti-federalist” European Parliament bloc.

The new European Conservatives and Reformists Group includes 55 MEPs from across eight member states. Leader David Cameron had vowed to take his MEPs out the centre-right European People’s Party, saying its federalist views were against Tory policy.

What interests me is the structure of the article. It starts of by informing us of this move by Cameron before finishing with a critical attack of this move by retiring Conservative MEP’s and, of course, Barroso. The reader is therefore left with the subtle message that the Conservatives are divided over it and have done something which is wrong! Always pro-EU and always anti-Conservatives when they show a little determination not to be rabid federalists.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The article also notes how the Tories have “been criticised for joining forces with the PiS, [Poland’s Law and Justice Party] who have banned ‘sexually obscene’ gay marches in Poland.”

    Fair enough – but the Liberal Democrats sit with the Latvian First Party. They have led demonstrations against Gay pride marches in Riga and have attempted to ban discussion of gay issues in the media (Agence France Presse, 7 September 2006). They also have a history of using violent language against homosexuality – one of their leading figures, for example, Janis Smits, has described homosexuality as a ‘plague’ (Guardian, G2, 1 June 2007).

    No doubt Conservative Central Office have alerted the media (inc. the BBC) to this fact. No doubt the Tories have also highlighted the Communist connections of many MEP’s sitting in Labour’s group (there is also one former member of the IRA!) Yet, still it’s only the Conservative’s who are attacked for their party affiliations in Europe. I wonder why? Any answer’s Beeboids….?

    Let’s face it – the UK is the most politically correct country in Europe. It would be impossible to form a European Parliament grouping (I think you have to have representatives from 7 (or is it 6) countries) without including the odd nut, former commie, homophobe or closet racist. And before some BBC hack tries to claim that being a former East European Communist official is not akin to homophobia or racism, let’s us just remember, that some of labour’s European friends were actually Party members / apparatchiks during the Cold War. As such they supported a repressive and thoroughly anti-democratic political system, which regularly tortured its political and social opponents. For example, I gather Warsaw Pact countries weren't too kind to gays and other minorities either.

    So please BBC, no more of this garbage about the new Conservative group…


  2. Anonymous says:

    if anyone had chance to listen the bbc radio 4s world at 1 they would have enjoyed the "devils advocate" approach directed at willy hauge.

    of course it was clear to a blind man on a wooden horse that the interviewer actuall thought the things he said and was happy to mislead his listeners to prove his point.

    withut hauge correcting him repeatedly we would not have known he was a lying litlle beeboid shit.

    why dont politicians just call them on it when they lie????

    why try to defend yourself against them when you should just ask them why they believe it ok to mislead us?



  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Anonyomous @ 2:57 PM,

    The article also notes how the Tories have “been criticised for joining forces with the PiS, [Poland’s Law and Justice Party] who have banned ‘sexually obscene’ gay marches in Poland.”

    Yes: criticized by the BBC. I haven't seen much else in the real world.


  4. JohnA says:


    Craig maybe should look at that William Hague interview – a classic for the hostile interruptions with Beeboid false statements.


  5. Not a sheep says:

    The EU "project" is so near its target of "ever closer union" that any opposition must be ridiculed and/or crushed.

    wv = euptious – the act of destroying democracy across a whole continent.


  6. Anonymous says:

    YOu gotta love the way one of the anchor wankers on News 24 said that the anti-federalist bed fellows were unsavoury becaues they include climate change deniers???

    Unsavoury to question bad science?


  7. Craig says:

    John A & ngg,

    Another BBC interviewer caught lying!!

    Unfortunately the Bias Coefficient of 2.7 doesn't do full justice to the astonishing bias in the 'World at One' interview, as Shaun Ley only interrupted Hague twice. That's the system's drawback. It doesn't measure the hostility – or the honesty – of the interviewer's questions. Ley's were unusually hostile & dishonest.

    For anyone who didn't catch it, I've transcribed the worst part of the interview:

    SHAUN LEY: Of course, the Czech party, when they said that, were the party of government . They are not in government any more. They didn’t do that well in the European elections. Isn’t there a danger that you’re allying yourself with parties that are going to be rather marginal in the debate coming in Europe over the next few years?

    WILLIAM HAGUE: Well, wait a minute. This is the party that just won the European elections in the Czech Republic, so saying that they didn’t do that well is a pretty dismissive of an election…

    SHAUN LEY (interrupting): Well, they were thrown out by the people in the general election. They’re not the party of government in other words., so you’re allying yourself with opposition parties.

    WILLIAM HAGUE: Actually nor were they thrown out in a general election. They were thrown out by a parliamentary manoeuvre and they’re still the leading party of the Czech Republic. Our Polish colleagues are the party of the president of Poland…

    SHAUN LEY (interrupting):…but again not the party of government any more, Mr Donald Tusk’s party is in…

    WILLIAM HAGUE (interrupting): Well the president is one of the governing entities of Poland and our colleagues from Latvia, from the Netherlands and from Finland are all members of the parties that are in coalition government in those countries. So these are not marginal parties. They are mainstream parties that we’re very happy to work with.

    As Hague noticed, Ley LIED when he said the Civic Democrats "were thrown out by the people in the general election". They won the last general election (in 2006) &, as Hague said, lost power in March this year in a parliamentary putsch. A new general election is due in October.

    As Hague also noticed, Ley LIED again when he said that the Civic Democrats "didn’t do that well in the European elections", when they in fact came top, a full 9% ahead of the Social Democrats.

    Shaun Ley is a lying, biased bastard.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Craig and Anonymous,

    Combine your two observations, and you get exactly the same thing the Beeboids (and Polly Toynbee) were crying about on election night. In fact, La Toynbee even said that these people were racists, fascists, homophobes, and climate-change deniers, lumping them all together as equal.

    The Narrative hasn't changed a bit since then, and it's been across the spectrum of BBC broadcasting. Agenda? What agenda?


  9. Craig says:

    David P,

    The BBC web report (that David V began this thread with) has now been updated but refuses to change the Narrative.

    Unrelated to any comment or quotation within the article is the sub-heading 'Odds and sods', which leads a section on the Conservative's new partners. 'Odd and sods'!!!

    After quoting Lid Dem Ed Davey, who says the Conservatives have "joined forces with a rag-bag of parties with extreme views," the article continues:

    'But Mr Hague disagreed. He said the ODS – the party of former Czech PM Mirek Topolanek, who lost a confidence vote in May – were still the "leading party of the Czech Republic".'

    Our old friends, the biased quotation marks, are back! The ODS IS the leading party of the Czech Republic. It won the European election. It won the last general election. It looks set to win the next general election.


    And, slightly off the subject, this article contains the following quote from the Hague interview:

    "These are no marginal parties they are mainstream parties that we are very happy to work with," he said.

    This is sloppy transcription by the BBC. It is ungrammatical, for starters. It also says "no" where Hague actually said "not".

    So the Beeboids are stupid as well as biased.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:


    The BBC does not like this "Le Pen Moment", not one little bit. So the Social Cohesion Agenda goes into overdrive.


  11. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Craig: – well fisked, well done.
    EU elections have given the Beeb-liars a whole new palette in political nuance, with which to paint their beloved rose-tinted future.


  12. John Horne Tooke says:

    Just when the BBC thought they had tamed the Conservatives they do something like this – it must be so disapointing for them.


  13. GCooper says:

    The sense of outrage in the Beeboid's voice on R4 earlier, when he claimed that the new grouping included people who had 'controversial' views on 'gay issues and global warming' was palpable.

    Bet they eat babies too. And are rude to their mothers.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Of course one could look at it this way.

    The fact that the BBC continues to so clearly hate and despise all things Conservative Party, is the only reason why I will vote Conservative at the next election. This may very well turn out to be the last time I will do so, for several reasons. One of which is that British Elections are already planned to become a thing of the past, several years before 2015 anyway.

    But then if The BBC also continues to harass the next government to precisely the same extent that it has most surly not scrutinized our current one. Then even by some small chance Cameron genuinely has the best of intentions, he simply does not have a hope in hell of making any useful difference to anything whatsoever. Never mind saving this rapidly sinking ship from the deepest abyss.

    This country is in my opinion as DOOMED as doomed gets, as is most of the rest of the worlds national parliamentary democracies. IMO the BBC is very much to blame for our very sad, and murderously terminal situation.

    The BBC is not just evil in itself, it works for evil, uses very well tried and tested OCCULT methodology. While being utterly determined to promote evil at its most dishonest, for as long as it is required by the British, European, and world establishment, to carry on doing so.

    Although I respect the hard work and efforts of chaps like David Vance, I can not help but wonder, who do the people who run this site are truly working for? For it is apparent to myself at least, that this site, just like the BBC, keeps dark almost as much as it illuminates.

    The truth is out there, and it really is not hard to find, if only people took the courage and time to look for it.


  15. Grant says:

    Anon. 12:42
    Your post reminds me of someone else who posts here regularly.
    Could you expalin "occult mehodology" please ? It is a new one on me.


  16. George R says:

    The BBC's politically hostile attitude against Tory opposition to EU federalism shows how the BBC has been hurt by this month's EU election results.


  17. GCooper says:

    George R – a good point and reinforced by the almost complete refusal of the BBC to acknowledge and reflect the British people's deep antagonism to the EU, as reflected in the election results.

    Instead we see not even a hiccup in the endless stream of pro-EU propaganda from the Corporation.


  18. Ady says:

    Lets all talk about Iran while ignoring our own democratic system as it goes down the toilet.

    Anyone know when our political aristocracy is going to let us vote on our future in Europe?


    How very Iranian of them.


  19. Craig says:

    We "move on" on this site, not so the BBC.

    They've updated their web article "Conservative MEPs form new group" & have now drawn one – and only one – quotation from the article & highlighted it in a special grey box:

    "The Tories have left the mainstream of European politics and joined forces with a rag-bag of parties with extreme views"
    Ed Davey
    Liberal Democrats

    Why highlight this?

    Because it's just the point Beeboids have been making for weeks – the 'odds and sods' argument. It chimes with the Narrative.