I see that the BBC’s strange version of political ‘balance’ was in evidence again in this week’s edition of R4’s Any Questions? It was time for an appearance by UKIP (Marta Andreason, the former chief accountant of the EU,now an MEP for UKIP), so who is lined up against her? The ridiculous (but fanatic europhile) Charlie Faulkner, Shirley Williams (ditto) and from the Tories, one of the last remaining europhile MPs Kenneth Clark. Not only that, they chose an audience from Cambridge University that, judging from its reactions, was also madly pro-EU. Predictably, the three panellists had a joint love-in about how wonderful the EU was, while Andrea – though giving as good an account of herself as possible in the circumstances – was pushed to the margins. According to my sums, parties with eurosceptic policies amassed almost 60% of the vote at the June elections, not 25%.

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14 Responses to QUESTION TIME?

  1. NotaSheep says:

    Is Ken Clarke that stupid that he doesn’t realise why the BBC like to invite him onto “news” programmes? Does he really not realise that he is there so the BBC can open up splits over the EU within the Conservative party? Does he really think his love of jazz and wearing hish puppies makes him a man of the people? The BBC jnow it doesn’t, they are laughing at him.


    • cassandra king says:

      Very true, Clarke is either very stupid OR he is happy to destroy the Tories by working with the eurotrash federalists and newlabour/BBC/leftistMSM provoke actual or percieved splits within the Tory ranks.

      Every time Clarke opens his smug gob he costs the Tories votes, in fact what is a eurotrash weasel like him doing in the Tory party anyway?


  2. Phil says:

    There’s a concensus of opinion about the EU which means that those of us who don’t regard it as a wonderful thing can be ignored.

    The BBC operates a similar policy on Israel and the forthcoming climate apocalypse.


  3. Tarquin says:

    “According to my sums, parties with eurosceptic policies amassed almost 60% of the vote at the June elections, not 25%.”

    Presumably you refer to the Tories in that? They were represented fairly, just because one of their europhile MPs is on doesn’t mean you can say they aren’t represented,

    and don’t the party pick their own representative?


  4. beness says:

    Intesting thing for me was the show of hands on how many were vegitarians.

     About half was it? says it all about their audience.


  5. deegee says:

    Unlike (?) Question Time where potential audiences must fill in a detailed BBC questionaire before being picked to participate Any Questions’ audience apply for tickets from the venue.

    Does the ‘stacked’ audience mean simply more EUrophiles applied to take part? 


  6. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    “Question Time audiences….before being picked”. The recent show with Nick Griffin and the ‘specially selected audience’ reminded me strongly of the post-9/11 Question Time which also had a ‘specially selected audience’. In order to be completely impartial, the audience was approximately 50/50 between those who opposed the 9/11 atrocity and those who supported the 9/11 atrocity, emphasising SUPPORTED. They made their presence felt by barracking and baitng the US’s former Ambassador to the UK, and the onslaught continued with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on the panel. Dimbleby made sure that the impartiality continued throughout just as he did with Nick Griffin.
    Who selects these audiences?


    • Philip says:



    • Obligate Carnivore says:

      I can’t take it any more.  Since we can’t rely on the gutless Tories to grow a backbone and shut the whole damn operation, can someone do a favour for the whole UK and just bomb* the bloody television centre?

      (* without the hippy drug-taking prats inside, of course.  I want to hear their unbiased, drug-free views on joining the end of new-labours’ dole queue…)


  7. Martin says:

    The drug addled beeboids are getting in a right tizzy over this drugs prat who got sacked.

    Poor beeboids, if ONLY Cocaine were legal and cheap, more cash for a few rent boys.


  8. Beeboidal says:

    That audience member who spouts the New Labour line.

    That caller to a phone-in programme who spouts the New Labour line.

    That letter in a newspaper which spouts the New labour line.

    That crowd, posing as ‘the public’, clapping while TV shows a New Labour politician doing something on the election campaign trail.

    All brought to you by New Labour’s Audience Participation Unit.


  9. Grant says:

    I heard it and the first thing Jonathan Dimbleby did was attack Marta over her nationality. I suppose Beeboids are too thick to know that any EU national , under EU law , is allowed to stand for any national parliament, let alone the EU parliament.

    But, yes, the BBC should have had another Euro-sceptic to balance Williams and Falconer.  Another classic example of BBC bias.