Well then, it appears the NHS may not be quite the envy of the world that some of it’s propagandists – including the BBC- suggest. This is a tricky one for the BBC. You see the pain and anguish which the NHS causes to so many people cannot be cloaked on this occasion BUT one must be careful not to damage a State funded bureaucracy, after all you never know where that one could lead, right?

Listening to this interview, one cannot help but feel that Christine Beasley gets away with all sorts of amelioration. Yes, he does pull her up on her initial line of excuse namely that is is only a “very small number” involved but then she switches tack and agrees it is a “small but significant number” of useless medical staff and that “complaints procedures” need strengthened. What a crock. The punchline is that the NHS is a corrupted bloated bureaucracy more interested in itself than in patients. Having praised Humphyrs the other day, I suggest he pulled his punches here and Beasley most feel she got off with minimal damage. Unlike the NHS patients concerned.
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