Panorama used to be a grown up serious programme. In the olden days. Now it’s more of a pantomime. They set out to prove something to the halfwits they assume are watching. Last night they decided to prove that Asians suffer racial abuse. They set about recruiting two Asians to hang out with hidden cameras, as a kind of undercover honey-trap. Well, they weren’t undercover, they were actual Asians, with religious headdress. That confused some of the target racists into shouting “Paki” or, once, “Jew!” Some of the taunts were undeniably racist. But that’s not what real racism is.

The disgraceful hostility emanating from the lazy goodfornothing lumps of pointlessness we were shown was less an example of Islamophobia than of societal meltdown. I suspect that anyone loitering there would cop it, doubly so if they were wearing identifying apparatus of any kind, be it religious – or any other random sign of weakness, infirmity, or purse carrying. It was a kind of no-go area. So what was Panorama trying to prove?
That they were incompetent documentary makers who had little regard for the intelligence of the audience? They tried to manipulate one of this country’s worst social abominations into a matter of Islamophobic /Asian victimhood, but what they succeeded in showing was their own agenda.

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  1. George R says:

     For BBC, and for ‘Panorama’:

    “Islamophobia? Not so fast.”

    (by Hugh Fitzgerald.)



  2. Guest says:

    Perhaps in the interest of balance Panarama should put two white English people into a Muslim estate and film what that’s like for 8 weeks.

    Apart from obviously the BBC isn’t interested in balance and of course only white people can be racist.


    • George R says:

      BBC ‘Panorama’ NON REPORT from  Luton:

      ‘What is it like for White people to be living next door to Muslims who insult return British troops?’

       ‘We let White reporters ask White neighbours in Luton how threatening such behaviour is.’


  3. Anonymous says:

    As I sat and endured what the BBC laughingly promotes as a hard hitting documentary these days, I kept on thinking to myself, if these people were both white and overweight, then precisely the same thing would have happened to them, only with the word “Fat” instead of “Paki” attached to the abuse.

    That was it. The sum total of my thoughts during a wasted half an hour of watching BBC dross.


  4. Travis Bickle says:

    If anything this proves the utter hatred the BBC have for the working classes.  The scum that pays their wages are always on the receiving end of these loaded documentaries.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The programme itself, just goes to show how completely out of touch from reality, the BBC and their middle class guardian reading apparatchiks are, with the sink estates of New Labours Britain. By now, this of course should be a shining utopia, according to Toynbee and Co. Thus the BBC take it for granted that all “chavs” live in perfect harmony together, and there’s only ever a problem if an “Ethnic” hits the scene.


  6. Travis Bickle says:

    “A person’s tolerance for diversity, is directly related to their distance from it.”

    No doubt the Panaroma producers and staff returned safely to their all-white neighbourhoods knowing that they have created that little bit more tension among those that have to live in the multi-cultural soup they cooked and so love to piss in.


  7. Bob says:

    I’ll take this as an opinion piece – my view was that it was highligting the fact that racism does still exist – yes it was a sink esate, but that tends to be where the racism is, I used to know a scary bloke in a Reading estate who talked about ‘paki bashing’, it might be a lawless area but its not trying to claim that represents all of Britain – if anything it’s doing the opposite by taking someone out of a diverse place like Birmingham and showing that while employers, the media and banks might not care about skin colour anymore there are still areas where all is not so rosy

    It was fairly cheap and obvious fare, but I didn’t find it misleading


  8. Doug says:

    I have no doubt that not once did they consider investigating anti-Semitism which is on the rise in part to the BBC/Guardian demonisation of Jews.

    I suspect the main point of the post is right. Send someone down that street with a crucifix prominently displayed and you’d see similar abuse.They also rigged the programme by moving these reporters into an area where they already had evidence of specific people causing trouble.

    I’d also love to see the programme where a white Christian couple live in the middle of run down Asian estate. Unfortuntaly that would be too much for the BBC’s liberal guilt.


  9. Martin says:

    Funny that when Channel 4 did a similar thing called Undercover Mosque it was the BBC that got all high and mighty and would up the plods to take action.


    • Opinionated More Than Educated says:

      That is simply not true. The Crown Prosecution Service and The West Midlands Police investigated the allegations in the Dispatches and bizzarely asked Ofcom to take action against the programme-makers, an extraordinary inversion which the BBC along with most other media gave prominence to. When Ofcom ruled that the programme was properly made and the production company won a libel case against the Police/CPS, the BBC duly reported that, too.


  10. cassandra king says:

    The infantalisation of BBC programming continues apace hand in hand with its core policy of dumbing down its programme content to ‘Jackanory’ levels of simplicity.
    Adults are now treated like children, lectured to and finger wagging included in ultra easy to understand bite sized morsals fit for every child up to the age of 90!
    This is the end result of socialism of course, it actualy believes on a biological level that the ordinary proles are wayward children who have to be guided and moulded into good socialist citizens hence the ‘Mr Ben’ style content.
    The real contempt for the population shines through, the propaganda(programme)makers are making programmes for the type of people(kids)they think we are.


  11. fidothedog says:

    Put anyone on a sink estate and watch the small minority of feral chavscum make their lives a misery.

    Fat, black, asian it makes no difference what so ever. The majority lock their doors at night and hope that they are left alone.

    Complain or be seen as weak and you get hounded without mercy. Much like that poor woman and her daughter who were hounded to their deaths.

    Maybe Panorama should take a look at how the state funds a small feral minority that reduce estates to slums an despite constant court visits carry on with no regard to society.


  12. Philip says:

    All part of the remit to promote Islam – even if it at the cost of journalistic integrity and programme quality. The Diversity loons brigade are clearly the ones now in charge of BBC editorial standards.

    On a sllghtly different subject but the same programme, I was unfortunate enough (having used to think Panorama was a byword for quality documentary) to catch the attempted hatchet job on Ryanair the other night. Truly awful. O’ Leary, love him or hate him, ripped them to pieces.


  13. AndyUk06 says:

    Southmead always has been a dump – they used to shoot each other there at one time. That and Knowle West and St Pauls all contain a high percentage of lower class filth.


  14. Beeboidal says:

    Put anyone on a sink estate and watch the small minority of feral chavscum make their lives a misery. 

    You don’t need to go to a sink estate to find these vermin. They may be a minority but they are a growing minority, If growing the numbers of such scum was policy, then they are a New Labour success story.


  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This is the second report in the last few days highlighting racism in council estates.  This one didn’t focus on the BNP, but – even though I heartily disagree that the name-calling and hostility on display  isn’t really racism – the overall Narrative is clear:  the people who are complaining about multiculturalism are just racists, full stop.  I do agree that this was a set-up, taking advantage of what sue rightly describes as societal meltdown to promote a pre-determined agenda.

    Mark Easton’s report last week about nasty BNP racists on a council estate in Leiceseter is part of this.  In Easton’s piece, the Flag of St. George is presented as a racist symbol.  Now, unless I’m mistaken, this is the only national flag – historical or modern – which the BBC would dare call racist.  With the exception of the Israeli flag, of course.

    These are only the latest BBC efforts to stifle the debate over the failure of the Left’s multicultural policies.  From their ludicrous “White Series” to these current reports, there has been a relentless focus on the worst aspect of one side, to the exclusion of all else.  This has been gooing on for years, and is clear evidence of the BBC’s intellectual failure on the issues at hand.

    The BBC will never do this kind of thing from the other side:  showing bigotry and menace from Muslims against whites.  Not because the Beeboids don’t think that those people aren’t bigoted, but because that wouldn’t help their agenda.  So your official state broadcaster simply isn’t interested.


    • dave s says:

      I read Easton’s report on Leicester and to be fair it was really rather good and the comments were interesting and seemed to be uncensored.
      There does seem a somewhat belated realisation on the part  of our governing elite that “globalisation, multiculturalism and diversity” to quote Easton have been pursued without any real thought as to the wisdom or need for such policies.
      Perhaps they seemed a good idea at the time.
      A product of an over intellectual take on society and a refusal to consider the frailties of human beings.
      Now this elite simply has no idea what to do and is beginning to flounder. They could have stopped to think but never did.
      If Leicester is to cease to be a majority English city then what is termed immigration looks very much like colonisation. Which town or city is next? And will this process continue until the whole country ends up divided. The villages and small towns against the large towns and cities.
      This is a real and largely unspoken fear . It is this fear that extremists of all sides will play upon.
      It could all have been averted if those with the power had just stopped to think.
      Human beings never do. It is in their natures. Which is why a wise ruler is so rare.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        But did you watch the video?  Did you see the moment when the camera panned away from Easton and the local councillor over to the English flag hanging out the window at a key moment?  The intent of Easton’s piece was not to honestly address the concerns of the alienated natives, but to demonize and isolate them, thus eliminating respect for those concerns.


        • dave s says:

          I only read the article so missed the flag .The BBC does seem to have a problem with the red cross on white


  16. George R says:

    Non-BBC report:

    “Exclusive: Britain’s Street Protests – What is Going On? (Part 4 0f 4)”  by Adrian Morgan:



  17. Guest says:

    An appalling programme, calculated, specious, politically motivated, and thankfully transparent.

    Bristol has had a large black population for centuries, and it is one of the most racially diverse cities in Britain.

    What is gratingly obvious is that the main reporter – presumably in a fit of <i>taqqiya</i> – constantly and tediously conflates her race with her visible Islamism, and hopes that by repeating it enough times we’ll believe she’s been targeted because of the colour of her skin rather than by her public adherence to an ideology.

    Well, it doesn’t work. It’s a shabby piece of propaganda. Awful. The BBC really must go.


  18. Guest says:

    They should put a white person wearing a crucifix in a majority Muslim country and film that.


  19. Guest says:

    This programme just gets worse and worse, and really reveals the BBC’s mindset.

    The idea that the biggest problem facing the Southmead estate is racially motivated crime is just absurd. The residents of Southmead are amongs the most stigmatised, forgotten, marginalised, unemployed, poorly educated people in Bristol – they have no hope, no future, even less after 12 years of Labour than under 16 of the Tories. It’s a ghetto.

    If the people of Southmead crap on the Islamists colonising their streets, it’s only because they’ve been crapped on themselves – crapped on by successive governments, especially this one, and by the media elites who despise them.

    So the BBC go in, effectively taunting the animals in the zoo, and call it groundbreaking documentary. Christ. Has it come to this?


  20. Travis Bickle says:

    What was the aim.  Did they think working class whites would sit there and declare their epiphany: “Oh yeah, look, we really are a bunch of racists aren’t we.  We must stop?”  Or did they think that there is some as yet untapped middle class guilt somewhere declaring the same thing (only replacing “we” with “they”)


  21. D B says:

    Some repsonses from Southmead residents here.

    In other Panorama news: “A BBC programme on coal fired power stations and global warming has been censured for using steam rising from cooling towers as an illustration of greenhouse gas emissions.”


  22. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    A very weak post sue.

     But that’s not what real racism is.
    What, people being punched and verbally assualted in their own street just because of the colour of their skin? That isn’t real racism. Please tell me what real racism is then sue.

    The disgraceful hostility emanating from the lazy goodfornothing lumps of pointlessness we were shown was less an example of Islamophobia than of societal meltdown.
    Yes, the problem was not simply racist abuse. These were poor, lawless areas where racism is only one of many crimes committed by the types of scummy youth on display. Maybe Panorama should have explored the racism in the context of social breakdown in general.

    So what was Panorama trying to prove? That they were incompetent documentary makers who had little regard for the intelligence of the audience? They tried to manipulate one of this country’s worst social abominations into a matter of Islamophobic /Asian victimhood, but what they succeeded in showing was their own agenda.

    The DID succeed in showing racist abuse that happens on our streets. I fail to see what your problem is. I’m sure there are Asian areas where whites suffer abuse – that should be the subject of a programme too. But sticking on the topic of mondays show, ‘victimhood’ had nothing to do with it. These were English people who suffered pointless, racist abuse in their own country simply because of their race/religion. The documentary did a good job at exposing that. The agenda of panorama was to show that racist abuse is still widespread, and the only people they were biased against were the racist little sods who should be locked up.

    My question to you sue; were you surprised by the brazen racism/violence shown towards the undercover reporters? Most people were, hence the value of the programme. And on another point, very few channels make investigative doucmentaries as good as the BBC do. I lived in America and Canada, and I can assure you the BBC is miles ahead of any tv station in those countries at producing these types of shows. Only channel 4 rival them in the UK, as someone alluded to above me.


    • sue says:

      Fat Face Penguin Seal,
      I accept that you are never going to agree with anything I say.  I disagree with your comment, I think I explained myself adequately in the original post.
      I said “that’s not what real racism is.” (I didn’t say it wasn’t really racism, by the way)

      In my opinion shouting random abuse “Paki” or “Jew” is low on the scale of racism. What was shown was the manifestation of human frustration, misery and  boredom resulting from poverty of ideas and imagination. the product of our ‘broken society’ that values  popular culture and materialistic acquisition above endeavour and aspiration. 

      Real racism is when  educated and influential people spread libellous unfounded insinuations and rumours that vilify and demonise a race, (or a culture) in extreme cases with  dire and grievous consequences. 

      The thing that surprised most people was probably that 11 year old mugger who must have copied that behaviour from somewhere. No amount of Asbos are going to improve that situation.

      As for your allegation below that it’s lack of education that makes people see Islam as a threat, I’m afraid I think that is the exact reverse of the truth. So let’s agree to differ.


      • Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

        Sue, dearest, so you are saying that when an intelligent person says nigger, paki, jewboy etc that is racism, yet when a thick (presummably you mean uneducated person) says the same thing, that is not racism? That makes no sense at all, and I hope I have read you wrong there.

        Let’s be clear too – if it were actually two undercover reporters who were Jewish, and suffered anti-semitic abuse in the same way (verbal insults, punches thrown etc) that would be low level unimportant racism too would it? Cos I would argue it’s racist full stop. I can’t imagine you having the same reaction to this program had it been anti-semitic racism.


  23. Guest says:

    “These were English people who suffered pointless, racist abuse in their own country simply because of their race/religion.”

    Perhaps you need to direct your ire towards the politicians who have allowed unchecked immigration from Islamic countries without a mandate and without consent.

    As one of the young men was overheard saying  – “they’re everywhere now”. People defend their territory and their identity. They perceive Islam and immigration as a threat. The West of England underclass aren’t bien pensant liberals with high minded, abstract ideas about multiculturalism. They see one Muslim family and they sense that before too long their streets will be overrun with Muslims and mosques, as they are in other parts of Britain.

    When the areas that rich, educated people live in start Islamising, they leave, because they can afford to. The people of Southmead can’t.


    • Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

      Guest @ 15.54 

      The politicians allowed unchecked immigration but they did not create racist behaviour towards those immigrants. Take some responsibility – it is the failure of the racists for their behaviour, not the fault of the state. You are basically excusing the minority who are violent racists as it’s all the government’s fault.

      Some people do see Islam as a threat. Many of those people suffer from a lack of education, and thus believe everything they read from sections of the press that tell them a mixture of lies and urban legends about immigrants.


  24. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    I eagerly await the follow-up programme in which two Jewish reporters are sent in skull cap or ringlets to live for eight weeks on a mainly Muslim estate. Or for that matter, two white non-Jewish British reporters.

    Oh, there isn’t going to be one? Strange that.

    The real problem highlighted here is not so much racism as feral, anti-social behaviour of the kind encouraged by cultural Marxist policies over decades. I am absolutely sure that those who attacked and abused the two reporters do exactly the same kind of thing to anyone who stands out or is perceived to be weak, and this makes life a misery for huge numbers of decent people.

    The dreadfull case of the woman who was driven to kill herself and her disabled daughter shows that such behaviour is not taken seriously by authorities unless it can be defined as a ‘hate crime’.