I listened with incredulity to this item on the BBC this morning. It concerns the utterly farcical Home Office scheme to help failed “asylum seekers” (Welfare tourists) return home that has resulted in just one family leaving the country, whilst costing us, the Brits £1m. Listen to Evan Davies blithely dismiss the waste of £1m on “an idea that was good” on this “pilot”. It’s all about “being nice” to “children”, you see.

The BBC brought on some liberal bozo from the Children’s Society on to argue that more time should have been given and more should have been spent on this madness. And where was the counter-balance? Oleaginous Labour spiv Keith Vaz was there to to superficially criticise the particular scheme but simultaneously shill for Labour’s risible immigration policy. To listen to Vaz one could be forgiven for wondering WHICH government has been in power since 1997?

Most bizarre of all was Evan Davies constant refrain about the need to be “nice” and not “nasty” when it comes to dealing with welfare tourists, sorry, I mean children. How about having someone on to comment who believes that the bigger issue is how these people get INTO our country in the first place and then how can government recklessly waste £1,000,000 of our money? I guess those dimensions fall outside “the narrative”?

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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    The fact that someone of such standards as Keith Vaz continues to hold important positions in Parliament says everything one needs to know about the current crop of MPs.


  2. Abandon Ship! says:

    The title for this article reminded me of this ludicrous BBC article, also featured on the Today programme:

    "The number of people prepared to donate their kidney to a stranger has risen by 50% in two years, figures show."

    Excellent news, but then we get on to the actual figures: The number has gone up from…………….drum roll…….10 to 15….

    Yes, that's a staggering TEN to FIFTEEN! Wow!

    Statistics is clearly not big in the Beeboid Big Tent, but not surprising given the way Beeboids deal with data on global warming etc.


  3. Martin says:

    The immigrant children of today are the Liebour voters of tomorrow.


  4. Mark says:

    I wonder if Lisa Nandy, the 'liberal bozo from the Children's Society' is in any way related to Deepak Nandy, a noted pro immigration advocate from the 1970s ?
    The mindset that thinks pitting her against Keith Vaz in some way constitutes a 'debate' on an immigration related issue is demented beyond belief- and also shows utter contempt for the licence fee payer.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This sounds an awful lot like the continuation of the Narrative espoused by Mark Easton a few days ago.

    It's the nasty anti-migrant policy at fault here, you see. No blame shall be cast upon those actually engaging in illegal activity and deliberately putting their families – especially the children….Oh, the children! – in the middle of unpleasantness.

    No, I'm sure the Today producers just thought this was a good story, nothing to do with Easton's post. No connection whatsoever, pure coincidence that both come from the same perspective.


  6. Not a sheep says:

    £1 million is nothing, small change compared to the Investment Labour are making every day in this Country. Thank heavens for Labour being in power because under a Tory government there would be 10% cuts………………………

    Sorry I started to believe Gordon Brown for a minute.


  7. Call me Infidel says:

    According to the Telegraph the scheme was set up by the Children's Society but the Today program had a "spokesperson" from Migrant Helpline. Migrant Helpline is a fake charity that receives the bulk of it's income from the government via the Home Office.


  8. Craig says:

    A hunt throught the web reveals that Lisa Nandy, the "policy adviser at the Children's Society" is also a Labour councillor in Hammersmith & Fulham. So, it was a Labour councillor discussing the issue with a Labour MP. Par for the course, of course.


  9. Drummerman says:

    In the wonderful, fairy-tale land that is Planet BBC, President Hopey-Change rules benignly with his consort, The Great Helmsman, aka Monocular Scot. Here only good things happen – everyone has limitless health care and abundant welfare, and, most importantly, the 'liddle kiddies' are safe and happy. All is nice.

    Unfortunately, back in the real world, we have the situation that demand exceeds supply, money supply isn't limitless and we are a small island with restricted space, so guess what … WE SHOULDN'T LET EVERYONE IN HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!


  10. John Horne Tooke says:

    Why offer them money anyway? That would be a question I would ask. They are in the country illegally for Gods sake.

    Do you think that if I get a flight to Australia and refuse to go back home the Austarlian government would say "If you go back to Britain we'll give you some money" No of course not they would simply put me on the next available plane.

    What part of "illegal" does the BBC not understand?


  11. Anonymous says:

    So the children of failed asylum seekers are all 'health tourists'?

    They're brown too.


  12. Original Robin says:


    They are brown, and do you know why ?
    It`s because this EU is at heart a racist project that wants to integrate all white Europeans into one superstate.
    This EU project lays down laws that all the (white) europeans can go and live in each others countries, so now there`s no need for (white) Europeans to illegally enter Britian.
    So there`s white and brown, minus white = just brown


  13. Anonymous says:

    Ok Robin, sure it's all a conspiracy. Only in your tiny mind.


  14. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    The backlog of failed asylum seekers awaiting deportation is reported at over 400,000.

    Who was the project manager of this scheme and why were they so utterly useless at doing their job, for which we can only assume they were being paid, and wht managerial accountability?

    It can only have failed so dismally that there is only one explanation. It was never intended to suceed. Its no conspiracy. That requires smart people to do a lot of conspiring. No, this was another window-dressing excercise so they can say "they tried".

    In fact experience of "window-dressing" should be on every Labour minister's CV.

    No tough questioning will ever come from an organisation who needs the Government's protection.


  15. Original Robin says:


    Ask your mother and father, or your teacher if they`ve abandoned you.
    When you grow up you`ll understand how to debate points.