“ I would urge [……..] those who work in the media as news and comment editors, [……] to read (this despatch) in full.
It concerns the Fatah General Assembly which has been continuing for the past week in Bethlehem, and is central to understanding why Israeli-Palestinian peace remains so elusive.
All this has been woefully underreported in the Western media. Instead, the BBC, for example, has been running yet more distorted reports about Israel last week, deluding themselves and their viewers that Fatah is a moderate party committed to compromise –” Tom Gross
Please read it, then Roger Hardy’s report for the BBC. Mahmoud Abbas came away pleased, at least.

Then for good measure, look at Martin Asser’s patronising GCSE text-book bitesze revisionist history for your history revision.

Jerusalem, Water, Borders, Settlements and Refugees, not forgetting the Nakba, are the obstacles to peace. Get that into your head and regurgitate it, children.

(But don’t tell ’em that Israel’s moderate Palestinian partner for peace has just embraced one of the most brutal terror units in the world.)

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