Co-conpirator over on The All Seeing Eye, G.OT. picked up on this little gem from last week’s Question Time. Have a look at the interplay between La Harperson and Dimblebore. Then please click here to read G.O.T’s take on this instance of BBC bias – well worth your time. The good thing is that there are more than enough of US spotting THEIR bias.

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  1. bernard says:

    'In Flagranti Delicto'.


  2. Ed T says:

    Makes you wonder about Dimblebore and Harperson really (not to mention BBC in nuLab pockets). A gesture of tendresse, almost.


  3. Martin says:

    We see this week and wek out where the one Tory gets ganged up on regardless of what the topic is.

    Remember the expenses scandal? Which party has the most politicians who are under Police investigation?

    But which party got taken to task the most by Bimblebore week after week?


  4. Craig says:

    Prompted by Ron Todd & Llew's comments here last Friday, I sent a complaint to the BBC about this. No reply as yet.


  5. John Bosworth says:



  6. Craig says:

    Can anyone lip-read? I'd love to know exactly what Harriet Harman said to Dimblebyas.


  7. John Bosworth says:

    Go to the original YOUTUBE clip and share it with everyone you know. This kind of prompting usually happens in the green room. Wonderful to see it exposed in public for a change.

    PS And who does H.H. think she is? This bunch is corrupted by power beyond redemption.


  8. Martin says:

    I wonder if anyone has sent IDS the link?


  9. Craig says:

    Martin @7.00pm, job done!


  10. George R says:

    BBC report on Nick Griffin, BNP:

    "Sink immigrants' boats – Griffin" ('Politics' page.)


    "The interviewer, BBC Correspondent Shirin Wheeler, said: 'I don't think the EU is in the business of murdering people at sea.'

    "Mr Griffin replied: 'I didn't say anyone should be murdered at sea – I say boats should be sunk, they can throw them a life raft and they can go back to Libya.'"

    Apparently, Mr. Griffin is concerned with how to keep illegal immigrants out of the European Union, while the BBC (using its significant political influence in the media), is concerned with how to get them in.


  11. John Horne Tooke says:

    Why was Dimbelbys hand shaking?


  12. George R says:

    BBC propaganda report:

    "G8 leaders 'hopeful on economy.'"

    -BBC report contains the usual uncritical message on EU claims of:

    a.)'optimism' on the economy;

    b.)need for more EU people's money to be given as foreign aid;

    c.)extra cost for EU people in anti-carbon legislation.

    On c.), the BBC throws in this uncriticised bit of 'Greenpeace' propaganda:

    "On Wednesday, dozens of protesters occupied four coal power plants in different regions of Italy, demanding tougher measures from G8 leaders in fighting climate change, Greenpeace said."


  13. Ed T says:

    Thinking about it, this piece goes very well with Hattie Harman on PMQs today, accusing Hague of only caring about figures. The thing is the figures tell the true story… someone should get editing those two exchanges together. IDS's social concern, Hague's factual focus, Hattie Harman and Dimblebore with knowing glances, schools 'n' hospitals


  14. George R says:

    Of course, the political knives of the BBC and the 'Guardian' are out for Berlusconi at the G8 meeting in Italy.


    "Calls grow within G8 to expel Italy as summit plans descend into chaos"


    . "'The Italians have no ideas and have decided that best thing to do is to spread the agenda extremely thinly to obscure the fact that didn't really have an agenda.'"

    [-comment by observer, R.Gowan of New York Univ.]

    "Silvio Berlusconi has come in for harsh criticism for delivering only 3% of development aid promises made four years ago, and for planning cuts of more than 50% in Italy's overseas aid budget.

    "Meanwhile, media coverage in the run-up to the meeting has been dominated by Berlusconi's parties with young women, and then the wisdom of holding a summit in a region experiencing seismic aftershocks three months after a devastating earthquake as a gesture of solidarity with the local population."

    Who has the more realistic view of 'foreign aid': Berlusconi or Brown?


  15. Grant says:

    Fantastic clip.
    Absolutely blatant. Impossible to see how the BBC or their apologists can explain away this one.
    I think that Dimblebore's hand signals to Harman could mean that he had got the message and will carry out his bosses orders.
    The other possiblity is that Harman didn't realise that she and Dimblebore were on camera , but Dimblebore did, and is trying to indicate that to her.
    Either way, it is BBC bias at its very worst, caught in the act. Disgraceful, even by the BBC's low, shabby standards.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Time for the hereditary Dimbleby to go.


  17. John Bosworth says:

    John Horne Took asks, "Why was Dimbelbys hand shaking?"

    I guess the puppet master slackened the strings on the marionette.


  18. Robert S. McNamara says:

    Why was Dimbelbys hand shaking?

    It looks like a 'What are you doing woman? We're live, and you've just revealed our complicity' sort of gesture. It confirms what we all suspected; that Question Time engineered in its agenda, and that Dimbleby is told what to say and do by this evil regime.


  19. Martin says:

    Well we all know that. Dimblebore is a tool of the Liebour party, the audience is full of useless left wing public sector workers, politics students, feminist and Muslims terrorists.


  20. John Horne Tooke says:

    "..the audience is full of useless left wing public sector workers, politics students, feminist and Muslims terrorists."

    Well that makes up pretty most of the British population these days.


  21. John Horne Tooke says:

    Grant said

    "The other possiblity is that Harman didn't realise that she and Dimblebore were on camera , but Dimblebore did, and is trying to indicate that to her."

    I think youv'e hit the nail on the head there. I wonder what happens before the broadcast.


  22. Grant says:

    John Horne Tooke 11:15
    Maybe Harman was late for the show and she and Dimblebore didn't have time to get their act together before transmission.
    Lack of "professionalism" by both of them.


  23. Anonymous says:

    The hand gesture said to me 'Don't worry, I know, I'm on top of the situation and I won't let him get away with it.'


  24. Anonymous says:

    Next time, she should be made to sit at the end of the table where she wouldn't be able to touch him inappropriately.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Nothing to do with IDS going off-topic?

    From what I see the Harperson is saying he's waffling on – no doubt to her pleasure

    Dimbleby then says 'yes I'm dealing with it, sod off you old trollop'

    What was he supposed to do? If he doesn't act he's a bad chair, if he does act then it looks like he took orders


  26. Craig says:

    Anonymous @1.29

    I think you're being far too charitable to David Dimbleby.

    "Waffling on?" Ian Duncan Smith had only been speaking for 10 seconds when the Harperson went into action and only for 20 seconds when Dimbleby first struck.

    And how do you account for Dimbus launching a third wave of attacks by interrupting IDS yet again with "Harriet's saying "Rubbish!" as you say that." He wouldn't have looked like a bad chair(man) if he'd held back from saying THAT, would he? The man is a stool.


  27. Trough Mixture says:

    Vile woman. Can't wait to watch her political demise.

    Dimbleby sullies his family's reputation.

    There must be an huge amount of bottled-up frustration among the more decent staff at the BBC. This should be exploited to expose this outrageous behaviour to maximum effect.


  28. Grant says:

    Surely Dimblebore is a very bad Chairman because he is consistently biased towards the left and hostile towards the right. A good Chairman should be impartial.
    He is incompetent and unprofessional and should be sacked.


  29. Anonymous says:

    Wait until tonight when the inevitable planted Coulson/NewsInternational bugging question comes up. Splattered all over the BBC last night, to the extent of using wardrobe key widge Prescott as motormouth invigilator. They really are dredging it this time.


  30. hippiepooter says:

    It certainly looks incriminating in the context, but when I regularly watched DD when in Blighty 6 years ago I always felt he was a shining example of what the BBC was once about and needs to be again.


  31. Dick the Prick says:

    IDS was on a roll – absolutely spot on. Dude alert.


  32. gildedtumbril says:

    The stupid and supine British pay over 3 Billion quid a year TV TAX for the dubious honour and privilege of being fed a load of propaganda, pap and recycled sewage. Who the hell wants to see, or even worse
    hear, the hideously white Harriet Hormone? Failure to pay this iniquitous extortion incurs a CRIMINAL record and possible imprisonment. It is time this monolithic perversion was sold off at a car boot sale, preferably on ice, with cookery and gardening tips thrown in.
    Grimewatch should be called Blackwatch. Black Peter should be called Black Peter.Blackamory should be called Blackamory and The Richard Dimplebum Lecture should be called Dhimwit talks twaddle.


  33. Llew says:

    Not only is the panel always heavily biased to the left (almost always 3:2 or 4:1), but the time given to each of the panelists always favours Labour too, and Labour are allowed to waffle far more the the "Token Tory" is allowed.

    As an experiment I thought I'd try to measure the floor time given to each panelist. It's not perfect because there were interruptions, sometimes stopping the speaker and sometimes just pausing the speaker for a few seconds.

    Last week's panel of Harriet Harman, Iain Duncan Smith, Jarvis Cocker, David Laws, and Peter Hitchens gave us this breakdown:

    Question, Panelist, m:ss Time Talking, Percentage:

    Q1 Honesty on budget cuts:
    HH 3:23 29.59%
    IDS 3:10 27.70%
    JC 0:52 7.58%
    DL 2:27 21.43%
    PH 1:34 13.70%

    Q2 Ronnie Biggs:
    HH 2:09 28.86%
    IDS 1:13 16.33%
    JC 1:12 16.11%
    DL 1:26 19.24%
    PH 1:27 19.46%

    Q3 Teachers MOT:
    HH 2:02 30.20%
    IDS 1:13 18.07%
    JC 1:00 14.85%
    DL 1:14 18.32%
    PH 1:15 18.56%

    Q4 Nationalise the Railways:
    HH 1:42 23.72%
    IDS 1:22 19.07%
    JC 1:16 17.67%
    DL 2:03 28.60%
    PH 0:47 10.93%

    Q5 ID Cards U turn:
    HH 1:47 67.72%
    IDS 0:03 1.90%
    JC 0:12 7.59%
    DL 0:18 11.39%
    PH 0:18 11.39%

    Q6 Michael Jackson coverage:
    HH 0:00 0.00%
    IDS 0:00 0.00%
    JC 1:30 100.00%
    DL 0:00 0.00%
    PH 0:00 0.00%

    As a total for the whole show:
    HH 11:03 29.93%
    IDS 7:01 19.01%
    JC 6:02 16.34%
    DL 7:28 20.23%
    PH 5:21 14.49%

    There you have it. HH got far more time for her answers. And she has the cheek to hustle DD to shut up IDS because he's rambling a bit.

    It WAS the Harriet Harman show.

    Not only is does the left always get more panelists but Labour always get more of the time as well.

    All we need now is to accurately measure the audience split or maybe the number of Labour "plant" questions from the social workers/teachers in the audience.

    Labour control the BBC. Period.


  34. Tarquin says:

    Llew @ 9.01

    That;s interesting, but I would also be interested to see 1) that across a whole series for consistency

    and 2) whether you can expect the government (any government) to always receive more air time – naturally they are the government and are the ones whose answers are important, a lot of questions will be directed at them

    Take ID cards, of course Labour had the vast majority of time on that – it was their climbdown

    On budget cuts where I would expect greater input from party politicians and the Tories in particular, there was a good balance


  35. Craig says:

    Llew @ 9.01

    Excellent job. Jarvis Cocker got more time than Peter Hitchins! That's about right for the BBC.


  36. George R says:

    It is significant that Dimbleby censored Ian Duncan Smith on a totally relevant Tory policy strength: the breakdown of the family under Labour.

    It is no coincidence that the BBC have also tried to bury the TV programmme on this theme, 'The Death of Respect' – next Thursday, BBC 2, 11:20 pm.

    (See John Ware's article at 'Daily Mail -debate section' on this, 11 July.)