"a serious suggestion for the BBC"

The Magistrate on BBC expenses :

Of course there is a proportion of people who just don’t like paying any bill, but let’s put this into perspective.

The licence fee is more than two weeks of Jobseeker’s Allowance, and about a day-and-a-half’s worth of the average wage. The £2000 spent on flying the boss’s family back because Sir had to sort out the Ross/Brand fiasco represents more than 33 weeks’ worth of JSA for the poorest licence payers. So come and have a look at JPs fining the unlicensed in – note – a criminal court.

Then, next time you want to charge up a £200 lunch at the Ivy for two people who are already well-off you will have a better idea of where the money comes from. I’ll be happy to arrange it, and I might even come along myself.

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9 Responses to "a serious suggestion for the BBC"

  1. GCooper says:

    I've no sympathy whatever for our troughing MPs, but the repeated cries of 'they just don't get it' from equally porcine BBC employees are richly ironic.


  2. Freddie Freeloader says:

    Rather a jolly piece on this yesterday by The Chum Bucket…



  3. cassandra says:

    The BBC culture is a typical example of the parasite classes feeding off the mass of people who cannot afford the lifestyle now enjoyed by the parasite classes.

    Money so freely wasted by the BBC parasites has to be earned by someone, many have to forgo even the basics of life in order to fund the lavish lifestyles of the BBC parasites.

    An OAP on a basic pension is now inundated with ever rising bills, electricity/gas/council tax/VAT/food all rising at a time when real incomes are falling yet the BBC parasites still demand their tax regardless!

    The BBC parasites seem to despise the very people they extort money from, they seem to enjoy wasting and frittering money away as if they enjoy thumbing their collective noses at the very people who have to struggle to make ends meet.

    A beeboid comrade living high on the hog with a comfortable lifestyle cannot begin to see how most people live, they cannot fathom the fact that their ever increasing selfish demands for more cash is hurting ordinary people.

    A spoilt middle class child that has never seen or experienced poverty will come to despise the very parents who bring that child up, this sums up the BBC collective mindset perfectly, they are in effect spoiled selfish middle class oiks with a selfish and self centered self regard covered as always by a veneer of fake caring for the 'oppresed masses' this thin veneer gives the selfish parasite the moral cover required to keep them justifying their selfish parasitical nature, after all its basic human nature to hide ones own failings from view isnt it?

    The BBC can be best described as a cunning self absorbed and spoilt middle class child hiding their true agenda behind a fake innocent smile, all of us must have come into contact with that kind of cunning and manipulative child at some stage in our lives, the kind that will coo,simper,lie and creep to the target adult while telling tales about other childrens misdeeds and all the while secretly sneering at the target adult.

    The BBC culture has degraded into grubby self serving and hypocritical gang of time serving parasites and mirrors the political narrative they slavishly follow!


  4. Not a sheep says:

    Just wait until after 2012. The BBC will enjoy the special Olympic car lanes so much that they will demand to keep them for critical workers such as themselves. Thus the transformation of the UK into a pale equivalent of the USSR will move on one more step.


  5. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Atlas, you've learned to write a coherent and succinct analysis,without mentioning the Bildenberg Lizards, well done!

    Only joking. Well argued Cass'

    I can cope with the odd lefty, its the BBC "group mind" that's I find frightening. A common understanding of which line to take, probably without ever having to be told. Pod People.


  6. JohnW says:

    Cassandra – superbly put. Except that I would prefer to label them and their NuLab bedfellows as the "parasatic ruling cabal".


  7. JUST-ME says:

    So how much are we paying Humphrys, Montague et al, not to mention the Webbs and others cavorting around the USA on lavish expense accounts? BTW,do these opinionated, semi-educated 'presenters' have to pay the licence fee? I'm a councillor but I still have to pay the tax. Now if I were an MP — wait, I didn't say this plan was flawless!


  8. George R says:



    "BBC rank and file staff criticise senior managers over expenses"

    "BBC rank and file staff have criticised senior managers at the corporation for their 'greedy' expenses and large salaries.

    "The disclosure that 27 executives earned more than the Prime Minister's £195,000 salary, including Mark Thompson, the director general who is paid £647,000 a year, was greeted with anger in the pages of 'Ariel', the corporation's in house publication. In the same issue, Mr Thompson defended the salaries as "not exceptional" and said it was justifiable for executives to claim back the cost of a Starbucks coffee. "


  9. George R says:

    'Telegraph' extract:

    "The BBC has received 748 complaints over its 'wall-to-wall' coverage of the death of Michael Jackson."

    "BBC under fire over 'wall-to-wall' coverage of Michael Jackson's death Photo: AFP/GETTY
    Viewers have inundated the corporation with letters and emails criticising the 'sensational and 'extensive' reports about the singer across all BBC news programmes.

    "The story has dominating bulletins since last Thursday night and news specials were also aired on BBC One and BBC Two on Friday night."