Party Posturing?

I listened with astonishment to the interview with David Miliband and William Hague on Today.

Halfway through the interview about the uselessness of having a referendum after ratification, they started chatting about the spat over the Tory party’s partnership/ alliance with Poland. David Miliband is furious because he thinks remarks made by Polish MEP Michal Kaminski are antisemitic, even though the Chief Rabbi of Poland has come to Mr. Kaminski’s defence.
I don’t know whether Mr. Kaminski is antisemitic by Polish standards, and I know very little about the implications of David Cameron’s relationship with his new best friends, but was surprised about Mr. Miliband’s outrage.

Considering the the government’s pro Muslim position – in general, and regarding immigration, not to mention their non vote on the Goldstone resolution, his outrage looked a bit disingenuous. I couldn’t find the promised statement on the Today website either. Can anyone help?

John Humphrys might have given them a more penetrating grilling than James Naughtie’s limp questioning, though maybe not in a good way.

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18 Responses to Party Posturing?

  1. Umbongo says:

    Seems to me that at the point the subject of the interview changed – from bouncing us into a United States of Europe to the Conservative’s allies in Europe, Miliband was getting the worst of the argument.  Moreover – again it seems to me – this had all the hallmarks of an ambush by Naughtie/Miliband on Hague.  Either Miliband and Naughtie had consulted beforehand on this ambush or Miliband had been warned that the subject would be brought up and had (been) prepared accordingly.  Whatever happened, Miliband was suspiciously (and uncharacteristically) fluent in brushing off the statement issued by the Chief Rabbi of Poland and demanding an apology from Hague for the Conservative policy of holocaust denial.  That’s a joke, by the way, but in essence only a slight exaggeration of Miliband’s allegations against the Conservatives.  Hague  – who is capable of thinking on his feet – fought off Miliband and Naughtie as well as he could but Hague’s telling point concerning Blair’s possible European presidency –  the reality that the Lisbon Treaty is not just a bit of clearing up but is another name for a fully-fledged constitution for the USoE – was lost in a welter of Labour inspired (and BBC supported) flim-flam.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Why would you be surpised at Miliband’s eagerness to nail the Tories on this association with these Polish pols?  Every single Beeboid covering the EU elections brought up the anti-Semite and anti-gay angle on air on the evening of the election.  The BBC has brought it up time and time again.  It was only a matter of time before Labour officially took up the baton from the BBC on this issue.


    • cassandra king says:

      Spot on David, the attack line is taking shape now and the axis ranged against Cameron is starting to form its offensive line, the BBC is a key player in this now, this battle royale is wholly a battle of ideologies perhaps mirroring the battle in the USA.


  3. Grant says:

    I guess the moronic Beeboids don’t see the irony of the BBC describing the Poles as anti-semitic.  You couldn’t make it up !


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      There are Jews in key positions at the BBC, therefore the organization is immune from charges of anti-Semitism.  Don’t say “self-loathing”, either, or you’ll be laughed at, like I was.


      • sue says:

        I’m stupid enough to still be surprised at blatant hypocrisy, also at the number of politicians that are dragging out their ‘asaJew’ credentials to bolster any opinion they care to express on any subject that suits. Particularly jack Straw.
        Next Mark Byford and the other one will be telling us about their Yiddisher mamas.
        they don’t just loathe themselves, they seem to loath everybody. 
        Did you read the “self-loathing” discussion on CiFWatch recently?


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Jews, like certain devout Christians, are quite nice so long as they hold the approved thoughts.  Viz: Robert Peston, Katya Adler, Jack Straw, this new J Street lobbying group.


  4. cassandra king says:

    Mr Millibands fake rage and indignation is indeed as fake and synthetic as the man himself, born into political privilege with a silver spoon in place of a brain.
    He is in effect a modern construct, a champagne socialist upbringing with wealth and power around him from the start, he uses the emoty slogans of socialism as we would use toilet paper.
    Lets be clear here, Milliband and those like him despise the working class more than the social elite of centuries past, they see in the unwashed prole scum an early version of themselves, you see for all their inherited wealth and status they still have a chip on their shoulders, they still look at the old elite as superior and this still rankles, its a sense of inferiority that never leaves them.
    The Romans found the worst sort of slave owner was a former slave and this new elite are far worse than the old elite, they hate both the upper orders and the lower orders with equal intensity.
    Next time you see Milliband watch him closely, you see a not quite whole person, you will note the chip and the emptyness of his mind, hate him by all means as I do but also pity him too, he is nothing he contains nothing, he is the essence of emptyness and when peole like him find out that they are indeed empty inside nothing we could do or say could equal the punishment that brings and for that he deserves pity.


  5. Marky says: 
    Not that I give a toss either way as I think the EU-LIB/Lab/Con trick needs to be smashed. 
    Agreed Cassandra Milliband is a **** but he doesn’t deserve pity.


  6. Grant says:

    David P 16:36

    Spot on !!!


  7. Grant says:

    Sue 17:18

    Exactly.   The  “intellectual”   hoops they have to jump through to arrive at a pre-determined position !


  8. btqTWlMAgpICeTimDj9nDUrQvgBlGa4R18iO says:

    Is this the same Milliband who thinks that terrorist who kill people fro their aims are justified to do so? The man is a dope of the first order and a 4th rate politician and pleb.


  9. Craig says:

    Naughtie’s behaviour was awful.

    He interrupted Hague 9 times, whereas he only interrupted Miliband once.

    He later thought that Miliband had finished making a point but then realised he’d in fact been about to go on to make another point. He then quickly interrupted Hague again and said “You had a second point Mr Miliband?”. This allowed the attack to continue. (He also tried to give Miliband the last word: “Last word, foreign secretary.”)  

    Miliband also got a lot more of the interview than Hague (well over 10 minutes compared to just under 7 minutes for Hague). One of Miliband’s answers was allowed to go on for one-and-a-half minutes, another for nearly one-and-three-quarter minutes. None of Hague’s answers was allowed to go on for anywhere near as long (none even approached a minute).

    Naughtie also heckled Hague. There was his “Oh come on!” at 2.35 and a doubt-casting “Mainstream?” at 15.30. He did not heckle Miliband.

    Naughtie is always ready to ambush a Tory.


  10. George R says:

    Mr. D. Miliband is one of the arch dhimmis in this dhimmi Labour government. He seems to be a pro-Islam lobbyist, especially near General Election time.

     He campaigns for 75 million Muslim Turks to be in the EU, he wants to extend the EU to become Eurabia, with open door immigration from Islamic countries, he is soft on Libya, he is unaware of anti-semitic tenets in Islam.

    Talking of Goldstone:

    “The Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) initiated Goldstone Report”


  11. Anonymous says:

    Cassandra King

    You may like this article.

    Voting like Episcopalians