The BBC reports that the UK economy shrunk less than thought! (Less than who thought?) Yes, economic output shrunk by only 0.3% in Q3, not the 0.4% originally suggested. Ring out the bells. Maybe the BBC could provide us with some insight into why it is that ONLY the UK of ALL the major global economies remains firmly in recession, given that our Prime Minister is on record stating the UK was better placed than most to weather the recession. Turns out that we were less well placed to withstand the storm than any other major economy. Who shall we blame?

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  1. Martin says:

    Hang on a sec. The BBC were spinning all yesterday and this morning that these ‘revised’ figures would show us out of recession.

    So yet again the BBC have been caught spinning Liebour propaganda


  2. Lloyd says:

    It’s a shameless organisation, there’s no amount of spin they can put on a story that would surprise me anymore.


  3. dave s says:

    The  rate of fall( week by week against 2008)  in  US freight traffic is definitely slowing which would indicate a pick up in activity. Here the figures seem to be a state secret. If they even exist.
    These are the figures that really matter not some airy fairy spin put out by the media and the political class..
    The US is resiient with a vast agricultural sector. Germany is the only serious manufacturer in Europe. What have we got. A bankrupt city and hordes of useless service industries. if we ever emerge from recession is a more likely topic for discussion.


  4. Enzo says:

    i didnt even see the figures on the 10 o’clock news. typical. bet it wouldve beaten even St. Barack if we was out of recession