Great to see Nicky Campbell’s “The Big Questions” debating that momentous issue of our times, namely should Apes have rights? The usual vacuous drivel from Campbell although the choice of the panel was surprisingly pleasing, with Peter Hitchins and Douglas Murray on it. That said, the audience were the usual moonbats that the BBC specialises in assembling. There was a bit of a class warfare discussion on “social mobility” and the use of grammar schools in achieving this. Naturally most of the audience were howling against the return of the grammar schools. We then had a discussion on the great issue of the Apes and finally a debate on why “downsizing” is good for the soul. It’s liberal faux anti-consumerism to the core, of course but in a way I agree. Let’s start by downsizing the BBC. Nicky Campbell, you are the weakest link, goodbye!

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