Interesting item from Katya Alder in Gaza here. The UN in Gaza is very worried that thousands of schoolchildren are living in homes and studying in schools in varying states of disrepair. Naturally Israel is to blame for this and Katja was able to provide those lovable inhabitants of Hamastan with plenty of opportunities to damn Israel. With this Israeli-induced cash crisis causing so much misery, I was a bit surprised that the intrepid Katja did not enquire what the locals thought of the decision from Hamas to impose Islamic dress code for girls in these deprived schools, presumably that’s one imposition that nobody minds?

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8 Responses to GAZA SCHOOLDAYS

  1. NotaSheep says:

    Have to get Israel/Gaza back in the news before the UN debate on the Goldstone report.


  2. sue says:


    Katya Adler surpassed herself with her Today report from Gaza.


    Shiny haired rosy cheeked children off to school to acquire an education for a better future. Traumatised by having been bombarded with white phosphorous, they face a bleak winter, not in  their large house but in a shack with a leaky roof.  


    If these things are happening, Katya should tell us. But if there’s a directive at BBC headquarters instructing her to leave out everything that puts it all into context we should be told that as well. 


     A longer report on BBC news 24. 


    Katya the Pied Piper and a group of small followers strolling through the war ravaged streets.


    The anchorwoman at BBC News 24 thanks Katya profusely for her report, and looks forward with warm anticipation to an online link between the Gazan school and one in Leeds when the multiculturally diverse  children in the Leeds classroom will be able to join forces with their Gazan friends to ask each other questions about the beastly Israelis. 


    Live in Gaza. Coming on in a minute.


  3. Ian says:

    Yes I heard that. She trots out the phosphorous bombs angle again despite this being denied by the IDF and the whole piece is a puff with no room for context or contradiction.

    Total spin piece reinforcing the ‘evil Israelis’ narrative. I felt even Humphries was embarrased afters linking to that piece….


  4. Mickfly says:

    Nice pictures of the non niquab wearing, bright looking kids on that page.


  5. sue says:

    It wasn’t a multiculturally diverse Leeds school after all, but a grammar school. A senior grammar school pupil live-linked with a middle school pupil in Gaza. They spoke in English, which the Gazan boy had somehow managed to master surprisingly well. If anything, it sounded a bit better than the British boy’s. 

    There was a huge racket going on in the school in Gaza.

    It sounded like loudspeakers. If that goes on all the time no wonder they find it hard to concentrate on their learning.


    How could anyone watching BBC not hate Israel?

    Reports pluck selected fragments from a complex situation and isolate them from the wider picture. 


    Katya Adler’s report was about the most one-sided disingenuous one yet. Israel launched a white phosphorous attack which rained down on a school?” Blimey. For no reason, as well.


    The BBC frequently presents a picture of alienated angry Muslim youths blaming British foreign policy for extremism and radicalisation to explain or justify terrorism. 

     What about their own bombardment of inflammatory one-sided reporting that  force-feeds us with emotive stories and images and implants fury and outrage within us ?


  6. dave s says:

    They could of course preface every report with extracts from the Hamas charter. This would put the Hamas regime into context. But the BBC would never do that would it?


  7. Grant says:

    I too saw Katya’s report today and it was a disgrace even by the BBC’s low standards.
    She didn’t even question what would have happened to the Palestinian children “interviewed”  if they had spouted anything other than the Hamas propaganda put into their mouths.
    Not only the biased reporting we expect on the BBC, but utterly unprofessional.
    However, I am sure she will follow it up with a report on the Israeli childern who have suffered at the hands of terrorists.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This whole excercise assumes that the Palestinians are the only ones requiring support and understanding from the British public.  This is choosing sides.