Well, we’re back this evening with the Student Grant produced Question Time. I will be helped by David Mosque as guest co-moderator and am looking forward to it. Please make sure you turn up, if only for the laughs!

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  1. Philip says:

    Sarah Teather and Shami? Oh no – erm… I'm not sure, David – this'll surely have me reaching for me pill jar.

    Isn't this the 'Socialist Inculcation of the Glorious Youth' special edition, too?


  2. Mulligan says:

    Some bint with hairy armpits and unshaven legs will pose the planted question about climate change.

    The wet panel will declare debate has been closed and give depressing answers, anyone who tries to deviate from the script of this global scam will be jumped upon immediately by Dimbleby.


  3. Francis says:

    I think its schools question time this week. I remember watching it last year. Oddly the young person on the panel was a UKIP supporter I think (one of the few times they have been allowed on) but what most struck me was the nature of the audience. There were a large number of children. Of those you could see clearly only about a quarter (or perhaps a bit more) were white. It really made me think. Firstly it poiinted out the shocking demographics of children in this country – we are bringing up the Third world's children – madonna on a national scale. Even so what it even more clearly demonstrated was the shocking racism of the BBC – they must have decided to sit all the ethnic minority children at the front and the boring, white Welsh for example children at the back somewhere out of view.
    "Hideously white" I think is the term.

    It may seem a harmless sort of racism but it is pernicious and I supsect dangerous. Apart from anyhting else it is softening us up for the future chnages in our society, always running ahead of the changes that have taken place. It also reflects a primitive mindset that elsewhere is dangeorus – mirroring the "narratives" relentlessly pushed in views based on seeing the world through the BBC ideological prism.

    It is a window into the mindset of cultural marxism, where there is always good and bad, black and white, oppressed and oppressor and morality is measured in being anti "white" and pro "black". A twisted view from long ago scenarios that were never so simple to start with.


  4. Beowulf says:

    Please can we have some global warming soon. Since Monday the temperature here, near Inverness, has not reached 60F and I am cold!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry Spoonface Teather is not wearing full Islamic robes & veil yet, but her & the unelected BBC spokesperson for us all Chakrabati made this a classic QT.

    Only the Labour chap represented moderate middle of the road British values in the section I heard.

    Why are we forced to buy the Guardian's politics
    day in & day out ?

    Will no organization stop these champagne socialists using the national broadcasting company as their own fiefdom & playpen ?


  6. Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs says:

    I'm sorry I missed the live event – I just watched it on BBC lie-player today.

    OMG, what a depressing indictment for the future of our country – leftie students just begging for life to be served up on a plate for them free of charge and responsibility. “There’s nuffink for us to do – what can the government do for us” type mantra parroted every single time.

    However, in order to make it slightly more bearable I watched it while reviewing the Live Chat – much better! Hopefully will make next weeks.