James Forsythe, in the Telegraph, hits the nail squarely on the head when he says the the BNP can be dismissed – but their constituency can not. Unfortunately almost all politicians and vast swathes of the media, the BBC above all, have consistently failed to make any serious analysis of why the party has grown in membership and electoral support over the last fifteen years despite the seedy nature of it’s current leadership.

So naturally, as Minette Marrin pointed out in The Times, BBC’s Question Time concentrated on shooting the messenger by setting him up.

What Griffin’s Question Time also showed was, for lack of a better word, the pusillanimous political correctness of the BBC and its lack of moral courage — something not peculiar to it, but characteristic of most public debate today. Deciding to involve a studio audience and then rigging it, to get the sort of response that’s felt to be right, is a form of moral cowardice and it happens all the time.

Initially the BBC and the chattering classes felt Question Time had cracked it. By exposing Griffin as comparatively inarticulate, nervous and unsophisticated they hoped to destroy him and his party. Instead they turned him into a martyr. Also, by completely subsuming concerns about immigration and identity within the concept of “racism” they closed the debate yet again – and gave many of those people who voted BNP a signal that their worst fears had been justified.

Many of the middle ranking, younger cadres in the BNP, unlike Griffin, do not come from the old Tyndall/Webster NF machine with it’s neo nazi fetishism and aryan folk mythology. They will not be able to be baited in the way that Griffin was baited.

What will the BBC do then?

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  1. cassandra king says:

     A complete and utter farce brought to our screens by retarded bigots unable to see past their childish prejudices and assisted by a political establishment that thought invading Iraq and getting involved in the Afghan quagmire was a great idea.

    This charade highlights perfectly just how dangerous the political classes have become, they lie and cheat, they pervert the democratic process with impunity and they hold the British people in utter contempt, their collective bigotry and arrogance is only matched by their utter incompetence.
    It could have been so different, if the political establishment had trusted the British people and talked honestly about the problems facing the UK then there would be no BNP, instead they tried to use Stalinist tactics and they tried to manipulate and bully the British people BIG MISTAKE the BNP is heading for at least 15% of the vote now at the next GE.


  2. George R says:

    Meanwhile, Labour gives money to to Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

    BBC and political left silent.

    “Islamists who want to destroy the state get £100,000 funding”



    • Martin says:

      The BBC have a habit of funding terrorists.


      • Marky says:

        Imagine the uproar if the BNP ran schools to brainwash the children? We really don’t need teachers creating an oh so lovely “Islamic personality” any more than we need to be teaching children the merits of Nazism.


    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised that if on Halloween, many Beeboids are walking along side by side with Anjem Choudary on his “March for Sharia” around London. I bet that the odious U.A.F. are conspicuous by their absence too.


  3. Guest says:

    The BBC and such as Peter Hain/Jack Straw, and their abject failures in this episode, have laid bare the lack of substance of the politico-media self-perceived ‘elite’. Almost entirely epitomised by existing only in ‘broadcast only mode’, with the odd conviction that persuasion is unnecessary so long as you just shriek what is ‘correct thinking’ without pausing to wonder if others may be fed up with being lectured at from from shaky high horses. And rampant double standards and near every outing doesn’t help either.


  4. Anonymous says:

    We live in dark times, but there is no Enoch Powell figure to challenge the power of the BBC, the corruption of our political class and the breakdown of our society.


  5. Martin says:

    Of course we now have organisations like the English Defence League gorwing in number as well.

    The liberal left just toyally missed the point, I was speaking to some people on Friday and many felt Griffin although a tit had made some reasonable points but had simply been bullied.

    ALL agreed he’d been made to look like the victim by the BBC.

    I wonder if the BBC would EVER allow a studio audience to beat up on  George Galloway or one of those radical Muslims like Chowdry in the same way? I think the answer would be a NO.

    Quite simply the left don’t get it, I’d expect to see the BNP vote rise again now probably at the expense of the Labour party again.


  6. Guest says:

    Watching the Andrew Marr show…

    Mark Byford (DDG) would make a great addition to Newswatch’s long line of BBC ‘I think it was all just fine, so that’s that, next question’ executives. Mr. Marr also makes Ray Snoddy seem like Littlejohn. Time to get off navel-gazing, broadcast only mode. And thinking it’s credible and folk are buying it. Especially when it is obsessed with telling people what and how to think, according to…. who again?

    Speaking of which, now the very busy (career, career, climate, career) Mr. Miliband on the King of Europe post:

    “We need someone who, when they land in Moscow, the traffic has to stop’.

    Bless. But he claims that is not meant to be him.

    And when he chats subsequently with someone who ‘clarifies’ what they ‘meant’ to, it seems, just him, and that means what has been put to him as attributed is now incorrect. I’d suggest Mr. Marr might have seen value in pointing this out. Or risk seeming a toothless waste of space.


    • james caine says:

      I saw a bit of the interview with Mark Byford. He actually said there was no departure from the usual Question Time format last week!

      Marr didn’t say anything about this lie of course.


  7. Martin says:

    Watched a bit on News 24 this morning regarding the one eyed madman’s latest podcast in which he still claims the economy is recovering.

    At no time in this male beeboid love fest between presenter and beeboid journalist was there any suggestion that our economy is going down the pan because of Labour’s failures. Not once was that a suggestion even though most of the population see’s Brown’s incompetence over the economy.


    • Jack Bauer says:

       the one eyed madman’s latest podcast

      Pause to wipe down spluttered coffee and croissant…

      One caveat: maybe CYCLOPSCAST


  8. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    This wasn’t Question Time it was more like a ‘class stuggle session’ from Maoist China with hysterical red guards supplied by the UAF


  9. Guest says:

    I also suspect that where the chatterati see a bumbling idiot, many ordinary people will see an ordinary man.The professional politician is not exactly flavour of the month, and people are looking for a bit of grass roots action.


  10. George R says:

    Apart from some temporary back-pedalling near General Election time, I cannot see the BBC nor Labour changing its political propaganda and its ‘politically correct’ advocacy of e.g. :-

    mass immigration and multiculturalism, including preferential treatment for Islam.


  11. George R says:

    ‘Sunday Times’ Leading Article:

    “Jerry Springer’s Question Time”



  12. cassandra king says:

    An interesting developement over at the BBC HYS on the QT lynching, it seems the comments so far have been so critical of the BBC they are peddling it on BBC-W possibly to try and get some foreigners to bump up the anti BNP figures.
    Still 3000 in the mod queue, I wonder what the hold up is?


  13. George R says:

    As Labour gives over £100,000 to Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Labour and the BBC turn a blind-eye to this Islamic activity:

    “Virtual Caliphate: Islamic extremism and the Internet”

     by James Brandon, 10 pages, in PDF format, 2008:



  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    If Forsythe and others are saying about the BBC rigging the audience is true, then the debate about BBC bias and intellectual failure is over.


  15. Teddy Bear says:

    The Telegraph revealed insider information today that the production company for Question Time, had been trying for quite some time to get the BBC to invite the BNP on the programme to increase ratings. Well it surely worked, as 8 million viewers, the highest ever, tuned into to watch it.

    However, the BBC used idealistic motives as the reason they did, which is typically how they look first to justify anything they do in their usual mealy mouthed way. It shows too, that ultimately they have no regard for ethics or morality to achieve their self-serving goals, as initially the BBC hierarchy had baulked at the idea, so they obviously knew it was wrong, but in the end they caved in.

    How long is the British public going to carry on paying for this shameful pretense for an ‘impartial’ media organisation. With little quality and no morality, it represents the voice of absurdity to the rest of the world, and even BBC lackeys (Beeboids), and those whose agenda is fed by the BBC must be finding it harder and harder to argue in favour of maintaining it.


  16. George R says:

    BBC censorship still on Labour’s (and BBC’s)  political agenda for multiculturalism and mass immigration:

    ‘Mail on Sunday’ –

    “‘Dishonest’ Blair and Straw accused over secret plan for multicultural UK”


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Mark Easton actually mentions the real problem amidst a load of PC hand-wringing.

    Do you speak race?

    He actually spells out the main issue, even though he has to sort of qualify it by fusing it with racism. 

    This is a problem because it is the recent arrival of people from different ethnic backgrounds into predominantly white communities which is the cause of one of the anxieties underlying the programme. It is not the fact that the new arrivals look different; it is that they behave differently. But neighbourhoods are being transformed because people from other cultures are moving in there. Rapid social change is often linked to ethnic change – and people are disturbed by that.

    Who is disturbed, Mark?  And why?  And what do they do about it?  I suspect it’s not the people worrying about their neighborhood being transformed.  Easton immediately disqualifies those people’s concerns.

    While fretting about the failure of whoever leads the direction of public discourse on these issues (*cough* the BBC *cough*), Easton exhibits his own bias and intellectual failure when he brings up the complaint from the black woman in the audience about terminology.

    While Easton acknowledges that this makes everyone overly afraid of being branded a racist, he fails to call it out as wrong, or that people like the black woman in the audience have their priorities wrong.  But that’s the kind of self-absorbed nihilism that leads to PostModern Relaitivism, where all opinions are equally correct.  Because white people have the political power, as Jo Brand so helpfully explained, it is they – and most of you here – who must bend to accomodate the wishes of the black woman in the audience, as Jack Straw so helpfully demonstrated.  And Easton approved.  Afro instead of African is so horrible it’s supposed to make us cringe?  Honestly?

    This shifting of the debate to race and racism is a smoke screen.  The PC Left uses it as a smoke screen to distract from the argument they are using the aegis of PC immigration to destroy things they don’t like about British culture.  Easton uses it to distract from the actual concerns of potential BNP voters.

    An intellectual failure, caused by his bias.


  18. Field.Size says:

    This whole BNP row has been a bit of an epiphany for me, not that I have been fooled by the BBC, no, the scales fell from my eyes long ago over the agenda the BBC follows. The same with the collection of communist low life that rebranded itself as “New Labour”, I was never fooled by them either, even when most of the country were singing along with “things can only get better” I was convinced… and unfortunately proved right that the diametrically opposite would be true.
    The epiphany I am talking about happened as I watched the “collective” trying to silence and denigrate Nick Griffen on QT. when panel members and audience joined together in an attempt to enforce the view that an “Indigenous Population” of the British Isles did not in fact exist and that we were just a great melting pot of immigrants from time immemorial.

    It was then and during NG’s attempt to defend the meaning of an indigenous population that it hit me.. even NG could not bring himself to say “The White Indigenous Population”, why not?

    A truth is a truth and it does not matter how many people dislike it, this country has been and is now predominantly a WHITE population. As far as I can recall being white has never been made illegal (yet) so why are white people afraid to proclaim how proud they are to be white?
    White history is too long a subject for here, but from now on there are several points I will never yield again.

    I will never be made the least uncomfortable by being called a racist, not that I ever have been yet but this over used and abused attack epithet holds no further meaning for me, I am proud of my race above all others, period. I will never again start any conversation with “I’m not a racist but..”

    This country is predominantly white and it is historically OURS, there is no difference between this position and that of Africa, that continent is predominantly black and historically theirs. I do not expect them to apologise for it.

    I will vote for parties that hold and support my points of view and never again believe or accept the mealy mouthed, thinly disguised persuasions of politicians wishing to “correct” my “wrong” thought process. To me Democracy still means the will of the majority should prevail, I do not expect to vote for a politician who, when in power, tries to find ways of forcing their will and views onto me.  I vote for people to represent me, not suppress and control me, that job falls to dictators not democratically elected politicians.
    My hope is that Labour will bleed votes to the BNP, this it turn would put pressure on the most likely winner of the next election, the Conservatives, to rethink their far too PC agenda and realise what a huge swath of the population of this county want.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      At least Nick Griffin had the good graces to mention that the BNP was concerend about shared British values.  Your traditional values are being destroyed, regardless of your skin color.  You must focus on why those values are worth preserving, or our resident defenders of the indefensible will just look at your comment as proof positive of your racism and evil heart.


      • Field.Size says:


        I thought I made my position on the “you are a racist” accusation clear… going forward it holds no influence on me no matter how many times they accuse me of it, I have taken the inoculation, I am immune to it. I know I am not and that is what counts now and not the opinion of the “Race Industry”

        I will never be made the least uncomfortable by being called a racist, not that I ever have been yet but this over used and abused attack epithet holds no further meaning for me, I am proud of my race above all others, period. I will never again start any conversation with “I’m not a racist but..”

        I hope others will throw off this attack on free speech.

        Best Regards


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Then you will be speaking a language the far-Left, Postmodern Relativists will not hear.  I’m sure you’ve already seen a certain defender of the indefensible on another thread calmly assuring others that there is no danger to British culture, and repeating the propaganda that Neather was genuinely more interested in exposing parochial racists like yourself (as the defenders of the indefensible see you) to other cultures and not – as Neather seems to be saying – to deliberately force your culture to be subsumed in the interests of ending a socio-political argument.

          These people simply cannot see the problem.  They have their own definition of British Culture, which has very little, I suspect, to do with yours.  Their vision is in no danger from immigration and balkanization.  So they will not see anything wrong.  The clear attempt to turn the English flag into a racist symbol in public discourse will be dismissed out of hand.  I mean, racists use it, so it’s an easy target.  Many at the BBC and their kind will focus only on the negatives.

          Of course you shouldn’t be ashamed of being proud to be English, or of your cultural heritage, no matter how many times far-Left Postmodern Relativists tell you to be. However, if you asked a Beeboid or their defenders what makes them proud to be British, they will give entirely different answers from you.  The first words will likely be something like we see repeated ad nauseum from the BBC when discussing the BNP:  you guys are the most tolerant people in the world.  It stifles debate perfectly.

          But if you don’t speak about the real cultural values being threatened and instead talk about a superficia element of race, they cannot hear you, and you will not be able to defend your culture properly.


          • Opinionated More Than Educated says:

            Fancy giving us a primer on those cultural values which the, ahem,  defenders of the indefensible are trying to take away?