I’ve been very busy in recent days with little time to blog. Luckily, I have also managed to avoid most BBC news – but then this morning I tuned into that daily fest of institutional bias that is the Today programme. What joy!

For starters, we had a concerted attack on the Conservatives at 7.34am. Cameron has said that all MPs and peers would have to pay taxes in the UK under legislation that would be rushed through if he became prime minister. Ah -but what about BBC bete noire Lord Ashcroft? I felt a bit sorry for Phil Hammond – he got more abuse from the BBC interviewer than from Lib-Dem Chris Huhne. The BBC seems to obsess about Lord Ashcroft and nothing Hammond said was good enough. Of course we all know that Labour and the Lib-Dem’s are squeaky clean on the issue of tax, right?
This item segued effortlessly into a character assassination on the new AGW realist leader of the Australian Liberal Party, Tony Abbott. The Aussie opposition has committed the cardinal sin of removing Malcolm Turnbull from his leadership position for his inept indulgence of Rudd’s pro-AGW fantasies and therefore the BBC has no sympathy whatsoever for this Party or it’s leader! Poor Abbott, it’s only Diane the BBC likes.
I also see that the Today will be guest edited by Communist-loving Robert Wyatt over the Christmas period. Here’s Robert sharing his wisdom on the subject..

“What I liked about the Communist party,” he says, “was that it was internationalist and opposed to the totalitarian global empire in which we’re enveloped. It was the only party to see things on that scale

You can see why the BBC like him, can’t you?
Listening to the Today programme is akin to enduring one sustained leftist whinge – no wonder I try to avoid it. I never hear news, all I listen to is sustained propaganda. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to Hillary Benn as he hypes up the acid oceans drivel, nor indeed did I pay much attention to Ed Miliband’s PR announcement that we are running out of time to save the world at Copenhagen.
I also see that the BBC have found a new hero in the shape of Sir Ken McDonald, the Torquemada of Matrix, who gets stuck into George W Bush and Tony Blair for their “foreign policy disgrace.
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  1. cjhartnett says:

    I`m really going to get up a little earlier!

    My theory is that Toady starts off brilliantly with fiery and feisty journalism.

    When we  the knock kneed professions get up,(about 7.15)however: they reckon that they have been talking to themselves and to numbed farmers for too long and they turn then  to biting satire!

    Hence the provocative fatuous drivel and ravings of the lime green International Socialists we get as “news “(magazine pieces in actual fact)from there on in!

    Basically they only want a reaction and will say anything to get a hit on the web-funny that they don`t recycle their own leavings but serve them afresh every day for us to slice and sculpt. Let`s not indulge their Tate Modern verbiage much longer

    We need not get too bothered. It`s all comedy gold and the more they rave-the more fun we should be having in putting yet more bats up their nighties! In fact Toady is probably the flagship comedy vehicle we rather hoped Giles Wemmbley Hogg might be-now THAT`S irony for the benefit of our friends at Opinionated above my education!…they can use “Ariel” to tell them their response to this slur on their comic maestro…Naughtie/Brigstocke-one and the same once mulched!(Blue Peter Garden probably lacking old dogs to compost by now eh?)

    More BBC…more!


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Dear BBC!
    Do I laugh or do I cry?
    Just been listening to your fearless “World at One “poppet giving those nasty airline crew a piece of her mind. Threatening to strike over Winterval it seems!

    “How dare they threaten Kirstys flight back to Scotland-expenses or no expenses”

    Do you REALLY expect Jim or Eddie to take the Flying Scotsman back home for HogMoney(as its now spelt!)?

    We can`t drive now can we?-the chauffeurs won`t have it on the SatNav!

    Funny that these horny handed(no manicurists these days-calamity!) sons(and daughters natch!) of toil are not being commended for their contribution to saving the polar bears. Surely these are true warriors and activists that Martha would wave a wristband at if only they were staged around the UN in Copenhagen instead of Heathrow!

    No but wait-as I laughed for joy at this news-then came the sadness!
    Those simple African types in their new suits had WALKED OUT in Copenhagen! My God -how will Kirsty get home now? Don`t these Africans and the like not know what tragedy REALLY is?
    Turns out that they are part of the ..er ” G 77 “movement! Does that include Wessex?..hope so!
    Our African chap says that the Danes were “less than democratic-“surely not! Have they learned nothing from the EU and the bogus referendum the Danes did until they gave the “appropriate response”?
    Do I laugh or do I cry…looking forward to what “P.M” tell me what to think in a couple of hours time?

     Anyone want to buy a slightly dented statue of Milan Cathedral by the way?


    • Guest says:

      The BA strike must be quite a blow to those at the BBC packing about now (they take off the school hols as far as I can gather) to hit the slopes for a touch of ski…er… assessing climate change impacts.


      • Guest says:

        Be funny if it kicked in before end of Copenhagen and left them all stranded and having to actually practice what they preach.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Re Robert Wyatt.
    Both a Communist sympathiser AND Disabled-how many boxes does that tick on the Bono scale?
    Thought the old fool sang “I`m a believer”-in Communism Bob me old china?
    Still he likes church choirs so let us pray that he finds the church now that the church has taken its revenge on old Silvio. A miracle-the media say it was a mental health patient…they would though!


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Sorry to come on again but hope you`ll all listen into “Start the Week” tonight-Alexandr the Meerkat never sounded so intelligent and surely to God he ought to be our Foreign Secretary by now! Watch his lips-“I will not sell you car insuurannnce”-which is more than our useless MPs could ever promise us!
    The BBC did an awful impression of Count von Count for their “More or Less” programme the other day so hope they`ll be listening in and learning too! Any prospect of trading Darling for the Count in the January window?..”things could only get better” so they used to sing!


  5. Disdain says:

    ‘More or Less’. Quite simply the best thing the BBC produce in any format. I mean it. 


  6. George R says:

    BBC ‘Newsnight’ tries to be cynical about its Copenhagen hype, but it can’t: it’s too committed to the phoney cause



  7. Tarquin says:

    Sorry David, but what exactly was wrong with the piece on Australia? It seemed like a perfectly fair reporting on the political change that’s happened and I didn’t note any ‘character assination’, it’s the news story of the day in Oz and very important for Rudd and his ETS, which was to be his shining glory going to Copenhagen, which part is offensive to you?

    If they really wanted to assasinate him they could’ve gone for he’s a militant, anti-abortion, anti-gay, Catholic who’s brought in a load of unpopular Howard-era ministers and is likely to send the party back to the stone age, which is the general theme from the Australian press


  8. Enzo says:

     It is all very clear to me. I am NOT confused.

    BECAUSE I do understand that those,
    ‘End Times, Difficult to Bear’,
    have LONG been playing out.

    I’m NOT waiting for the ‘NWO’ to come to power, but for it
    to be RECOGNISED by ALL 144,000 CHURCHLESS Faithful
    of The Creator, who will explain His Living Word to All the
    Scattered, Mixed and Mingled Tribes of Israel.

    Now in the following video, you will see the same
    and Highly Selective USELESS ‘information’ SCREAMED
    Against The Creator, that has come to fill this thread.

    USELESS ‘information’ like obsessing over acts of war
    long past and exposed as UNjust, that NO MAN CAN ‘fix’.
    But USEFUL to ‘them’ to maintain the BLIND HATEFILLED
    RAGE that CONFUSION is born of.

    IT’S ABOUT TIME. God’s Living Word TELLS US of ALL TIME
    and the WHOLE World, yet , ALL Religions were VERY LONG AGO
    brought into the ONE WORLD ACCEPTANCE of the LIE of the
    WAY TOO SHORT ‘time-line’, FORCED on the world by the
    acceptance of the EGYPT LIE, which also DENIES that God DID
    DESCRIBE the WHOLE World and ALL Peoples.

    I can NOT DENY God’s Word as He is the primary source of
    all revelations of Good Science, that AGREE with all He DESCRIBED.


  9. Enzo says:

    It is a done deal that they will always lie, do we think that the comming onslaught will bring unity to all parties when TSHTF like it was during WW2,

    I don’t think so, they will still be in constant resolution amongst themselves as usual until the big bad wolf and a world government are snapping at their heels, then we will see the false flaggers running for the hills, or siding with the big bad wolf like hungry pups,

    You can bet your bottom dollar they will make sure that they are the ones who get the cream before anyone else does, it could be very intresting to see them battling for top spot on the NWO and how many of their own kind they will sacrifice to get there,

    I don’t think they will ever learn to get along unless we all forced them into combats and boots, thrust a gun itno their feeble hands and pointed them in the direction of Afghanistan, on second thoughts, better not do that because they would probably turn around and shoot us all instead, in order of not having to do their own dirty work,

    We will never learn, its about time to do something what is good enough for the goose to be good enough for the gander, stop paying taxes until they do and take them on a tour of duty to make sure they do theirs properly, what say you


  10. cjhartnett says:

    I take back what I said at the start of this blog!
    I did get up to test my theory on the Toady programme-and it`s actually worse before 7.30!
    I turned off when they allowed Quentin Davies time and a half to drown the lie detector in spittle-a hundred yard(sorry-metre!) sprint to the end of the interview without drawing breath. Something about a bell tower and banter with the chaps…and this is NULabor!…funny we don`t hear enough of him usually. Jamie Oliver elocution school next no doubt once they`ve found the plums his mouth(oo er missus!)
    We then had a man from Boeing telling us about the “sea change in the flight experience”(I kid you not!). No mention of the polar bears here because this is Chinook territory and first class to Washington-so a fandabulozi experience soon to be cushioned by expenses for the media classes.
    I lost the will to keep listening when the zombie of natural selection came up again-not smelly T shirts here but men as procreating dancing genes apparently with the University of Wallamalloo or somewhere-got Sarah Montagues horsey laugh and that was enough already!
    Quack offensive magazine science-boil in the bag technofetishism-and gossip from “thems upstairs”-this is the mighty pedalo that once was a radio4 flagship. Take her out and scuttle her!