Coming your way there or be square!
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  1. Daniel1979 says:

    I am staying up late specially for this one tonight, I will be here for the live blog.


  2. Gosh says:

    keep me a spot…


  3. ryan wells says:

    Just seen exerpts on BBC News Channel .. BNP Bashing by the looks.  DV you should open the room early so we can start the chat.


  4. Biodegradable says:

    BBC World Service just gave a taste of it. Never have I heard so many members of the audience given so much time to rant without asking a question.


  5. Biodegradable says:

    What time is 10:30PM WET?


  6. NotaSheep says:

    There’s something fishy about the level of attention being given to Nick Griffin. Why is this trouble being ratchetted up, what news is being hidden or is it even possible that the Labour/BBC alliance are looking to create enough civil unrest so that the general election is conveniently delayed.


  7. Heads on poles says:

    We’ll see just how good or bad Dimblebore is tonight – he’ll need to be on his toes!


  8. Martin says:

    For those NOT in the UK but who want to hear QT live it’s on Radio5 as well tonight live.


  9. Martin says:

    I really can’t believe what the BBC have done. They’ve made Griffin into a victim and look like he’s been bullied. All it will do is big UP his support.

    I’m just wondering if tihs hasn’t been done to simply divert attention from the postal strike and the mess of the economy oh and the BBC making excuses for the fiddling of violent crime figures.


    • Heads on poles says:

      Martin – set him up to fail I imagine – don’t forget the BBC have teir own agenda.


  10. Grimer says:

    Let’s get this party started!


  11. Martin says:

    Yay Grimer! don’t think there will be much totty from what I’ve seen. Mostly helmet haired dykes.

    Oh and Iain Dale has this nice little comment on his blog. Apparently the left wing scum were singing this ditty outside the BBC

    “…Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put Nick Griffin on the top, put the Nazis in the middle, and burn the fucking lot…”


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      “…Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put Nick Griffin on the top, put the Nazis in the middle, and burn the fucking lot…”

      How awfully progressive.


  12. BILL BARNETT says:

    where is everyone……


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I’m unable to find a way to watch this, but the BBC has already started trying to control the narrative:

    The headline of this clip says, “Griffin booed by BBC audience”.  But it sure sounds like the applause was much stronger than the boos.  I guess since a minority of the the audience booed him, the headline is technically accurate.  Very clever.


  14. Simon Fay says:

    It sounds like the UAF is making up much of the audience judging by the whoops and jeers


  15. Umbongo says:

    So the baiting of Griffin begins and I reckon it won’t end until Dimbleby winds up the show.  If QT continues like this, with mock-outraged set pieces from each of the non-BNP panellists (we’ve already seen the under-rehearsed tribute by Straw to soldiers from the Empire who died in France in WW1 for the Empire – not, as Straw forgot to tell us, for a multi-culti Britain – this was literally “clap-trap”) – will not lose Griffin one vote.  Truly pathetic.


  16. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    Protestors outside came across as a bunch of typical hysterical, ignorant leftists.


  17. Umbongo says:

    Fair’s fair though – so far the only panellist not ranting is Bonnie Greer.  That she’s the only non-politician and doesn’t feel the need to strike a pose is probably the reason for this.  OTOH I didn’t realise that she is deputy chairman of the British Museum.  I wonder how a basically unsuccessful playwrite gets to be appointed to such a position – maybe Nick will tell us.


  18. Simon Fay says:

    ‘This Week’ is to politics what ‘The X-Factor’ is to popular music.


  19. Philip says:

    “It was a programme – unsurprisingly – dominated by the presence of one guest. That did not mean Nick Griffin was the only one who came under attack.
    The Conservative peer Sayeeda Warsi accused Justice Secretary Jack Straw of not giving an honest answer when he was asked whether government immigration policy had contributed to the BNP’s success.
    Mr Straw suggested the week had been a catastrophic one for the BNP.
    That conclusion will be debated long after guests and protesters have left Television Centre.”

    Jeff Randall is right – it really is visceral, isn’t it?


  20. dave s says:

    All rather boring and predictable. No doubt the ratings were good which is an achievement of sorts. Dimbleby gets to be “edgy” ar last . Now he can look Wossy in the eye.
    A brief distraction from reality.
    Like maybe nuclear war in the Middle east or a real bad economic collapse around the corner.


  21. cassandra king says:

    Well the leftist rabble got their ‘show trial’ didnt they? A BBC manipulated audience stuffed with uaf/leftist hecklers, a planned show trial!
    The MSM got their selected soundbites as ammo for their smear campaign, the uaf/searchlight/anl thugs got their cause promoted, BTW the MSM reporting of the thugs outside the BBC defies belief, they were almost lauded and promoted as heroes!

    So the real aim of this show trial was a concerted propaganda offensive by the leftist axis and the westminster political establishment.
    Democracy in the UK? When the state can organise a show trial like this and when the entire MSM can be mobilised to support this charrade then its plain to see that we no longer live in a democracy.


    • Philip says:

      And look at the al-Beeb Headline this morning – Nick Griffin attacks ISLAM!


      Wonder if they’ll be running with ‘Nick Griffin eats CHILDREN! over the weekend?


      Cassandra, you are spot on. A state show trial is precisely what we witnessed last night – from the bias and open hostility of Dimbleby to the UAF made-to-order rabble, the Obama-Bot Black History Monther, the Arabist and ex-Communist Jack ‘Boots’ Straw, the age, class and politics-profiled audience – right down to the youthful token Jew (informed, grown-up Jews certainly don’t shill for the BBC).


      Griffin’s performance was poor – he lacked confidence (he’s not often invited on TV), was unprepared and nervous –  but then again,  who wouldn’t have been under that stage-managed onslaught?


      He shouldn’t worry – I would say – any further dirty-tricks by the Establishment to shut the BNP down notwithstanding – that he has probably doubled his voter base this week. 


      Why do I say that? because the hand-picked metropolitan multikulti audience was so clearly unrepresentative of Britain, because Griffin was allowed to be cast as the underdog and because the stage-managed kangaroo court was just so obvious.




  22. Philip says:

    Interesting to see the HYS on last night’s Question Time – I’ve read through about two dozen or so posts so far and it appears al-Beeb is taking a something of a thrashing.


  23. kbx777 says:

    With sixty vetos gone and the looming specter of the lisbon treaty, from my very basic knowledge wont they all be rubber stampers under the Eu?. On matters such as immigration for example.