Question Time 5th November

As usual we will be shadowing Question Time with our very own Biased-BBC live-chat session tonight. Christopher Kelly has stirred the MPs expenses pot once more, David Cameron’s “cast iron guarantee” will surely come up, and of course this may be one of the last ever editions of Question Time – McDoom is about half way through his Fifty Days To Save The World.

Tonight’s event will be from Reading and the panel will be the Welsh Secretary Peter Hain MP, the Shadow Environment Secretary Nick Herbert MP, the former Metropolitan Police commissioner “Sir” Ian Blair, the former MEP and perma-tanned Robert Kilroy-Silk. The final “eh? who?” slot is taken up by a Natalie Haynes. Please join us as usual at 10:30pm with David Vance back in the Big Chair here!

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8 Responses to Question Time 5th November

  1. Grant says:

    Eh ?  Who Natalie Haynes ? 

    Still she must be left-wing to make the score  Left 4 ( including Bore )   Right 2,  to maintain the BBC’s normal impartiality. 


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      Grant, her Wikipedia profile is here and her website is here. I really hope to be pleasantly surprised, but the realist in me anticipates she will be dreadful.


  2. Robert Soul says:

    Hmm let me think about that. Hain orange faced liar. Kilroy-Silk orange faced lair. Blair political appointee and liberal apologist….I think I will pass.


  3. David Morris says:

    First question – no doubt blaming Cameron for Labour’s betrayal over Lisbon.  The smug Dimbleby no doubt has his list of nasty questions aimed for the Tory panellist, whilst letting the others off scot free.


  4. fred bloggs says:

    Easy to take the piss out of Kilroy-Silk but I thought he come over well.  Anyway this is about bias, the audience that is.  When K-S made his sound statement about immigration and we were not asked, not a peep from the auience, Blair made his PC diversity: multilculteral bollocks, big clap.  Foe me it shows this audience as has been claimed many times before is specially selected.


    • Llew says:

      I get the feeling the beeb adjust the sound levels of the applause for effect.

      After one of the lefties made a point, there was loud applause, but the camera gave a wide shot, looking down, and it looked like barely 10 people were clapping, scattered around the hall. What I saw didn’t justify the sound. I am sure they up the volume a bit (or even maybe feed in a canned applause).


  5. dave s says:

    Kilroy Silk was choosing his words (on multiculturalism and immigration) with extreme care in fact with almost legal precision. They probably just went over the heads of the audience. This is a soundbite society  not one capable of listenening carefully.
    Blair, like all his type, is a soundbite man. How on earth did he ever get the top police job in London?
    At the heart of the liberal creed is vacuity and ersatz emotion. I really think even it’s advocates no longer believe in it.


  6. Martin says:

    So according to Iain Dale in the audience last night were a load of Labour councillors attacking the Tories. But no Tory Councillors apparently.

    Sound about right for the BBC