Question Time 19th November

The traditional Question Time live-chat is here tonight, so please feel encouraged to join our usual Biased-BBC hecklers and jesters in providing a running commentary on the pronouncements of Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, the Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling, Sir Menzies Campbell, Clare Short and Nick Ferrari. See you at 10:30pm

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6 Responses to Question Time 19th November

  1. Martin says:

    Pissing myself laughing the BBC are GUTTED that Bliar didn’t get the EU job and it went to some foreign nomark.

    And we have some pram faced unelected bint I’ve never heard of as some sort of Miliband lite.

    God how many more of these unelected tools are there in the Liebour party?


  2. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    pram faced unelected bint is quite cruel Martin…I would just say she is another unelected, intellectually challenged peer who owes her position to being chummy with the PM. The BBC said that she has a lack of experience in foreign affairs, which makes her ideal for the job really…


    • cassandra king says:

      You are right FFPS, looks are not the issue nor should there be, I myself was so ugly as a baby that my mamma had to tie a pork chop around my neck so the dog would play with me, I was so ugly that the midwife who delivered me slapped my mother instead of me!

      Seriously though, looks are a petty diversion they have no bearing on the fact that this woman is a party droid who owes her very existence to anti democratic manipulations, she owes her patrons everything and she owes the electorate NOTHING, she has no roots in the democratic process because she is a backroom manipulator, secret dealings and just perfectly made to be worked like the puppet she is.
      She is a slap in the face, she is a living breathing insult to western democracy, she is the[ugly] unacceptable face of the new world order.


  3. Simon Fay says:

    Apparently Leicester is ground-zero for the inauguration of the Darwinistic market-state judging by fat bastard Ferrari’s outpurings


  4. Simon Fay says:

    Marcus Brigstock is on again next week – the sneering creep surely MUST be sleeping with one of the producers


  5. dave s says:

    I see the liberal elite has decreed that it is now alright to talk about immigration. They have dropped , for now, the racist jibe if anyone is bold enough to mention the subject. I wonder why.
    Do they sense a growing restlessness in the towns and villages of old England?
    Is perhaps a small smidgeon of doubt entering their cloned brains?
    Or is fear beginning to enter their well ordered prosperous lives?
    So many questions.
    Perhaps a new quango to investigate is called for. Soul searching aticles in the liberal media. BBC talking heads .
    Those that live by unreality may soon discover that reality can be hard to take
    This is an ancient land. Did they really believe it could be forever changed in accordance with some half baked and half understood social theories picked up in an excitable adolesence.